But….I Didn’t Have Any Other Choices…!

The above picture was used in an early 2015 installment, to illustrate the Wolf Gray’s feelings regarding paper.  It hasn’t changed, especially as it is now being used as leverage for a lock & key to the western slave trade.  I wanted to appease Mrs. WG with a shorter installment this week (she complains they are too long), but that ain’t in the cards.  The general, week-to-week, intent is to verify the value of changes in the prior week’s financial landscape.  Then try to back track to prior installments for confirmation of the forward looking events (this time 2 looks with one as far back as 11/30/2015).  In any case, keeping it short is impossible, way too much is going on.  So read a portion, bookmark it, then come back later, as this one will be long winded.

In fact take “The Wolf Gray Challenge”: I challenge you to try, and make a quality economic/business (not saying mine are high quality) report with a brief format, with respect to this one subject.  The signs that King Dollar hegemony is losing it’s mojo.  You can even limit it to using just one news source for the week, ZeroHedge.  Trust me you will be rejecting material to keep it under a couple pages.  Well, maybe you can do it, I can’t.  I am just a bit country redneck slow sometimes.

The Back Drop & A Couple Introductory Rants:

The access to easy money since 2008 for the banking centers, has led to malinvestment, and misuses of the term “trust”.  And thanks to the repeal of Glass Steagall in 99’ the list now includes, not just banks, but brokerages & insurance companies as well.  It is a known fact of life that, easy monies always lead to risky bets, while taking advantage of the implied trust (or stupidity) in the paper businesses.  This is now standard business practice for the western populous, sheeple client base.  Thus we see misallocations of the normal market supply/demand foundational metrics in the paper markets, with examples a plenty, and none more obvious than the ready to implode US bond markets.   Blah blah blah, the back drop is set once again….heard before WG!  But worthy of another review & a rant as the cheating landscape is progressing & morphing into something new…..

First up from last week.  And a constant theme here at RM, is there any true price discovery, one feeding a system properly with true supply & demand?  In sheepleville NO, there is only grotesque replacements of true fundamental markets with the likes of gambling, and points spreads…a.k.a. “derivatives & carry trades”.  What does it all mean, it means it’s a fools game for anyone without a insider club membership.  The PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) game plan, save “the dirty here & now” at the expense of “the sweet by & by”.  Translation our kids are screwed!  That is the current US economic model, and it is getting ready to be counted out in the center of the ring.  Multiple rings with the sheeple being the ones with their backs on the mat.  Get specific WG, all righty then….

Major item from last week, the obvious signs of change are now in your face for the King Dollar.  As preached by the team @ RM, and in my case, some of my insight into the matter came from my “Hat Trick Letter” subscription with Dr. Jim Willie, it appears the split dollar system’s preliminary “intro” just got rolled out.  At least that is my opinion, thanks to the new Harriet Tubman face, among others, to be put on the US currency units.  Why the hell else would you do it, at this particular juncture?  I mean don’t you, the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) have something better to do?  In my view, “NO, this change in appearance, was clearly with a purpose behind it.”  For example……

If the world system wants to set up a split dollar system, then what sequence of events would make perfect sense?  A method to distinguish the two, and at the same time preemptively mentally indoctrinate the masses with a change in the appearance of it’s existing currency units.  Sort of makes sense, Ya think!!!

At the same time you can distract & incite the masses from the real issue, by involving a “black white race issue” (I smell a little more beta testing here).  Hence the PPPTB skill set on display, “changes made, and distractions created”.   Is that what is going on?  To apply 100% certainty, who knows?   But, it is very timely, wouldn’t you say?  Specifically with respect to CIPS (China interbank payment systems), AIIB (Asia infrastructure investment bank), and the growing, effective, active expansion of the trade potential of the PPPTB’s primary competition, “The BRICS & Associates”.   Witness, the expansion of alternatives to the King Dollar actively being created outside our borders, and it’s rejections now a well known activity throughout the non-sheeple world….!  Oh well, I know we @ ‘roguemoney.net’ are just a conspiracy theorists!  

But, many of us here will at least have some other choices…..!!!!  Hey maybe we are right or maybe we are just crazy….

 Crazy like a fox is what I say....!

      News Briefs with Pointed Analysis:

Based on the following link I have been removed from the mailing list for upcoming “High IQ events”.  I hate I missed this high level, upper crust event, as it was all over the top of the Yahoo news crawl last week…..


To me this next link is interesting, and a bit off target for this installment, but from a health perspective regarding cell towers it is worthy of mention, so indulge me briefly…


The guy in the above link, is specifically reporting on targeted areas for public "microwaving".  The interesting part is my homeopathic contact told me these stories well over a decade ago, and according to him, it is far more widespread than this attached article leads you to believe.  Do I ascribe to this being done to depopulate or help out the drug industry, not sure to be honest (I used to totally believe it to be true).   Meanwhile, I do know some people who cured chronic headache conditions, and other problems by getting rid of wi-fi in their homes.  That would include yours truly, a chronic migraine sufferer. 

WG personal aside & rant:  In 1985 I used to watch a show called “The Equalizer”, the star was this cool dude with a black Jag, who was always around to save the day, but he had a secret weapon.  A phone in his car.  Since I was traveling a lot, and literally carrying lysol to spray on public pay phones, a little voice said, buy one.  $995.00 later I had one, and $1495.00 shortly thereafter & Mrs. WG had a portable one (to carry in & out of the car).  From 1985 to around 1992 people used to look at me like, “What the hell, that dude has a phone in his car, whoa!”  From a business perspective it was truly worthwhile.  Sadly (even though I was one of the first at the table) the intro of the mantra, “cell phones for all” has made everybody stupider.  So are they dangerous?  Possibly, but for me to this point not as dangerous as public phones.  If the cell signal strength gets a stout as wi-fi in closed buildings (more below), then I may have to ditch mine for health reasons.

I can't prove that eliminating wi-fi (TV’s & computers), was a part of my headache cure, but.... The timing of the headache relief was certainly leading to that assumption.  To go from popping headache meds. every single day for almost 20 years (along with the necessary over the counter stomach relief remedies to counteract the headache stuff), to the past few years not needing one "non-natural pill" at all, is rather convenient in it's timing...! 

What confuses the Wolf Gray somewhat is the level of implied evil for profit (big pharma that is), as the apparent motivating factor.  Again judge for yourself.......But, on the obverse side, GMO is now verifiably negative, with it's attached destruction of health being a reality, and being recognized worldwide (now by many in the west).  One must never forget Putin putting John "the potato spud king" Kerry in his place on the world stage as method of denouncing, US GMO exported garbage.  

Food for thought folks, but does the microwaving theory have some real teeth to it?  The GMO issue certainly did…!  With my paper business pursuits in a big time decline, my cell phone usage is down to maybe 180 minutes a year.  I can’t stand talking on the damn things anymore, hmm maybe that helped my headaches as well…..Timing was also similar…..back to the story-line...

Boy this next one is a big surprise to RM regulars, NOT…!  It’s just business, business as recognized by “real things”…! Real things as described by “Economic Mother Nature”…..


And, the hits just keep on coming!  Like this….


You can’t hide this stuff forever.

For anybody that thinks the German posturing on enforcing Russian sanctions is for real, then note this next link regarding the stance of one of Europe's biggest technology powerhouses (for all I know they are actually the #1 tech outfit in Europe). 


Brief business aside on this news link:  Business runs the show, as in money runs the show on the world stage.  As an example: when representatives from various nations go to the middle east to discuss the chaos, as alluded to by msm mind control outlets, does anyone really believe they are discussing the religious believes of the parties involved?  Ever tried to sway anyone about religious differences?  If so, did ya change anybody's mind?  Normally not. 

What they are discussing is business, with the more skilled negotiators cloaking it in religious platitudes (for the masses watching), while the worldwide benefits of a new monetary deal are being laid on the table.   Ain't no battles over lied about religious lands motivating anybody, without being tied to monetary issues.  And misguided dudes like Benjamin "Nutz & Yahoo" a suspected Rothschild plant, ain't worried over any religious freedoms.  After all witness his rantings dating all the way back to the early to mid 1990's, "If we don't stop Iran now, they will have nuclear weapons capability in less than 3 years, and will use it against the west (paraphrasing)."  Tic-toc...tic toc...you PPPTB puppet…..!  Wake-up folks, it’s about money!

Business War Rant:

WWIII (or 4 depending on how the cold war is classified) has been on for some time, but it isn't the conventional war that western msm viewers pull from their brain stems.  That is just the Wolf Gray’s humble opinion. Business as we all know can be competitive, and sometimes down right nasty.  We are witnessing several steps past nasty.  We are witnessing a somewhat different type of warfare.  The US, just isn't very good at it anymore, due to being led by retards.  Note this quote from the most decorated marine in US history:

"There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.
War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
War is just a racket... I believe in adequate defense at the coastline and nothing else." "Smedley Butler

It would appear, and I suspect readers of 'roguemoney.net' comprehend the meaning in this statement, "We are operating at a disadvantage.  The madmen in charge on our team insist on using an outdated playbook.....!"  That's my story & I am sticking to it!  And btw, play-books claiming success, that are based in bullying tactics have been outdated for millennia, witness the stone age (cro-mag vs neanderthal).  And, for those that want to claim, "well there were no stone aged men anyway WG,"   Yeah, but the story, and it's message still survived, and it has been that way for century after century.  And, the moral is…….”Bullying fails!”  I think I learned that in kindergarten.

And getting back to Germany, sort of curious isn't it that the lion's share of the refugees, and the greatest social problems, with business interruptions are attached in where?  Germany, the EU’s leading economy..!  I can't prove that the west sent the majority of refugees on a path ending there, as opposed to other NATO led counties.  But, it does lend itself to the business thesis, a bullying business thesis, that is.  If true, it is a theory being applied to the most powerful of EU economies, an economy that has been trying to move into the new economic paradigm, led by the BRICS & Associates. 

Hey morons leading our team, the rest of the world sees through this act, get rid of your antiquated playbook, and join the 21st century.  Or go back to kindergarten, and read your lesson manuals.  I smell the last commodity for the PPPTB to control is,….”YOU & ME!”  Get to more on that later…..next

This next one was forwarded to me by my friend James the Russian Analyst.  He probably likes getting me fired up, as he must know the kind of stuff in this next link, when applied to the msm promoted landscape, causes me to blow my stack.


The pic. in the above link ain’t “The Lone Ranger,” I can point to several like it, in N.C., which as a state is doing much better than the rest of the country.  Let me think, what kind of economy is it, that the CN’BS’ bobbleheads keep saying we are, oh yeah I got it, “A Consumer Based Economy”…!  Maybe one that frequents what?  Shopping malls, yeah…!  How is that fascism working out for ya, folks?

James, also sent me this one regarding the true inclinations of France, in their pursuit of future trade partnerships…


NATO seems to be losing it’s grip, and who is it’s big leader?  “The Nation with the Kardashian Watching Crowd!”  Boy with an astute crowd like that how could we lose?  

Debt Velocity is Taking Over Money Velocity’s Importance:

This is a new Wolf Gray theory.  The following news piece from ZeroHedge, is for those with their noses in the air to smell what is truly going on…….In this next headline positive mathematical inversion is apparently happening, meaning a critical component to a solid financial or business foundation is in the crapper.  Money velocity is now being outpaced by a new metric.  Bear with me on this one, as I haven’t seen this theory detailed elsewhere, but I think it has some merit….


Again for those new to 'roguemoney.net' a simple definition of money velocity is "the number of times a single dollar moves through peoples hands in the act of conducting business”….&….”Also the rate or speed it moves through those hands".  The more hands in a given time frame, that a King Dollar moves through, the greater the money velocity.  Money velocity is the measure of the health of a business’s or nation’s circulatory system.  All righty then, I got a damned new on……….

"Debt Velocity", or let's add a new descriptor to it, "Gambling Debt Velocity"......the first is a measure of the number of individuals in an economy increasing their outlets for debt, or increasing their usable cash & or credit limits for increasing their debt.  Within a certain limit this can be a good for the economy & business expansion in general, if it is responsibly pursued.  But that has been exceeded big time in the west (globally as well, just not as bad as the uninsured west), with increases at this point, that are very negative. 

But, the new one "GDV" Gambling Debt Velocity, is really negative in any volume, and it even undermines the trust of any debt in the simple "DV" (the consumers debt velocity).  The “GDV” is a measure of the derivatives (making this one up on the fly, but I think it has merit), and the untold/unknown number of times bets have been made on your debts stemming from your "DV".  Literally undermining your right to ownership.  Remember the DTCC & Cede & Company (much earlier installment & more properly addressed by "V").  Wolf Gray

Derivatives are bullshit methods of making paper bets with your debt, and or your money held within the "Dodd Frank" banking halls of guaranteed failure.  This takes "Don't throw good money after bad" to a whole new level.  We now have, "Don't throw bad money after bad money, that actually doesn't belong to you to begin with" (you in this sentence being the PPPTB).  Now that is crime with a smile on their faces, and an up yours in our faces.....!!!

The problem is, we don’t recognize the fact they are sticking it up ours!  Hey it don't work for me or you, but guess what it does temporarily work for the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be).  I know what you are thinking, "Ah you are making this crap up Wolf", short answer, "No I ain't", & the long answer, believe it or not the banks actually report "Notional" gambling debts on their balance sheets, a.k.a. “DERIVATIVES”.  This is, gambling with your money, folks.  Pure & simple, nothing more nothing less.  As in, “Less for us more for them!”

The PPPTB guys have "SPSD"........"Serial Ponzi Scheme Disorder".....and unfortunately we are the patsies....!  Wolf Gray

I can picture this derivative 'bs' hitting the public news air waves in Grandpa Wolf Gray's day.

Hypothetical example, but close to accurate:  Honey Walter Cronkite just said our bank is using our money in something called fractional reserve banking, but now they have gone into a derivative dark hole, with our money. 

One of two things would have then happened, with Grandpa Wolf Gray.  One: at the worst the unassuming local bank managers, who had little to do with the problem, would be drug out of the bank & beat shitless & the account would have been moved to another bank with a threat of "if this derivative bullshit happens again I will tar & feather your sorry ass.  Second of the two, and the least aggressive (and the most likely scenario), "I am removing my money from your bank, give it to me now or cut me a check so I can move it elsewhere."  They would have voted with their feet, a pair of feet in rapid motion that is….

And, the process would continue until a safe place was found for his money to reside.  And, let me repeat he would not be the lone ranger, in his day…!  He would not be the lone ranger, in his day…!  But, unfortunately today he would be the lone ranger...!  

That is the problem, we went to sleep, due to the comforts afforded to us, by our more courageous ancestors.  The banksters gave us distractions, and that would be what WG? 

Ourselves, they distracted us with our favorite subject ME, ME, ME & More ME....Wake up or die asleep!   Wolf Gray

It might be advisable to listen to this next interview with John Williams, of ‘shadowstats.com’.  He is a little too paper oriented to suit me, but by the same token he may be the best out there at finding ways to put honest answers to statistical lies.  His statistical interpolations are quite insightful.  Thus I still always listen….

The noteworthy takeaway for Wolf Gray from the above interview with “The Watchdog”, Mr. Williams says the King Dollar is on the way out, and it is a darn near mathematical certainty (paraphrasing).  

     Like it or not we are Slave Labor & the Options are Few:

I can hear the whips cracking over head, and personally I prefer them not to make contact.  The purpose is to corral our economic options, a point brought up by yours truly many times in the past.  The evidence trail was rife last week with examples of productive options being eliminated.  Our goals are to catalog them, recognize them, recognize them for what they are, and create alternatives to enjoy the God given sunlight on the other side of this coming calamity.

First up Clif High is still beating the silver drums, check out part one of a two part interview…..

In part 1 he still maintains silver will eventually pass gold in price parity, and provides his supporting evidence.  Note I am a big believer in silver (not sure it will rise that much), but as expressed in a prior installment, I maintain the belief of being about 80% or there-a-bouts of your pm monies in silver vs. gold.  Please note the advantages of "fractional" gold (1 gram gold units though, also in prior installment), if silver runs very very high.  Thus, I recommend owning some small denominational gold as well. 

For clarification on the percentages, refer back to the installment on Feb. 16th of this year (the link below):


In the second part of the above video with Clif High, he details the chatter or verbiage on the web that shows a depression that is much much worse than the one in the 20th.  Pay attention after the 33 minute mark in part 2. 

Also in part 2, Clif High once again mentions (detailed in a prior installment) that the "just in time" deliver system will be put in jeopardy by the year's end, stirred up by the Fed making a wrong headed move in the early summer. Imagine that...!  Then after the Fed's usual set of bumbling mistakes, inflation will kick into high gear after mid summer this year (probably explains the just in time delivery problems).

In this next video link (couple paragraphs down), featuring Dr. Jim Willie, be sure to note the 18:30 mark, at which point there is a comment on something reported on the pages of RM many moons ago, the JP Morgan silver connection.  But of note this time, it is with a radically different eastern twist.  Please listen to it.  Who knows, but it would appear the hoard tied to the man on the silver mountain (Jamie Dimon) could be tenuous. As regards your preparations, I say “who cares?”……..for……….

The clear pathways all lead or merge to one place, with signs that read the same for everyone, "YOU SNOOZE YOU LOSE, SO OWN THE STUFF..!   MEANWHILE, GOLD & SILVER BARS & COINS, IT IS WHAT THE BIG BOYS ARE ARGUING OVER FOR DINNER.” Wolf Gray

After all, do you ever see the big players arguing over an ant hill, and manipulating the land value of it, or manipulating the price of a pile of dog shit?  No..!  But, when they focus tons of attention, money, and energy on a particular tangible product, the reasons why are irrelevant to ole' WG.  My common sense business meter, just says, own the darn stuff, & so should you!  The arguing at the top levels in world finance over "Gold & Silver Bars & Coins" is truly EPIC, but sadly off the western sheeple radar screens, preemmpted with Kardashian crap.

Side note with reference to some subject matter in the next video (below):  

Don’t get too tied up in the recent precious metals “paper” break out.  Almost two years ago, yours truly predicted that if the system fails (note it is already in an ongoing failure) there could be a “no offer” situation in the western world, especially the USSA.  If this materializes, there could be a period of no “paper” market value to read about or see in the financial news, period.  Just be patient.  If this occurs, I maintain it is good news for holders of the pm’s.  Regardless of the system successes or failures in the future, the value of precious metals is soon to be desirable for “everyone”, and “anyone” who recognizes it as real money.  

And the good news, everyone will soon recognize it as real money, with “PANIC” in the the background.

Right now in this real money analogy, “anyone” is nearly no one “right now”, but rest reassured it is soon to be “everyone”.  My eyes are crossed!  The trip to “everyone”, will be the market dynamic (everyone will = emotion), discussed in prior installments. As emotion is the normal primary driver of initial massive price movements in any marketable tangible products.  Emotions drive the prices, in rocket fuel lift off fashion.  The trip from almost no one to everyone (as in everyone wants it) is the ultimate price moving reality, whether listed on some bullshit “paper” exchange, or between willing buyers & sellers.  Be patient if the paper price heads to “no offer” or nothing on the US paper markets.  I would suspect it to be a temporary phenomena.

Also of note in the above video.  At the 32 minute mark & in the couple minutes that follow, comments are made regarding the freedom of will, in this case your own will, with your own monies that is.  References are made to continuing ed. courses regarding the AML rules.  I have been to these AML meetings he is referring to (anti money laundering), and if you don't think the "Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act" has teeth to it, then infiltrate one of these meetings, for a personal wake-up call.

The importance of referencing these things is they are the vehicles for placing limits on your “Options”…!

An additional point worthy of note from the ever intrepid Dr. Willie, is when he mentions the derivatives supporting the bond markets.  I might add you can't discuss the "total" level of fraud involved (derivatives is a gambling fraud as compared to the standard perceived banking concept) without hitting on one of the bond market's biggest funding sources, a covert force that is apparently one of the most powerful financial entities on the planet, the ESF (a well known entity to readers of RM).  From what I see the ESF may well be the grease to the corrupt wheels of western paper finance, and has been since 1934.  Until now….???  Is that possible, more later, with reference to a prior installment.  

If you don't think the big dogs are doing battle, listen to the lucid several minutes regarding the tangible assets world, starting @ 35:45 in part 2 (below) of the interview with Dr. Jim Willie.  It clearly details, as we also have at 'roguemoney.net’, a huge battle is raging on the big boy playing field over ownership of GSBC's.  Once again, they ain't doing it, because it isn't valuable, folks......!  Also note the confirmation of a Wolf Gray theory, discussed in the introduction above (the appearance changes coming to the dollar), starting @ 41:30 in the second video. 

Appearance would certainly qualify, as a signal to a sea change of paper events!  One thing is for sure, do organizations (political/nation states, or business, or sporting) change their identifying logos, when they are “kicking ass & taking names with the competition?”   Nope, it is not a sign of strength, and it sure as hell is a signal, of an ongoing identity crisis. Think about the movie character John Wayne usually portrayed, did the victorious good guy have an identity crisis?  You know the answer…..

Folks, if you really want to limit the options to the masses, in a an effort to lead us to the corrals of servitude, then eliminate productive entrepreneurial options.  Check this out…..


Maybe the Dallas Fed in the above link didn’t give the proper weight to “hope”…!  Again it is just more evidence of options having been removed, via unconstitutional economic restrictions.  Like excessive taxes, ZeroCare (oops I guess that comes under excessive taxes), ZIRP (zero interest rate policy), and QE & many more, all of which totally destroy the initiatives to proper capital formation (saving & then investing the + margins of a business).  Entrepreneurial expansions, the true signs of the key foundations of opportunity, and capitalism …. removed ….. head to the corrals at the sound of the whips Mr. & Mrs. Sheeple.

In this next one it appears that slavery is an equal opportunity employer.  Once again a repeated theme, that will signal some of the final signs of freedom, and opportunities being lost, “the screws also seem to be getting put to the rich & neat guy wannabes”.  Check this out…..


The above is a sign the pre game warm ups are about to end, and a covert kick-off to the Dodd Frank, western servitude, bowl game is about to begin (actually it already has we are in the last few minutes).  In many ways it already has, and the real “final score” is when as stated here before many times, a majority of the masses say, “Uh Oh we’re screwed.”  The key to future success is being able to say those words outside the closed gates of the “No Options Western Corral”…….Yes, even though you may have prepared for this in advance, I suspect you too will be saying “Uh Oh we’re screwed!”  After all, many people you know, may end up in the “No Options Western Corral”….!  Make no mistake about it folks, this will be tough, so once again, “Swallow your egos!”

O.K. WG how about a little more historical proof, to fast forward from theory to on the ground proof of, “Our options being rapidly reduced to force us into a posture with our “hands out in unhappy servitude.”  Here are a few answers with the final one undeniably being “in your face”..!  BTW, the aforementioned “Harriet Tubman” issue for those that can’t see though it, is a clear in your face substantive change, to the King Dollar’s status quo……

First up here is exhibit A, if you don’t find something disturbing in the second paragraph, then you need to have your drivers license taken from you, as you a mentally impaired.


“myRA is designed to remove common barriers to saving, and give people an easy way to get started,” said U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew. “myRA has no fees, no risk of losing money and no minimum balance or contribution requirements. To make saving easier than ever, you can now put savings into my myRA directly from your bank account.”

Uh no risk of losing money eh, something doesn’t smell right in that line folks…?  As discussed many times here at RM, risk is a healthy & necessary part of capitalism, and free markets.    BTW the proposal of rolling out this Myra chick was discussed back in 2014.  It would appear the Wolf Gray slogan that “money is a whore,” applies to Myra (myRA) for sure…!  And, the pimp is the US Treasury, a possible ESF connection as noted by Team RM.

I said this two years ago when they rolled this crap out, “Myra (myRA) will be remembered as that ugly blind date, you wished you never went out with.!"  I will easily be proven right on this one, after all you can now clearly see the whips cracking, leading to the corrals where no “Options” to financial freedom exist.  But, just remember they said in the second paragraph, you can’t lose, unfrickin-believable….!

Sticking with the ESF, which the treasury is part n’ parcel to, might they be telegraphing their intents, once again? Check out this video with Bill Holter, one of my favorites, and pay special attention after the 8:40 mark…

You can not hold an intelligent conversation about the dollar or anything else without considering the entire level of key input sources to save the King dollar.  Therefore the ESF, and or some other covert monetary source has to be considered.  Kudos to Bill Holter, and this is not the first time he has mentioned the ESF.  Also, listen to the analysis of how the Saudis can create a devastating kick to the King Dollar's cajones by not just dumping treasuries, but instead by not using dollars exclusively in oil trade.  Another rejection of the King Dollar's favorite cousin the Petrodollar.  Somewhat one in the same.

I agree with Mr. Holter, but are recent signs showing the ESF may be breaking away from saving the day..???

Evidence exists, and was pointed out in a recent installment…  Note the prior installment below, and the last two “hyperlinks” in the article that reference the treasury, followed by “Market Skeptics” for a thorough detail of the ESF’s history….


Below is the first of the two links specifically referenced in the above paragraph.  Jack Lew announces “to not expect a crisis response.”  Folks once again, this is huge!  Especially when you trace it to the current stage of events.   


It occurred to the Wolf Gray then, and even more now that the ESF may be pulling the plug on saving the dollar, thereby helping to crack the whips, and herd the masses to their appointed corrals.  Options & choices need not apply…!  Supply yourself & your family with quality home insurance (DHAP’s of course), providing you the wiggle room for personal freedom, and a chance at thriving after a down time that will have provided limited options.  Wolf Gray

By the way have you read the monetary “Options limiting” article, with a technical slant from my friend Ken Schortgen Jr., just published today?  If not check it out, it is quite illuminating.  

The intro to this next video should make you all warm & fuzzy (first 15 seconds).  Boy, can ya see some people just plain, “losing it”….??!!!  Losing it because they have nothing else to lose, as the options available at the teller windows will have been closed.

Put into the practical working section of your mind, the vision of not being able to access “YOUR MONIES” to provide for the freedom, and standard of living you, and your family are accustomed to…!  Meaning you are out of options, and out of choices.  Just put it into the reality section of your brain, and visualize the after effects.

With just in time systems in jeopardy, money being withheld, the sheeple that are ate to the teller windows will now be getting nearly nothing back in relationship to their supposed balances.  Add to that your necessary imports on a rocket ship of inflation, can you envision a majority of the country being unwitting slaves to the “economic saviors” that can deliver these short falls?  Saviors with whips cracking, and heading the masses straight for the corrals of debt slavery ahead.  In comes the title, “But I don’t have any other choices, WG…!!!”

The value of a personalized DHAP is not just survival, it may also provide (and I suspect it will) the dignity in being able to tell, pontificating paper putzes to “F….off, there ain’t no slaves in here..!”  They are taking away our options to freedom, and replacing them with, minimal hand outs for survival.  Just tell them, “Thank you very much Mr. PPPTB, I think I will provide the hand-ups in my house hold, your services aren’t welcome here.”  Wolf Gray

Folks it can’t be hard to picture the potential for a “dark controlling hand” later emerging that is holding most of the debt ridden, “just in time delivery” dependent nation hostage?  Or as unwitting slaves?  Indulge me a moment, let’s revisit the final segment of the Nov. 30th installment on slavery in the US, and fast forward it to the surrounding evidence just presented in this installment, now 5 months later.  I will cut & paste the final relevant segment as is, including the final Miami Vice video links……



EXCERPT from Nov. 30th:

Slavery the only Commodity Left in the Bankster Tool Shed:

Let’s move over from the bankster & sovereign puppet masters to the media promoted banskter puppet masters. The front men, and women of the PPPTB fiat corporate fiasco. And, it will also be time to blister a comment in the first 40 seconds by a bankster in this Miami Vice clip……

“Money is a commodity like oil or water. And, those of us that have it can make more of it, by loaning it, to those that don't. We are the entire free world. When we sneeze everybody catches a cold!”

OK do banksters believe the theory on the face value, as espoused in the first sentence? I think not, but they do feel they can enforce this theory, by the act of loaning it (fiat dollars) out. For what purpose WG? My guess is for their next commodity produced from the bowels of fiat. We, the SLAVES are the current & next full commodity, not the paper. That is their gimmick, and that I fear is their goal. While thinking as far outside the box as I could, it occurred to me that the commodity they will bargain with next is “Modern Day Covert Slavery”. Think it can’t happen? In my view it already has (taxation is the 1913 to modern day form of it), and covertly as well. It will soon be in full view.  And, with the sheeple soon to be holding a handful of useless, declining in value, fiat paper, the western banksters will be in a position of bargaining strength on US soil.

OK moving on, to the next Wolf Gray theory, as regards the bankster line, “we are the entire free world”…Wrong movie goers, especially after the debt overruns the credit of those that need the real commodities (like us westerners) like the referenced, “oil & water!” Exit the go-go days of the fiat debt fueled Miami Vice late 80’s, and hello to the real world needs that are embodied in real monetary exchange for real commodities. “Good-bye Fiat Hello to Full Blown Western Slavery! Time will tell on this out of the box theory, but it appears to be well into the development stages right now!

The events of the last few weeks are clear signs of what “The Guerrllia” has predicted for the end of 2015, the demise or undermining of the dollar. NOW, you can see the premier players (some of the sovereigns) positioning themselves ahead of the major business shift that is ahead. If you can’t see the significance of these events, at these very late stages, you are either blind or a total moron at the very best. And, soon to gladly accept full time, indentured servitude. Wolf Gray

Every single line in this next video clip from Miami Vice’s “The Prodigal Son” episode is "spot on" in today's western society……The pencil necked geek playing the PPPTB front man in this episode says it perfectly, and unfortunately for those of us in the west we have succumbed to his message. Hopefully not all of us!

If you reside in the west right now, the only way you will have a “chance” to enjoy the freedom to choose your own path in the future economic world is with a well thought out DHAP. The tangible items that will provide business freedoms, and even access to moral freedoms, will include the holding of “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins (GSBC) as one of your calling cards. All to help lead the card holder to a smoother transition into the new world, and it’s associated business paradigms. The Wolf Gray’s sense of smell says, without a well thought out DHAP & GSBC’s, the only businesses you will be seeing are the same ones that have been sweeping the west by storm of late, and you don’t need a Wolf’s sense of smell or a past episode of Miami Vice, to pick it up on the wind…….!


The images in the above video are a greater reality, than ever before, in the western urban areas, and they will soon be the business calling cards in the suburbs of a western fiat world gone by. We are getting very deep into a game where you have to avoid the stench that is coming. The signs are now extremely obvious, and late, very late in the game. Take time to further insure yourself now, with GSBC's, or prepare to do business with the "likes" in the video above.  (Note as of 5/25/2016 YouTube took down the video showing rampant drug use, so I posted another version that doesn't have the drug usage issues)

Unlike the coveted after Christmas sales, there will not be an “After the fiat demise, Hard Asset Sale”. Not one, not one anywhere to be found! You don’t need a wolf’s sense of smell to know that!

End of the Nov 30th Excerpt..!


Get real WG, much of the last few links you submit as proof, are still clouded in speculations?  Oh yeah how about on the ground stealth retail inflation rearing it’s ugly head, once again.  A sign we can’t make money without propping up things in our prices.  Check this out…..

The Wolf Gray had new shoes put on one of his chariots, and the charge was to be 59.95 for mounting& balancing (I supplied the tires myself).  The final charge was roughly $75.00.  Wait a second taxes ain’t that high, was my cry to the service writer.  Oops I didn’t know they now charge (at least these guys did for the first time with me) $5 for the weights to balance the wheel/tire.  I then told the guy, “Take them off dude, they must be filled with gold, and I want it!”  The damned things lay all along the service bay floors, and are indiscriminately laying in a bucket next to the tire balancing machine.  I could stick my hand in and get a boat load out, since I shoot the breeze with the guys while they do the work.  I try to visit with them all the time, they are part of the Wolf Pack.

Unfortunately a part that I have been accurate about thus far this year, “the auto industry taking it on the chin”…!  Clearly the above service pricing example is not indicative of a healthy industry.  In fact in the sate of NC for the first time ever (enacted this year), they are taxing the labor portion of the auto service charges.  Another sign of weakness.

Or how about this nugget, mentioned nearly two years ago.  Once again they, the PPPTB, are making more marginal stealth inflation moves.  Examples abound: the “tp” rolls, and the “paper towel” rolls are less tightly packed than the less tightly packed version reported on before (Mrs. WG reports this stuff to me), but priced the same as they were when more tightly packed.   Less stuff in the units you buy, but priced the same, you just have to run to the store more often.  Call it what you will that is stealth inflation.  Before long you will deplete an entire roll in one sitting.

The on the ground intel. signs of a system in it’s final death throws are everywhere, just look past the pricing to the product you are getting.  Fast food comes to mind, oh yeah it is still cheap WG!   Yeah and what is it you are eating?  Nuf said!

O.K. how about this next link for speculation, on your “Options/Choices” being reduced for maintaining your health & standard of living?  Is this one real enough for you, real enough to indicate they are trying to limit our options, and corral us for slavery?  Check out this link……


And Charles Schwab’s purpose in doing the above money shuffling is what?  Who cares, it doesn’t matter what the explanation is, you just got restricted.  Your options/choices bucket list just got much shorter.  But WG, I didn’t have any other choices…!!!!  Yes you did, a personalized DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) to protect you, and your family, while providing the safety net or bridge, that will hopefully allow you to……..”Survive & Then Thrive…in the coming chaos…!”


The ‘avenues & side roads’ to personal economic freedoms are getting closed for repair.  I can hear the whiners cranking up, “I didn’t have any choice….!”  Followed by that all time favorite of the western paper worshipers, “Who could have seen this one coming?”  A real “Fav” from 2008!  I got a simple answer to that one, “Here’s who saw it coming….some of the Keynesian orchestrators of the King Dollar demise, and also the BRICS & Associates who are wisely cutting ties with the paper bully.”  I ain’t to proud to pull a “monkey see monkey do” here folks.

All the above ramblings from yours truly, and the recent news, indicate the people in charge are scurrying about, and panicking as they prepare to abandon ship, with their sheeple whips in hand.  If you can’t see it, you are either brain dead, in denial, or just plain stubbornly refusing to accept reality.

The real irony here, is those avenues of personal economic freedom that display the street signs “Closed for Repair”, will eventually be repaired by those at the ends of those whips.  The sheeple!  And those crappy job openings, will be the “No Choice Jobs" available to those who have run out of options.  The same clueless sheeple that are ironically forced to supply the labor for the fascist business model, because they had no "Choices!  Forced to do labor to support a business model that many a sheeple, ones that felt they were awake, swore they would never endorse.  

Keep your "options/choices" open, with a well thought out DHAP!  It is a simple sage, wise move, a move to insure yourself & your family, a move that may permit you to have the option to apply for another job.  I would hurry though, these job openings or avenues are closing quickly.   With a potential “no offer” situation in the wings, thanks to the rapid increase in DV (debt velocity), with an assist from the PPPTB & their GDV (gambling debt velocity) tied to a derivatives time bomb.  Watch out folks the PPPTB are taking another snort & it is filled with drugs for their "Serial Ponzi Scheme Disorder".

Time is short, act decisively & quickly, as your choices are soon going to read “SOLD OUT”.  Wolf Gray

Out of respect to W, via an email request, I will re-post a music message. A version I posted over a year ago……if you can’t feel it, re-tune your senses, or else….follow the herd to the fascist’s corral.

I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
Well been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord
Well I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it coming in the air tonight, oh Lord
And I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord
I can feel it in the air tonight, oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lord
Well I've been waiting for this moment for all my life, oh Lord, oh Lord…..Phil Collins

Waiting for this moment, is about to come to an end………Wolf Gray & not Phil Collins

        Hard Asset Tips:

Build yourself a pantry to be filled with those “long life” canned items that may help in a “just in time” delivery system snafu.  A single section I built is pictured below.  Slant the canned goods shelves, and put a lip at the end to catch them, then rotate your stock as used & needed.  The slanting is claimed to help add life to the product (I have my doubts).

Also consider mre’s (meals ready to eat, also mentioned a couple years ago), freeze dried food, or what ever.  I have mentioned “Mountain House & Efoods Direct” in the past, but I haven’t shopped this market for over two years.   Be careful, as I personally know some top level sources who told me two years ago it is becoming difficult to keep GMO related products out of the mre food chain, so to speak.  Where that issue stands at this date is unknown to your author.  Shop safely!

Also, make sure to have a supply of hand tools available, that provide solutions to maintaining your standards of living, and standards of safety.  Especially ones that will keep your living conditions at a tolerable level.  Here are a few I find to be excellent sources of exercise, yielding heart healthy activity, and yielding hardwoods curing if needed in the future.  

Of note I don’t have a crosscut saw on hand yet, but it is on the “to do list”.  I would recommend buying one, but don’t expect to find a durable, quality product at your local hardware superstore.  And here is another ‘no brainer’ buy some extra gas cans, fill them up, rotate them out after usage, and then refill.  And just remember to shake the heck out of them before pouring them into your power gear, if they have sat for over a couple months.

God Bless & Be Well, “NOW” has never been more important than it is today.

Mrs. WG may be right.  A picture is worth a thousand words, and therefore the headline picture says it all, especially with respect to the value of paper & it's origins.  Sorry if you read this far, just envision those in the know, doing what I am doing in the headline picture.  Then apply fluid as needed....!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Mrs. WG, Team RM, W, Smedley Butler, ZeroHege, Dr. Jim Willie, RT News, Clif High, Business Insider, John Williams @ “shadowstats.com”, Bill Holter, Mike Maloney, Billy Joel & Lynyrd Skynyrd & Phil Collins (Eric Clapton)