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Sergey Glazyev is one of those men that we always sit straight up for when he posts an opinion piece. He is an economic advisor to Vladimir Putin and was one of the first to openly demand De-Dollarization two years ago. (has it been that long already? Yes, see Sputnik News here.) 

Earlier this month, Glazyev posted a news article that shows how the forward-looking Russians have a clear view of what is at stake for their future. This goes far beyond dumping the dollar, military supremacy, gold, or even the end of the West's unipolarity. In the following excerpt, he shows that the Russian people understand that they are already engaged in a war to preserve traditional values and defend their very culture.

Caring more about Satanic ideas than their traditional values, Europe is doomed.

In this article posted at, Glazyev first speaks at length about the need to reduce Russia's dependence on foreign loans. "Our economy goes where the money is, and because money doesn’t come from here, the economy shrinks." Already we can see where that statement is heading: the nascent rise of the new Asian monetary structures that are already nailing the coffin over the U.S. Dollar.

Then Glazyev goes deeper. Think: when was the last time you heard a prominent politician mention the word "Satanism" within a dry discussion about economics? Come to think of it, perhaps yes, you probably can recount quite a few instances because that very idea has indeed been popping up here and there. Mr. Glazyev, in his usual style, holds nothing back. He writes:

Russia lacks an ideology, however the Orthodox tradition and the building of socialism in our country provide a new starting point that will enable us to combine our own needs and those of the wider world. All my attempts on the Internet to explain that we need to transit to a conservative synthesis based on traditional values, involving religious confessions in the creation of an ideological base, were rejected by our European partners, although they have both social-Christian and Christian-democratic traditions. They don’t want to return to indigenous values, caring more about same-sex marriage and other Satanic ideas. And that is why ultimately, Europe is doomed. 

Going further, he makes a statement about negative interest rates that should make us all ask, "What is the ultimate vision of this man?" I will leave it to you, the Reader, to draw your own conclusions and I do welcome discussion here in the Comments section about whatever Mr. Glazyev may have in mind. He continues in his blog:

One very important thing should be said, however. The ideology of social-Christianity corresponds perfectly to the sixth technological level, the knowledge society, where profit doesn’t play a major role, and prices correspond to demand. In this ‘new economy’ the manufacturer sells to the rich at triple the price and gives to the poor for free, combining the Orthodox and socialist doctrines.  

The western world has adopted negative interest rates. This is perfectly compatible with both Orthodoxy and socialism. But Russia’s high interest rate economic policy is archaic and makes our situation worse.

In particular, we would all probably like to know what is meant by "the sixth technological level." So if you have some particular feedback about that, then, again, I urge you to post a comment at the end of this blog.


Russia may have a Special Ops force whose task is, not to destabilize the West, but to re-stabilize it, post-collapse.

Meanwhile, as you are ruminating over those ideas, I'd like to throw in these other recent articles which may indeed be giving us a foregleam of Russia's vision of her role in the Post-Dollar world, a world that is hurtling towards us at light speed. This is in reference to something akin to an elite military team created by the Kremlin and known by the name "The System." We thank Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, again, for bringing this to the attention of the blogosphere via his own blog posted April 22, 2016 at web :

1. National Guard to get license for peacekeeping operations abroad

2. Kremlin Said Organizing Secret Military Units in Germany, Other Western Countries

3. Excerpts from the book Putin's Secret War published in Germany's Bild

Joseph Farrell comments here on those book excerpts:

Reitschuster says that this organization, known as “the System,” is a potentially important resource for Putin “in his secret war against the West.” Members of these units have exercises in the Swiss Alps and the Czech Republic and often go to Russia for advanced training.

According to the German publication, members of “the System” are “active in the ranks of right extremist sects, the right-wing radical movement European Patriots Against the Islamization of the West (Pegida), and in disinformation campaigns among Germans from Russia.”

Throughout his own long string of published books, Dr. Farrell has frequently pointed out that civilizations begin to fall apart the moment they begin abandoning their heritage and culture. Once again he speculates that "The System" may indeed be tasked with the role of preserving Russia's values and culture once the world emerges from the coming collapse and economic reset. Let this sink in. If what Dr. Farrell is suggesting is indeed true, it is sobering! He writes:

I'm going to suggest that another ostensible purpose of such cells might not be to de-stabilize the West in the event of "international crisis," but rather, to re-stabilize it. 

There are two factors behind my thinking here, the first historical, and the second a contemporary geopolitical and cultural one. 

Historically, I am reminded of the behavior of Tsar Alexander I, whose Russian armies swept from Moscow to the gates of Paris itself as part of the grand coalition that eventually brought down Napoleon Bonaparte and restored "the old order" in Europe, and then went home. Alexander, unlike Stalin, realized that a Russian attempt to occupy Europe would simply ultimately fail, and ultimately be counterproductive for Russia.

The much more important consideration here is what is now happening in Europe with the refugee crisis and the growing popular revolt against it in European countries. In this light, Russia hardly needs sleeper cells to destabilize Europe; Frau Merkel has done a good enough job of that on her own already. 

In this light, and in the current geopolitical situation, and with its economy weakened, Russia can hardly afford nor welcome a continuing destabilization of Europe. The possibility arises, therefore, that if the refugee crisis should - perish the thought - reach the stage of actual "civil revolt" in European countries between their native populations and "foreign cultures," that these cells could be called upon to restore order. After all, we've been watching Russia repeatedly play the "culture card," in recent months, most recently in a major way with Patriarch Kirill of Moscow's joint declaration with Pope Francis I. 

And repeatedly, we have heard the Russian Foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov, up to President Putin himself and other Russian government spokesmen, stress the idea of the integrity of the nation-state, and the necessity for such nations to determine their own polity, culture, and policy. And it has, with its Syrian intervention, demonstrated that it will use military force to oppose groups opposed to such principles.

Therefore, Mr. Glazyev does not appear to be alone in his insistence that Mother Russia act swiftly to bolster the integrity of her deepest, oldest heritage and values. How many times have we heard Mr. Putin and Mr. Lavrov re-assert their position that Russia must not let herself be absorbed as yet another vassal puppet of the West? It seems clear that the Bear has a clear vision of the defense of the Cubs and her Den. She sees what is coming and is equipping herself for the path to follow far into the future. 

We conclude with this rhetorical question: If the United States were called upon to likewise defend her traditional values, would she know where to start?

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Bankster Slayer

"When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it's a wonder I can think at all." -- the "Kodachrome" song by Paul Simon, 1973

I grew up in a quiet, small, city east of the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, in Palmdale, California. I'm not quite old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, but do remember the assassination of Brother Bobbie on an early summer's day. I was finishing up my first grade at the elementary school just up the street from our suburbia house. Maybe that was when I became self-aware that something wasn't right. When I saw the events of that day unfolding on our new color TV, I remember a thought passing through my 6.5 year old mind. And silly me assumed that everybody else was also holding this same belief because it seemed so obvious to me:


"The President and his brother must have been killed by the same people."

I don't know how a little first-grader was able to come up with that conclusion. That certainly wasn't the sort of idea you would expect to be rumbling around the brain of a little kid. But it kept rumbling in mine and still does, to this day.

The people of my generation passed through the Space Race, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Disco Era, Yuppies, the World Wide Web, and Irrational Exuberance. Throughout this entire period, a relentless Matrix Machine has been whirring in the background of our lives, unnoticed and largely unchallenged. In fact, that Machine has been whirring for centuries.

I guess it was inevitable that the 6.5 year old kid who once questioned the official doctrine of the Kennedy assassinations would one day swallow her own Red Pill. And so I did, following the 2008 Crash, as I watched the financial lives of my parents and myself collapse into disaster as the equity of our homes evaporated into the dry Arizona air.

I finally came to that moment as have so many readers and contributors of Rogue Money, that day when you finally stop and ask "Why did this happen?" I started reading, researching, listening. Gradually the bricks of The Matrix began to crumble. The monstrous beast was no longer hidden from view. 

And so I join this team of writers and readers who are all trying to Slay the Bankster Beast in their own way. We carry on with confidence because no Evil has ever stood forever against the onslaught of Truth. Undaunted, we move forward.

You will find that my contributions to the Rogue Money web site will focus on the deep history that created The Matrix in the first place. In other words, you won't find any opinion forthcoming on this-or-that presidential election ... unless you are talking about the overthrow of regimes 2- or 3- thousand years ago. In that case, I might be interested!

I make no apologies if what you hear steps on the toes of a long-cherished paradigm. I am just A Messenger. In fact, you will find that my blogs will invite your comments to provide additional pieces of information that perhaps you may have gleaned from your own research. I have many holes that need filling.

You've been told what, how, when, and where to think your whole life. I leave it up to you to exercise your own Mind and take appropriate Action to slay the monster for yourself.

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