I have my Reasons, Do You have Yours….?

A hawk can see the storm, long before we can, does that make him smarter?  I remember talking with one of my business clients about the big differences between Texas, his home state, and North Carolina.  He said the hardest thing for him was he couldn’t get used to the visual lead time on severe storms in N.C.  He said he could see them coming many miles away in Texas, but the view was blocked here (trees & Raleigh for him), and it made it difficult to get some of his more water sensitive equipment out of the weather to safety.  In this critical job scenario he needed the aid of a hawk.  The hawk is a weather expert, that doesn’t make him smarter?…….Though he is a pretty slick hunter.

The Wolf Gray is clearly no more expert than you at most of life’s chores, but like you, I have hawk like vision in a few specific venues.  In this case a hawk’s vision within a business/economic framework.  The vision to see some of the business/economic underpinnings coming undone, underpinnings that will affect everyone in a massive way.  Whether you trust my hawk’s vision in this case is up to you, but it is only the timing of your economic pain threshold that I can’t predict.  I can predict with near 100% certainty you will experience a measure of pain, whether you are prepared or not.  With that in mind, I maintain there is only one logical thing to do, work & pre-plan towards productive solutions, that reduce the pain.

Sounds simple right?  Wrong, for most of us!  It will require a work load that would cause our harder working ancestors to shy from.  In fact our ancestors may not even be able to understand how to deal with some of these problems, as they wouldn’t even be able to comprehend how we ended up on such misguided paths.  Paths that will require us to overcome the biggest bubble in world history, and I now personally feel it is not the economic bubble that we all love to over analysis.  That’s right!  The ‘derivative/easy money’ inspired debt time bomb may be a flea on an elephant’s hind end compared to the bubble I see about to burst.  

In this case the over-inflated bubble of the “human ego”, a possible “Tyrannosaurus” of bubbles.  The alternative media, including yours truly, like to look at things in segmented pictures.  For example: (-1) + (-1) + (1) = -1.  Until this past week it was Wolf Gray’s view that the above numerical equation was what the well prepared person was facing.  The first negative is the loss of conveniences, like just in time food delivery being lost, among other conveniences disappearing, the second negative in the equation is the personal beat down (the shaming of an overinflated ego), and the positive was for those prepped with a well thought out personal DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio). 

The hypothetical equation is the reason I pound the table on, “Swallow your egos” to retain a balance, and get rid of the final answer (-1).  Unfortunately upon further review, with help from my light bulb moment this past week, I now feel the second negative, the personal beat down one,  ain’t a constant……..it continually gets fed, it grows, and is therefore the greater of the negatives in the bubble equation.  Thus……….(-1) + (-X) to the nth power = (y)

Don’t ask me what needs to be filled in to complete the equation, that is your job.  It's your ego!

I suspect the economic collapse may only be a trigger to a much bigger bubble explosion.  The trigger that leads to pure shame, the real obstacle in the path of the productive work intimated in the prior paragraphs.  The key for each of us may be to find that motivation that pushes us through. Something that stops the cancer of feeding a growing self ego. It is my view, that positive motivations are necessary to stop the growth, and stabilize the equation……

Find your reasons, I have mine, pictured above!  If you don’t have yours, I suggest you…..FIND THEM NOW!

I realized it was time for a re-visit with my shaman Wolf Pack associate in eastern Tennessee, a man who always has some insight on the human ego.  A man I consulted for information to complete an installment, in September of 2014 about the economy, and it’s ties to the human ego.  That meeting was inspired, by hawks pestering me, and after being humbled by my conversations with a grizzled marine vet at Parris Island, while watching one of Wolf Gray’s grandsons graduate.  

I did visit my shaman friend this past weekend, he was friendly, insightful, and entertaining as usual.  He made sense of my variable equation, and it ain’t good news.  More later, but first up a hard asset tip, followed by the really important news.

Hard Asset Tip Progress Update:

In this hard asset tip I am going to refer back to the farming segment I wrote about at the end of the 2/22/16 installment a couple months ago.  Here is the link, but also note the additional link revolving around growing potatoes, and maximizing your yield in a small space.  I have attached pictures below from last week courtesy of Mrs. WG, regarding this project.



The “inside the barrel” picture shows 8 inches of growth (some lagging), so it is time to add another six inches of soil mix, and add the next layer of potatoes (waiting for the proper signs).  The second picture is an example of what will be planted in each layer, eyes up.  I will keep you updated on the progress.  The goal is to have several layers of tasty, sweet “yukon golds”, and to finally turn the trash can over to a bunch of taters rolling out.

Also of note, avoid GMO crap where possible, and take advantage of your local farmers markets, that are up and running, now.  The Wolf Gray also recommends building a higher capacity pantry on your premises.  These are just items to consider, items mentioned many times over the two years I have fired away on RM, regarding not just “gold & silver bars & coins”, but other tangible assets as well.

Additional tip: Potato storage longevity, may be enhanced to some degree by the addition of an apple to your potato bin, which will hopefully get rid of those ugly sprouts.  The Wolf Gray household hasn’t tried this yet, but it is about to be tested, any moment, but that is Mrs. WG's category.

Also I would like to mention something that new readers to RM may not be familiar with, since not all of my 90+ articles have been moved to the new site (thus it may not be in the archives yet).  The advantages of water anytime it is needed, and all the time.  Peace of mind.  Provided you have access to a well, that is.  Flojak…!  Here are the pictures of mine installed, as detailed in a prior installment, along with the link to Flojak.  The darn thing is engineered superbly, and I could pump up my house, and fill two tubs in less than five minutes via a single 61 year old (actually 59 at the time) labor force.  It still fires on all cylinders, I continue to test it periodically.  No failures yet, after owning it for over 3 years.


The picture of the outside wall is where I had an old “code” water valve (one without a freeze ball) installed next to the standard one, which allows water to flow back into the house.  Also of note in the picture is the pit-less adapter employed inside the well casing.  Most of NC does not require a pit-less adapter, which is an installation to route water lines with no exposure above the frost line (most lines come up & out of the casing & back into the ground, leading to the house, as line freezing isn’t a big problem in NC).  I put in a pit-less adapter on my well even though it isn’t required by code, as it allowed an easier ‘side by side’ fit inside the six inch casing with the existing electric pump line.   BTW, others have done this installation on my recommendations, no complaints to date.

Many of you will say, “WG you are running scared, over things that may not even happen, just insure yourself with “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins” (GSBC’s) that’s all you need.”  And, as I have repeated many times, paraphrased many ways, “I agree on the GSBC’s being one step in the insuring process, and a very important step, but it will be fairly meaningless in what is likely to be a period of confusion, defined by the “just in time services” down time. Or, “the hunker down period”.  That down time, if it materializes, is likely to be months not days (during which exposing the fact you have GSBC’s will paint a target on your back). 

Thus additional “old school” preparations for more spartan times, “down times”, in my view is, the prudent thing to do.  Even if they don’t happen.  Moving on……

Back to the news…..

Next up it doesn’t get any more important than this.  Believe it or not this was on the front page of the Yahoo news crawl on 4/21/2016.  Have to have some comedy, don’t ya know….


In a world where phony economic reports are the norm., the following headline from ZeroHedge speaks volumes, by itself, no extra reading required….


For new readers, why do I always go through this news process?  Reading the news economic tea leaves, may provide life saving, and or standard of living saving answers.  Plus as mentioned before it reassures one in their prior, and current decision processes.

Next up another headline, that by itself, says it all once again……Like, are you kidding me?


Boy follow the above item with this next news gem, from just 2 business days in the rears.  Yep it all makes sense now…..


Stock ownership is at all time lows, and what is the market doing?  At or near all time highs.  There has to be a Confucius saying that would explain this, or one from Warner Brothers & Elmer Fudd.   Personally using Elmer Fudd, or any of his understudies in the msm investment bobblehead crew (CN’BS” comes to mind) as investment advisors is not on my to do list.

Time for a news integrated “Reality Check”….

For those that complain, “Well WG, I don’t see anything changing, duh huh.  And, China isn’t actively doing, or is capable of implementing things in real time.  After all what actual “light switch/trigger” events can you point to?”

Answer…How about this…….knuckleheads…….


That’s a light switch event, that hasn’t hit the “just in time” sheeple world yet in the west, but it will!  From the first line in the article, .... “In a shocking move likely to crush the US economy overnight, China is refusing to make its new gold-backed Yuan, convertible from or to US Dollars." ......  Folks, it is done, it just hasn’t fully affected “Sheepleville” yet. 

Oh yeah well it ain’t that big a deal WG!”  My short answer, “Have you ever seen these words…Made in China!  Any more stupid questions?”

And, btw don't get mad at China my friends, they are just doing what we used to do, "conduct business".  Implementing the tools to conduct business with an honest measure of "exchange".  We don't do that anymore.  Again I believe that very fact will change here in the USA, but only after a measure of pain has been administered. 

The reckoning is approaching, and I don't need the vantage point of a hawk to see it.  Wolf Gray

And for the final nail in the “What sort of signs are you looking for to prove the paper monetary world is very likely to crater, sooner than later?...COFFIN”


And, from the stupidity of that article…Likewise, imported goods in stores like Macy's (M - Get Report) , are cheaper. 

Hmm this article was done when?  On 01/03/16, and Macy’s reported what?  “TERRIBLE RETAIL NUMBERS” for the Christmas season…!  The final nail in the coffin, and a final sign in any champion’s going out party is “excuse making littered with lies.”  The King Dollar’s usage has been in a rapid descent on a world wide basis, and denying that is to deny the truth.  Denying that is to deny a hunger by the rest of the world (95 % in population terms), for a return to honest money.  Why you may ask.  As an entrepreneur it is the only way to eliminate the “waste of my time, & bullshit expense” of gauging the honesty of the business exchange in front of me. A gold standard is to make sure the item backing the exchange is honest, and holds some degree of intrinsic value.  That is what is going on, but not here in the USSA.  

GSBC’s allow the elimination of a huge business exchange question mark.  One that would have never surfaced, had the current king on the throne not abused his rights.  Rights have been abused, and the “switches of change” are being thrown, and a period of isolation, and or extreme inflation awaits those that aren’t prepared.  This is happening folks, get on board, and prepare for it, or suffer the consequences.  If ya can’t lick em join em, or something like that.  At least for the time being, anyway! Wolf Gray

So sorry WG, I need on the ground proof.  Well here is an example recently expounded with “Economic Mother Nature” pounding the gavel on the bench, and she is screaming, “beware in the finance industry as well!”……


The above fascist on the ground evidence will follow suit in the finance industry, and is getting closer & closer to our shores.  Mentioned over the last couple weeks right on these pages.  “Why would it be referenced as coming to our shores WG, after all ZeroCare isn’t off shore?”  Yeah, and ZeroCare isn’t the world’s reserve currency.  I would say “think about it”, but I figure you understand it, or you wouldn’t have read this far….

Thus far, this quarterly earnings season has been great for the wanna-be’s out there.  Check this one out…..


Yeah based on the above link, it is probably great for wanna-be’s, but not so great for the average Joe & Jane’s out there.

Here is another news gem with Loyd B. & the Vampire Squid misfiring big time.


And talking about other earnings disasters, IBM joined the party recently as their revenues topped (or cratered below), a decade + old "low”…!  Not sure if these metrics were against inflation, or some other 'bs' GAAP methods.  I love that crap, GAAP, 'generally accepted accounting principles', or something like that. 

BTW I am in the same boat as my friend "V" we aren't actually economists, or for that matter am I an accountant.  That being said, how about GAAP's cousin EBITA (earnings before interest, taxes and amortization), wonder who sets the rules on these stupid acronyms.  Hey somebody at RM needs to have an "acronym fest" with those letters.  I got one, GMTPO "Got more than paid out", works for me. 

Wolf Grayism: ..... too many acronyms equals easier ways to explain away bad results to the sleepy sheeple out there.  A.K.A. lie your arse off.  The Wolf Gray has plenty of experience with quarterly earnings conference calls, cloaked in accounting acronyms, with metric miracles, only to hide lies that trap you in a bankrupt entity of the future.  “Global Double Crossing’, (2001-2002) among others kicked WG in the crotch.

Meanwhile I will depend on the likes of Ken Schortgen Jr. or John Hussman, the economic numbers experts of my advisory board (re-mentioned last week).  I mention this because I would consider it wise to avoid some of those economist that I have coined in the past as ”front runners in paper”.  As in front runners of the paper equity predictions, by 6 months or less, a true no skill effort indeed.  Employed when it suits the audience, by the likes of Rickards, Mauldin, Zandi, and many other 'hacks'.   Read those sorts of people at your own risk.  It is an economic/business minefield out there.

Hey here we go, as predicted months ago by yours truly, via intel. sources I trust, check this out……


The good news for all those out there, except those working for Kmart & Sears, is the magical Munchkin Janet Yellen, can set those jobless minds at ease, as her, & Zero & company have the BLS unemployment numbers “ENGINEERED” to 40+ year lows.  Ain’t it amazing that within those BLS reports with record unemployment, they still actual have the unmitigated gall to print a number called “those of working age that are no longer in the labor force”.  And per them, it is on the order of what?  94-95 million….!  

Let’s do some quick math, OK.  95 million must equate to the 5% unemployed 'bs' BLS number (btw I know they don’t calculate it this way, but humor my red neck arse), that could only mean; congratulations USSA you have apparently grown to something along the order of 2 billion working aged citizens.  Personally I think the BLS & the Census bureau need to have a pow-wow, somebody is seriously lacking in math skills.  "Screw you" is what I say.

If you have been reading RM for the past 2 years, or at least since I have been firing away, and diligently reading the reports @ RM, this next link should come as no surprise whatsoever…..


A pure example of short sighted greed to enrich those on top.  Additionally, with no respect for the outcome, an outcome that I truly believe they knew would come to pass, for those who depend on those jobs, and retirement benefits.  Benefits originally sold & presented by those at the top, that possibly illustrates, they knew full well at some point the benefits would never be delivered in full, or they were just complete morons!  Either way they still had no business running the show.

This is only a light recap, but it is not the exception with respect to the earnings tell-tale signs of an economic cross roads ahead.  As I have preached before don’t follow the crowd out of the cross roads, on this one folks.  The crowd is wrong!  Usually are anyway, but they are especially in this case with respect to the economic ‘backdrop’.

This next one could require an entire book to cover the subject matter, but first look at the headline.


The Vampire Squid expects WHO to begin equity purchases?  The BOJ, that's frickin' who.  Boy that should work nicely, the central bank purchasing equities.   There is capitalism at it’s finest.  The bad news, it has been happening for years, and it ain’t just in “yen-land’ either.  

Once again, why is this important to the mainland in the USSA?  These guys are our banking satellite operation, our lap dogs if you will (from a prior installment).  Witness the end of 2014, when we took, via our standard bullying tactics (all to cover our paper shortfalls), 1.2 trillion dollars from Japan’s pension funds, forcing the astute team at the BOJ, the apparent home of "Morons are Us" to ramp up the printing machines 24/7. 

Curious isn’t it, that of late the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) many times don’t even hide this garbage.  I mean a few news links back we covered the BLS reporting on 94 million working age Americans not in the labor force (btw they have been reporting this stuff for years now), out of what, something on the order of a grand total of maybe 200 million working age citizens. Yeah that comes to 5% unemployment every time, right?  COME ON MAN!  We can all thank the “Clinton Crime Family”, for revamping the BLS unemployment calculations, to protect the DC cronies. 

Folks when the final sentences are handed out to the central banks by Mrs. Economic Mother Nature, the only word that will probably suffice, is once again ....... EPIC.The bad news, at the risk of being repetitive from other installments, the problems will flow downhill, so get yourself a shit proof umbrella, with the DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio) logo on it.

Next, if you don’t want to venture into the mystical/economic realm, then you may want to stop reading right now.  As I take a trip inside the western, “look @ me….look @ me”….adult mindset.

A Visit with the “Human Ego” Master, and his Spirit Guides:

In September of 2014 (note I don’t think all my installments have been transferred to the new site) I wrote about my visit with my Wolf Pack friend, a gentleman I like to call “the Shaman”.  At that time I was suffering from the passing of Wolf Gray Sr., and I was bedeviled with hawks everywhere I turned.  The hawks forced me to give my shaman friend a call, and we ended up on a different path, a far different path than the review of the troubling hawks.  Actually he didn’t have a good answer for the feathered intrusions, anyway.   

For a brief history:..... the Wolf Gray is a christian, and believes in Jesus Christ, and the forgiveness of sins.  The shaman believes in God, but feels Jesus is a “great teacher” to follow, and probably nothing more.  He is a former christian, and knows the Bible better than just about anybody I know.  I know what you are thinking, but read on!  He believes in spirit guides, and uses them regularly.  So with respect to religion, he knows my views, and I know his, and no belittling occurs between us.  I try to listen & learn.  As Wolf Gray Sr., and Grandpa Wolf Gray always said, “You can’t learn anything more than you already knew while your own mouth is moving.”

In my opinion, which is based on past conversations, I feel his knowledge on the human ego is second to none.  Actually the guy is a brilliant engineer by trade, but an even more brilliant philosopher on the side.  The following past weekend’s conversation is yours to review, and use as you see fit.   

It is his fundamental view that the primary weakness of man throughout history, is tied to the failings of the human ego.  After much thought, I have never been able to dispute that theory.  And this next link combined with another from my friend “James the Russian Analyst” were eventually what sparked my phone call to him this past week, for his counsel. 

The inspiration….to reach out to the shaman…..

I ain't going to belittle any of the predictions this guy is putting forth in the above video (though some of the timed targets have passed), but the title hit me over the head.  "The Greatest Bubble in the History of Mankind."That is what had been troubling me, it should have “Financial” in front of it.  In fact it is my view the alternative media might be missing this one “Big Time.” 

WHY?  Their own human egos that’s why, the same reason I haven’t harped on it properly myself.  Money & profit, and look how smart I am, with my DHAP advice.  It all got in the way.  By the way that doesn’t mean I am backing down from my DHAP advice, it just means you probably should put even more emphasis on, “swallow your egos”, one of my favorite lines.  I am only now understanding it's importance.

I am going to, do what "W" likes to say, "think bigger".   I am now of the opinion the greatest bubble collapse in world history ain't the financial system.  How the hell could it be?  It is a paper system, it is a man made system, for pete sake.  Anything man made is destined for second place nearly every time I have witnessed it against the likes of God, and or “mother nature”.  Wolf Gray

The biggest bubble to crash in human history may well be something "potentially", far more devastating, and happen in concert with the financial collapse.  The collapse of an overly arrogant human ego...!  The paper bubble will be the trigger mechanism, to what the Wolf Gray perceives to be a much more dangerous unwarranted bubble, filled with "hot ego air".  This may not be a certainty, but an epidemic may follow the paper collapse, and it will likely put the Zika Virus, or any other virus to shame.  An epidemic of, GIGANTIC INWARD SHAME!  Check out this next super long, but interesting article in the link sent to me by “The Russian Analyst”.  


Good article, a very long article, but if you skim it, you will see a majority of the subjects have been covered before in news releases by yours truly in past installments, and by the Team @ RM.   Here is the final part of the email trail, between myself & James concerning the link he sent me, with my statement (no corrections for my piss poor grammar)

Wolf Gray: “American hubris in the face of the truth sheltered in reality, I suspect will soon be so sad.  I wish I had another view point, but I don't.  The hubris I fear, is far worse than any realize, and far worse than the financial failures to come, which additionally will raise the problem in the hubris destroyed mind to an even greater degree.  The key to mind wholeness, exclude the self, and do for others exclusively, hmmmm oh well the last time that act hit the stage the world was 2000+ years younger.

We are in trouble my friend, big big trouble, and it ain't all financial by any stretch of the imagination.  A material reckoning is a lock, but the other one could be worse, SPIRITUAL”

End of the email trail......

So why am I highlighting this email?  It’s the cool pictures of the guy with a bag over his head in shame. That’s why, shame!  The bag man “sold me”, and that is when, on the same day, I called my shaman buddy for a potential meeting.

Side note: Experienced outdoors men say, that people who get lost in the wilderness die, of loneliness & shame (don’t know who they could interview for that though, think about it).  Once again, a repeated mantra of the Wolf Gray, has been, "swallow your egos."  I have maintained we are, even in a crowded room, all alone with our own insecurities.  Swallow your egos, it will be necessary, whether you have a well thought out DHAP or not.  Want an example of a situation where you surpass the shame of not knowing what to do when alone in the wilderness, how about not knowing what to do in a crowd of your peers, and family members.  Now that will be shame, buddy!

The biggest bubble in human history may well be the "Ego Bubble".  Wolf Gray

I was fairly confidant of the above theory, but I still needed, what I view to be, expert confirmation.  Thus the same day phone call to my shaman buddy….

I told him I needed his counsel, and that I could with “logical boots on the ground analysis” realistically see a massive economic collapse coming, but for some reason I didn’t feel the economic phase would be the most dire part of the overall collapse.  Instead it would only be the current & ongoing trigger events leading to what I felt would be a giant “shaming or an event of mass humiliation”.  My issue, I couldn’t rationalize it, or put it on terra firma.  So I paid him a visit, and unloaded my problem on him.

I told him my analysis on the ego collapse may just be coincidence, that is tied to the economic collapse.  It is like the still weird fact that Podunk, NC is communicating with the Team @ ‘roguemoney.net’, and consulting with a real life American hero in W.  He had a quick answer, “WG there are no coincidences in life.  And for now you are meant to be where you are.”  I take that with a grain of salt, but it was cool to hear.

Probing deeper, I asked are you witnessing extreme levels of apathy, and self indulgence, with a strong dash of arrogance?  His answer, “It is the worst I have ever witnessed in my lifetime (he is several years my senior, with me @ 61).”  

After bouncing around the subject a bit too much to suit my impatience, I went for the jugular & asked, “What do your spirit guides have to say about it?”  He said they confided, that due to man’s out of control arrogance, and love of himself a great division is to occur in life on earth (I am paraphrasing the message here).  He said, once again I am paraphrasing, & he is far more eloquent than yours truly, “WG it is the hot subject on the spirit airwaves.  There will be a split, those in tune with their spirit, and in tune with God......They will advance, and survive on a more comfortable, peaceful, foundation in life!”

Do I buy into every single thing he says? No, and by the same token, should you buy everything I say?  No!  I apply his wisdom, as supporting evidence to what I see in the real world, and so should you.

“O.K. WG (chuckle chuckle), I got this one in the bag, I will get the spiritual side of the equation right since it has greater influence in your hypothetical equation, (chuckle chuckle).”  My answer,

“Yeah right buddy!  Good one grass hopper, you clearly still don’t get it.  Not doing anything in preparations for the tangible earthly events will affect others in your life that can’t do for themselves, and rely on you for leadership.  See the picture at the top of the article.  By being lazy, and not doing anything in your DHAP preparations, you failed to do for others, and thus fed your own ego.  Your negative total in the equation (hypothetical of course) just got greater.  Good job dip shit.”

I firmly believe even if you do everything right, you will still get a negative to the final answer, in my hypothetical equation.  But as said before, seeing the punch coming will help you recover.  An assertive effort will put you on alert, and assist in seeing the punch coming.  This event may truly have no “do-overs”, meaning this excuse will be lame…….“Oops I guess I should have thought about this stuff sooner, I will get to it tomorrow!”  No you will not, as the best you may be able to do is watch those you love suffer.  The ultimate pain.

I fully reject the notion these things have been seen before, like in the prelude to the great depression of the 20th.  We weren’t the world reserve currency then, we had a population that was over 50% part time to full time agrarian, today it is probably 2%, and the egos back then didn’t feel they didn’t have to get their hands dirty, try applying that to today’s “follow the cool thing to do crowd”.  Wolf Gray

Even though this could be a fairly “big one”, you must bear in mind, if you prepare with a well thought out DHAP, it is not money wasted, as almost all of it can be either consumed, traded, or sold off later.  Try doing that with PAPER.  Get your ego & spiritual situation as right as you are able, that is something that I or no one else can solve for ya, but hey maybe the wise words of the “Outlaw Josey Wales” can……

Look at the egos that surround us, and your own.  A WG statement from many times before, my guess is the most despised tangible item in the aftermath of a King Dollar demise will be a mirror.  Do not fail yourself or those that look up to you, so the mirror can be spared.  This from a recent installment, came back, to un-fog my memory, thanks to my shaman friend jogging my grey matter a bit……..

Look at the “bad” wolf characteristics in the above parable, “THE EGO” is on the list.!  I maintain you can’t feed an ego enough, it’s appetite never ends. An overfed self indulgent human ego is never satisfied, and thus never happy, except for the brief moments at each pit-stop on the rungs, during a hungry ascent up the ladder.  

No cut to either, in the following example is intended, but just who would you rather be?  The character Andy Griffith portrayed in the series “The Andy Griffith Show”, or the real life, bigger than life, Donald Trump?   For me it is a no-brainer, Andy Griffith, as his character ego seems more at piece, and not fighting to be fed enough to climb more steps on the ego ladder.   I don’t know Trump, thus I don’t know his ego balancing issues, but it wouldn’t be hard to see it having a voracious appetite.  On the surface I chose Andy, for a more sure fire positive ego.  

Take the focus off yourself, I as well personally try, but it ain’t easy.  Transfer the energy to something that moves you in a more positive direction.  I got my methods……I use the faces that may possibly rely on me.

I posted this song, “On the Turning Away” by Pink Floyd, in an installment on or around the first of 2015 (not sure if the old article has been transferred to the new site yet), the message is clear..........and worthy of a repeat visit

Our Political Leaders, "Turned Away"

Some of our family, "Turned Away"

Most of our friends, "Turned Away"

Our Business All Stars, "Turned Away"

Our Sports Heros, "Turned Away"

Some of our teachers, "Turned Awat"

Some religious Leaders, "Turned Away"

Even People who knew the truth, "Turned Away"

But, I don't want the faces in the picture above, to think I did…!

This next song by the man in black, is one of the greatest summaries about the human ego I have ever heard.  I posted it in my first installment for my friend “V the Guerrilla Economist” at the first of July 2014.  It was posted 3 days before Wolf Gray Sr. died.  I showed it to him (iPad), in his hospital room the very day before he died, and he was parenting to the very end, “WG be careful do you even know who these people are?” No evidence of turning away, in that hospital room folks!

Sorry for the illustration/musical rant here, but it occurs to me that we have actually allowed the trashing of a recent man made document that brilliantly protects against the evils of an overindulged “human ego”.  How brilliant could that document, a paper one to boot, be to protect against an intangible evil? 

How brilliant could it be to put into print something that protects against man made evil derived from hubris & arrogance?  Here's the answer from the Wolf Pack musical production team (posted in January 2015).  I don't mean to brag, but the paper message at the end is damned, spot-on!  If you don't like it, go somewhere else!…..listen if you so choose

Decide for yourself…….if you don’t think this ego issue is an ongoing reality, and need something other than mystical stuff, then check this out from Zerohedge posted just this past weekend….


Politely, abruptly, and sometimes in your face, “YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!”  I got my reasons, focused within my mind’s eye, have you got yours?

God Bless & Be Well….!

Wolf Gray

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