UK Daily Mail, Express Hail BBC2 Documentary That Discusses Possibility Ukrainian Jet/s Shot Down MH17; @Bellingcat, Kiev and NATO's 24/7 #MH17 Twitter Trolls Hardest Hit

Something is stirring in the (dis)United Kingdom and the rest of Europe as Great Britain approaches a vote on whether to stay in or leave the European Union on Thursday, June 23. And we don't just mean the various moves both political and financial leading up to a potential #Brexit of the UK from the European Union...several long fuse truth-bombs appear to be about to go off, with real consquences for what Pepe Escobar and the Guerrilla Economist have dubbed the Empire of Chaos aka Exceptionalistan...


Within the last two weeks, we've seen about a third of the Dutch electorate reject, in a popular referendum, a European Union Association Agreement with Ukraine. One of the reasons cited by a significant number of the Netherlands' 'no' voters, in addition to rampant corruption in Ukraine, was their refusal to reward with EU visa free entry for Ukrainian citizens a Kiev government that covered up aspects of the MH17 shoot down which killed 192 Dutch citizens. Some eurosceptic Dutchmen also told reporters from Australia and other countries they suspect Kiev may have perpetrated a false flag attack itself in order to blame Russia.


In more recent days, President Barack Obama's tone-deaf lobbying of the British Parliament and people to stay in the failing EU(SSR) this past week predictably crashed and burned like a (Led Zeppelin) Hindenberg.


Instead of being applauded or esteemed by proponents and opponents of the upcoming #Brexit referendum, Obama was politely told to go away by the pro-EU types and jeered by the eurosceptics, led by London's Trump-esque comb over sporting Tory Mayor, Boris Johnson.

Obama's 'Arguments' that a Britain Outside the EU Can't Trade with the U.S. Are Idiotic

In reply to Obama's silly and easily rebutted claim that a Britain outside the EU would damage U.S.-British trade (unlike say, U.S.-Icelandic or U.S.-Swiss or U.S.-Norwegian trade, with all three European nations not a part of the European Union yet outperforming the recessed or depressed economies within the EU), Johnson railed against Exceptionalistan's double standards when it comes to national sovereignty. Namely, that Washington demands of others what it would never dream of submitting to itself (well, except for maybe a few marginal globalists like Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs' employee on leave spouse Heidi Cruz, writing dreamy Council on Foreign Relations papers about a 'North American Union' with Canada and Mexico):

Barack Obama is entitled to his view and he is an honoured guest, but it is ridiculous to warn that the UK will be at the back of the queue for a free trade deal.

The UK has never been able to do a free trade deal with the US in the last 43 years – because we are in the EU!

Any negotiations are entirely in the hands of the European Commission and only 3.6 per cent of commission officials actually come from this country.

Negotiations are held up by absurd problems like the French restrictions on Hollywood movies or Greek hostility to American feta cheese.

No one in the last 48 hours has come close to answering my point – it is very weird that the US should be telling the UK to do something they would not dream of doing themselves in a million years.

We can be better allies of America if we recapture control of our democracy and our borders and £350 million a week, much of which could be spent on this country’s real priorities, such as health. It’s time to take back control, folks.

The crucial thing that Churchill stood for, and that America stands for today, is representative democracy. The problem with the EU is that nobody knows who is in charge and nobody knows who is making these decisions.

- London Mayor (and former Conservative Party MP for Henley from 2001 to 2008) Boris Johnson


A Growing Gap Between The City's Desire to Bank for Eurasia and Exceptionalistan

Basically Washington as the Exceptional capital of the Anglo-Globalist Empire, having seized the crown if not the Crown from British progenitors, gets to pick and choose whatever treaties and decrees of foreign courts or governments apply to the U.S. (usually, none) while demanding its closest allies utterly subordinate their sovereign powers to someone else (either the U.S. courts via FATCA or the TPP) or the EU. The same EU that established the precedent for the entire post-Western world with the bail-in looting of Cyprus bank accounts including those of British subjects living on the Greek island in 2013 that what's yours is theirs and everything you have in the bank is merely a revolving line of unsecured credit to the bank.

Meanwhile, whether it's using FATCA to go after Swiss banks for allegedly aiding tax evasion by American persons, while promoting the Panama Papers hysteria drummed up by George Soros and State Department funded (G)NGOs to drive offshore funds back into the United States (including into the Rothschild trusts established in Nevada) are some of the latest examples of Washington's world-beating hypocrisy.

If the Obama Administration's preference for keeping the once proud British bulldog turned PC Airstrip One poodle in the EU club rather than outside of it was the only issue tearing at the fabric of the Special Relationship (as the ousted eurosceptic PM Margaret Thatcher warned it would back in the 1990s), that would be one thing. But there's far more at stake on June 23 (the second longest day of the year and one day after the 75th anniversary of the Nazi/European invasion of Soviet Russia) than merely the preference of the British people for outsourcing most of their regulation and law making to bureaucrats in Brussels or Strasbourg.

As Team RogueMoney's friend Dr. Jim Willie and others have documented, Her Royal Highness the Queen has expressed some subtle support for Great Britain shifting out of the failing transnational EU club, and this has everything to do with the relationship between the Royal family's immense holdings and the City of London. It is the City and its high end luxury goods makers and realtors that want Russian oligarchs money to stay in the UK, and could care less about the U.S-EU drive for anti-Russian sanctions. And it is the City that has in recent months welcomed yuan swaps and British membership in the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as preludes to the New Road/Rail and Maritime Silk Road extending all the way from the British Isles via the Chunnel or Channel/Baltic Sea ports of northern Europe through Russia and China to Pusan, South Korea.

Reports of the Ukrainian Air Force Shooting Down MH17 Are Almost 2 Years Old:
Why is Part of the British Press Including the BBC (!) Re-Hashing Them This Week?
Did Uncle Sam and Obama Piss Off One Too Many Banksters in the City of London?

All of which bring us to the main point of today's post: why is the British Broadcasting Corporation's second channel apparently going forward with airing a Conspiracy Files documentary titled, "Who Shot Down MH17?" on Tuesday May 3rd? And why are these allegations, which have been around since the very first days after the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over the war-torn Donbass region, being given airtime in Great Britain now?

UK Daily Mail: "Did a Ukrainian fighter jet shoot down MH17? BBC documentary claims Boeing 777 may have been targeted by another plane" Sunday, April 24, 2016 (not 2015)

UK Express: SHOCK CLAIM Ukrainian fighter jet shot down Malaysia Airlines MH17

Will the BBC Revisit Its Own Attempt to Flush Eyewitness Testimony to Ukrainian Jets Flying Near MH17 on July 17, 2014 Down the Orwellian Memory Hole? Will BBC2 Succumb to the Pressure from Washington, NATO and the Ukro-Lobby and Spike the Show?

These questions of course, assume that since The Daily Mail and Express British tabloids have promoted the show one week ahead of its scheduled air date, that the U.S. State Department and the Ukrainian Embassy in the United Kingdom will not exert fierce pressure on the BBC, including via demonstrations outside the BBC's offices, to cancel the show. Which may anyway backfire in the form of the Streisand effect drawing attention to the BBC's earlier spiking of a story days after MH17 went down.

In that instance, when a BBC Russian service reporter spoke on camera with identifiable Donbass locals who said they saw Ukrainian fighter jets overhead near the extensive crash site just days after the tragedy, the Beeb frantically pulled the story from the Russian service website within few hours of it being postedIn a hastily posted Russian language message to viewers on July 23, the BBC Russian service apologized for a report that allegedly did not meet its standards for broadcast. How exactly the program violated BBC standards, the author/s of the statement refused to say. However, the damage was done as Russian bloggers captured the video before the Beeb could take it down and reproduced it widely on YouTube (reproduced below with ENG subtitles):

 Thanks to the Alex Jones channel/, Russia Insider and other alternative and mainstream media critical outlets the eyewitness interviews went viral. As a result, an army of pro-Kiev and NATO trolls guarding the #MH17 hash tag on Twitter and other social media platforms like Reddit have been insisting the local witnesses the BBC reporter spoke with all lied ever since.


The Comical, Sleepless 24/7 NATO/Kiev #MH17 Guarding Trolls of Twitter

Nonetheless, the fact that on Twitter in particular it's nearly always the same crew of trolls (led by the sleepless eyes of @MJoyce2244, @ASpinoftheWheel and a few others) congregating around the Twitter feed of UK-based Bellingcat blogger Eliot Higgins trying to portray the air-to-air shootdown theory as utterly preposterous, ought to raise questions in the mind of thinking people. Why do trolls like @MJoyce2244 apparently never sleep, but operate around the clock with perhaps multiple account operators obsessively guarding the #MH17 hash tag on Twitter? Is @MJoyce2244, whose Twitter feed shows at times signs of automation (for example, a tendency to robotically ask all respondents 'what do you believe was the murder weapon?' for MH17 or some variation of this sentence, even a human being, or a DARPA created NATO AI troll bot (who just like Arnold's Terminator, doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear)? 


If it's so patently obvious that Russia is guilty and the Ukrainian military is innocent in the shooting down of MH17 has the U.S. intelligence community NEVER released a single satellite photo of the alleged Russian BUK that did it, or any other shred of its own evidence in the matter? Why has the case for Russia's guilt in the shootdown been outsourced to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the Dutch Safety Board, and bloggers like the 'team' at @Bellingcat?

RFE/RL/Interpreter, Aviation Week, Bellingcat and the Massive Info-Attack on the Russian Defense Ministry's Post-MH17 Presentation Implying Ukraine Shot the Plane Down

After the Russian Ministry of Defense presentation of July 21, 2014 Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week, NYU professor Mark Galeotti, and the U.S.-taxpayer funded Washington mouthpiece Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (and the crew at the Khodorkovsky-funded InterpreterMag that later joined RFE/RL) immediately kicked into overdrive. Singing of the same songsheet of talking points, they sought to portray any evidence for a Ukrainian jet shooting down MH17 as fabricated and all the Ukrainian SU25/s aloft on July 17 witnesses as liars going off what they saw on Russian TV rather than with their own eyes.

The fact that individuals like Sweetman and Galeotti in particular had to lie to their readers about Kiev's SU-25s all being old Soviet pieces of junk utterly incapable of shooting down a Boeing 777 airliner from below screams 'U.S.-Russia information war psyop' to us -- but RogueMoney readers will soon be able to draw their own conclusions from the evidence we'll present in an MH17 anniversary post this July.

The Dutch Parliament Admitted that Kiev Lied About its Military Radar Data from 7/17/14

For now, there are only a few new details contradicting Kiev's protestations that it had no military aircraft aloft on July 17, 2014, but what we know is quite damning of the NATO member Dutch government's efforts to lie on behalf of its boss Uncle Sam and the U.S. client regime in Kiev. One of these is the admission by the aforementioned Dutch Safety Board (DSB) that Kiev's claims that it had presented all military radar data from July 17, 2014 to the multi-national investigation team for MH17 were bald-faced lies.

This admission by a Dutch parliamentary inquiry into the DSB proves that trolls like @MJoyce2244, and their more up-market brothers in arms at Bellingcat, are lying their asses off when they say Ukraine turned over radar data to investigators that proves there were no jets over Donbass that day -- and that consequently the Russian Defense Ministry presentation of July 21, 2014 showing a Ukrainian fighter jet stalking MH17 from about two kilometers below the airliner's cruising altitude is a silly fabrication. The following text is from an early February English translation of a Dutch newspaper report, in which Uncle Sam has essentially told the world 'trust us and our NATO allies the Dutch, we and they'd never lie about those satellite pics of a Russian BUK in Donbass hell will freeze over before the world gets to see!':

The Dutch government will not be filing an international protest for the missing radar images of the flight MH17 disaster, despite parties in the lower house of parliament insisting on it. The government believes that there is enough information for the criminal investigation into the crash, was revealed during a parliamentary debate on the matter, RTL Nieuws reports.

The United States confidentially showed the investigators what satellite images they have. Russia sent a video recording of their radar, but that data has since been deleted. The Ukraine says it does not have any radar images because their station was down for maintenance. This last fact was recently questioned by former First Deputy Minister of Transport Vladimir Shulmeister saying that the Ukrainian government never received a request for data. Ukraine Ambassador Olexander Horin responded that the data was requested, but that the Ukraine does not have any.

According to the government, the Public Prosecutor has enough information for the criminal investigation.

The opposition parties asked Justice Minister Ard van der Steur where he heard that the radar images are not necessary, but he could not remember. Something the opposition found “painful”.


In addition to team Bellingcat's outrage over the Daily Mail and Express promoting the BBC documentary that asks questions (but apparently labels theories that Kiev, not Moscow shot down MH17 as 'conspiracy theories'), Eliot Higgins' cohort Aric Toler is upset that the Russian Foreign Ministry has chosen to respond to a team of amateur bloggers -- citing some Russia's own amateur blogging 'sleuths' who say #Bellingcrap is full of (SBU Photoshopped images of BUKs) crap.

Breedlove: Actual glossy full color photos from U.S. spy satellites? Why the hell would we release those when we can outsource it all to Digital Globe and @Bellingcat instead?

Apparently the irony is lost on Toler and Bellingcat supporters, when they whined this weekend that Russia citing bloggers to respond to Bellingcat is a sign of intellectual laziness and declining standards at the Russian MFA, while NATO's supreme commander Gen. Phillip Breedlove or the State Department promoting the work of #Bellingcrap instead of actual U.S. intelligence about MH17 is entirely professional. Talk about chutzpah! We'd like to see Eliot Higgins and Aric Toler's competencies in photo forensics, military/SAM logistics (critical to Bellingcat's fraudulent analysis of the alleged Russian BUK's impossibly fast and oddly convoluted 'escape' route to Russia), rocketry, radars, and shrapnel pattern damage analyses. 

At any rate, there are plenty of additional shoes left to drop regarding MH17 as we approach the 2nd anniversary of the false flag shoot down, including the leak of long suppressed autopsy data on the Malaysian pilot and co-pilot which according to Moscow-based Aussie journalist John Helmer, multiple Australian coroners have already admitted shows almost ZERO BUK SHRAPNEL IN THE PILOT AND FORE CABIN PASSENGERS' BODIES. Meaning that the minuscule amount of purported BUK shrapnel the Dutch Safety Board's report claimed last year to have located from the crash site was likely planted evidence, most likely from an old test launch of Kiev's OWN BUK missile/s. And somebody within the Dutch investigation, though sworn to silence by the non-disclosure agreements the Ukrainian suspects in Kiev were able to force on Western governments with help from Uncle Sam, knows the truth.

Bellingcat's Promotion of (Likely SBU) Photoshopped and Fabricated BUK 'Evidence'

But but but, we can hear Bellingcat's trolls and gullible followers on Twitter retorting: but all those eyewitnesses to the BUK rolling through so many towns before the MH17 shoot down, including two AP journalists, they would NEVER lie! Except that the AP to this day refuses to identify the two reporters who support its 'findings', which naturally corroborated the preliminary findings of the Dutch Safety Board. Like the Paris Match photographer who allegedly snapped a shot of the 'rebel/Russian BUK', the two AP reporters remain nameless and faceless. If this were a court of law, would any reasonable juror accept without cross examination or criticism the testimony of witnesses appearing in court without any sort of identification as to who they are whatsoever? Would a jury convict someone in a murder trial on the basis of what an eyewitness whose face is blacked out says on video? We don't think so!

According to Bellingcat and mainstream media desperate to support Eliot Higgins' Narrative, those people who say they saw a Ukrainian jet after or before it shot down MH17 -- they're all lying! That photo by a (likely non-existent) Paris Match photographer of a Russian BUK on a civilian tractor-trailer supposedly taken the day of or after MH17 was shot down is totally legit! Actually, it's almost certainly, a Photoshopped fake, which is why hell will freeze over before Bellingcat can actually reveal the photographer's name and what he was doing near Donetsk before snapping the picture -- the Ukrainian domestic spy agency the SBU as the most likely culprit in the fraud picked up and recycled by team Bellingcat:

But what about that video of the BUK launcher being pulled by a trailer, inexplicably filmed without the large contingent of Russian soldiers that would be normally guarding it from attack or ambush by Ukrainian partisans behind the Donbass fighters lines? That footage is also mostly fake, according to analysis of its faulty (inserted) digital pixel-ation as a 'moving' solid image inserted almost frame by frame into real footage of an empty road between two apartment blocs likely shot by SBU agents inside the breakaway Donetsk People's Republics in the run up to the MH17 shoot down. Here is the link to the Russian blogger that Moscow's Foreign Ministry was alluding to and his (as well as blogger Hector Reban's) allegations that Bellingcat has simply used material produced by the SBU without question, because it supports their Atlantic Council/Soros funded Narrative:

Sergey Mastepanov: MH17 the BUK videos are fake  February 23, 2016

While Goldman Sachs can paid a huge multi-hundred million dollar bribe to the now ex-Malaysian Prime Minister to keep his mouth shut about MH370 and perhaps MH17 as well, others in the mostly Muslim country are hardly going to keep on lying to protect Uncle Sam or the lying SBU thugs in Kiev. To make matters worse for Bellingcat's Eliot Higgins, Aric Toler, and the mainstream media journalists like the Australian 60 Minutes crew that hung their collective journalistic reputations and hats on Higgins' laundering of photographic SBU 'evidence', it now appears at least some segment of the British elites are tiring of Washington's lecturing and death-grip on the European Continent's politics.

If that is the case, then we'd advise Toler and Higgins to stock up on their Zantac and anti-anxiety meds and start looking for a more honest line of work than being shills for Soros and the NATO (G)NGO Atlantic Council -- because the leaks are likely coming fast and furious this July and the British press seems to be no longer afraid of Uncle Sam or his pets in the Kiev Rada zoo to publish the real dirt on MH17. Including about the enormous pressure the U.S. put on the investigators on behalf of its clients in Kiev to protect the Ukrainian regime from the truth.