F.W. Engdahl on China, Gold, and the Silk Road

Below is an informative and brief summary of F.W. Engdahl's thoughts on the rapidly changing world stage onto which the BRICS nations have now stepped with their pockets full of gold. This is a great corroboration of many of the favorite RogueMoney usual topics. It's also a great link to pass along to our friends who are not yet quite up to speed on the rug that is now being pulled out from under their feet.

YouTube audio player is posted here. Beneath the player is my own brief summation of the conversation. This is not verbatim but is provided here to easily search Engdahl's views later by time marker. The hose is Jay Taylor whose web site is here: JayTaylorMedia.com . Mr. Engdahl's own web site is here, and the New Eastern Outlook site where you can find many of his current articles is here

0:00-12:00 minute marks.
[Engdahl summarizes what happened in the 1970's with gold and oil.] August 1971, Nixon tore up the Bretton Woods agreement by taking the U.S. off gold at the advice of a little-known man named Paul Volcker, a stooge of the Rockefellers. 

Go ask Kissinger.

May 1973, Bilderberg meeting. Engdahl has a copy of the confidential protocols of that meeting. They discussed the imminent rise of OPEC oil price by 400%. Kissinger attended this meeting. The elites discussed, not how to stop the Saudis from doing this, but rather, What should we do with all those dollars that will get recycled?

Then came the Yom Kippur War. Kissinger armed Israel with all those dollars, over the protest of the Saudi king. Years later, Engdahl met the oil minister who served the Saudi king related the story of how he was sent by Saudi to the Shah of Iran to ask why are you intent on skyrocketing the price of oil? The Shah replied, "Go to Washington and ask Kissinger." In other words, the oil price shock of the 1970s was not the idea of OPEC but of the Washington elites.

Dollar tyranny was accepted by Saudi and thus the PetroDollar was born.

13:00-20:00 minute marks.
Until men like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi challenged this Dollar hegemony by trying to get their oil business off the dollar. 

[Coincidental to my own blog about the legendary genies of Palmyra, Engdahl makes a literary reference to American "genies" at the 13:50 mark.]

14:50 mark: Host: Why are Russia and China buying so much gold? How much gold does China have?

Engdahl: I am convinced that China has 3 or 4 times as much gold as they publicly claim to have. They do not want to draw the red flag up the pole of Washington. China is now the #1 gold ore producer and Russia is #2. 

They are very quietly building the [monetary] basis and the Chinese Silk Road, a beautiful network and project that could save mankind if we don't blow ourselves up. It's criss-crossing all of Eurasia.... Indonesia will become a partner to this project in the seaport development.... 

You will then have a Eurasian continent independent of NATO because it's a land mass. The navy ships of NATO simply become redundant, impotent. 

The NeoCon idiots of Washington have now created their own worst geo-political nightmare. They caused Eurasia to unite against what they perceive as a common enemy that is out to destroy them. It's an empire that is in its terminal decay phase for the last 30 or 40 years. That empire [or, think of the word we love here at RogueMoney, Exceptionalistan!] has kept itself alive by looting the former states of the Soviet Union after 1990. And then came China with its cheap labor so the American multi-nationalists had a bonanza with that for a few years. But now all of that is coming to an end.

Russia and China, through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, don't want war. They want to build their economies. Russia has some of the most brilliant scientists and engineers of the planet. In America, we don't consider science and engineering to be "chic" anymore. Our children only want to become Wall Street stockbrokers and criminal bankers.... yes, Parasites.

The real intention of the Chinese is beginning to emerge: to build an alternative monetary system to the Dollar.

20:00-30:00 minute marks.

Host: What role is gold playing? Is their idea to build a stable monetary system with gold as its foundation?

Engdahl: Yes, I am convinced of that. Behind the mask, the real intention of the Chinese is beginning to emerge. To build an alternative monetary system to the Dollar. 

When Moody's began downgrading Russian debt to junk status because of the sanctions, this was a fraud! Russia has no danger of default. Japan is much worse. 

23:00 mark: The Chinese have built all this infrastructure and skyscrapers. And here's what so beautiful about the Silk Road project. It's all across the largest landmass in the world. They're bringing a whole transportation structure into remote villages, mining areas, agriculture areas.

The East is building and creating. The West is destroying and killing.

There is no "free market" in nature. [We will have a future blog here at RM that takes a lesson from the natural world to show how Nature contradicts the whole debt basis of the human financial system.] Markets are man-made. Free markets are only "free" for the most powerful corporate interests. 

The markets that [the Silk Road] will create across Eurasia are staggering! We in the West are sitting here with our thumbs in a certain place, looking with our "duhhh" face. The politicians in Europe may finally be waking up. The Silk Road is the salvation of the European economy.

The East is building and creating. The West is destroying and killing. 

India and China have now become closer than they have been in the last century. It was always British politics that kept them apart. India and now Pakistan are members now of the SCO. When the British dismembered India and Pakistan, they did so in a way to create permanent friction between those two countries. 

It's a fascinating change now to see China, Russia, India and Pakistan all coming together. The world is changing and the mainstream media doesn't have a clue. 
Host: What's up with Brazil?

Engdahl: "Operation Car Wash" was always a sting operation by the CIA, the State Department, and the NGO's of Washington to get rid of one of the key pillars of the BRICS. It was a PetroBras scandal, it's as simple as that. They organized the street protests like they do everywhere. 

Host: Well we've run out of time. Shall get to talk more about the One Belt, One Road and the Silk Road Project in the future..


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