"Exceptionalistan" vs. The World

Have you noticed, dear readers, that in the last few months the Empire of Chaos has gone full retard? The madmen who rule Exceptionalistan have launched an unending series of asymmetrical warfare attacks on the BRICS, as well as on any other nation that is anti-Atlanticist. These attacks have ramped scandal and chaos through the global roof. Nowhere is this chaos more keenly felt than in South America, where the most vulnerable of the BRICS nations – Brazil – is under multidirectional (i.e., asymmetric/hybrid war) assault.


The trouble in Brazil starts at the top, where the lower house of Congress impeached President Dilma Rousseff on hearsay and trumped up charges. Now her fate rests with the Brazilian Senate, which is likely to uphold the impeachment vote. Mark my words! There is NO concrete evidence of wrongdoing by Rousseff, but that doesn’t matter now does it? The assault on Rousseff, and indirectly on her predecessor Lula (you see how asymmetric warfare works?), is part of a bigger plan being executed in South America by the warlords in Mogadishu-on-the-Potomac.


The Brazilian scandal is really nothing new. Think about it. The charges levied against Rousseff are something that happens every day in places like New York, California, and Illinois. Union bosses and big construction firms are awarded exorbitantly large contracts, the work is split up, and the excesses are funneled back to the political parties. This is business as usual by the white shoe boys and their slick accountants.


In Brazil, however, ah, now that’s a different story, isn’t it? Like every resource rich nation in the world, Brazil is going through a tough time. Again, this is no surprise. In every downturn it is the nations with commodity-based economies that suffer first. The nations with the phony economies that push manipulated paper all day are usually the last to fall. The catch with them is that they never really recover because their solitary export was fraud. Because there was never any real economy to begin with there can never be any recovery. Exceptionalistan is a case in point with one caveat – its exports are fraud … and war.


But back to Brazil. Rousseff’s under-the-table dealings surrounding energy giant Petrobras would have gone largely unnoticed except for a few minor snags:


·      First, the NSA was allowed to set up shop in Brazil, as well as in a bunch of other “friendly” nations. Then they did what all good allies do – they spied. In this case, they tracked every nationalist, anti-Atlanticist, and every anti-U.S. corporatist. They tapped their cell phones, read their emails, and surveilled every personal interaction because Tio del Norte (The Uncle of the North) really cares and goes the extra mile to show it.

·      Second, they brought in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to foment anti-government activity. Their target audience consisted primarily of malcontents from the poor and working classes seeking to vent their anger on a government that had failed them. These pawns cried for a scapegoat to pay for their woes.

·      Third, they paid off anti-Worker’s Party/Lula/Rousseff politicians and energized them to move on anecdotal evidence of wrongdoing. Dubious testimony, hearsay, and “snitches” provided details of corruption and criminal behavior. The utter lack of hard evidence showing misconduct by Rousseff is beside the point. Exceptionalistan won’t let a thing like the truth keep it from achieving its nefarious goals.

·      Fourth, they set up false flags, like the Monsanto … I mean Zika virus and marketed it as the pneumonic plague.

·      Fifth, they smashed the global commodity markets via the corrupt wealth-siphoning engine called Wall Street.


Best of all, this nefarious plan was set in motion when the target nation is getting ready to host the summer Olympics. Truly, there are no lows to which the Empire of Chaos will not stoop to insure that it remains Massah on the global plantation that it has created.


South America Burning


Across South America it seems that any nation whose leadership is not in line with Exceptionalistan’s hegemonic policies is being targeted. Any nation that is aligned with or is thinking about working with the BRICS, the AIIB, the NDB, or Eurasian Trade Zone are all under attack.


Take Argentina, for example. Christina Fernández de Kirchner is an Argentine nationalist who loves her country. She fought off attacks by the World Bank, the IMF, economic hitmen, jackals, and all sorts of other NGO graduates of the CIA’s School of The Americas. As president she tried her best to align Argentina with the BRICS, even going so far as to state that Argentina should be the “A” in BRICSA. Joining the BRICS alliance would have been an incredible accomplishment, but Exceptionalistan works fast. Its demonic minions deposed Kirchner and put into power Mauricio Macri, a Wall Street connected stooge whose first order of business was to reverse the Kirchner administration’s nationalist policies and pay billions to Wall Street hedge funds. 


A man of Italian lineage, Macri is an elitist with deep state connections to various U.S.-based NGOs. He rose through the ranks because of his connections, but deceptively markets himself as someone who made it due to his merits. His close ties to the Obama Administration and the infamous Italian Freemason sect, P2, marks him as a globalist de jure. The cherry atop this pile of rotten pie is that Macri has announced he will offer bond sales of Argentinian debt to Wall Street and the City of London, both of which wrote the deal and its framework. These bonds will be of the bail-in variety similar to what is being issued in the EU.


Just like that Exceptionalistan is back in control … or so it thinks. Read on.


Ecuador seems to be the other country that the Empire of Chaos is currently working to undermine. Ever since President Rafael Correa took power the country has recovered from being a whore exploited by the Exceptionalist global pimp. The road, though, has not been easy and Correa has often had to compromise with the devil. He has survived a coup, multiple economic attacks, death threats, and recently an earthquake struck his nation. Those who follow The Guerrilla’s writings and his interviews with Super Spook “W” know that earthquake weapons and weather altering weapons are in fact a reality. It sure seems as if the Ring of Fire has awoken out of nowhere, doesn’t it? Could HAARP or another energy weapon be at work?


Ecuador is also under financial assault. For starters, Ecuador is being clobbered by its reliance on the dollar. Thanks to the recent smash in commodity prices and the hypoxic dollar, escalating debt is starting to choke the life out of Ecuador’s economy. Ecuador is making the same mistake that other developing nations have made. By foolishly holding onto the “gangrene back” they are causing solvency and liquidity issues that are the hallmark of emerging markets set to blow. Something must be done about this and quickly too.


Knowing that he is facing dire straits, Correa folded under pressure from domestic political forces bought and paid for by Exceptionalistan (i.e., vassal lords with homes and assets in Miami) and pledged as collateral half of the nation's gold holdings to secure a $400 million loan from none other than globalist mafia bank number one, Goldman Sucks, excuse me, Sachs.


Don’t get me wrong. Correa is no saint. Like most politicians he is a bit of an egomaniac. Before this current crisis, however, he stood up to the banks. In 2007, he kicked out the World Bank representative and thumbed his nose at Tio del Norte, something he does not take lightly. Things have changed, though, as Correa and his government are currently in secret negotiations with none other than the giraffe-necked head of the IMF for yet more money. We come full circle.


Golden Dragon


Exceptionalistan is on the move and it’s planners in Mogadishu-on-the-Potomac think that they  will maintain their Fourth Reich forever. In their hubris, however, they forgot to cover their soft underbelly. This week China launched the Shanghai Gold Exchange to control the price and value of gold. The SGE is the largest exchange of its kind in the world. It is 52x bigger than the COMEX and it deals in ACTUAL PHYSICAL GOLD in a nation that has thousands of tons of gold, is the biggest consumer of gold, and is also the largest producer of gold. The SGE is a far cry from the insolvent West, which has merely paper financial instruments to finance what it dares to call an economy. The West also has “experts” in this fiction-based fraud who go by the titles of economist and financial analyst. Their very jobs are simply to lie to you about gold and look professional doing it.


The launching of the SGE will be the vehicle that wrest’s control of the very weapon that central bankers fear. China will use the exchange as a hammer to cripple the London Fix and put to end the games at the COMEX. The SGE cannot be ignored. It is the powerhouse that begins the march toward the rebirth of gold as a means of international trade settlement and the basis for honest money.


More than 60 banks now participate in the SGE, a number that will soon rise to over 500. Banks and brokerages from all over the world will flock to the SGE as THE PLACE to settle their gold contracts. The sheer volume of trade will be so tremendous that financial reverberations will be felt far and wide. Traders in the U.S. and U.K. will be sucked into the vortex of the SGE. Prices will start going up slowly. Then, with pressure building and Exceptionalistan collapsing, prices will shoot to the moon, creating a new wealthy class of those who were smart enough to get on the gold and silver train before it left the station.


What started with the SGE cannot be stopped. We are at the point now when China, Russia, and their partners can move the price of gold higher as part of their wider currency strategy. China and Russia see the U.S. and the EU as weak throwbacks to a bygone era that no longer represents the geostrategic reality of the world and they mean to correct the imbalance in their favor.


The Eastern play is in. As Western Banksters and politicians circle-jerk each other over their paper wealth and paper tiger military might they ignore the vast danger that they are in. They have no clue about the catastrophe that a hike in the gold price will bring. The nuclear action in gold from the East will be so vast that it will break the back of London system of unallocated gold accounts forever, imploding them like the trade center towers on 9/11 and leaving Shanghai as the only kingmaker left standing. Check and mate.



The Guerrilla. 

*The Guerrilla would like to thank and credit the witty Pepe Escobar for coining the term "The Empire Of Chaos" and "Exceptionalistan". Thank you Pepe.*