Suddenly We're No Longer Conspiracy Theorists.

There's a song by the band Drowning Pool called "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor" that The Guerrilla often plays when he is working out. Truly, these are the days when bodies in the financial world are hitting the floor as fraud after fraud implodes in spectacular fashion.

The latest criminal entity to be brought to justice is none other than The Guerrilla’s favorite Too Big To Fail crony organization -- Deutsche Bank. DB recently settled a lawsuit over allegations that there is (surprise!) "MANIPULATION" in the silver market. On Wednesday, April 13th, the attorneys representing traders in a private lawsuit stated in the Southern District Court of New York, otherwise known as the Concrete Jungle and home of The Guerrilla himself, that the German Bank has "executed a binding time sheet." Putting this in plain English, it means that Deutsche Bank is finalizing the terms for surrendering the truth about the silver market that those like The Economic Silverback have been screaming for years! Why, The Guerrilla even knows one London banker who almost paid with his life for exposing the massive silver fraud. In a world fraught with such danger no one should wonder why I don't go public, use my real name, or cite "public" stats. 

The best part of the agreement is that the German giant has agreed to finger the other perps involved in this massive fraud. The other members of the Manipulation Mafia are well-known criminal enterprises: HSBC, the Bank of Nova Scotia, and the embattled Swiss crime syndicate UBS. Shedding light on these shady organizations is a good start, but what perplexes The Guerrilla most is that the suit fails to mention the biggest silver market manipulator of them all, the godfather himself, J.P. Morgan. 

Nevertheless, this settlement by DB is promising because the cat is out of the bag. We now have a public admission on record that the banks used their positions in the Price Fix to rig the markets and reap ridiculous levels of profit in the manipulated trades, all the while abusing traders who were losing their shirts. The damage done is to the tune of over $30 billion worth of silver and silver-based financial products. The other perps have decided to fight it out in court, but damages like these are helping to bleed Deutsche Bank white.

In the grand scheme of things, this outcome adds pressure to the already volatile German zombie bank. Look for a Guerrilla Update soon to tie it all together.