Soul of the East's Mark Hackard on the CIA, Scientology and Freemasonry

While @BanksterSlayer is discussing conspiracy and Nazi hot spots in southern Argentina (so notorious for Nazis that they even made it into the X-Men films)...the Russia Analyst decided to post a video of Stanford Russian studies M.A. Mark Hackard discussing his translation of a January 2016 presentation by Aleksandr Leonidovich Dvorkin, president of the Irinaeus of Lyons Center for Religious Research Studies in Russia. Dvorkin's controversial topic? How the CIA and various cults, led by the Church of Scientology, exploit each other in their operations and have done so since the beginning of what present and former insiders call 'The Company' in the late 1940s. (Image at the top of this page is by Mark Hackard, we reproduce it here only to link back to the original post at Espionage Archive)

The interview gets into the links between the Church of Scientology's confession-like practice of 'auditing' its members as a tool of intelligence gathering, and links between Scientology cult founder L. Ron Hubbard and the notorious, Alistair Crowley-influenced southern California occultist and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) co-founding rocket scientist Jack Parsons. Along the way, Dvorkin says that it wasn't always clear who exactly was using whom in the relationship between Langley and the notorious, Hollywood-embedded cult.

Let's just say Hackard's translation makes for eye-opening reading, not only as to why beyond Hollywood star campaign contributions, the State Department champions the Church of Scientology's claims of religious persecution around the world (as opposed to being investigated for abuse, blackmail and espionage before the cult's agents were kicked out of multiple countries). Hackard also discusses another article from November 2015 "Malta, Masonry & the CIA" in which he translates the writings of retired KGB Colonel Stanislav Lekarev (deceased since 2010) on the Masonic Knights of Malta order's role in the December 1989 superpower summit between then President George H.W. Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, where the USSR basically surrendered to the West, while both leaders happily declaring the first Cold War over (basically, the start of Bush 41's series of 'New World Order' speeches). 

Lekarev also discusses photographs of the first President of the Russian Federation, Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, wearing regalia of a Knight-Commander of the Maltese Order -- an award that had last been presented to the ill-fated son of Catherine the GreatTsar Paul I, who briefly served as a Grand Master of the Order of Hospitallers. This is a topic we intend to discuss in a future program with 'W' the Intelligence Insider, who participated in aspects of the covert takedown of the Eastern Bloc during the 1980s.

The full article published on March 25, 2016 is posted here at Hackard's site Espionage Archive.