Snubbed by Washington and Pressured by Moscow, Turkey Responds by Heating Up Ngorno-Karabakh

On March 20 team RogueMoney contributor BanksterSlayer conveyed to this audience Damascus-based French correspondent Thierry Meyssan's stunning claim that Washington and Moscow were now working in tandem towards ousting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The report that not only had Obama and Putin come to some sort of agreement on the removal of Erdogan from power, but that American AND Russian arms were flowing to Kurdish forces on both sides of the Turkish-Syrian border was spread by Washington-based journalist Webster Griffin Tarpley and author Joseph P. Farrell as well.

Erdogan Must Go?

Russia and the U.S. Now Allegedly in Cahoots to Topple the Neo-Ottoman Sultan, Who Backs his Azeri 'Brothers' 'To the End' in their Struggle to Take Ngorno Karabkh from Armenians

As with so many things the alternative or new media reports, it has been difficult to authenticate these sensational claims. But events in Washington and on the periphery of Central Asia this weekend would appear to corroborate the Turks around Erdogan's sense of being thrown under the bus by their NATO allies, as well as facing renewed pressure from the Russians. The question now becomes whether what we're seeing take place in Syria with renewed offensives by 'moderate rebel' and jihadist groups that had been reluctant parties to the U.S. and Russian negotiated ceasefire, as well as Azerbaijan's attack on the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabkh are part of Ankara's response to being squeezed from all sides. For our part, we think the latest 'Turkish' and 'mountain Turk' Azeri moves are part of the larger Cold War 2.0 between Russia and the Anglo-American Western globalists...

Covert Wars: Are We Seeing Turkish and Dirty Globalist Deep State Pushback Against Russia's Successful Counteroffensive in Syria?

After the public relations debacle that was President Erdogan's visit to Washington and the pro-'moderate Sunni' Brookings Institute, we'd have to agree that renewed aggression by the Turks' 'little brothers' in Baku against Russian-backed CSTO member Armenia is part of a Turkish plan of pushback. As is the ISIS and 'PKK' terror threat against hundreds of American military and diplomatic personnel and their families now being evacuated from Turkey following last week's announcement by the Pentagon and State Department. As is the docking of two Turkish warships in the harbor of Odessa and the increasingly overt training of Ukrainian battalions by English-speaking Turkish mercenaries in Ukraine's Kherson region bordering Crimea. As is the alleged presence of Islamic State jihadists in the Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine, which if confirmed, would be part of the 'Syrianization of Ukraine' and the exploitation of Ukraine's failing state status by terrorist jackals the Russia Analyst warned of in late 2014.

If the Turks cannot make either Washington or Moscow take their problems with the Kurds seriously or worse, prevent them from passively or even actively aiding the globalist desired project of a greater Kurdistan that will include Turkish territory, than Ankara can demonstrate how much mayhem they can create in their immediate neighborhood for everyone -- including the European Union which Erdogan has successfully blackmailed for billions of euros using Syrian and Iraqi refugees as pawns. The timing may seem paradoxical considering Turkish noises in the past week about renewed diplomacy with Russia and talks over the future of Syria, but Erdogan's circles may believe any successful Turkish diplomatic offensive requires more threats to check the momentum that Russia's successful intervention on behalf of the legitimate Syrian government has created against Ankara and its ally, Saudi Arabia.

A Falling Out or At Least a Serious Spat Between Official Washington and Ankara

Before we look at the renewed hostilities in the disputed but 99% ethnically Armenian region contested between Armenia and Azerbaijan, let's look at what happened in Washington D.C. On Tuesday March 29 the visiting Turkish President gave a speech to assembled think tankers, corporate lobbyists and former diplomats at the St. Regis hotel in which he blasted Obama's handling of the conflict in Syria, the Kurdish issue, and the alleged media bias against Turkey, which he insists is merely defending itself against PKK and YPG terrorism. According to Foreign Policy, the house propaganda organ of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Erdogan's message was 'you need us to win the war in Syria'. The question being of course what Erdogan's definition of the U.S. and Turkey both 'winning' in Syria would mean (presumably, 'regime change' in Damascus and the expulsion of the Russian armed forces from the country):

The problem for Erdogan and the Turks being that Washington's 'humanitarian interventionist' neo-liberals cannot downplay or sidestep the issue of Turkish armed forces brutality against Kurdish civilians while fighting the PKK. It seems only the hardline neoconservatives, who are not only Israel-obsessed but in recent years have become virtual mouthpieces for the Saudi, Qatari and Turkish lobbies are prepared to push Ankara's propaganda line in D.C. that it's an indispensable ally. 

Peeling Back Layers of the Pro-Syrian 'Moderate Islamist Rebel' Influence Peddling Onion

The Russia Analyst here is referring to odious individuals like Mike Doran of the neocon Hudson Institute, as well as Lee Smith and other sectarian Sunni-firsters like Tony Badran of the misnamed 'Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' (FDD) -- which might as well label itself the 'Foundation for the Defense of Sunni Gulf Autocracies'. In Britain, Smith's young counterpart is Kyle W. Orton, a 'fellow' at the neocon Henry Jackson Society short on expertise but long on certitude that ISIS is a creation of Saddam Hussein's old Baath Party comrades and Assad's own security services, rather than the Saudis and Turks

It's noteworthy that at the center of Erdogan's itinerary during his stay in Washington was a stop at the Brookings Institute, a Democratic Party-leaning technocratic think tank that in recent years has opened a 'Doha Center' and accepted millions in contributions from the Sunni Islamist Qatari government aligned with Turkey. Ankara's recent restoration of relations with Israel is also a ham-handed attempt to get the powerful Israel lobby AIPAC back on Turkey's side as it was for years, according to former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

It was at Brookings on Thursday March 31st that matters came to a head and the Turks faced a PR disaster. On that day, his emperor-ness Barack Hussein Obama finally deigned to meet with the Turkish President, after much talk of whether the White House would snub Erdogan on the sidelines of the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS). As RT reported in the video clip below, the meeting had been in doubt for several days, as the White House made a big show to the mainstream media about whether it would happen to express its disdain for Mr. Erdogan's brutal crackdown on the press and anti-war activists in his country. U.S. support for the YPG Kurds in Syria, Obama's widely publicized interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg, as well as his comments to another journalist questioning Erdogan's mental health had set the stage for this spat:

Faced with a man who is everything that the mainstream media has claimed Vladimir Putin is: a corrupt authoritarian, an empire building revanchist, and perhaps a religious fanatic, yet also the head of a NATO member state, the mainstream media found itself in an awkward spot, but followed the Obama White House's lead as usual. Christine Amanpour's interview on CNN was typical in that it covered the closing of the ZAMAN news group on March 4 and its reopening as a strictly government controlled entity a few days later, but failed to mention the overwhelming evidence that Turkey has supported the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra (aka Al-Qaeda in Syria) terrorists. It was left to the pro-Kurdish and Turkish demonstrators outside the Brookings Institute at 1775 Massachusetts Ave NW where Erdogan spoke to call Erdogan what he truly is: a terrorist and the leader of a terrorism-sponsoring, NATO member state (albeit one we've been predicting since October that the globalists would 'throw under the bus' as the 'fall guys' for the spectacular rise of ISIS):

Erdogan's body guards responded to the shouted insults of the protesters by doing what they did in Chile: trying to manhandle the activists as well as Turkish journalists who had come inside Brookings to question their boss. The Turkish security detail they quickly discovered that the U.S. is not Chile, and that they were not going to get away with not only ripping protesters signs but beating journalists on American soil with cameras rolling. The situation turned into a major embarrassment for Brookings, which as the Russia Analyst wrote above has faced questions about whether its policy recommendations had been sold to the emirate of Qatar, as well as its former Bill Clinton crony and 'Russia hand' president, Strobe Talbott.

The Brookings Doha Center/Clinton Crony Strobe Talbott and EmailGate/Saudi Clinton Foundation Donations Cash Nexus -- Who Paid for the Overthrow of Gaddafi and the Failed Attempt to Topple Assad?

In a bid to salvage some of Brookings tarnished reputation after the fact, Talbott released a story to the sympathetic globalists at the CFR about how he'd personally threatened to cancel Erdogan's speech minutes before the Turkish President's motorcade showed up if his bodyguards didn't behave themselves. But the damage has been done, the logical consequence after years of institutions like Brookings whoring themselves for Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Saudi and Qatari cash is that a Turkish leader expects them to put protesters and any pesky journalists into their place. In other words, 'the [Turkish and Saudi] beatings' and jailings of journalists 'will continue until morale improves'.

Similar appearances by Saudi or Qatari leaders, faced with demonstrations over their support for the war in Yemen or jihadists in Syria, could lead to similar PR debacles for the likes of FDD, Brookings, AEI, or even Heritage in the near future as the truth about the vast network of foreign influence peddling and Sunni Islamist buying of D.C. support for 'moderate Syrian rebels' is laid bare. As author Roger Stone recently hinted on the Guerrilla Radio program, the revelations of what Saudi cash has bought from then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through her and Bill's vast money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation have just begun to trickle out from the FBI's investigation related to Hillary's felonious use of classified email through her personal 'bathroom closet' server. On the other side of the fake Republicrat-Democan influence peddling aisle in the District of Corruption, Bloomberg's report that Sen. John McCain (R-neocon Arizona) own 'non-profit' foundation received a million dollar donation from the Saudis even as McCain pushed for American arms to Saudi-funded terrorists in Syria is the tip of a much larger iceberg. Insh'allah, one that will continue to melt down along with the 'outhouse of Saud' as Joseph P. Farrell accurately calls the sinking desert Kingdom.

Ngorno-Karabkh, the Armenian Lobby in Washington and Moscow, and the Empire of Chaos Striking Back for its Humiliation in Syria by Fueling More Conflict Near Russia

Returning to the map the top of this article and the theme of destabilizing Russia's near abroad, we see this weekend that the theatrical spat between Erdogan and Obama may have been exploited as a cover for an important meeting between Vice President Joe Biden and Azeri President/strongman Ilham Aliyev. Call it maskirovka po Amerikansky.

While the mainstream media focused on 'will Obama meet Erdogan or won't he?' and the neo-Ottoman sultan's badboy ways, the Vice President and Secretary of State John Kerry expressed their support for an 'ultimate resolution' to the post-Soviet conflict with Armenia. What Kerry had in mind and what his counterpart Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov would describe as Baku's acceptance of the status quo (de facto Armenian control over the territory within Azerbaijan's Soviet drawn borders) are clearly two very different things.

NextNewsNetwork reports from December 2015 about Russian-Armenian defense cooperation being stepped up, with more Russian soldiers, T-90 main battle tanks and MiG fighter planes being deployed to the Orthodox Christian Caucasian country and a joint air defense system being set up to protect the Armenian military from possible Turkish/Azeri air raids

What Washington is once again trying to do, using its currently strained relationship with Turkey as a cover, is to damage Moscow's relations with oil and gas rich Azerbaijan as well as integral CSTO/Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) member Armenia. In Moscow's view, those globalist, Soros-ian forces of evil working behind the scenes to keep Cold War 2.0 going and to block any sort of U.S.-Russian rapprochement (over Syria, Erdogan, or freezing the civil war in Ukraine) are up to their old tricks again:

As the translations site Ft. Russ reports:

“Moscow, Apr 3, Vice President of the State Duma (low chamber of Russia), Sergei Zheleznyak, denounced today that “a third force” is behind the armed clashes between Azeris and Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh.

He described as “provocations” the clashes that have caused already dozens of deaths, and said that those external sectors have interests contrary to Russia’s aspirations.

These are the same warmongering people who fuel conflict in the Middle East, Central Asia and the Caucasus, unhappy with the success achieved by Moscow and its Syrian allies in keeping peace in the Arab country and the struggle against terrorism, stated Zheleznyak on Facebook.

According to the legislator, those forces are interested in a rapid intensification of the long conflict in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh while neither Azerbaidzhan nor Armenia essentially need a worsening of the clashes now.

He noted that it all seems that this provocation was started by a third force, and added that information about this presence has now started to be leaked.”


As Anatoly Karlin observes writing in The Unz Review observes, although historically Russia has allied with Orthodox Christian Armenians and Georgians against Muslim adversaries in the Caucasus and backed Yerevan in the Ngorno-Karabkh war, in recent years Vladimir Putin had reached out to President Aliyev and sought to portrary himself and Russia as an honest broker in permanently resolving the conflict. Russia also started selling arms on a more overt basis to Baku, while carefully preserving the qualitative edge of the outnumbered and out-spent Armenians through the presence of Russian military bases on Armenian soil and joint exercises conducted under the auspices of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

According to the Saker blog's translation of Crimea-based military blogger Colonel Cassad aka Boris Rozhin, the Armenians have inflicted heavy losses on the attacking Azeri troops, though both sides had suffered scores of killed or wounded by Saturday. However, if the temporary ceasefire Baku has unilaterally declared fails to hold, the Azeris have more troops and more equipment purchased from Turkey during the years of high oil prices in the mid-2000s to pour into the breach. All of which could raise the pressure on the Russians to send more military aid to Armenia if not directly intervene using their base in the country, thereby increasing the strain on Moscow-Baku ties to the benefit of...Ankara and Washington. Both of whom have been working for years to reduce Azerbaijan's considerable energy and economic ties with Russia in favor of themselves and 'Europe' aka 'The West'.

For a while, Russo-Azeri relations improved alongside those between Ankara and Moscow as Putin made his push for the Turkstream pipeline project. The closer the Azeris became to the Russians, the more critical the neocon and neo-liberal foreign policy mouthpieces and think tanks became of Aliyev's strongman style-corruption and extended family kickbacks. Clearly powerful players behind the scenes did not want Erdogan to go along with Turkstream or the Chinese-led New Silk Road initiative, and were able to exploit Ankara's neo-Ottoman push into Syria for their own purposes.

Key globalist Caspian Sea region hands like retired U.S. Ambassador at Large Richard J. Morningstar (now at the neocon Atlantic Council) and American proconsul for the ex-USSR aka Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland continued to promote Azeri oil and gas as alternatives to, rather than part of, the Southstream/Turkstream project. Lurking in the background of all of these U.S. initiatives, sometimes in tandem with the Turks' neo-Ottoman proclamations of 'one nation, two countries' brotherhood with the 'mountain Turk' Azeris, has been China's thirst for oil. For the the State Department, heavy Chinese investment in the Caspian Sea region raises the disconcerting prospect that Baku's abundant oil and gas could flow EAST or SOUTH through Turkmenistan or Iran to India and China, rather than WEST to compete with Russian exports to the EU as decades of planning by ZbigniewBrzezinski, Morningstar, and the Clintons had intended. Which brings us to the question of 'why now?' after years of cold peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, is the pot being stirred today? The Orthodox Christian think tank Katehon based in Moscow believes it has the answer:

“The only country that is interested in unfreezing the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh, and in turning it into a full-scale war, which can drag in Russia as well as Turkey, is the United States. Once it became clear that Russia had managed to withdraw some troops from Syria, and with the help of others to take Palmyra, United States stepped up efforts to eliminate Russia from the game. A bloody conflict in close proximity to Russian borders is best thing suited for this objective. The US is also interested in the weakening of Turkey’s role in the Syrian conflict. That gives the US an opportunity to make full use of the Kurdish factor.

If Russia will support Armenia, the United States will finally be able to get control of Azerbaijan. If Russia will not support Armenia, it will be used as an argument for the reorientation of the country to the United States. Unlike Turkey, the United States interacts with both sides of the conflict and in any case will not remain a loser.

During the invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev was in Washington. The day before he met US Vice President Joe Biden. He was the last high-ranking official, who spoke with Aliyev before his army began the offensive. During the meeting, the President of Azerbaijan stressed that the position of Barack Obama regarding the inadmissibility of the status quo in Nagorno-Karabah is important

Later, Aliyev said that he welcomes the peaceful resolution of the conflict, but on the basis of the settlement of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan. The behavior of Aliyev testifies that he received support from foreign forces, primarily the United States. Earlier on March 15th, he made a visit to Ankara, where this issue was also likely to have been discussed.

It is significant that the US was not quick to condemn Azerbaijan for the start up of hostilities, nor did they influence the president of this country against such a move, who was in Washington at that time. As for Turkey, the president of this country, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, expressed his condolences over the deaths of Azerbaijani soldiers. Turkish Defense Minister Ismet Yilmaz strongly supported a “fair position” of Azerbaijan. Objectively, the war could work against the interests of this power as well, but the current Turkish leadership has repeatedly proved that it can be led by the United States against its country own real interests.”


Some useful graphs on the Azeri-Armenian military balance via Cassad, SIPRI, and myself.

— Anatoly Karlin (@akarlin88) April 4, 2016

UPDATE 4 a.m. EDT Monday, April 4, 2016: Col. Cassad is reporting that Ngorno-Karabkh border fires continued Sunday and the Azerbaijan side is taking heavy losses from Armenian artillery and heavy mortar fire. Cassad's preliminary conclusion is that the Azeris may have stepped into the Saakashvili role cerca August 9, 2008--  but they aren't ready to eat their ties just yet [translated to English using Yandex translate]:

“In general, the impression that the Azerbaijanis did not reach their objective and having suffered serious losses, will try to imitate peremoga [Ukrainian word for victory, often used in mocking terms on the RuNet to make fun of Ukrainian nationalists spinning Kiev’s battlefield defeats into wins- JWS] by pedaling themes capture some nameless heights without much specificity (here are listed the areas where it was possible to achieve certain successes - it is worth remembering that the Armenian sources claim that Azerbaijanis are lying and at least a portion of mentioned items is under the control of Armenians). Plus, the international background is not conducive to the continuation of the operation. Against the continuation of war was made by Russia, NATO, USA, UN.

In support of the war on the merits of the serious players were only Turkey, which most likely was behind this aggravation. It is worth remembering that Turkey has already broken pots of Russia and is in bad relations with the US and at the same time it has a big influence on the economy of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijani generals. There is therefore nothing surprising in the fact that in addition to official statements in support of the Baku yesterday, it was possible to observe a heartwarming display of support of Azerbaijan in the Turkish media and social networks.

Concerning the condemnation from the West, probably sharp official rejection is due to the fact that Azerbaijan was not able to achieve major successes in their attempts to solve the problem by force and perhaps the US will just play out the scenario of 2008, when after the defeat of Saakashvili, the Americans pretended that they had nothing to do with this story to all of the world. In general, then, the question remained - did Washington know about the upcoming escalation [in Ngorno Karabakh - JWS]? In regard to the motives of Turkey, one can assume an asymmetric response to the situation with the Kurdish factor, who operate [together] with the US and Russia [in Syria - JWS].”