Know the Opponent, They Know You…!

I really got excited when I heard “The Guerrilla’s" new catch phrase. The Guerrilla is on to something here, “Know the Truth-Know the Game”! I like it, because you can reverse the wording, and the meaning is the same, equal and independent of each other. Great line, and I was going to use it as a title this week, but I felt it would have been disrespectful. I myself have to constantly educate myself on “The Game”, in order to have any chance at understanding “The Truth”. In this installment deductive reasoning from an assumption in last week’s installment leads me to a more dire view this week for the future of US paper instruments. More dire is what I am seeing now in terms of FED officials, and company CEO's using the podium & microphone, that reek of “making excuses”. Excuse making comes, when? Typically at the end of most events, which leaves each of us to extrapolate as we see fit, to the application of it’s importance. First a new segment prior to the news & the main titled subject material, that I hope I can wrap my brain around every week:

The Business Side of, “Know the Game, Know the Truth”:

The best most productive business owners I ever knew had the distinct ability to condense the complex to the very simplest in productive outcomes. I had the privilege of watching some leaders start out in the “hands on mode”, and then hand that duty off with precision, as their business enterprises grew. And, ironically they became stronger via proper delegation of the departmental working decisions. When visiting with these owners, even though they still had the pulse of things in their house, if I dared to ask a detail question, you could tell they didn’t like dealing with the minutia. This is how the best in leadership handle this high level version of, “Know the Game, Know the Truth”, with the help from great advisors, allowing them to refine their own abilities to see things in a simple solutions context, to help resolve the complex. That strategy should also be ours, let me prove it with a guinea pig,…!

When using myself as an example, you will quickly recognize it applies to all of us. My personal business is the “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation”. Do I have departmental advisors, and an elite personal advisory team (I know, you see where this is going, but bear with me a wee bit longer)? Yes, the internet information highway, has allowed me to use my business model at a high level. But, in my case, I like to condense things to the point of being able to explain the complex adequately for a simple solution from a non corrupted individual. Non corrupted, leaves me with a pre-age of accountability, and an aggressively intelligent mind….ah my oft referred to proverbial “5th grader”.  Not everyone wants a 5th grade advisor, so you may wish to leave that part out.

Everything mentioned above is now possible, since just like the business owners described in the first paragraph to this segment, I can now consult with people I consider to be brilliant in their chosen information fields. Let me introduce you to my corporate advisory staff. My corporate advisory team consists of the likes of Wolf Gray Senior & grandpa Wolf Gray (rip., but still common sense solutions team), James the Russian Analyst (eastern geopolitics), “The Economic SilverBack” &/or Jim Willie (the overall geopolitical economic trail w/“W” in the background), Rob Kirby (debt & paper corruption trails), James Wesley Rawls (survival techniques), Ken Schortgen Jr. & John Hussman (economic minutia), and last but far from least the WolfPack, which now includes “You” the RM commenters (on the ground business sources). This is some, not all, of my elite staff, and they report to me regularly. All I have to do is punch a few keys, WOW….!

That’s right they & you are my staff, how else could you or I look at this? With that in mind we all have the ability to be at the head of a top notch corporation with a basic motto of……..”Know the Game, Know the Truth, or Know the Truth, Know the Game"…….& check this out! I ain’t got to pay them or you….one, red, payroll, cent tied to any federal taxes! In a complete effort, to be the best we can be at this critical, “Know(ing) the Game, & Know(ing) the Truth." we have at our fingertips a business anyone can achieve with a little deductive reasoning. WOW once again…!

And, if this is the complaint, “Oh yeah where is the profit potential in this, “Know the Game, Know the Truth Corp.” Mr. WG?” My answer is this. “Picture this, we are post collapse, and now entering the rebuild phase, and a surviving sheeple says, “Shit who could have seen this one coming?” Bystander, “That guy over there named Mr. RMer did, the one opening up a general store for a new business.” Sheeple, “I WOULD HAVE GIVEN ANYTHING TO HAVE KNOWN ABOUT THIS CRAP AHEAD OF TIME!” Don’t complain to me about profit potential, the profit potential is you are alive & well on the other side of this thing due to your preparations, period!  Enhanced with a store of DHAP items & a little hard work, you are ready to prosper on the other side! WOW once again!

Take control of your “Know the Game, Know the Truth Business”, your advisors are waiting for your leadership on the other side! You can even fire them as necessary, without having to say a word or even having to pay any unemployment insurance benefits.  Wow, again folks!

Check out this next video link, where a member of my advisory team is laying it all on the table in a continuing theme that clears the cobwebs of, “where the money comes from to cover all this corruption.” As detailed at the end of June 2015, and at the first of July with “The Guerrilla” on his radio show (and countless times since then). This stuff is super critical as far as I am concerned as it answers a question that troubled me for a long long time.  Just where the hell is the "Weimar like inflation" after nearly a century of unabashed money printing?  Listen again if you wish, I can’t get enough of this sort of intel., I learn something new every time, and it helps crystallize my thoughts for a consult, in my mind’s eye, with my elite 5th grader..….

Wolf Gray’s Ongoing Non-Hard Asset Conclusion:

One thing that eludes most businesses, but never the competitive & successful ones, is the the work is never ending. The opposition gets their jollies on keeping one step ahead of us, therefore being ever vigilant is a must with so many things imploding around us.

I have mentioned in the past that the Team @ Roguemoney was a worthwhile hard asset source. Now thanks to what I hope “The Guerrilla” will use as a motto of sorts (I will regardless), “Know the Game, Know the Truth”, we have a phrase, that I think redefines, in many ways, the approach to survival & success. The simplicity of his statement is brilliant, and the depth in it’s meaning is brilliant as well. Many people know the “Game”, but may not have transferred it to the application of the “Truth”. Those who know the “Truth” may not have gone the distance for implementation in the “Game”. The “Game” of survival, which is not a game to take lightly. The opponent doesn’t take it lightly, that’s for sure.

So what does that all mean? It means each RMer’ would be constantly interviewing, by reviewing the intel. out there via their board of directors, a.k.a. their advisory board. All in an attempt to be safe, and competitive with the opposition, you still have to be constantly managing, and possibly even adjusting your own advisory board, as suits your personal family needs. If the “Team @ Roguemoney” does not stay on top of the current information with cutting edge analysis, then I as head of “Wolf Gray Family Survival & Protection Corporation,” will be forced to make some board member adjustments.

Again what a great line by “The Guerrilla”! It was so good, I cut off his interview, to be listened to in full at a later date. I just needed to digest that catch phrase fully, as it was helping to immediately crystallize my confusing & complex thought processes from the previous week’s bombardment of news. And, most importantly it helped break it down to something my “mind’s eye 5th grader could distill”! For me, you can’t beat that with a stick.

Be vigilant, and “Know the Game, Know the Truth”…..!

Now a few news briefs (fewer than normal), Leading to a New Timing Theory:

In the link below, you have a clear display of how the final stages of fascism play out economically. Yeah I do mean final!  The power, and money goes to a few, at the expense of the working masses. Sadly it would be nice if there really were working masses, but instead, the real reality is there are 94 million “out of the work force masses,” here in the USSA. The curious thing is this cutthroat earnings technique detailed in the following link, is happening with “in your face bravado” of late, and greater & greater frequency.  Is there some meaning to the overtness of these financial maneuvers? From the executive level I think not, but on a systemic level I definitely think so! It is the only option left, thus a true end game indicator.

These are not the early signs that are indicative of the beginning of the “collapse game”, or even the middle stages of the game. These are more typical of the final stages in the collapse of a business’s foundations, with no where else to go for the “glory of being the big shot”. Especially if the business is more fascist oriented. That is what is on display here, and indicative of last stage antics by the hot shots at the top. These are the dishonest manipulations to save one’s ass at the expense of others, due to a lack of business visibility or the introduction of future uncertainty. Thus, “Know the Game, Know the Truth”….!

Based on Wolf Gray’s observations of business uncertainty, if it is unwarranted (thus not macro inspired) it is typically a by product of management incompetence, or possibly just pure bad luck. When uncertainty, and a lack of visibility are due to macro conditions, it can leave even a well managed business in the hands of “lady luck” for it’s very survival.

But, uncertainty is no problem for the dishonest business, at least for a while. All they have to do is lie about their cash levels, then tell a really ‘big one’ about their business outlook.  Then follow that up with the laying-off of some employees in divisions that aren’t supposedly, ‘wink-wink’, needed or profitable. Presto their public stock life’s are propped up for another quarter. Uncertainty, the master of destruction in business, is now affecting the dishonest corporate entities as well. As the excuse making potential has about run it’s pathetic course. It’s about time! Folks the signs are very obvious.  All thanks to competition from eastern sovereign businesses chasing after what appears to be a somewhat honest foundation, which when combined with these recent “earnings shenanigans", it means we are nearing the end of a phony non regulated fiat disorder.

For a good descriptive public example, this situation is directly comparable to something most of us have seen in competitive sports venues. One where a former champion starts losing, but can’t give up the limelight, and the arrogance starts to show through. After which, he or she usually becomes totally obnoxious.

When applied to the business world, it is even uglier, and it is on full display right here with JP Morgan in the above link. This ain't a 'one-off' example, it is also becoming a recurring theme with other high profile businesses, when an honest review of the recent quarterly earnings reports is undertaken. This is where weak or stagnate revenue growth equates perfectly to the sports champion that is in decline in the media limelight. And, as it would apply to the business community, the arrogance excuse making line would go, “This ain’t our faults, we big wigs are on our game, and as such deserve some raises (thus the bragging talent in decline of the arrogant athlete) for saving the company, and our greedy stockholders, with our brilliant strategic downsizing decisions."

Fat chance they would say it that way, but still, “Know the Game, Know the Truth!”

At some time we have all seen these characteristics of failure in the over sensationalized sports world, and the above link illustrates a comparable version of it in the business world. The same thing will happen to most of these businesses, as happens to the arrogant, in decline athlete,……“Many just Disappear!” We can only hope!  And, in most cases the final disappearance is very abrupt, which indicates to the Wolf Gray, the ongoing “King Dollar & Western Fascist Business Model Collapse” is in it’s final outgoing process. "Good riddance," I say.

By the way, the past few installments have news examples of this phony “save the earnings by firing people gambit, “ which as previously mentioned, and now once again, is being used rather frequently of late. But, in the past few years the markets cheered these gutless earnings saving techniques, now that routine seems to be falling flat. For proof; witness a less than happy response from investors at the end of the most recent third quarter (as the gambit tired out in stock prices by the end of the year), and now it is being priced in for the 4th quarter’s earnings in an apparent downward rejection by the tiring equity indices. Another big indication the over paid tired unproductive athlete is headed to retirement. “Know the Game, Know the Truth!”

Note this additional example courtesy of ZeroHedge, and showing how Schlumberger handles bad earnings results.…

Hmm what is it these guys are involved in, oh yeah that’s right, the oil business! I mean ‘gee whiz’ the “King Dollar Collapse/Demise” events are now sort of paralleling one of those moronic B-rated mystery movies. The kind where everybody can figure out “who-done-it” after the the first character introductions. But, in our case the movie is in the “closing credits”, with only the sheeple morons left in the theater, not knowing the show is over due to taking selfies for their irrelevant friends. Amazingly, or not so amazingly anymore, the theater is still packed, with said morons, with the ones barely awake expecting an immediate sequel that will save the day to a very poorly scripted B-rated movie. Actually I could fall back on one of my first installments, ‘Is there a Moron in the House”, and use it to predict what I would be writing about today, a year and a half later.

This fascist crap isn’t changing, it is a cancer that is growing, due to, as “The Guerrilla” coined it, mushrooming “hope-ium” (I added the mushrooming part for a little extra color). Let’s just sit around, and hope & watch, after all the USSA always wins, so the B-rated sequel will make it all better!  Yeah, to use a Louis Rukeyser (rip) line, "you betcha!"

Sadly this ain’t the standard business uncertainty, which is normally one of the final stages that destroys a business’s decision making skills. Most high levels of business uncertainty, would require an honest admission of the business failures, and that my friends ain’t happening in this case. Honesty is on vacation! Uncertainty, and poor business decisions be damned, this is now defined by one of the hallmark characteristic of a fascist business model “lying your ass off, while making excuses, and paying yourselves bonuses”.

But, like I said a few paragraphs up, and though I may be a bit premature here, the markets (equity, debt, & commodity) are telling on the fascists this time. It appears their covert money changing crimes (a.k.a. ESF or something similar), crimes that are necessary to cover up the dollar’s true weaknesses, are now being overwhelmed by “Economic Mother Nature”.

If things in market venues continue to play out the way they have started up……all I can say, is watch out for 2016, it will be EPIC! Heck if it flat-lined from here, the first few weeks have already has been EPIC, and we still have 11+ months to go. But, I think we are witnessing pre-game warm-ups to a soon to be very very quick fiat King demise/devaluation, because some outside antagonists have started disrupting the game rather aggressively, hello BRICS & Associates.

New Business Timing & Dominoes Theory, for RM Review:

The King Dollar is about to fail, or at a minimum fall to weak levels, because it is all part of a natural business sequence that can’t be stopped. It is just plain ole’ “Business Dominoes”, and the last few are about to fall. Domino events that, once again a 5th grader could understand, if I could condense it down to the critical important time frames.

Most businesses run in cycles of success & failure. In addition most economies, based on history, deal with some of these same characteristics. A simple example would be, the fiat failures that throughout history eventually come full circle from the successful initiation to it’s final resting place, “the fiat graveyard”..! The sequencing of events can also run in similar stages on the way up, just like the elevator on the way down. Note; it stair steps on the way up, and the elevator cables break on the way down. First up in the cue, of a couple exhibits……

The above link from ZeroHedge (especially the first ‘pie chart’ illustration) tells me that real business matters, and to drift too far away from it, with your actual energy in labor directed elsewhere will lead to certain economic death. Why, because your attention has left the very important resources, to the real fruits of your own labors. While keeping that in the back of one’s mind, next up………

Thanks to the above link from ZeroHedge, and when tied to the previous link, a clear a path to failure emerges in a fairly logical sequence. When you start giving away real business with real products, your eviction notice from a leadership position courtesy of “Economic Mother Nature” will not be far behind. My conclusion, is once you give away your strengths in real tangible products & services, your phony paper wealth meters (equity markets) will not be far behind in it’s rapid descent. Keeping this in mind, how far can it be before……..The King Dollar follows the same trail?

For me this would seem to be a logical business sequence. Loss of control in your tangible sourcing & output, and soon to follow will be your measuring sticks for profits via those tangible products. In this case the equity markets. So from there, what would seem to be the next thing in line for this downward spiral of events, which is having what a appears to be a domino moment right now? In the very biggest of categories, it might just be the item that is used for the exchange in the pricing structure of the phony wealth measuring tools. The King himself & his court of debt measuring jesters, the “King Dollar & the US Treasury Markets”. Again, “Know the Game, Know the Truth!”

Folks I now believe that once we witness the true upheaval in the equity markets, the dollar’s & treasury’s ascents will then be very short lived, and the race to the bottom will be on. The life line will be cut very very quickly, as there will be no need to save the day from what is inevitable, anymore.

If you are caught holding these instruments anywhere along the way in this business sequence you will be one “Kiss Your Wealth Arse Good-by” individual, indeed! In fact if you aren’t early enough to the necessary “Dollar & associated instruments Evacuation Event” you will very likely be holding hands with Mr. Dodd & Mr. Frank, of the well known “Dodd Frank Wall street Reform & Consumer Protection Act”. I love saying the whole thing due to the comic value of the “Consumer Protection” jive! You just can’t make this shit up!

5th grader Timing & Domino summary:

Give away the real goods…..& the phony paper markets that measure your wealth through their output will eventually be given away as well…….& stay too long in those same phony paper markets & the very instruments used to trade in them “The King Dollar & his Debt Laden Treasury friends” will be given away as well. “Know the Game, Know the Truth!”

It is simply a business cycle, even though it is in an uncontrolled state, that is a part of the sentencing procedures mentioned in the last installment in “Economic Mother Nature’s” courtroom. Caught holding too much of any of the items in the prior paragraph, and you will get a summons to her courtroom. You guys can do what you want, but personally whether as a defendant or a plaintiff, I don’t want to be required to stand in line anywhere near this public wealth hanging.

As I love to say, “It’s just business!” And I am now convinced it is following a logical order. To Wolf Gray, it appears this sequencing order is far enough along that I can hear, the bailiff starting to sing, “all rise the honorable & severely pissed off “Judge Economic Mother Nature” is in the courtroom.” She isn’t even capable of stopping this demise, nor is it her desire.  In truth, I suspect she is only there to finish the final sentencing.


I had planned on doing a continuation of some “Why Now’s” again, but “The Guerrilla’s” Friday night monologue changed all that, with his catchy new phrase, with it’s own deep meaning. A meaning that each of us can easily apply to real life scenarios.  But, only if you are a witness to what is truly going on.  "Know the Game, Know the Truth!"

Some day, and it has probably already happened to some of us, I am going to have my own perfect catch phrase when some moron says, “Oh yeah, well just remember WG the USSA always comes back, and lands on it’s feet. Vanquishing all it’s competitors!” And, I just need to remember the catch phrase by Willie Nelson at the end of the next music video (4:34): “Yeah & if frogs had wings they wouldn’t bump their asses either!”


Justice is the one thing you should always find You got to saddle up your boys You got to draw a hard line When the gun smoke settles we’ll sing a victory tune We’ll all meet back at the local saloon We’ll raise up our glasses against evil forces Singing whiskey for my men, beer for my horses

We got too many gangsters doing dirty deeds We’ve got too much corruption, too much crime in the streets It’s time the long arm of the law put a few more in the ground Send ’em all to their maker and he’ll settle ’em down You can bet he’ll set ’em down ’cause(Toby Keith & Willie Nelson)

God Bless, and Be Vigilant!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, “The Guerrilla”, & the rest of My personal Advisory Board, ZeroHedge, Toby Keith & Willie Nelson