It is Not a Controlled Demolition, & Why Now?

Folks the western elite have lost control, and quite frankly, if you believe they have total control, then go ahead and side up with the Satanic pieces of crap. No one has “Total” control of that many moving parts, period. No one!  Might they (paper pushing powers that be) believe they do? Sure, I suspect so, especially based on the insights from insiders like "W" who have dealt with them, but they ain't got enough clout to command total control!  And, right now thanks to recent updates like the one from “The Economic SilverBack” (mentioned last week) that the ‘Eurobond’ had gone "non-auction" for the first two business weeks of 2016, it now seems clear that the biggest markets in the world, the debt markets are fighting with a monkey wrench in the machinery. Why now, and just what is afoot?  Later in this installment, a new view from the WolfPack on the loss of control, and a continuation of last week's quick examination of the question of "why now?" Why now, with an apparent awakening of a "few" in the media admitting to western economic failures.

First another visit with a Wolf Grayism: 

I welcome all forms of critical thought.  For example, since I am a Christian I tend to believe Jesus was the only original thinker.  By the same token I welcome the thoughts (as mentioned in past installments) from my shaman buddy who believes in God, but not that Jesus died to save mankind.  He feels Jesus is a good teacher to follow, but not the only one!  Do I shun his thoughts, hell no, the guy is brilliant, and one of the smartest people I ever consulted with regarding the frailty of the human ego.  That is his specialty the "faults of the human ego"!

It is my firm firm believe if you asked the likes of Einstein “who”…”what”… “when”…& “where” enough times, you would find that after each of his explanations, it would eventually go back to some other critical thinker.  This explains why I always try my best to refer to “Team Roguemoney” as the sourcing point for any of my installment ideas, even though I might have been the first one to write about a particular idea!  For example, I may have been the first Team member to have written in detail about the nefarious ESF (exchange stabilization fund, last summer).  But, why would I prefer crediting "Team Roguemoney" as the primary source? Simple, because I wasn’t 100% sure of Rob Kirby’s insights on the powers of the ESF, until I confirmed them with V (actually I wrote the article before confirming with V, but he did verify my ideas as fairly accurate).  Thus credit due to “Team Roguemoney” once again!  It is to some degree a team effort!

Many times I will make boisterous statements regarding specifics in the economic machinery, that would have not been possible without the writings of Ken Schortgen Jr. in the back of my mind to shore up my commitment to a theory.  And, I wouldn’t dare make too many “my way or the highway” geopolitical statements without prior confirmation of all Team members, especially James the Russian Analyst, as well as clearly having to included the insights of “W”.  All these guys are my "go to source" that I can trust.

Would I likewise expect you "RMer’s" to say to their friends, “Well that is what Wolf Gray said so it is surely the gospel truth!”  Nope, I know for a fact you will do your own critical analysis, from a variety of sources. You are critical thinking, truth seekers.  I just happen to lean toward “” as the best source I have found, and therefore try my best to credit the Team with “news worthy wisdom”.

I felt this thought pattern analysis had to mentioned, even though it has been mentioned before, there might be some new readers that need some idea sourcing clarifications!   Because in this installment, I am going to extrapolate some pretty critical ideas that are based on my own common sense business analysis drawn from any & all the sources, that I consider to be credible at this critical juncture in history.  So yes they are my beliefs, but culminations of a variety of what I consider to be quality sources.  And, no that does not make them the gospel truth.  But, at the end of this installment I am going to highlight two videos with two of my favorite 'non' Team Roguemoney analysts, and draw some dire conclusions from their insights.  And, yes they are dire!

The News that is Now a Part of a Critical Evidentiary Trail:

Before boring you with real news, let’s get this out of the way:

Well all righty then, any takers out there?  He/she did look kind of sad though, maybe it was just that time of month!

This next article is superb, at least that is my opinion, as it shows the forward pricing mechanism in our markets are BROKEN!

If this superb article doesn't detail a major sea of change that is now throwing waves right in your face, then I don't know what does.  Wow is all I know to say to it!  Per the author the western banksters are on the way out, and new control systems are on the way in.  I personally agree with that statement, which highlights transitional stage changes with, "fiat going out-&-Real money coming in"

In terms of the business cycle, I suspect this is the implementation of deals agreed to long ago.  Deals, that if "Wall Street" were forward pricing it in normal time frames, they don't anymore the equity markets are rigged (see the prior installment for my views, not necessarily the Team's, on market rigging), western markets would have already totally collapsed. They used to price things forward, not anymore!  The when is it (the King Dollar Collapse) going to happen would have happened long ago, under the normal forward market pricing metrics of the past.!

Kind of makes you pay attention to the reports, via good sources like "The Guerrilla", that the rich are buying hard assets.  SO WHY NOW?  That is a question each of us should ask for ourselves, and our families.  But for me it is clearly, because the PPPTB (paper pushing powers that be) are covertly forward pricing the future state of known events, shouldn't we all be doing the same.  Events known only to them though, and their more powerful eastern counterparts.  The phony market is to keep us engaged in "debt spending normality", so they can extract just a little more wealth until it all implodes from within.  This is the tower speaking, "Dodd Frank is cleared for take off." 

The most critical wording for the Wolf Gray in the last sentences of that prior paragraph is, “implodes from within”. On the bankster side it has to be that way, to provide the necessary plausible deniability of the coming economic collapse.  This very aspect is why it is not a controlled demolition in my view, but instead the final signals that they are getting ready to save their own arses.  Again with that in mind, we can actually forget the micro managed analysis of folks like Wolf Gray.  Therefore, shouldn’t we all be doing the same thing the big boys are doing, especially if with clear vision, we can see those same signals now clearly slapping us in the face at the start of 2016?

What this article details is pure business, which indicates "EPIC" changes are happening (EPIC could have been applied to a variety of events since the repeal of Glass Steagall in 1999), that will change the sourcing of business strength on a global scale.   The only question is, will you be there or be square?  More evidence will be outlined later, describing the demolition of the King as an ongoing event, which is picking up pace dramatically!

2016 is the year of "EPIC-ness"

Next up in the following link, are we witnessing a time for the truth to be set free, or is it a bloodletting?

I seem to remember an ex-FED president who also delivered some anti-establishment messages (Fisher), and wherewas he from?  That’s right Texas, as well!  This is very curious to me, and it may mean nothing, but why now, and why from the state who used a polite middle finger to the FED’s, and said, “Give us what is ours!”  Very very curious!

Next up is another in the “Why Now” category, that begs one to ask why not continue with the lies?  This is Bloomberg by crackee!  Why now, sure comes to mind, with the messenger being a typical fiat promoting flagship!

BLS lies are one thing, but trying to say there is a ton of consumer activity out there with trucking, shipping, and overall transportation cratering has now made it nearly impossible to continue the lie.  They could try, but I suspect they realize there is no more debt purchasing to be squeezed out of the consumer.  The control of the demolition has stopped.  We have entered the out of control phases.

I know I know, there will be many who will say, but that was part of the over all plan, to go from an "in control" to an "out of control" economic state of being.  That is a worthy argument, but when it is the many billions of earthlings going out of control, that also have the majority of the pitch forks & torches…….let’s just say, “It ain’t going to make a shit’s worth of difference who has control!”  With an apparent loss of control, your only option is, to insure yourself with a well thought out family DHAP (diversified hard asset portfolio)!

You know what?  The previous “Why Now” queries, when thinking of the sheeple, remind me of:


Getting a bit more academic to the economic arguments check this link out below, as discussed by Team RM, before the rate hike last December, right after the rate hike of last December, and also as part of the Team's 2016 predictions:

Folks at the date the above link was posted by ZeroHedge, it was just approaching 30 days since the FED’s heralded frickin' rate hike, and now this cry of a need for negative rates!  Reality check:  With the ESF in the covert background gobbling up bonds sent back home (and yes I do believe that’s the buyer, due to common sense analysis), then one has to assume that covert QE is finally proving to be ineffective for today's money junkie "big wigs".  It would appear the covert money may very well be tapping out.  Controlled demolition my arse!   This very point is the nexus in the conclusions segment of this installment, drawn from an interesting conversation with a WolfPack associate.

Proof's up next, and again this was mentioned briefly in last week's installment, rates from the FED window to be sent the normal bankster routes to some short term government issuance's, are now negative.  Negative rates through standard overt channels in the business community, now exist!  So real rates from the FED window to the government trough are already negative, and low and behold they are being announced upfront as a possibility to the public, which will make their way to "on-demand bank accounts".  What a bunch of ignoring reality, lying, sacks of crap.  Be vigilant my friends, as this deserves a major WHY NOW?  To lead to the bigger question of what's next.  One thing is for sure it ain't good for the common Joe's out there.  Especially those unprepared western SixPack's without a well thought out DHAP.

Next up, in the Wolf Gray's redundant category, but I still feel this is worthy of chronicling.  Check out the latest on the BDI (Baltic Dry Index) from Michael Snyder of “”

Wow I wonder if this next one ties into all those cargo ships sitting in a holding pattern?

Ya think??!!! You msm, CN’BS’ bobbleheads out there?  No need to connect the dots, they don't even meet in the middle of constructive business traffic anymore!  Oh yeah, this is going to end well!

This next item deserves to be repeated regularly as well, you can’t rig your GDP numbers with spending on the plus side of the ledger, and not expect (EMN) ‘Economic Mother Nature’ to ‘bitch slap ya”!

Order in the court, order in the court, Mrs. EMN is about to hand out another sentence, with a heavy heart, for another attempt to contradict the GDP propaganda with the truth.  Would the aggrieved please stand, “Over the Road Freight Carriers”……. Clearly it is not possible to hide this crap anymore.

And, if you really doubt any of this Wolf Gray material, and consider it propaganda as well, then chew on the material in this link for a second:

It can’t get anymore "on the ground REAL" than Walmart announcing the shuttering of some more of it’s doors right after the consumer highlight of the year, Christmas.

In the biggest statement of  "WHY NOW & THINGS are OUT of CONTROL to BOOT", check this out:

ARAMCO IPO talk, all I can say is, "Shiiiit!"  Time to visit an in session "Business 101 classroom!

Business 101& Today's Lesson:  The Teacher, "Can anyone in the class tell me why a business considers going public?  I see your hand WG, do you know the answer?"  WG, "In most cases it means they need additional sources of funding that can't be obtained from their corporate banking pals!"  Teacher, "And why might they pursue that now, WG?"  WG, "Well it could mean they are in a bit of trouble, or they just need funding for future projects, but the current situation dictates that the banks can't afford to extend them anymore additional credit."  Teacher, "WG what if they already have the world's reserve currency at their backs, and SUPPOSEDLY the largest deposit of the world's most valuable natural resource, why would they need financing now, and risk giving up near total control of, via a loss of voting rights, such a valuable natural resource?"  WG, "Teacher in light of that information, then it must be that they are most likely lying like hell over their total natural resource capacity & production capabilities while remaining profitable, and worst of all their cash back logs must be about to disappear!  In short, they are screwed, and it is very probable that anybody affiliated with them is screwed as well!" 

Teacher, "Class dismissed!"

On to the final, of the in the news segment, check this crap out:

This ain’t new by the way! This has been happening for quite some time now!  This flies right in the face of the current treasury's valuations, especially while treasury selling pressure from abroad is still massive, thus the yield on the 10 year treasury issuance has done the abnormal, and gone down, ONCE AGAIN!  The ESF, or somebody who is friendly to US Treasuries, appears to be active indeed.  Standard market behavior demands that the yield should go up not down.  Ya think, somebody is soaking up these debt instruments off the public ledger sheet?  Damned right somebody is!  Don't believe me go to "Yahoo Finance" or any source, and pull up the year to date history of the rates on the 10 year government debt instrument (the most popular bench mark)!  It defies all logic, period.

It has been the Wolf Gray’s opinion that this phenomena is happening fast & furious enough of late, that the ESF isn’t as free as it used to be, to levitate other markets, like the equity markets, because the debt & forex markets are now in chaos. These markets are much more important to the PPPTB than the equity markets, and therefore draw first rights to the fiat money plunge protection efforts.  Again, is the ESF beginning to "tap out" of equity market levitation, due to debt market stresses?  Also, WHY NOW?  My “guess” (a business common sense extrapolation based on the existing real evidence), outside competitors of the King Dollar are trying to add the finishing touches to unseating the Fiat King, and they are rapidly succeeding!  See the immediate reversal of IMF entry to the RMB in 2015.  Which now confines the ESF to giving it's full attention to providing "Plunge protection" for the more important forex & debt markets.  Why now?  Because it will also give adequate cover for the culprits to get out of town (Dodge of course) prior to the final King Dollar closing acts!  Coming to a town near you!

Which now leads to the meat & potatoes……..

Why Now & The Demolition is Out of Control:

This interview with one of my favorite “Truth tellers” Mr. Bill Holter puts things into perspective, and the timing of the interview screams, “WHY NOW?”  As well as, "the PPPTB has lost Control!"

The first part alone is a “Why Now?” attention getter, when he says he called “The SGT Report” for this interview, not vice-versa.  Which is an absolute first for him.  Unless I missed something in this interview it is titled accurately by SGT, for you can tell he truly feels “The Collapse is Here!”  Sentiments also held by the RM Team, as we pretty much think it has been an ongoing process, that is now picking up pace dramatically.  Many other points from this interview are also worthy of note, so I would recommend listening to all of it.

The theme of the debt markets in collapse comes up, and at the 4:40 mark the ESF ‘name drop’ pops up, and as well it should.   Also at the 6:00 minute mark, I had to give out a loud verbal “Amen brothers!”  As all this technical level pricing ‘bs’ be damned just get the stuff, (GSBC’s) “Gold & Silver Bars & Coins”.  Nothing wrong with charts, and technical analysis even in manipulated markets, but that needs to be left to the real pros in that arena, as it makes reading standard metrics near impossible.  But, the recognition that chaos is approaching ain’t so hard to envision.  100% solution; Just get in, “The House of Real Money”, GSBC's!

The final point from this interview that hit me right between the “current installment eyes” happened at the 14:12 mark & continued to the 16:19 mark.  Stated to the point, in a prior installment as well, the King Dollar will be the last to suffer the pangs of hyperinflation (note I recognize we are suffering large retail inflation now, but not “hyper”).   Just how deep that will be depends on how much the ESF farmed out illegal, covert, King Dollar defense projects.  Does anyone have a clue how much illegal dollar damage is out there?  With that open ended question, just picture whatever the total is, “ALL” coming back here to US shores, and therefore there would be no need in a split dollar system!  That is frightening as hell folks, hello a guarantee of “Weimar Republic” levels of hyperinflation.

The alternative, a split dollar system, as espoused by many top analysts, is logical, because the holder of foreign dollars, ain’t’ going to take the same devaluation up their “reserve arses”.  Especially since, it appears they recognize the fact, we can't afford to absorb all the foreign held dollars.  Thus the need for two dollars, with one being a devalued home based dollar in the USSA.  This will facilitate trade, that can be conducted internationally with foreign dollar holders, as it will maintain some level of transitional comfort by all parties involved.  It is pretty simple, it’s our screw up, so we take the "devaluation heat".   Though that will be no "cake walk" here at home, it would sure beat the guaranteed hyperinflation in the aforementioned scenario where “all foreign held dollars” would come home to roost on the shores of the issuer.  That would be pure economic hell folks!

Wolf Gray smells lots of theories, but in truth almost no one will know the value of the final dollar resting place as far as it's purchasing power is concerned.  Suffice it to say, “With a back drop of very little manufacturing at home, and debt overload at the government, and citizen levels, I would be comfortable wagering that, “The Ole’ Green Dollar Ain’t Going to be What She Used to be!”  “Got Gold? Got Silver?”

Can I get an AMEN?…..

As part of the evidentiary review process done over the last few years of chronicling the King Dollar's collapse, this next interview with Dr. Jim Willie brings some light to a big question once again.  A question one Wolf Gray had for a long time.  A question that even "The Guerrilla" had to get some answers from his high level sources (in regards to the ESF as a source) to provide supporting theories to, a question of, where is all the money coming from to support all the 'bs'?

The FED's balance sheet & money printing skills aren't nearly enough (at least as reported) to cover the shortfalls.  What 'bs' as referenced in the prior paragraph, you say?  Well how about the maintaining of the treasury interest rates with absolutely no volatility for rates to the upside, when 250 billion dollars of US debt paper are dumped by China last year!  That isn't remotely possible, so who absorbed it off the market's books?  As Rmer's know by now, and with kudos to Mr. Rob Kirby, and "The Guerrrilla's" sources last summer, I once again expect it is & was the ESF (exchange stabilization fund).

Note in this interview the question Will Lehr asks around the 39:42 mark, believe me I was screaming the answer immediately, and Jim Willie finally got to it at the 41:40 mark.  Great stuff folks, great stuff that lends answers to the "HOW", and it leads to more astute analysis of, WHY NOW is it starting to falter?!

I got a big time theory to all this thanks to a little argument with a top notch deep thinking WolfPacker.  More later in the conclusions section.  But, first enjoy the interview, as the Doc is on fire!  This is one of his best in my view.

I would like to once again, propose the idea that, the ESF's funds are getting spread thin with the extensive financing of chaos around the globe.  How?  Loss of black market oil profits to help fund the chaos, loss of some of the illicit drug pipelines to finance the chaos, thus leaving less grease for the market’s wheels.  It appears after the start to this equity market new year, equities will need an infusion of cash, which means we will either see more overt & covert money printing, or some other form of well below the radar screen illegal money producing activities.  If, and this is a big "IF”, the markets are to have any hope of levitating, the FED (the more overt), or the ESF (the very covert), or both sources will have to crank up the presses, and turbo charge the equity markets.  And, if they don't pursue this method of stopping the market leakage, then one has to ask "WHY NOT NOW?"

The Greatest Descriptive Question Ever!…….

At the beginning of the second part of Will Lehr’s, interview with Dr. Jim Willie, Lehr phrases the opening question so well, that every alternative media analyst should listen to it everyday before donning the microphone.  To sum it up the question is, “will they ever get it?”  And, again Willie is on fire in this one as well.  I think these interviews with Dr. Jim Willie, and Bill Holter above are some of the best deep think material, on an upcoming massive shift in economic power, that I have ever heard.

WHY NOW?  Because the time is NOW folks!  2016 appears to be the NOW!

But, I could just let this friendly fellow once again, do the answering of the opening question in part 2 with Dr. Willie, and he could do it in just 5 words, but substituting “THEY for YOU” ….


First, I will draw on the meat of what was outlined in this installment, and glean what my own deep thoughts feel is important, just like you will.  With that in mind, Dr. Willie mentioned that the sheeple would need a nice Dodd Frank legalized “bail-in” (I added the Dodd Frank part, I am not sure he mentioned it) on the domestic side of the equation to equate to a critical “Wake Up Call Speed”.

I agree, but disagree slightly, as the PPPTB will frame the installation of the “bail-ins”, in a favorable headline of “save the country & your account from market declines & volatility, BUY BONDS!”  It is my view the awakening to the importance of the King Dollar’s demise will only happen after the sheeple feel critical levels of pain from the lack of wage growth, the lack of good jobs, the lack of access to their own funds, and the decline in their purchasing power.  Though the trigger may well be “bail-ins”, with the response to them in a painful wake-up call way, it will vary with each person’s financial pain threshold.  In the dire category, I think a critical mass of economic pain will be reached this year.  2016's kick off doesn't look to prove me wrong either.

BUT, WHY NOW?…..this from a WolfPacker’s perspective!  I will have to put my thinking cap on again just to explain this one properly.  His observation, “WG it ain’t going to matter whether you have GSBC’s or not, because none of it is real.  Heck they will just punch another few zeros on the “Big Digital Machine”, and presto “devalued, but on top once again”.  Except; my WolfPack friend, for a couple things, one we already know about, another we are now suspicious of, and a new one I just thought of (note you may have already thought of it as well, but indulge me if you will).

First the one we know about, EMN (Economic  Mother Nature) is ticked off, and about to settle the balance sheets.  As I said last week, and again this week, she is doling out fiat abuse sentences right now!  But, there is possibly another reason, that is perverse if you will, and it ain’t they are trying to collapse it either (though that is baked into the cake as well).  It is, “they worship the fiat paper, and they will operate on & off the balance sheets with what they can overtly & covertly print.” Why?  To not collapse it without proper respect. I might be wrong on this, but it has to be collapsed with honor.  To trivialize the Fiat King by punching a few keys on the “Big Machine” takes the fun, and respect out of their retarded games.

OK, am I right?  Good question, but I think it is a case of worship, and they now realize it is time for the “Fiat King’s burial.  It will be a burial with the real culprits of failure in hiding, for that would disrespect the King, for a future resurrection.  It will only be the patsies in the District of Criminals left to bear the brunt of masses anger.  The burial story will unfold, regardless of my new worshiping theories, and truthfully this new theory is only useful in picking up on any different approach speeds of the King dollar’s now undeniable demise.  But, keep a trained eye out for these sorts of hidden signs.

In addition, I don’t give a rat’s arse about some damned magazine cover depicting a NWO take over in 2018.  Aint nobody got total control of events 30 years out.  If you belief that shit, you don’t need to read my material anymore.  Are there elites that believe that?  Probably so, they probably do believe it.  Do they have that level of God like control over things?  No way, it is clear their fiat circuit breakers are off the reservation right now, with darn near a complete loss of control.

Is it possible, the actual “loss of control” was a recognized stage of the elite’s plan?  Sure, but then it is also one hell of a dumb planned stage, as well.  There are just too many players, and too many moving parts going in opposite directions, and all with dissimilar pulls.  Isn’t ironic, that to this day nobody, not a damned soul has defined a collapse outside the confines of, “How, when, & where will the US sheeple finally recognize the fiat failure information!”  Why is that, folks?  Because no one can force feed us yet.  So it embodies the ultimate sign! The mind control may be complete, but taking the candy away from the spoiled babies, with proven historical violence tendencies is a plan that will FAIL!  Might that change?  No one knows that walks this earth that's for sure, but the unknown factors alone provide even more reasons, to make sure they will never force feed us, ever!  That last line is truly up to each, and everyone of us.

The last true timing indicator of a western economic collapse, will be one that will turn things upside down in a split second.  It will not likely be the equity markets, or the oil markets, or the real money precious metals markets, instead it will be the very final breathes of the US consumer.  Wolf Gray

I can hear the patsies at the FED, and in other branches of the US government saying:

But you pretend and I pretend That everything is fine And though we should be at an end It's so hard admittin' When it's quittin' time...Mary Chapin Carpenter (& probably Janet Yellen)

These "Pricks" do not have control...! Wolf Gray

Hard Asset Tip:

If you haven’t read Ken Schortgen Jr.’s article on the Global Crisis having planted it’s feet firmly on planet earth, then check it out (it's his latest), and pay close attention to the pictures, because they are all a part of a DHAP (Diversified Hard Asset Portfolio).  I take pride in that term, because I haven’t read it anywhere else, it is a “rogue” original.  All of us here at RM love to theorize on the value of our GSBC’s (gold & silver bars & coins) in the new financial paradigm, but the time to safely transition to that form of commerce is a true unknown.  Thus the need for a quality DHAP in the interim.  Not to brag, but just fact, The Team RM (listed in the archives under ole' WG) DHAP article in the summer of 2014 has a 32 item list that is well worth printing out, and adapting to your personal needs.  And, if you don’t think non-GSBC items are important pay a visit to Venezuela, and see how important lowly toilet paper has been for some time now….!

Now this week’s new DHAP tip, and it was inspired from reading that “The Economic SilverBack” had a stomach bug last week.  Stock up on acidophilus.  As long as you can keep it cold, the shelf life is years, and it can cure many stomach issues.  For a situation that is more spartan, and where the refrigeration isn’t available, also have on hand “apple pectin” (normally good for around a year or more on the shelf life), and in addition apple cider vinegar.  All these items can get your gut back in balance, and if it isn’t a part of your DHAP you literally may not survive a DHAP shortage or slow food delivery crisis.  Your nutrient intake will likely be lower in a post dollar demise/collapse scenario, and your ability to absorb what nutrients that are available will most likely be impaired.

This ain’t rocket science, but as grandpa & grandma used to say, you are only as good as what goes into your body, and the items mentioned above help your stomach break down your foods in productive ways.  For those that are older, the worse the gurgling gets (your stomach produces less acid that’s normally the case with older folks), and therefore the more you need acid in your stomach.  Not the bullshit that the docs tell ya, “Take a pill, and it will calm that excessive acid right down!” Excessive is an outright lie in most cases for oldsters. You actually don't have enough acid!  Yeah those pills will calm it down alright, but with the wonderful side benefit of causing Alzheimer’s (based on research I have read & trust).  They’ll calm it down so much that you will not absorb hardly any nutrients due to a lack of acidic breakdown of the very food you need, to help provide necessary nutrients.  Sounds like a truly vicious cycle

WG's summary on this: As you age, your stomach produces less acid, and drives you nuts with gurgling, and indigestion (& now thanks to GMO & gluten it can be as early as your teens). Thanks PPPTB & Monsanto!  All due to not too enough acid.  Take it from a guy with a real stomach problem (ole’ WG), and who has studied it thoroughly, with help from my homeopathic buddy, distance yourself from pharmaceutical solutions as best possible. Try to stay natural.  I had to experiment with the levels of apple cider vinegar vs. acidophilus vs. apple pectin vs. less & less & less gluten filled whites (breads etc.), to get to a ‘best case scenario’.  But, stock up on these items so your body can get maximum usage of valuable nutrients.  The goal of these three (Apple cider vinegar, Acidophilus, & Apple pectin) is to literally beat the crap out of the bad bacteria in your digestive tract, thus maximizing the ability of your body & brain to absorb necessary nutrients through your intestine.

Don’t believe me, hey the internet is a wonderful thing, I would recommend you do your own due diligence.  You owe it to yourself & your family.  Just remember most of the internet ‘bs’ that is titled via a standard MD is backed up by research from who?…The pharmaceutical industry, and has been since the early 1980’s.   And, if these MD’s detour too far from that line of pharmaceutical crap their E&O, or medical malpractice insurance, will be null & void.  So read, and come to your conclusions carefully!  And, thus with the logic that appears to be the standard for RM regulars.

Disclaimer…I an not an MD just an owner of an extremely inquiring mind, but that doesn’t mean I ain’t right.  Inquiring minds like those reading RM seem to have a thirst for the economic truth, thus there should also be a thirst to be sure their health related ‘back ups’ are the best they can be.  So I recommend digging in, and doing your own “due diligence’ on this “Hard Asset Tip”, after all it’s your personalized DHAP, not mine!

You have been warned, once again!  Prepare yourself & God bless!

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, Team RM & W, Wolf Street (no affiliation), Jim Willie, Bill Holter, Zerohedge, Michael Snyder of "", the New Eastern Outlook, & Mary Chapin Carpenter