From Soul of the East: "A Party for Scorpions"


The following is something different from what we usually write about at RogueMoney, though subscribers will recognize some common themes with the essays of Juan Sevin recently published here. Instead of quoting the full article, we reproduce the conclusion and invite RMers to read the whole thing at Mark Hackard's blog, Soul of the East. The author, Branko Malic, is a self-employed IT professional who lives in Croatia. Mr. Malic's insights as to where the 1990s Balkan wars fit in with the planned 'New World Order' and other articles at Soul of the East are well worth reading. - JWS

The popularity of so-called “conspiracy theories” among the populace is often ridiculed by media oracles. But are these seemingly bizarre ideas, like David Icke’s proposition that the Earth is run by lizards, really so radical? Reality is more bizarre in itself. For instance, the continuity of pedophilia as the cement of the upper echelons of the Western ruling establishment indicates an even more sinister reality – observe the can of worms opened by death of Jimmy Savile. If we inspect meticulously documented cases like the “Franklin Credit Union scandal” in the United State, the “Dutroux affair” in Belgium, or the “Haute de la Garenne” case so damning to the British establishment, we note the names of obviously networked individuals and institutions ensconced at the very top of global governance – names and institutions connected with acts of degradation and bestiality, making the word pedophilia a paltry euphemism.

So who’s really the crazy one here? The eccentric and undereducated David Icke, who named the main procurers of children for the British elite pedophiles in the late nineties of last century, or the TV presenter with posh spectacles who at that time spoke only of Savile’s philanthropy? Is it crazier to accept the story of the narrator who with one hand strokes your hair and with the other slits your throat, merely because it is transmitted by a posh TV presenter, or crazy Icke’s version? Is the claim of lizards ruling the world too much? Why, they could just as well be scorpions masked as men. They are evidently prone to jerky crawling, they have an appetite for insects – as we learn from UN pamphlets – and they rarely come into the light, obviously preferring dark and damp places.

Is it strange, then, that man feels like a stranger because he plays a bit role in a play written by a nest of scorpions? In the Balkans, we experienced a war which to this day never really ended. But does anybody think that the orderly West is really a safe haven? If yes, if somebody is prone to repeat the phrase about “civil societies,” a phrase which is only the projected image of the dream about one’s own society, let him spare a moment and look into the “Dutroux affair” and the way that justice had been mocked, broken and buried with the bones of children maimed and killed for the entertainment of people who publicly “strongly condemn” and take “reservations.” Today we get lathered up over public money being used to finance some elected parasite’s villa. But what if public money financed snuff films?

Bizarre? Nauseating?

Of course it is. But the way downwards is the only path for thought that has broken the shackles of the double narrative.

There is no going around the truth that the doublespeak of contemporary society can be understood for what it is only on the condition it is rejected. That, however, is not an easy feat, as the sanitation of language under the guise of its moral improvement efficiently blunts the spearhead of critique. Moreover, it will soon lead to much worse things than hovering on the margins of socially acceptable.

The soft-power model of misrule is becoming more and more insufficient, and people are waking up. The cards are on the table. Only those who accept the lies do not perceive the violence. Man is offered an idea of importance, of opportunity to belong, through virtual movements for freedom of thought, speech, gender, etc. He will ultimately pay a certain fee, of course. For in a system constructed so that between binary contraries there can be nothing, the one who integrates himself into it chooses nothingness.

But what does he really lose, in losing himself? Doubt, everyday struggle between ‘yes’ and ‘no’, remorse for what he said and what he failed to say, an inglorious exile into darkness. Yet a simple, naked will to truth can prevent one from exchanging his night for someone else’s day. It is the primal disgust over the smell of lies, however sweetened they may be.

The disgust over nervous boredom at the end of the day, when media laborers do all in their power to strain the nerves and bury the truth. Consciousness of one’s own finitude, humility towards that which once was and that which will come to pass, the humility of a sort the artificial man of absolute freedom cannot possess, because he has neither past nor future, and his present is well out of his hands. The desire to do something over and in spite oneself. The renunciation of the illusion of power and one’s own importance, the illusion of the assumption that progress with all its “condemnations” and “reservations” is anything more but the cuckold’s egg of the totalitarian system. A lizard system perhaps, as Icke would have it. Observe the crawling, jerking and halting of contemporary life long enough, and know the scorpions are finally throwing their coming-out party.

"Devils don't come from hell beneath us...they come from the sky" - Lex Luther, in Zack Snyder's Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

"Deception is coming..." James Winston Smith