Ignore Most of the Noise Out There!

Time for a quick mid week installment tidbit! Not surprisingly, I see lots of alternative media “Chest Pounding Going on Out There!” Some deservedly so, and others that still need sand kicked in their faces. The headline picture is no reflection on anything our mentor, “The Guerrilla” has said. Until further notice, I am still his faithful wingman, but what better way to depict chest pounding than with a gorilla photo. Chest Pounding from the Alternative Media:

Yep it is cranking up again, in light of the market mayhem, and rightfully so I suppose. But it is still so negative, that it is only worth a “Who cares I heard this shit before, and nothing happened!” Years & years before, might I add!

The important question is, will that be the consensus opinion in the sheeple masses? I don’t know, but I eventually (as in likely this year) suspect it will be, and it brings back something that I would challenge the alternative media “chest pounders” on for a moment.

Are the markets truly manipulated? I had a segment in an earlier installment on this very subject, and now 75 installments in the books here at RM, I can’t seem to find which one it is. That being said, I remember I cited Doug Casey of Casey Research, as one of the primary alternative media guys who claims the precious metals prices are not manipulated.  To which I said he is most likely right. I know, I know, precious metals heresy! Wish I could find that damned installment.

But, if you think outside the box for a moment, his theory actually has some merit. First off on the surface the equity, bond, commodity, and precious metals markets are clearly manipulated, right? Yes that is right, and that is also my view as well!

But, there is a perverse sort of supply & demand scenario that is taking place in all these markets. Say what WG?

First are the masses participating, with blind allegiance to a belief in proper pricing demand? Yes or they wouldn’t be participating, that is indisputable.

Think about it this way, “Hey Joe SixPack that Auto dealer over there, is selling a bunch of overpriced, stolen cars, want to go negotiate with them for a new ride?” YEAH RIGHT! That’s the “outside the box” point here!  If all the Joe SixPack’s recognized this Auto dealer as a fraud, they would vote with their consumer purchasing feet, and walk away. But, if they continue to buy, then they are truly agreeing to a dislocation in an honest real supply & demand structure, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

So in a somewhat dumb assed way, the markets are properly priced, because we stupidly keep participated in a dishonest market. Giving all of them a” thumb’s up” vote of supply & demand confidence.

IF WE DEMAND DISHONEST MARKETS, THEY WILL SUPPLY THEM TO US! Our own ignorance is a component of the supply & demand equation, especially on the demand side, and therefore the markets are properly priced. As they supply what we want, more & more paper, in a one way up direction.

So pound your chests alternative media boys, but you are wrong, but soon to be right. Damn, I crossed my own eyes with that one.  All you need to do is just step outside the box to see this phenomena. On the surface it's clearly manipulated, but as regards the demands of the masses, the prices are of a true supply & demand nature, albeit a perverted nature if you will.

The Good News:

On the side of truth & honesty in a supply & demand business equation, stands the resolute reappearance of “Mrs. Economic Mother Nature”. It appears to me she is in the process of passing out sentences of justice for all. I think we have now started the sentencing phase. When we are at the point of the last & final sentence to be handed out, whether the view is from outside or inside the box, honest supply & demand will start to prevail. And, as a consequence real intrinsic monetary value will be in high high demand. Got gold?  Got silver?

Money for Nothing, it only works at the stained city at the bottom of the hill, Banksterville. A place where sadly most still reside, while establishing dumb arsed supply & demand pricing structures, with only a resolute few having the wisdom to say, "good by!"  That is what we unfortunately have demanded, Money for Nothing!


Get ahead of this crap folks, get ahead of this! There will not be any consolation prices for those that can claim, I had thought about that, but just never acted on it.

Wolf Gray

Credits to the thoughts of: Opie, & Dire Straits