The world class magicians in this city of illusions, if they are good…, really good at their craft…can make us forget where we are when we enter into their world. The unimaginable is real, as the spectacle plays and draws us into their screens. All our senses are compelled to come closer and our heart races with every explosion; and the music calms us. We can smell the perfumed hair of the Olympian beauty. She whispers her sirens song softly, come hither; but the drum beats from the jungle, and warns us of dark forces and primordial beasts lurking beyond the fire lit night!…And for a moment its all real, we can feel ourselves there, anything is possible…its all possible.

The Holly day festivals began in Roman times. It was an entire season of magic. The great holly day festival was dedicated to the pagan god Saturn and was called the Saturnalia Holly day Festival. Accounts vary, but writers from early Rome seem to agree that it originally occurred on the 25th of December. Rome's Emperors repeatedly altered their calendars and after years of confusion, eventually settled on December 17 to 25 for the Saturnalia Festival, which also encompassed the winter solstice.

The Wizardly highlight of the Saturnalia Holly days Festival was the fundamental and magical transformation of society. With a wave of the Holly day's Magic Wand, everything was turned upside down, inside out and backwards. Normality was subverted and masters served their slaves. In various households as well as whole cities, they cast lots among the lowest and most vulgar members of the community and the winner was crowned 'The King of Misrule'. The new King was dressed in amusing finery and with an unholy anointing began to channel the unclean Spirit of Misrule. Simultaneously the willing mob who had attended to the deed was divided into squads and compelled to execute Misrule's decrees. As the coup began, he ordered that slaves take command of the offices of state, and he had the power to order anyone, to do anything his whim desired. As the Lord of Fools, He commanded everyone be partakers in his drunkenness and debauchery. The King of Misrule was encouraged to take any woman he desired while ordering orgies and rape. Military discipline was relaxed and the armed guardians of the state who were normally admired by friends and feared by foes, roared around the city on their chariots with loose women in tow and acting like buffoons; or worse.

Parties for all was the order of the day but, in spite of all the exuberance and outward displays of gaiety, there was always an underlying tension and apprehension. Participants were continuously anxious about what the King would order next and who would fall victim to the vulgar tyrants mocking rage or unwholesome affections. This was Misrules chance to get back at anyone who had ever dismissed, slighted or derided him.

Whether great or small, the axiom is still true, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power, corrupts absolutely".

Near the end of the Roman Empire, the King of Misrule's rein was nearly always ended with his literal sacrifice at Saturn's alter in the presence of his ministering fools; so the unfortunate misruling scape goat was all the more encouraged to make the most of his last days; eat drink and be merry, for at the end of your rein…you die. His cult of followers spent all day, perhaps even the whole year, dreaming up sweet taunts to whisper in his ear; or, should THEY be the hapless victim, how best to exact THEIR opportunistic revenge in a final parting shot.

The rowdy bands competed in their mischievous calamities and each macabre decree had to be followed by something new and even more disgusting, or delirious. Why? because the real challenge where ever foolish tyrants rule is,…as it has always been, to try to stay on the tyrants good side so as not to suffer his wrath. The end of the magical Festival was also its Zenith; and everyone, especially the Misruler knew what certain fate awaited him as step after step higher, they mounted the sacrificial ziggurat. It's easy to understand why the hapless King of Misrule, Lording over his Fools, would want to extend the party indefinitely with that kind of finale' ahead.

Disorder and chaos do not put bread on the table or build homes and repair streets. Therefore, Tartarus as it was known then, or hell as it is known now, that place where reason does not exist, is the only natural place for Misrule's rein eternal. So, with great pageantry the King of Misrule would finally arrive at the sacrificial plateau and was ceremoniously presented at the appointed hour before Saturn's alter. There, in the presence of all the other pagan gods and his now solemn band of fools, the sorcerers black magic deed was completed; either by Misrule's own hand, or if he be unwilling or unable, with assistance when the knife was put to his throat. In some places he was put to his eternal rest on a fiery wicker bed or hung from an oaken tree, but always with the same result, before Misrules fools disbanded.

The party being over and the spell seemingly broken, each of the participants harbored a hidden feeling of relief, inwardly thankful to have somehow survived to the New Year. They began almost immediately the the grueling process of sobering from their drunkenness and scabbing over the memories of what they had just been a part of, conveniently forgetting or misremembering the details. With Misrule's rein thus ended the process of putting things back in their place and repairing what had been damaged or destroyed began. Civility, normality, order and decorum were soon restored; as the dark shadows of the longest of nights receded.

Over time the festival became so popular among the citizenry that it's celebration began to stretch from days into months and eventually near the end of the Roman empire the King of Misrule was chosen on All Hallow's Eve and his rein extended for nearly two months. The Roman Emperor Cicero complained that the public offices were closed for too long because of the festival and decreed that celebrations be limited in time; but to no avail. The people partied on spending all year tainted with the knowledge that the season for payback by the lowest and basest among them was coming. Eventually the celebration morphed to mirror what we see today during Mardi Gras. As the festival degenerated into a raucous, drunken rave, many are said to have hidden themselves or retreated from the cities each year until it was past. Rural dwellers and farmers feared to come within the Gomorran's city walls during that season because the mixture of strong drink and magic elixirs combined with the Tyrant's unfettered power were the perfect recipe for random terrors.

The festival was so widely celebrated that even the Roman soldiers serving in far flung provinces would cast caution to the wind in the magic of the season and it was common for soldiers to dress and talk as women. Meanwhile the King of Misrule could order torture for inexplicable reasons while he and his armies of fools were reported to have become very good at killing people.

Dasius of Durostorum was one of the early Saint's of the Orthodox church. He was a handsome and young Roman Soldier serving in an area we now call the Balkans on the shores of the Danube river; where much of the worlds present chaos is now erupting. By lot's Dasius was chosen as the King of Misrule, but being a Christian he chose not to stand before his Creator having soiled his last days in this world in drunken debauchery, lusty sin and murder. His comrades and commander encouraged him to fulfill his allotted role and command them by misrule; but he would not relent and finally after many days he was beheaded for his crime.

Rome's historians tell us that Nero in his youth was appointed to rein as the King of Misrule. Apparently, it was a role he never fully disengaged from. Later in life when he commanded Rome his ambitions made him desirous to remake and reshape the city of Rome and then name it after himself. One wonders now…which wizardly bankers, guild leaders and tax collectors tweaked his fancy with their profiteering delusions of a grander kingdom to come.

It turns out that in Rome's time as our own, the most dangerous of enemies are not to be found hiding without the Empire, but within and often, right at the heart of it.

In his Imperial madness, Nero was reported to have employed the services of co-conspirators who, on a particularly windy and hot mid-summer's day, lit torches and openly threw them at strategic places. The arsonists were heard to cry out that they were acting under orders. Perhaps they had received orders; or maybe they were just opportunistic looters who sought to plunder in the bazaar's unhampered. Yeah….and perhaps these cohorts thought the fires could be confined and restrained to just the right shops and neighborhoods but, if so, they were wrong. After the fire, allegations of Nero's complicity were reinforced when he built a Golden Palace surrounded by pleasure gardens in Palatine, near where the great fires began in the bazaar by the circus.

The Roman historian Suetonius reported that when the fires began, Nero took refuge at his private theatre on Palatine Hill and there, on a magnificent stage overlooking the flame engulfed city below, he amused himself by playing the lyre and singing of the destruction of Troy; comparing and linking Rome's present destruction to the more ancient one. Seven days and six long nights the firestorm raged. Ultimately three quarters of the city was consumed. Nero's vainglorious dreams never came to pass, and the Great City never again attained to the heights of it's prior glory, so we can only wonder at the grandiose illusions that filled Nero's imaginations as he visualized a future city of his namesake; rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of his destructions.

Rome's historians also recount how those desperate and scattered people lining the roads and fields surrounding the burning heap despaired of life. Perplexed at how unexpectedly and completely Nero's cleansing flames had swept their lives. Many would have preferred to die having failed to save loved ones or possessions, without even food for a day; desperate and without any idea where or how to start again.

Afterward, when rumors of the conspiracy and Nero's involvement could no longer be contained, Nero's advisors, the hidden powers who are always behind the throne in every government, suggested a scape goat. And, as Solomon said, "there is nothing new under the sun". Using the same script that was later used after the Kristallncht fires in Germany, the cult of dark priests pointed a boney finger toward the new sect of Christian believers. First the Christians were compelled to identify and confess themselves as Christians and then a short while later the propaganda campaigns began. Soon the city was awash with 'new' rumors about the dangerous beliefs of the Christians who were reported to have burned Rome because of their hatred for humanity, the Roman state and civilization itself. Once the rabble was properly roused, Nero's persecutions began; and with a vengeance. The rest of the citizenry were quick to disassociate themselves from the Christians for fear they would also suffer Nero's demonically inspired tortures. Fed to lions, crucified or covered in pitch and oil while lashed to stakes in Nero's pleasure garden, the Christian's became living/dying torches to light the paths in the nightmares of his dark soul.

From Eternities throne, it is doubtful we will see our Misruler's judged any more severely than the broader communities that foolishly created and endorsed them. The Misruler's cannot take office or accomplish their misguided deeds with out the willing consent of the Republic's masses. It is the Citizens themselves that have joined and comprise the dreaded posse's that are even now executing our Misruler's decree's. And it is, after all, a democratic festival celebrating mob rule, with mobster's at the helm; even if there be the occasional dissenter. And certainly those hiding in their cellars or retreating to safer environs have voted also; both with their silence and their feet to allow the festivals to proceed.

Today life, like Hollywood, seems to be caught in a tape loop. The new movies are just old scripts, dusted off, but with new faces from the same old dynastic acting families. Likewise the 'New World Order' is comprised of the 'Old World Order's children, by their first and second cousin wives; and paramours. As the fires beneath the 'Great Works' caldron are now lit, our Over Lord's are climbing the hills and mounting the stages; their magical harps and lyres in hand. These new King's and Mistrisses of Misrule will soon preside and lament over the roasting ritual fires. What will be done, is what has always been done in this recurring magicians act of seeming self immolation and miraculous resurrection. Why? Because the Misruler's Wizardly Masters have all been taught to believe the same great lie that led to Cain's evil deed…those with the Will's to use power, can gain it; so they WILL.

But, for those of us who know of their "Great Work", and the secrets to the magician's tricks, the magic is lost and we are not fooled. You will never replace the Great "I Am that I Am"; and this Great Debacle ceased to be entertaining long ago. We are not amused!

In this Westernized and modern version of the Misrule script, Misrule's rein is once again merely a foil while the Wizard's and co-conspirators in this company owned town remain in the shadows still plying their trade and keeping their mind controlling, digitalized potions and strong drink flowing. The Wizard's know that Misrule and his Fool's have itching ears, so they keep selling the dream; "the most beautiful golden city…" and "your names will live forever." Even now as the music is blaring and the darlings dance for their pleasure. But, people of conscience are torn; just as Lot was at the gates of Sodom. Do we flee the city or try to stand and reason with our relatives and neighbors. Can a bargain be made with God Almighty? But, is there time? And who really knows in this magical season if the Misruler's lottery itself hasn't been fixed; after all, it is a world of Magical illusions. And who rules the times and seasons? Will this spell never end? The granaries are near empty and the sowing season will soon be past, will we now starve in our Misruler's hypnotic grip never again putting our hands to the plow?

Great oratories regarding the State of Our Union are just ahead. Will any truth be spoken? We should know the truth and the truth should make USUS mad as hell.

Will historians someday speak just as derisively of the builders and crew of our Titanic Ship of State, as they do now of the other 'unsinkable' one that went before? After all, it strains credibility that professional men who had spent their careers at sea and with the solemn trust of over three thousand souls in their care, did not sense imminent danger; and demand to know "Why in God's Name" was the damned ship ever allowed to leave the drawing boards, let alone the docks without MORE than enough life boats. Why the hell were they racing through the darkness of a moonless night with the throttles pegged to the max and the great steamer pointed directly into the heart of a known and impenetrable field of icebergs. This Titanic conspiracy to plunge the whole world into a third world war is no accident; but the why,…only a madman can answer. Theaters of "war and rumors of war", but who benefits? Is it merely an Olympic conspiracy to gain the insurance money from a poorly repaired and fatally flawed economic machine? Or are there passengers who would otherwise block and obstruct the 'Great Work' ahead; who, having been baited aboard, must now go down with the ship…as a necessary prelude to the building of their New World Order?

Our reputation and national treasure have been placed in the breach; but to what end? Our end? Has it always been the intent of the wizardly puppeteer's behind the screens to take us all down together? We are conscripted to follow the edicts of our Misruler's and their bought and paid for Fools but, "A foul wind this way bloweth". And who are the co-conspirators that are now lighting and throwing their torches in OUR bazaar's and circus? There is dread and foreboding in hearts across the world in the aftermath of this unnatural, unreal and unholy, Holly day season. Are we compelled, as were Nero's subjects to a seemingly endless season of Misrule…?

Why, we ask, can Putin do more in two months to stop ISIS than USUS have done in two years? Is it because USUS is ISIS as the radio host John B Wells often states?

How can our intelligence agencies possibly NOT know who is buying and transporting the oil that fuels ISIS/USUS murderous rampages? Normal citizens across the world can't send their college student a hundred dollars by Western Union without giving up grandma's maiden name…who are we kidding? Our satellites can compute the gas pressure of a flea fart in Chicago!!! and your going to try and convince me we don't know the DNA of every drop of ISIS oil coming out of Turkey and every dollar flowing back in to support them?

And while we're at it…let's pull down the curtains and follow the puppeteer's strings, we should all want to see who…., WHO!!! is pulling O-Nero's invisible strings; O' really! And who are these wise men and lobbyists fondling the ears of our Congressmen and Senators that convinced them to sign onto and support the burning down of the Mideast from North Africa to the Ukraine; reshaping it into the Kaosistan that exists today? Was this really all that wise?

When our dollar was decoupled from gold under President Nixon, it was quickly re-linked to oil by the supporters of an energy based currency technocracy. More specifically our dollar was linked to Saudi oil; not Texas oil, or Pennsylvania's oil, or even the vast strategic reserves in the Dakota's and Alaska that have been capped off for over half a century. Why? Who benefited from this policy? What better use could there possibly be for a strategic reserve than to protect and promote our own…OUR OWN…currency! And thereby eliminate the need to install and support evil tyrants across the globe by exporting OUR Military, OUR State Department, OUR Taxed Labors and OUR Children's Blood to foreign shores.

At the end of the day, do Misrule and his Fools now demand that we all bow deeply before the Dictators of Riyahd; both the obvious and the hidden? Isn't that where the most of the 911 attackers reportedly came from? Isn't that where the San Bernadino Bride (if she is a girl, not a guy) came from. Aren't the Saudi's the ones who are paying for and transporting all the illegal arms and mercenaries up and down the Mediteranean sea? Are the Royal families of Saudi Arabia ANY less evil or dangerous than Mubarak, Qaddaffi or Assad? How about WORSE! Would it be more accurate to say…'the most oppressive, dangerous and Evil Empire in the entire Mideast ISIS Saudi Arabia?…there aren't any Syrian Wahabbi Mosques opening in New York, or Iowa. I don't see any Libyan financed Wahabbi terrorist Mosque's opening in Michigan or Paris. What if anything is NATO's multi-trillion dollar strategy of containment actually containing? Iran? Russia? ISIS? Oh, and by the way, we should ask, who paid for Mr. O-NerO's Harvard Law School degree? Who's Empire's are we really fighting…and dying for? And is it really worth it? For whom? And I ask again….to what, or who's end?

For the time being, like it or not, oil is playing the primary role in manipulating the value of currencies around the world as well as the deployments of armies; and the political, industrial and media empires to support them. This has been the case for over half a century. The modern technocratic world runs on energy, and oil is still the energy of choice…for the moment. Likewise, money has always been the mothers milk of politics and the oil money from some withered, Libertine whore's breast, is still the flavorite favor; but who benefits we ask…who? We dread the fiery cataclysms in the crescendos to come; but this current crop of Misruler's, and their Fool's reins, will soon end…dramatically…and, most likely on the plateaus of Damascus…and then what? Who will replace them in the Misruling seasons to come?

I and others are watching and we know what foul game is afoot. Isn't it the currency cartels plan to destroy the Saudi oil backed World Reserve Currencies 'Dollar' as well as the other currencies it supports? But they won't replace it with North American or North Sea oil backing. They will not even replace it with alternative energy backing!!! No, it is our Misruler's Wizardly Master's intend to replace all our oil backed Dollars, BRIC's notes, Euro's and SDR's with their new 'Carbon Backed' World Reserve Currency! THAT! Is what the King's and Mistresses of Misrule and their merry Fools gathered in France recently to map out. A new Inverse Energy Technocracy, who's New World Reserve Currency will NOT be backed by gold and silver; or oil. No! It will be a vaporous carbon backed reserve currency; which will be based on carbon credits and taxes. In other words…the Misruling Technofacist's in the coming post war world, will get currency credits from the unelected banking wizards for NOT letting us breath! They will get credits when we are NOT making or doing things! Isn't that like paying farmers not to grow crops or milk cows; how long can that last? And all of this is to be blamed on the climate crisis Black Magic HOAX, is it not? Yes, I will say it while it can still be done freely; before the thought police and digital sweepers can constrain it. HOAX, HOAX, HOAX!!!

In other words the cornerstone and foundation of the Energy Technocracy's 'New and Improved' Carbon Backed Currency will be the deindustrialization and subsequent depopulation of the Western World!

Let's All get this right, because it bears repeating. Your livelihood and perhaps even your families whole life and future will depend on it…..SOMEONE, (were not quite sure who and can't really know till the dust from WW III has settled) but, someone is going to get paid 'Carbon Currency Credits', when we stop working and eating and breathing! But, which unelected Wizardly Prince's of the Power of the Air will control the throttles of production? And as we are choked out, when will these Over Lord's be satisfied…when our populations are cut by 20%, 50%,…90%?Which nations and businesses will benefit? The detective knows….follow the money! Isn't this drive to a new world currency driven by our Wizardly Banker Masters? Who owes the bankers the most money now….? Is it "We the people"? Is it a far reach to say that we our selves are being forced to put our own hand, to our own throat…and if we be too weak or unwilling, we will be assisted to complete our own destruction?

While we are being versed with blissful speeches on the 'State of the Nation', it might be easy to ridicule our Misruling and Foolish leaders, but who is it that demanded the party get started; even if we didn't fully understand where it would lead. And have WE now drawn the lot…? How many more steps till WE reach the sacrificial alter…..and which foolish friends and stone hearted god's will preside over OUR sorrowful demise as our tremorous hand is raised to our throat?

How naive can we be? as we willingly lie prostate in their Globally Warming kitchen…did we at first gleefully misinterpret the semantics on the cover of our smiling Alien benefactors book? Didn't we read clearly…"To Serve Man"? Our Over Lord's say they are here to serve humanities good; and they will. They will serve us 'well done', indeed!

In this 'Cremation of Care' recipe, does everyone know but USUS, that we are to be the Wicker Man? Will are wits return before or after, the after-burners are turned up in the roasting firestorms to come, and will the flames licking the Mid-eastern Caldron soon be warming and boiling USUS blood as three quarters…or more, of the Mid-East is immolated to heat the Luciferian's sacrificial brew? Even then, will it have been enough to satisfy the appetites of our Techno-Energy Masters? Will they be well pleased with the Promethian's promised 'better lighting' in the 'New and Improved' Utopian Pleasure Gardens? And who will occupy their Golden Palaces? And who's corpses will light and warm the night on those dank, stoney paths?

What of the millions of immigrants now flooding into the streets and byways of Europe at the edges of the already burning middle east? Or the populations they displace? Will those fires now started remain only in the bazaar's by the circus? What of the humanity that escapes the stinging sulphuric stench of this burning heap, will they embrace the Phoenix new Empire as it's carbon backed digital currency rises from the ashes and preens it's fire lit and glistening feathers in 2018? When fully achieved will the cybernetically controlled and seamlessly engineered, techno totalitarianism that Orwell and others warned us about, be as blissful and benign as our Wizardly Merlin's now promise….?

Or will mankind shortly thereafter, finally decide to make an end of it's wars. Will we, with God's help and mercy and all His divinely inspired energies;…will we, or our progeny, the children of Adam and Seth, then ruthlessly beat their lying and sinister Technocratically Engineered Holly-Swords into plowshares and reclaim our birthright, never to celebrate the Misruler's rein again...ever.

In the Brave New World…."One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them". Don't forget who and where you are! Come back to reality and breath the fresh air. In this twilight moment do not attempt to adjust the your set, it can't be adjusted, 'the fix is in'. Reject and turn off the magician's illusions, his world is not real, separate yourself from the the Misruled and brainwashed masses! The only way to win is not to play their games.

If we are to see a another, new "Dawning in America", there is work to do, and there isn't much time. Let us pray.

Amen. Juan O Sevin