Happy Inception Date, Roy Batty!

This week the Russia Analyst was joking with the Guerrilla about the news that Russian scientists have developed a small quadrotor drone powered by impulses from the brain, rather than manual or auditory commands. We joked that if the Russians install such a thought-directed combat system in their T-50 stealth fighter they could call it the 'Firefox', and Clint Eastwood will have to come out of his retirement home to steal it..."Think...in Russian!" That led to a broader discussion with 'the godfather' of the Team Rogue Money brain trust Agent 'W' about just what type of technologies are in the works or even well-developed, but yet to be unveiled by the global(ist) elites, East and West. 


'Over the next 3 years [Roy Batty] will see things we won't believe'

By interesting coincidence, today's date of Friday, January 8, 2016 is featured in another 1982 motion picture, Ridley Scott's Bladerunner, as the 'inception date' for replicant/android Roy Batty (memorably portrayed by Dutch actor Rutger Hauer). Which led me to ask Team RM -- are increasingly human-like robots the next big thing the global elites plan to roll out? Especially Roy Batty combat types as the security situation in many European cities rapidly deteriorates and the People demand protection from the chaos unleashed by Mideast wars and Angela Merkel's floodgates-opened borders?

Although this isn't a JWS analytical post, we do wish to direct Rogue Money readers to Jay Dyer's Jay's Analysis.com and his talk show Esoteric Hollywood, which are among the best sources we've found on occult 'tells' in film and television. Below is an excerpt from Jay's excellent 2012 article about Bladerunner, including the character Roy Batty's references to an occult poem written by 18th century English occultist William Blake about the American Revolution...which inspired Hagmann and Hagmann Report guest Paul McGuire's book 'Prophecy of the Future of America'.


"Jerusalem" by English poet William Blake, performed by the Cadet Glee Club of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, NY


Luegenpresse:Amusingly, this Vice News cast from January 2015 describes an influx of over 100,000 refugees into Germany at that time as 'massive'. I wonder if the reporter thinks the over 1.1 million 'refugees' who have arrived since constitutes an even more massive influx?

Get ready Rogue Money friends, in 2016 you will see things you people wouldn't believe...and even some of that old war-like Teuton spirit reviving in the lands of the Tannhauser Gate.

A man steps to another in the street in Germany: - Excuse me Sir, I am a migrant and I just want to thank you for taking me in. - Oh, I am not a german, I'm Syrian. -sais the other. He walks on and steps to another man: - Excuse me Sir, I am a migrant and I just want to thank you for giving me shelter. - Oh, I am not german, I'm Afghan. -comes the answer. Going on he steps to another man...


Richard Wagner "Tannhauser Overture" and below, "Ride of the Valkyries" with infamous scenes from Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now

The Economist's 1988 annual issue cover with the year 2018 in roman numerals and a phoenix rising from the ashes of the fiat currency bonfire. This cover was the subject of V the Guerrilla Economist's recent appearance on the Sgt. Report talk radio program.



...in the next scene, Roy Batty is himself seeking out his creator by visiting the eye manufacturer.  When Roy finds him, he cites the famous gnostic mythological poems of William Blake, America A Prophecy and A Vision of the Last Judgment. Blake’s poem is a mythological account of the American revolution against King George III, presented as an anti-christ figure and emissary of Urizen, Blake’s view of the biblical God, portrayed as an old, miserly, vengeful deity.  Just as Orc rebelled against the King, and Lucifer against God, so Roy Batty will rebel against his creator, Tyrell, for allowing him to be created with a flaw.  Wikipedia explains:

“The implications of the work are taken up in America, with the King of England trembling as he sees Orc, the embodiment of the American colonies. The Angel of Albion believes Orc is the anti-christ and Orc believes the King of England is the same. This is followed by Orc’s apocalyptic vision:

The morning comes, the night decays, the watchmen leave their stations

The grave is burst, the spices shed, the linen wrapped up

Orc provokes the Angel of Boston to rebellion:

What God is he, writes laws of peace, clothes him in a tempest

What pitying Angel lusts for tears, and fans himself with sighs

What crawling villain preaches abstinence; wraps himself In fat of lambs?

no more I follow, no more obedience pay

Together, the rebels are able to be freed of the psychological chains that bind them:

the five gates of their law-built heaven

And Roy Batty’s line:

“Fiery the angels rose, as they rose deep thunder roll’d

Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc.”

The Orc recalls the rebellion of Satan and his angels against God for the purpose of erecting a model synthetic kingdom that mimics the kingdom of God.  This is significant, as much of Blade Runner centers around genetic engineering and synthetic reality, as we constantly see mannequins and dolls, especially in J.F. Sebastian’s studio loft. For example, the background includes Atari signs: Atari is a video game company—video games are synthetic, virtual reality.

Tyrell’s company is a genetic engineering company, specializing in replicating reality to the point that when Deckard finds the scale from Zhora’s snake, he has to take it to a specialist to see if it’s real or synthetic.  Dick was amazingly prophetic in this regard, and not only was the foresight in regard to genetic manipulation prescient, the microscopic serial number on the snake scale even points to nanotechnology, far before it was well-known (in the Ted.com promo video of Scott’s at the bottom, Peter Weyland mentions nanotechnology).

SPOILER ALERT: No it's not an insane fan theory, Deckard really IS a replicant who is hunting down other replicants -- straight from director Ridley Scott. Here's another sci-fi canon spoiler -- 'the One' in the Matrix films isn't Neo, it's the out of control AI Agent Smith!

Mary Sean Young Red Ice Radio interview in 2012 about Bladerunner, David Lynch's Dune and another 2015 interview (note we don't agree with all the contents, but we find the actress' insights on her 'awakening' to the esoteric symbolism in these 1980s science fiction films interesting)

Rutger Hauer, who played Roy Batty "thirty years ago I saw the future" 2012

The future as 1940s/50s film noir and Dante's Inferno, and the Japanese as stand ins for a Chinese 21st century...

Technocrat wannabe 'god' kings: Australian actor Guy Pierce as the immortality seeking 'Peter Weyland' in a 'TED talk' promoting Prometheus

On the Edge of Bladerunner - an older documentary about the making of the 1982 classic sci-fi film

2002 Esper edition of the Bladerunner soundtrack by Vangelis, remastered:

Roy Batty's famous closing monologue at the climax of Bladerunner: