World leaders condemn Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and demand exercising restraint

Article_World leaders condemn Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and demand exercising restraint/Sarah Abed, political analyst

Article_World leaders condemn Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and demand exercising restraint/Sarah Abed, political analyst


World leaders condemn Turkey’s “Operation Peace Spring” and demand exercising restraint 

Erdogan claims military operation is not an invasion, andTurkey will support Syria’s territorial integrity while clearing Kurdish control on its southern borders.  

Sarah Abed, political analyst 

“Operation Peace Spring” Turkey’s third cross border military operation in northern Syria, in as many years, was initiated east of the Euphrates River, on Wednesday. Turkish armed forces began heavy air and artillery strikes targeting about 180-200Kurdish positions. Turkey’s Defense Ministry claims to have killed 174 YPG/PKK terrorists. However, this operation is much larger than expected at 300km wide and 50 kilometers deepaccording to some sources, and many major cities have been targeted, resulting in numerous innocent Syrian civilians’ deathsin residential areas.

Last Sunday night, The White House issued a statement, which some believe gave Turkey the green light to go through with its incursion against Kurdish militias on its border. In the White House statement, it states that President Donald J. Trump and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke on the phone and that US troops would not support or be involved in their military operation. The statement claims that Washington defeated ISISand is no longer needed there. It also mentions that the United States pressured his European allies to take back their terrorists because and that Turkey would now be responsible for them. 

Bipartisan disappointment and disapproval quickly followed the White House statement. Some were saying that Washington gave Turkey the green light to proceed with their planned military operation. There is some truth to that, Turkey wanted to make sure that US troops had vacated their border area before proceeding.

Following Ankara’s announcement on Saturday of an impending military operation, the SDF had said that they would respond to Turkey’s military operation with an all-out war and defend “their” land. However, thousands of Kurds fled their homes a few days after, some without a specific destination in sight. 

A mass exodus most likely due to their lack of faith in their militias being able to properly protect them. Some said they were headed to US military posts to seek protection. Last year Operation Olive Branch in Afrin proved that Kurdish militias cannot fend off a Turkish assault without US troop support. 

The fifty US troops that were stationed near or around Turkey’s border were given orders to evacuate further south and to not get involved in defending or helping the US-backed Kurdish SDF/YPG.  Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an announcement on Saturday that he would take measures into his own hands and create a safe-zone and refugee “peace corridor” after not being satisfied with the progress that was made with the United States in their creation.

A day after the airstrikes commenced, on Thursday, a land operation began using the recently merged terrorist factions numbering roughly 60,000 that consist of Free Syrian Army fighters. Many international leaders have spoken up about their opposition to these military operations and have asked the Turkish government to cease them, including the Syrian government but Turkey is pushing through. 

There’s been mention that Russia is in the process of organizing reconciliation talks between Turkey and Syria, which would be the first of their kind since diplomatic relations were severed in 2012.

On Thursday, the Syrian government ruled out talks with the Kurdish militias based on their betrayal and for committing crimes against the Syrian state and people. President Assad’s administration has not only given them many prior chances to repent and realign with the Syrian army but explained that ultimately, they will be discarded by the Trump administration and it’s in their best interest to cut those ties and return to peace and stability. 

Unfortunately, Kurdish militias found working as agents pushing a foreign agenda for the United States and Israel more appealing and profitable, even at the cost of their own dignity. It was a known fact that once they were betrayed for the umpteenth time by the United States that they would be running back to renegotiate but that door of opportunity might be closing soon, if it hasn’t already. 

According to a Norwegian official, Norway is suspending the delivery of arms to Turkey after its invasion of northeastern Syria.  World leaders from Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran, Russia, Australia, Japan etc. have spoken in condemnation of Turkey’s military operation stating it will undermine stability in the region and could provide the opportunity for a Daesh resurgence. 

Turkey’s Erdogan has threatened to open the door for 3.6 million Syrian refugees if European leaders continue to call his cross-border military operation an occupation.

President Trump has said Washington is not abandoning the Kurds, but they have been fighting with Turkey for “hundreds of years” and need to fight their own battles going forward. He also mentioned that ISIS will now be the responsibility of Kurdish and Turkish forces which is problematic, both sides have been known to recruit and take in extremists.  It’s been mentioned that 12,000 ISIS fighters in 7 prisons are now under Kurdish control. Some are worried that they might be set free or escape. President Trump believes that if they did escape, they would return to their home countries in Europe. 

Pulling out all illegal US, British and other foreign uninvited troops in the Middle East, is an excellent idea. President Trump said that the worst mistake the United States made was going to war in the Middle East based on false pretexts and lies. He will however face an uphill battle with the Pentagon and bipartisan political pariahs in Washington and Israel, which are all strong deterrents to his campaign promise.

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Sarah Abed, political analyst




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Chinese spy tech has reportedly been embedded into Amazon and Apple computer chips.


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Boris Johnson gives 'final deal' to Brussels

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Supreme Court Rules Suspension of Parliament Unlawful?

credit to: Johanna Ross, journalist

Supreme Court Rules Suspension of Parliament Unlawful,Johnson ‘strongly disagree’

The UK Brexit crisis deepens as the Prime Minister is found to have suspended Parliament unlawfully and misled the Queen, in a unanimous court judgement...

Johanna Ross, journalist

In a landmark ruling, the highest court of the United Kingdom, the Supreme Court, has decided that the instruction given to prorogue parliament for 5 weeks was ‘unlawful’. Summarising the verdict, Lady Hale said on Monday that ‘The decision to advise Her Majesty to prorogue Parliament was unlawful because it had the effect of frustrating the ability of Parliament to carry out its constitutional functions without reasonable justification.’

The judges therefore concluded that parliament has therefore not in fact not been prorogued, with Speaker John Bercow announcing that parliament would not be ‘recalled’ as such on Wednesday but would ‘resume’. 

It could not have been more of a blow for Boris Johnson and his cabinet. Only two months in the job, the Prime Minister has already lost his majority, including 22 MPs, lost every single vote to date in parliament and is now being accused of misleading the Queen herself. Having insisted that the prorogation of parliament was in order to set out a new legislative agenda in a Queen’s speech when MPs return to parliament, Johnson has been found to have used this as a way of avoiding scrutiny of his plans to engineer an exit from the EU on October 31st.  There are now calls for him to resign as his position is deemed untenable. Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said it was important that ‘no Prime Minister should believe they can act with impunity and remain in office when they have acted unlawfully’ and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said Johnson should now ‘consider his position’ given his ‘contempt for democracy and abuse of power’.

Yet speaking in New York Tuesday ahead of his speech to the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, Boris Johnson remained defiant. Far from flying home tomorrow for the resumption of parliament, he plans to continue with his schedule in New York, as if trying to avoid creating any impression of panic. He said he ‘strongly disagreed’ with the judgement and that he would still seek to prorogue parliament at some point in order to arrange a Queen’s speech. Furthermore, he said that ‘as the law stands’ the UK would still leave the EU on October 31st ‘come what may’.  This is despite a law having been passed earlier this month by parliament to prevent Johnson from taking the country out of Europe without a deal. 

The pressure is therefore now on Boris Johnson to get some kind of withdrawal agreement negotiated with the EU. And yet with issues such as the Irish backstop question still unresolved, no-one is holding out hope that he will succeed in getting a deal. EU negotiator Michel Barnier said on Monday that it was ‘difficult to see’ how a Brexit deal could be struck, particularly given what he considered to be ‘unacceptable’ changes that Johnson had proposed to the current draft agreement. He said that the UK government wanted, amongst other things, to get rid of the Irish backstop and to ‘change the way the internal market and border controls operate after Brexit’ - suggestions which he indicated the EU could not contemplate. 

The reality is that all paths to Brexit are currently being blocked by the UK Parliament and a way out is not yet clear. A deal seems unlikely to be struck and passed by parliament, a No Deal Brexit has been ruled out, and so has a general election for the very near future. What is looking more possible now is a second referendum on Brexit, or a ‘People’s Vote’ as its been termed, although it’s not clear how this would simplify matters. For to hold another Brexit vote is itself setting a precedent for not respecting the results of future referendums. And if the country were to vote again for Brexit, we would be back at square one in how to negotiate an exit. If, on the other hand, people voted against Brexit, it would leave a good proportion of the country feeling disenfranchised, as the last European elections demonstrated there is still a huge appetite for Brexit.

On Tuesday, at the Labour party conference, Jeremy Corbyn announced Labour plans, if elected to power, to negotiate a deal within three months which would then be put forward to the people in such a ‘People’s Vote’, alongside the option to remain in the EU. Currently it is the only party to suggest this - the Conservatives are set on leaving the EU by the end of October and the Liberal Democrats are now firmly campaigning to cancel Brexit altogether. What is also looking increasingly likely is that parliament will hold a vote of no confidence in Boris Johnson - which could happen as early as Wednesday. Boris is unlikely to win this under the circumstances, in which case he would have 14 days to try to win back MPs’s support in the Commons. If he doesn’t succeed, a general election would be called automatically.  However Labour’s Shami Chakrabati said that they would want first of all to secure a Brexit extension, before pursuing an election, so such a vote may not take place for weeks. 

What is not clear is how far Boris Johnson is willing to go to achieve his Brexit ‘come what may’. His rhetoric remains defiant, and he doesn’t indicate that he is in the least perturbed by accusations of misleading the Queen or suspending parliament unlawfully. Speaking to a reporter today he stressed that the ‘legal position’ is that the UK is leaving the EU on October 31st, despite parliament’s law to prevent this from happening. Would he prorogue parliament again and risk once again putting the Queen in an impossible position? Just exactly what Mr Johnson has up his sleeve is anyone’s guess, but judging by the last two months, this is someone prepared to take considerable risks and push our laws to the very limit. Putting not only his reputation, but that of party, country and even that of the Queen herself on the line, Johnson is testing the British constitution in a way it has never been tested before. And he’s not finished yet...

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