'W' Interview 10-20-2017 on Israel Hezbollah War 2

This opening paragraph should possibly be quoted in the article or the article referenced.

“Israel is working with Lockheed Martin and the F-35 Joint Program Office to maximize autonomy of its planned stealth fighter force, including its own command, control, communications and computing (C4) system, indigenous weaponry and the ability to perform heavy maintenance in country rather than at predetermined regional overhaul facilities.”

The issue that emanates from the bird strike directly relates to the legal license to crack open the skin of the aircraft and do heavy maintenance in country. That’s THE PRIMARY POINT THAT WILL BE ON TRUMPS DESK AND CONGRESS DESK, and Lockheed will need to agree to.

The computers are relatively minor.

- from an email by W the Intelligence Insider on the Israeli Air Force’s F35s being prepped for war
— https://www.defensenews.com/home/2016/04/04/israel-seeks-greater-autonomy-for-f-35-fighter-force/