Bring In a New Silk Road "Infrastructure" Policy for the New Year


It is long past time to vanquish this menace, and restore the U.S. to its founding identity, of what came to be known as the "American System" for the general welfare. The enemy is simply the "British System"—as seen in its current manifestation as the Wall Street/City of London tyranny, including their deadly geopolitical foreign policy schemes.

Thus, the fat's in the fire on the economy, as well as on political subversion. This puts the question of the science of political economy foremost, whose applied principles needed for the present time were laid out in 2014 by Lyndon LaRouche in his "Four Laws." Now they are in circulation, as an action plan, in the LaRouchePAC pamphlet, "LaRouche's Four Laws & America's Future on the New Silk Road."


In 35 days, Trump is to deliver his State of the Union address to Congress and the nation. There is no more lag time nor public forbearance left for simply hearing yet again about the virtues of rebuilding America and creating jobs. The action must begin. That is what is expected of Trump, who has pledged his conviction. On Jan. 6-7, Trump is set to meet at Camp David with Congressional leaders, including minimally Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan, on an infrastructure program, according to a Christmas Eve report from the White House legislative liaison Marc Short. The LaRouche "Laws" and "New Silk Road" are the only way to go.

Helga Zepp-LaRouche today cautioned that we are coming into a period where we must keep an open mind. There are two options—particularly in the Trans-Atlantic. There are those intent on defending the status quo, when that status quo is untenable. But secondly, there are those intent on moving forward toward the Belt and Road Initiative.

You want an "infrastructure" policy? It's the New Silk Road for the New Year!