Former Ukrainian Embassy Diplomat to U.S. Confirms Kiev Meddled Against Trump in 2016 Election, Babchenko Hoax Spotlights SBU's MH17 Fakes

Photo: Embassy of Ukraine in Washington D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood (Посольство України у Вашингтоні ) Source: WikiCommons

Photo: Embassy of Ukraine in Washington D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood (Посольство України у Вашингтоні ) Source: WikiCommons

Chalupa Sisters: The Ukraine Connection and Failure to Register as Foreign Agents Which Neither Mueller Nor the 'Trump Justice Department' Seem Interested In

With so much legal firepower aimed at Trump associates' links -- both real and imagined -- to a front line state in Cold War 2, one would think that a former Ukrainian diplomat confirming that Kiev’s Ambassador to the United States Valeriy Chaly meddled in the 2016 presidential elections would be a huge story. But the mainstream media appears incapable of acknowledging any foreign influence on the election -- other than the U.S. 'intelligence community assessment' (really a farce put together  by approximately 30 cherry picked analysts, mostly at the FBI and CIA) alleging a Russian hacking campaign in support of Trump. Flagrant British and Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 election, because it was in support of Hillary Clinton or working against Trump, has been overlooked -- even as the MSM highlights ties between the Trump camp and the anti-Iranian Mideast troika of Saudi-UAE-Israel.

The idea that Manafort is being jailed in part for failing to register as a foreign agent of Ukraine while numerous individuals guilty of the same crime walk free and indeed are celebrated members of #TheResistance on Twitter, is hard to swallow. But that's exactly what's happening. Manafort's real crime is that he received millions to support a government which was supposedly pro-Russian, yet signed the Association Agreement with the EU while the U.S. Embassy in Kiev was fully aware of Manafort and his partners activities. By contrast, Ukrainian meddling in U.S. elections on behalf of Hillary Clinton, and efforts to dredge up dirt on Trump from sources connected to the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and run out of Kiev's Embassy in Georgetown, have not faced any prosecution or federal investigation.

This is apparently the case even after Politico reported on the activities of the Chalupa sisters in January 2017, which they insist were not subject to the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) due to their unpaid status. Almost a year ago, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) wrote a letter to the Justice Department asking whether the Chalupas broke the law by failing to register as agents of the Ukrainian government. If there has been any response in the last twelve months from the DOJ on this topic, we haven't heard anything about it.

Both Chalupa sisters Alexandra and Andrea have at different times, offered contradictory accounts as to whether or not they were paid for their work to find dirt on Manafort and indirectly, Trump. The fact that the money for their services rendered to a foreign power's ambassador came through the Democratic National Committee, the same DNC which paid ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele through the cutouts of Fusion GPS and law firm Perkins Coie, does not absolve the Chalupas from failing to register as agents of a foreign power. Not when they went far beyond the typical bounds of journalism or issue advocacy by meeting directly with Ukrainian Embassy personnel at at 3350 M Street N.W.

Ukrainian Opposition Newspaper Publishes Interview with Former Ukrainian Diplomat to the USA, Andrey Telizhenko, Who Says Kiev's Ambassador to US Chaly Wanted Hillary to Win and Foolishly Crossed Lines Against Interfering in a Host Country's Politics

Thanks to 'Ollie Richardson's (likely a pseudonym) translating a interview into English, RogueMoney readers have the opportunity to read the candid thoughts of Andrey Telizhenko. Mr. Telizhenko lists his current occupation as a 'political consultant' in Canada and the U.S. Reading between the lines, and considering that's publisher Ihor Huzhva recently sought political asylum in Austria, we can deduce that Telizhenko is now aligned like Strana with the opposition to Petro Poroshenko.

The chocolate oligarch president of Ukraine who was elected to succeed Yanukovych following the anti-constitutional coup of February 2014. As for which clients Telizhenko consults for, it's unlikely he is speaking for former 'gas princess' oligarch and jailed ex-prime minister Yulia Timoshenko, who has been touted by some Ukraine watchers as capable of making a political comeback at Porosheko's expense. The next Ukrainian elections are scheduled for May 2019, but an early election scenario is highly plausible considering Poroshenko's sub single digit approval ratings. In the interview, Telizhenko speaks about Timoshenko's five minute meeting with Trump at a prayer breakfast.

After Poroshenko was received for a brief White House visit in June 2017, the BBC bizarrely insisted Michael Cohen, the soon to be indicted former Trump lawyer, was paid some sort of kickback from the Ukrainian government. An allegation Kiev strongly denied. Nonetheless, the willingness of the British taxpayer funded outlet to throw the pro-EU, pro-NATO government of Poroshenko under the bus in order to make an allegation against Cohen and by implication, Trump is interesting. So too, is the claim reported by conservative journalist Lee Stranahan that one of the Chalupa sisters boasted after the 2016 election about working with a group of hackers called 'The Protectors' to promote the Russia collusion story to federal agencies (more on these 'hackers' later). Stranahan alleges 'The Protectors' are linked to Brett Kimberlin, a convicted serial bomber. Mr. Kimberlin is an individual with no obvious means of support for many of the social causes he has taken up since his release from federal prison -- and thus an easy mark for conspirators needing a patsy.

Connections Between UK and Ukrainian Intelligence Influence Operations in the Media

It was Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller, who has done much to expose FBI corruption to protect Hillary Clinton and messages expressing agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page's plotting against Donald Trump, who first reported a meeting between Kimberlin and Alexandra Chalupa. Kimberlin appears to be a lifelong con artist, but one whose hoaxes, like a 1988 claim that he sold marijuana to then Vice Presidential nominee Dan Quayle during Quayle's college years, are sometimes useful to Democrat partisans. More relevant to RogueMoney readers and the entire RussiaGate concoction, is Alexandra Chalupa's work with journalist Michael Isikoff. Along with David Corn, Isikoff is the co-author of Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump. Isikoff and Corn are partisans for their source Christopher Steele, the former MI6 man who produced the 'dirty dossier' which was used in part as the basis for obtaining FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page. As such, Isikoff and Corn represent either witting or unwitting conduits for British information operations which overlapped with the CIA/MI6 sponsored SBU's own disinformation:

In a May 3, 2016 email released by WikiLeaks, Chalupa informed Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director at the time, that she had “been working with” Isikoff on stories involving Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s work in Ukraine. She also said she had invited Isikoff to a conference with dozens of Ukrainian journalists to discuss Manafort, a former consultant to Viktor Yanukovych, a former Ukrainian president allied with Vladimir Putin.

Days before Chalupa’s email, Isikoff published an in-depth report on an ill-fated business partnership between Manafort and a Russian oligarch allied with Putin named Oleg Deripaska.

In her email, Chalupa hinted to Miranda of “a big Trump component…that will hit in next few weeks.” She also claimed that she was being targeted in state-sponsored computer hacking attempts because of her research on Manafort.

According to Politico, Chalupa was paid $412,000 for consulting work from 2004 through June 2016. The last payment was made on June 20 for $25,000, records filed with the Federal Election Commission show.

-- The Daily Caller

According to American journalist working in Donbass George Eliason, the Chalupas are tied not only to the DNC and Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), but to Atlantic Council fellow and 'Democratic National Committee was hacked by Fancy Bear Russian military intelligence hackers' theory proponent Dmitry Alperovitch of Crowdstrike. Since his big splash two years ago, Mr. Alperovitch and his McAfee offshoot cyber-security firm Crowdstrike have been scarce in media reports defending the U.S. intelligence community's January 2017 assessment that the state sponsored Russian hackers Crowdstrike dubbed 'Fancy Bear' breached the DNC servers and released a trove of emails to the world via Wikileaks.

James Clapper, the unindicted perjurer who used to lead the NSA before becoming Director of National Intelligence (DNI), asserted last week that U.S. spy agencies had identified an intermediary between the Russian hackers and Wikileaks, but wouldn't reveal to Isikoff and Yahoo News who it is. Seventeen months have passed since Clapper left his job as DNI, and just about every other aspect of the Russia investigation has leaked to the New York Times or Washington Post, yet the identity of this cutout somehow remains undisclosed. Julian Assange and Kim Dotcom have maintained that the emails came from a DNC insider, with Dotcom naming his online contact 'Panda' aka murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich as Wikileaks' source.

SBU Forgeries and Fakes Targeting American Politics, from MH17 to Manafort

Another point of contact between British and Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) efforts to influence American politics was the so-called black ledger, produced well after Manafort became President Trump's campaign chairman, listing payments to Manafort which was supposedly discovered by a Ukrainian lawmaker. The ledger received extensive coverage and the Associated Press in April 2017 reportedly authenticated some of the payments to Manafort listed on it. But Manafort insisted he was never paid in cash and the payouts AP reported were for legitimate consulting work.

Other parts of the ledger promoted by Ukrainian lawmaker Serhiy Leshchenko, Manafort contended, were forgeries. By March 2018, the Democrat deep state rag The Daily Beast was reporting that Kiev had dropped its investigation into the black ledger, in part to patch up relations with the Trump Administration, after Poroshenko's Ambassador Chaly had so openly sided with the Chalupas and the Democrats in 2016. The quid pro quo, the taxpayer funded BBC would later allege, was American Javelin anti-tank missiles shipped to the Ukrainian Army in return for Poroshenko's government ceasing to cooperate with special counsel Mueller's investigation into money laundering by Manafort -- though no proof of said arrangement has been produced.

According to defectors from the SBU to the Russian-backed Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics, a major part of the intelligence agency's work is creating fabrications or forgeries that can be blamed on Russia. The SBU's pattern of fakery, dating back to its obfuscation of how the mysterious snipers who shot both Berkut riot policemen and anti-Yanukovych activists all easily slipped away from armed Maidan fighters in February 2014, did not receive any attention in legacy least before the SBU faked the slaying of activist Arkady Babchenko.

As the Russian Analyst wrote after Babchenko's return from the dead, and the Ukrainian government and anti-Russia activists had blamed Moscow for his faked slaying, the Babchenko hoax threatens to open a can of worms for Western journalists. The Russian government can now say, that if the SBU were willing to fake Babchenko's killing, why would they not lie and fake evidence to blame Russia for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17? Perhaps this is why the Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke, in an interview published around the same time Babchenko's slaying was being revealed as an SBU false flag operation, expressed his doubts that the Joint Investigative Team (JIT) led by the NATO member Dutch and including the Ukrainian government, had proven Russia's guilt in the shoot down.

In response, the Anglo-American media totally ignored Loke's refusal to blame the Russians, while Australian media gave Loke's comments scant coverage and emphasized Kuala Lumpur's boilerplate statements about obtaining justice for the victims --- none of which mentioned Russia. Dutch 'citizen journalist' Marcel van den Berg, who promotes the Anglo-American open source intelligence (disinformation) group Bellingcat on Twitter, posted a blog post blaming the Malaysians for siding with Moscow and leaking contents of JIT briefings, allegedly earning the mistrust of both the Dutch and the Ukrainians (nevermind that there was no inherent reason why the NATO member Dutch ought to have led the investigation in the first place, as Malaysia lost more victims than any other country and it was their national flag airliner which was shot down).

In the days after MH17 was lost with all souls aboard, SBU were caught by Russian bloggers posing Ukrainian BUK surface to air missiles (SAMs) as the BUK from Russia, which Deputy Interior Minister Anton Geraschenko immediately fingered as the culprit within minutes of the catastrophe. The YouTube video posted in July 2014 shows clear evidence of clumsy cuts to the audio of a separatist commander, with several words partially chopped from the stream. SBU's dark arts of audio manipulation appear to have improved since then, such that three weeks ago Ukrainian and British intelligence's favorite Internet breadcrumb collector Bellingcat released what it said was a recording. Bellingcat's Leicster, UK based couch potato leader Eliot Higgins claimed the audio proved that a GRU (Russian military intelligence officer) was in charge of the lone BUK sent to Donbass from Russia's 53rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade in Kursk.

The logical question of why it took three and a half years to identify the speakers from SBU intercepted recordings of Oleg Vladimirovich Ivannikov's (reported call sign 'Orion') phone calls to a subordinate is supposedly explained in this McClatchy story. But the drawn out chronology makes more sense if SBU were playing with the NSA/GCHQ captured authentic portion of the Russian audio, inserting their own dubbing or distortions into it, in order to make Ivannikov look guilty for MH17. In 2016 two years after the shoot down the JIT asked for the public's help in identifying what we're now told is Ivannikov's voice.

Map of US/NATO training grounds in Ukraine compared to the former 'anti-terror operation' (ATO) zone declared around rebellious Lugansk and Donetsk regions, where the breakaway LPR and DPR have stymied Ukrainian Army and volunteer battalions forces for four years. Source:

Map of US/NATO training grounds in Ukraine compared to the former 'anti-terror operation' (ATO) zone declared around rebellious Lugansk and Donetsk regions, where the breakaway LPR and DPR have stymied Ukrainian Army and volunteer battalions forces for four years. Source:

More Reports About a Pending Ukrainian 'World Cup Offensive' to Sacrifice Ukraine's Soldiers for the Sake of Maintaining the Weakening EU Sanctions Pressure on Russia

Regardless of exactly HOW the Ukrainians faked the audio and video used by the NATO-funded Bellingcat-ters and the JIT to claim Russia shot down MH17, the core problem is that their case rests on the integrity of the same SBU that recently admitted to faking Babchenko's 'death' (even if Kiev insisted it did so to catch the intermediary to hire the Ukrainian intelligence asset 'hitmen' Moscow sent). It is becoming increasingly obvious four years later that, for all the JIT's bluster about 'justice', no one will ever see the inside of a court room inc connection with the aviation disaster. In part, because any competent defense counsel would immediately insist on his right to cross examine Ukrainian air defense and air force commanders regarding alibis for their BUK SAM launchers and jets on July 17, 2014. Perhaps because the JIT's latest presser and Bellingcat 'Orion' evidence dump, timed around the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, proved to be weak weapons against the World Cup spectacle, desperate measures are required to maintain the facade of U.S./EU unity on anti-Russia sanctions.

President Trump's whirlwind performance at the G7, where he rhetorically asked why Russia was not invited to rejoin the club, and received a second from Italy's new Prime Minister to that motion, as well as POTUS alleged comments in Quebec that Crimea is Russian by language if not ethnicity, do not sit well with the US-UK deep state. This group still sees Ukraine as a useful battlefront in the Cold War 2 struggle -- even if that status has been superseded to some extent by Russia's commitment to Syria.

Reports that Russian coast guard and naval assets increased security around the newly completed Kerch bridge to Crimea this week, suggest that Moscow takes the threat of Ukrainian provocations very seriously. So too, do the Russian television reports that Kiev has been moving artillery and armor up to the contact line, just in time for a major offensive while the world is watching the soccer championships in Russia.