Trump Confounds the Nuclear Warmongers; Now For the Wall Street Free-Traders!

As Lyndon LaRouche wrote 15 years ago "On the Subject of Tariffs and Trade," the example of NAFTA is sufficient to illustrate that free trade ruined the United States, economically and socially. You don't attack free trade without imposing Glass-Steagall separation on Wall Street banks, cutting off currency speculation, and issuing mutual credit for development to your trading partners, which increases your trade with them. Without that, tariffs are straws in the wind; they can't be spun into the gold of "fair trade."

President Trump's tariff actions against China may have the well-intention-ed motivation expressed in his Twitter messages — to force a better economic "deal" between America and China, with a more balanced trade. But even if so, they have NO chance of bringing that about. Amid raging and unregulated, unrestrained global financial speculation centered in the City of London's financial empire — and with a financial blowout of un-payable "high-yield" debt looming — tariffs between two leading global economic powers are impotent and futile. China is right on that point.

Let's not forget NAFTA's "first act": Mexico's devaluation in December 1994; the peso's "Tequila crisis" of 1995, a $52 billion U.S. credit line to bail out Mexican banks so that they could all immediately be taken over by City of London and Wall Street banks. That was the launch of the process of impoverishment, drug traffic, emigration, accelerated American de-industrialization, unemployment and social demoralization, derangement of American agriculture; the "ruin" LaRouche referred to.

Trump says he may tariff all Chinese products? More than $5 trillion/day in unregulated global currency speculation, in its City of London and Wall Street centers, will neuter that. It will successively devalue first the yuan, then the dollar, then the yuan again, and so on. It will wreak inflation and more depressed wages on America, cut China's ability to issue credit, and threaten the great projects of the Belt and Road Initiative. That is until it triggers the threatening financial blowout, a worse collapse than that of 2007-08.

The President wants a new trade agreement with Mexico, and we can start by making that one really "fair trade": Break up the Wall Street banks that own the Mexican banks; ban dollar/peso speculation; issue — as Mexico's President-elect Lopez Obrador has proposed — credit for rail, water supply, power development, desalination and new weather technologies, in Mexico and into Central America; export machine capital goods to Mexico.

The best, probably indispensable partner to the United States and Mexico in doing all this, will be China.

But the process consists in using what LaRouche called, in 2014, "Four New Laws To Save the Nation."


What Can Follow the Final Death of 'Russiagate' July 24, 2018

Take it as indicative that neither Rep. Steny Hoyer, a "moderate" Democratic leader speaking in Washington, today, nor Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes, "left liberal" Democratic headliners speaking on national television, yesterday, said anything about the U.S. economy. And obviously, nothing about the burgeoning "everything bubble" of debt built up by the central banks, which is threatening imminently to blow out the U.S. and much of the world economy again, unless stopped by Glass-Steagall, which the latter two Democratic luminaries supposedly promote.

And this void, four months before a national election.

Indicative, that is, that this contest — so far — is simply the same attempt to 'Russiagate' and impeach President Trump, in an electoral form. With exception of the extraordinary campaign of Kesha Rogers in Houston, and handfuls of other candidates in contact and collaboration with LaRouchePAC about LaRouche's "four laws," nothing is being offered to raise wages at last, to raise productivity, to stop the addiction scourges, the falling lifespans of Americans — and restart progress.

But there is now the clear potential to escalate and finish off 'Russiagate' finally, even well before that election. Even the latest round of Congressional advanced hysteria and media "Trump derangement" has resulted, again, in further raising the President's support and approval in the public. Those London stalwarts, the "intelligence chiefs" — Brennan, Comey, et al. — are now so far out on an unconstitutional limb, that any real escalation of the fight, including by the President, cuts the limb off and sees their prosecution approaching.

The defense of the Presidency we have waged against the London financial/intelligence empire's 'Russiagate', can succeed completely. If so, it opens up not just peace negotiations at the series of "impossible summits" — especially the next Trump-Putin meeting — but a true peace concept based on the one advanced in several forms by Lyndon LaRouche over half a century, and now called the World Land-Bridge or, by China, the Belt and Road Initiative.

Thus far it is not the President, but the LaRouche movement which knows the means to combat London's financial empire of speculation, and establish long-term rapid growth of productivity, scientific potentials, and high-technology infrastructure and industry. That is the purpose of LaRouche's four laws, as he formulated them in 2014, and of collaboration on the new economic paradigm with China.

A very active defender of President Trump sent it out this way yesterday, using the initials for "Make America Great Again": To @POTUS @realDonaldTrump: 'Mexico wants "respect, friendship & focused on development cooperation." More developed Mexico, fewer people will leave their country in search of work.' Time for Belt & Road in W. Hemisphere! #MAGA

This is the best sort of motivation for finishing off 'Russiagate' for good, now.