Major Changes Can Keep Coming, Trump And Xi Can Solve Both Trade and Immigration

The United States needs to avoid trade war with China, tariff damage to its agricultural sector, and more — it must avoid being politically polarized again over immigration from Ibero-America. It is easy for Democrats to scandalize, in order to raise funds and hope to win elections. And easy for Republicans to temporize and act upset in public. Both know that they are proposing no solution, no workable policy.

But there is a solution, breaking the static rules of party politics and geopolitics.

The President can negotiate the avoidance of trade war, by agreeing with President Xi Jinping of China that the two nations will jointly develop Ibero-America through credit for major new infrastructure projects, and agro-industrial development. In other words, join and bring in the Belt and Road. That is the only basis on which the desperation triggers for mass migration to the United States can be removed.

But more: U.S. high-technology exports to the countries of Ibero-America will take off. U.S. exports to China will rise. The insurance multinational ING has just published a study forecasting that the Belt and Road Initiative will raise global trade by 12-15%; trade of countries right on the New Silk Road transport corridors, by much more. Who needs tariffs?

The principles of Helga LaRouche's call for action are simply the principles of the Singapore summit: The past doesn't determine the future. The "boundary rules" which kept crises frozen for decades, don't apply. And since President Trump has engaged the United States in Asia, where history is being made, the solutions to crises are possible everywhere.

Needed now, as she said, are the people to make them.

Child Abuse Hypocrites! What Evil, Genocidal Twaddle
by LaRouchePAC Tuesday, June 19, 2018

It is no accident that the hoked up image of Donald Trump heartlessly ripping crying children away from their mothers becomes the predominant media and political theme on the same day that the coup against Donald Trump is dealt huge and significant blows by the Justice Department Inspector General in testimony before the Congress. In fact, to make the point, the Democrats interrupted that hearing with catcalls about internment camps and other political theater.

The confrontation on our southern border is hardly a new problem. Since 2016, 110,000 children and 200,000 Central American families have entered the United States illegally. President Obama used forceful measures to stop this but his apparent “cruelty” escaped media attention. Ask the crazed Democrats what they have done about the genocidal conditions in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, countries which have been turned into failed narco states ruled by violent gangs in a murderous replica of the feudalism and marches of death which characterized the Middle Ages. These are the same Democrats who avidly support the drugging of the citizens of the United States. These are the same Democrats who have no plan for the economic growth which would actually solve the problem but instead play the fake game of “identity politics” in which people of color are set against “recalcitrant” white people in a war of each against all. Under conditions of economic turbulence, these are the people who are lighting the fuse of new genocides. In Europe, thousands have risked their lives to flee the certainty of war and death in Northern Africa while a corrupt, morally hectoring, and actually racist EU saddles the struggling Italian and Greek economies with supporting and sustaining them.

In August of 1971, the City of London succeeded in destroying the gold reserve monetary system and restructuring the world’s economy as a casino, operating to its sole benefit. A new class of professional managerial elites was set up to maintain a world-wide zero population growth regime in which the rich got much richer and everyone else was sucked into servitude of one sort or another. Economic development of the world, creating productive jobs in the United States and other advanced countries, fundamental research and development and the scientific discovery required for sustained economic growth, these fundamental planks of actual humanism, were abandoned. In their place was a social structure in which the developing countries were put in a permanent state of chaos and war and the classes of people deemed entitled to wealth in the advanced sector was shrunk to the upper 1 and 2% of the population.

A huge part of this plan was competition for fewer and fewer jobs and lower and lower costs of labor, world-wide. Immigrants fleeing certain death and suffering in countries deliberately starved of actual development by the IMF and World Bank, were driven to undertake life-threatening journeys into the advanced sector, driving wages down even further in the new host countries. There was inevitable and absolutely predictable resentment from the former middle and working classes in the host countries as they descended into the gig economy and poverty. Among the new arrivals were murderous gangsters, such as MS-13, who brought their brand of vicious killing and rape to their new “homes.” The entirely fake and completely unnecessary “immigration” issue, with all its racist and deadly connotations, was created and continues to be played by the puppet masters.

Lyndon LaRouche forecast that August of 1971 was going to happen when no one else saw it coming. He has spent his entire life fighting against its consequences and bringing a new system into being. Now, there is a new spirit loose in the world as a result of the initiative undertaken by China to develop the world, an initiative reflecting LaRouche’s ideas for large-scale infrastructure and city building projects to bring humanity into a living situation worthy of the human character. This spirit, and the bold determination of Donald Trump, are responsible for averting possible nuclear war with North Korea. LaRouche’s wife, Helga Zepp LaRouche, in a recent statement, points to this spirit as the solution to the immigration and refugee crisis. China, Russia, the United States, and India should, right now, enter into a new four power agreement to undertake joint ventures to develop Africa, Central America, and the other underdeveloped areas of the world. In Central America, this means also an all out effort to eliminate the drug gangs, and their international banking sponsors, while bringing millions into a modern economy and out of poverty and certain early death.

Here in the United States, LaRouche PAC, Lyndon LaRouche’s political action committee, has undertaken a campaign to “steal the base” out from under every Congressional and Senate candidate in the 2018 midterms. We are seeking constituency leaders who will sign a pledge to end the coup against Donald Trump and to implement Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery: Glass-Steagall banking separation, a credit system funding essential infrastructure and technological advances, direction of the credit from that system only into projects which will raise living standards and the productivity of the population, a crash program to develop fusion power, a transformational energy source.

Our foreign policy should be centered on joining China and other willing partners in developing the war ravaged and deliberately failed economies of the former “third world.” We are building a mass movement which will only support candidates based on this program. The opportunity before us now is huge. Everyone we encounter desires to overturn and end the old decrepit system, no matter how much its overlords squeal. The question is, what kind of future should we build? We ask you to join us in this great adventure. Join us. Volunteer for LaRouche PAC’s Campaign to Secure the Future now.

Senator on Comey, FBI Conduct: ‘None of This Is Normal, Folks’

June 18, 2018 (EIRNS)—Senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley tore into FBI Director Christopher Wray and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz in testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Grassley, today. Both used the text messages by FBI case agent Peter Strzok and his lover, then Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s lawyer Lisa Page, and other senior agents, to point out that it was a fallacy of composition to find no political bias in the original DOJ decision not to charge Hillary Clinton under the espionage statute for her use of a private email server to transmit classified information. That decision was made unilaterally by James Comey in July 2016 shortly before the Trump investigation was formally handed to the FBI by British intelligence.

The other hearing headline is IG Horowitz’s confirmation that former FBI Director James Comey is under investigation for leaking classified information after being fired from the FBI.

Grassley pointed out that the Clinton investigation, contrasted with the Trump investigation, more than demonstrated political bias. He documented how the Justice Department employed unheard-of softness in the Clinton investigation while adopting a “scorched-earth” policy against Trump. Contrary to repeated efforts by the Democrats to get Horowitz to say that he found no political bias whatsoever in the Clinton investigation, the Inspector General reiterated that he did find concerning bias in the decision to prioritize the Trump investigation in late September and October 2016, when the FBI in New York found huge numbers of new classified documents requiring reopening the Clinton investigation on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The FBI’s senior management attempted to sit on this new information about Clinton while relentlessly pursuing Trump, and was only stopped when outraged FBI agents in New York exposed the perfidy in Washington.

Graham’s attack was most noteworthy and entertaining and his questioning of Horowitz is available on YouTube. The Senator from South Carolina began: “I’m going to read this text from Page to Strzok on August 8, after he [Trump] got the nomination. She says, ‘Trump is not ever going to become president, right? Right?’ Strzok responded, ‘No, no, he’s not. We’ll stop it.’ I don’t know how you feel about that, that’s pretty unnerving. So the head guy looking at Clinton on August 8 says, ‘We have to stop Trump.’ Now, was that just idle talk? A week later, here’s what they say to each other. Strzok text message to Lisa Page: ‘I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration to Andy’s office, that there’s no way he gets elected, but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.’ That’s a week later. So you have the deputy director meeting with the lead investigator of the Clinton e-mail investigation and Miss Page, who is involved somehow, meeting in Andy’s office discussing taking out an insurance policy to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t become president. Is that what you’re telling us?”

Horowitz replied that while McCabe couldn’t remember whether he was in the meeting, Strzok said he was. “So one of them is lying,” Graham interjected. “So I want you to reopen this investigation and come back and tell us, do you believe Strzok or do you believe McCabe? ... None of this is normal, folks.”

The Inspector General will appear with Director Wray before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, June 19.

Donald Trump: A U.S. President Unbound [Deep State laments they won't stop Trump-Putin summit after the President's successful peace talks with North Korea - JWS]

June 18, 2018(EIRNS)—” ’There’s no stopping him,” from meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a senior Administration official familiar with the internal deliberations on a Trump-Putin meeting told The New Yorker’s Susan Glasser, who reported that statement in her June 15 article: “He’s going to do it. He wants to have a meeting with Putin, so he’s going to have a meeting with Putin.”

Following the meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un, President Trump is dismissing advisors’ warnings about the political dangers of such a meeting, given the Special Counsel’s investigations of Russian influence. Trump, Glasser reports, “jubilantly” declared his meeting with Kim Jong-un to be a “historic” encounter that will lead to the end of the North Korean nuclear weapons program. “Now Russia experts inside and outside the U.S. government are bracing themselves for a formal announcement of the summit, which is likely to happen as early as July, when Trump will be in Europe for the annual meeting of the NATO alliance,” Glasser writes.

Negotiations got serious after Trump ignored his aides’ “DO NOT CONGRATULATE” all-capitals warning in his post-Russian election phone call with Putin in March. Trump invited Putin to the White House, but Glasser reports that Putin didn’t want to come to Washington, preferring to meet in a third-party location. So, Putin asked Austria’s new Chancellor Sebastian Kurz to arrange the summit for Vienna, which the White House is considering. Trump has ordered his staff to plan the Putin summit soon, perhaps as soon as Trump’s July trip to Europe for the NATO summit. “Trump’s pursuit of a one-on-one with Putin mirrors his spur-of-the-moment decision to meet with the North Korean leader; a major policy move carried out in spite of his advisors, not because of them, and with little genuine support from either Republicans or Democrats,” Glasser reports.

“Trump ... has increasingly acted like a President unbound, undeterred by the troublesome politics that would make a Putin summit unimaginable at this point in any other Presidency.”