Trump Versus Durbin: Who is the Real Hypocrite Fostering Institutional Racism? Why is this Happening Now?

Dick Durbin, the guy now leading the attack against Donald Trump as a racist, is a full throated supporter of NAFTA and other Wall Street generated free trade, Malthusian economic schemes. These schemes have driven U.S. manufacturing jobs into Mexico and other locations because of cheap labor. These schemes and the drug legalization policies of the Democrats have turned Mexico, El Salvador, and other Latin American nations into criminal hell holes where drug gangs control whole cities and no one is safe from violence. Huge sections of those educated and skilled individuals necessary to an economic revival have fled. Describing the actual present circumstances in these countries in graphic language is mild.

The present hellish situation is the result of deliberate U.S. policies for population control in developing nations formalized by the 1970s proposals of Henry Kissinger in National Security Study 200 and the Zbigniew Brzezinski endorsed Paddock Plan. These plans for systemic genocide were implemented and, were, truly, bipartisan. Both were premised on the murderous argument that development increases population growth, creating an impediment to systemic exploitation of natural resources by the advanced sector’s post-industrial buccaneers.

The phony open versus closed borders debate was formalized in the 1980s with both controlled “sides” in that debate adhering to passionate views with little factual basis. Lyndon LaRouche intervened repeatedly, specifying the solution, particularly using immigration from Mexico, as his policy exemplar. See, e.g., Growth Approach Is Key To Immigration LawLaRouche: Use PLHINO Project To Solve Immigration Crisis. The solution is capital intensive infrastructure projects on both sides of the border. The solution is physical economic development rather than schemes which loot all participants to the benefit of Wall Street. LaRouche PAC has campaigned for the economic development of Haiti, emphasizing large scale infrastructure. The silence from the Democrats in response told us all we needed to know about the hypocrites pontificating about race. Instead of development, Haiti got looted by Obama and Clinton, maintained in primitive medieval status dependent on handouts of food and medicine by periodically concerned liberals.

To our delight, China has now undertaken a plan for full economic development of Africa and West Asia. France has just announced that it wants to join China in this great project. All economies participating in this effort will profit highly, not only in physical economic terms but in terms of the creative spark and optimism generated in the primarily youthful populations of the African continent. Instead of functioning under the constraints imposed by the IMF and colonial regimes, Africa will, instead, flourish with high speed rail projects, new and beautiful cities, dams and large scale water management projects. People will want to stay there because the future is being built there.

Isn’t it time that Washington’s fevered Democrats ended their hypocritical, phony, and criminal race posturing? Most sentient humans understand what it is and why it is occurring now. Isn’t it time that those actually concerned about these issues fully embraced LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Development and fought tooth and nail to get the United States into China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a full participant?