Breaking EU and Merkel's Downfall

Famous G7 2018 photograph by: German government pool photographer Jesco Denzel. To Democrats and Atlanticist Republicans, Merkel is the voice of reason in this shot, whereas to Trump's supporters and more honest observers of 'the West', Trump's body language expresses his disdain for the 'values' of 'global governance' and the costs to ordinary from the massive trade deficits which have kept allies/vassals happy to remain in the American empire.

Famous G7 2018 photograph by: German government pool photographer Jesco Denzel. To Democrats and Atlanticist Republicans, Merkel is the voice of reason in this shot, whereas to Trump's supporters and more honest observers of 'the West', Trump's body language expresses his disdain for the 'values' of 'global governance' and the costs to ordinary from the massive trade deficits which have kept allies/vassals happy to remain in the American empire.

The Trump Team's Open Euroskepticism and America "Going Its Own Way"

For all Trump’s alleged madness, trusting ‘the plan’ as the QAnon persona says means noticing that the Administration is deliberately accelerating certain processes — the rise of Visegrad ‘New Europe’ as opposed to the Franco-German ‘old Europe’ (to use the fifteen year old terminology of former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld), the centrifugal spinout of the European Union — which have been underway for years. From the campaign onward, the fact that Trump's circle of advisers were euroskeptic, if not outright adversaries of the European Union were plain to see -- the warm friendship with middle aged Brexit badboy Nigel Farage, and the potential nomination of EU opponent Ted Malloch to become the U.S. Ambassador to the supranational bloc's Brussels headquarters. Since his big post-inaugural splash on the British networks, Mr. Malloch has dropped out of the public eye, and earlier this year was subject to aggressive questioning by special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators upon arrival to Boston Logan Airport. Mr. Malloch says FBI agents confiscated his mobile phone, after he was interrogated about his relationship with another informal Trump adviser in Roger Stone, and denied any contacts with Russian government officials.

Amb. Grenell and the Spectre of Trump Team Sponsored Putsch Against Merkel

The words of newly appointed Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, an openly gay man who celebrated European populist conservatives rise in an interview with Breitbart, raised hackles in Berlin and across the German media. Former Social Democrats chief and colorless Eurocrat Martin Schulz denounced Grenell as a "right wing colonial officer". Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut suggested Grenell was politicizing his post, heedless to the irony that Grenell's conduct while provocative were mostly words, and did not involve directly participating in anti-government demonstrations and scheming to overthrow a foreign government like Obama's Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Geoff Pyatt did in Ukraine. But the mere thought that one of the richest, most economically successful U.S. allies could be treated a bit like the lesser relations Ukrainians had to be galling for German elites. Even if some of the elites around Merkel, in the guise of the 'non-partisan' German Marshall Fund, had done some meddling of their own in American politics via the GMF funded 'Alliance for Securing Democracy', fronted by the anti-Trump ex-FBI agent Clint Watts.

The Trans-Atlantic Split Has Been a Long Time Coming --
Trump Just Stomped on the Accelerator to Speed It Up

RogueMoney readers and the generally alt-media savvy know that the Anglo-American 'deep state' planned the EU for decades starting with the Bilderberg meetings of the 1950s. From the beginning the European project (which had many antecedents including Napoleon and Hitler's brief empires) was intended to cement Anglo-American dominance of the Continent, with the British in a very junior role and the Germans allowed to take on a more prominent position after the reunification in 1990. Tensions over the French pullout from NATO under De Gaulle and fleeting Gaullist dreams of 'Europe' emerging as a counterweight to the U.S. and Soviet superpowers existed during the last Cold War era, but the demographic and corporatist realities of European politics precluded any serious EU challenge to American dominance. Even when the EU would resist American genetically modified organisms or defend Airbus against litigation from Boeing at the World Trade Organization (WTO), these spats did not represent serious splits in the Atlantic bloc.

Only with George W. Bush's expanded 'War on Terror' favoring the "New Europe" of Poland and the Baltic states with black sites blooming in these countries prior and after the very unpopular invasion of Iraq did the first serious cracks appear, with then French President Jacques Chirac and German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder openly siding with Russian President Vladimir Putin against the war and the Bush White House. Schroeder would go on to a lucrative retirement job as a friend of Putin's on the board of Nordstream and other major German-Russian joint ventures -- a living embodiment of Russian elites desire to woo Germany out of subservience to the Anglo-American Empire. For Italy, Berlusconi plays the same hate figure role among Russophobic Atlanticists as one of the European "traitors" supporting Putin's perfidy. Barack Obama's election in 2008 with the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to the President for being elected while black and the pretense that the U.S. was listening to Europeans more even while waging war alongside an Anglo-French coalition in Libya papered over the cracks -- but only for some time. The financial crisis exposed the European Central Bank (ECB) as an incompetent but predatory body, with the bail ins directed against Russian offshore capital in Cyprus and the austerity tightening on Greece serving not just as financial systemic sandbagging but also geopolitical aims.

Even before the seismic 2016 UK and U.S. elections, the Americans' failure to draw Russia into a full fledged occupation after a State Dept/CIA sponsored coup in Ukraine, followed by forceful Russian intervention in Syria blocking Qatari gas to Europe pipeline plans, had created a certain desperation in Atlanticist elites. Individuals whose only careers had been made in politics or well-compensated EU bureaucracy, for which they expected to be richly rewarded with lifelong pensions or board memberships, suddenly found after Brexit and Trump's election a world they were not expecting. In particular, a backlash against the open borders floodgates, including from impoverished African countries where no wars are currently taking place, is sweeping the Continent.

The response of these Davos Men (as Malloch contemptuously called them, echoing the late Harvard Prof. Samuel P. Huntington) and Women has been nothing short of furious, with that fury now slowly turning to acceptance that the Mueller soft coup is failing, even if #TheResistance and #NeverTrump rubes on Twitter refuse to admit it. Atlantic Council fellows go through the motions of denouncing Russia, praising Ukraine as at least a potential if not actual alternative to the Kremlin's corruption, and denouncing (false flag) chemical attacks in Syria. For these people, numbering only a few hundred in the core group, the worst is yet to come. Open defiance of the Russia sanctions Merkel has championed is emerging in the Austro-Hungarian-Italian alignment to which Mr. Seehofer's rich heimat Bavaria is inexorably linked.

Those who see the writing on the wall, like Emanuel Macron and the strange giraffe necked woman Christine Lagarde, flew to St Petersburg's International Economic Forum to air kiss and hug Putin. Others will have to learn the harder way, and to do so not at the hands of Putin, but from the populist European politicians Trump has inspired.As Russian TV accurately crowed, the much ballyhooed by the State Department 'isolation' of Russia's 'gas station of an economy' is now a punchline -- everyone of America's major allies, including Abe of Japan, Moon Jae-In of South Korea, Israel's Netanyahu and of course, Saint Angela and the Atlanticist touted former Rothschild banker Macron have been meeting in recent weeks with Putin.

Merkel_Der Untergang.JPG

Der Untergang: Merkel and German Atlanticists Defending the Bundestag and Bunker from the Pro-Russian Populist/Trumpist Hordes

In the much parodied German war film Der Untergang (Downfall) a group of Nazi loyalists huddle in a bunker around a haggard, ranting Hitler, alternatively detached from reality or determined to die in their own way, rather than from a Soviet bullet or Allied hangman's noose. The shreiking of the Atlanticist press including Germany's Der Spiegel is approaching a crescendo, much like a manic hysteric shortly before they are sedated. You know things are weird when the ultra-nationalist court jester of Russian politics Vladimir Zhirinovsky is making more sense in his ramblings about Trump than Germany's leading news magazine. Because there is a simple follow up question to the denunciation of Trump as Germany's "enemy in the White House" by Der Spiegel's Stefan Kuzmany: whaddya gonna do about it Germans?

If Kuzmany took his own rhetoric about Trump being the enemy of the free world and all human decency seriously, he would have to consider Germany radically reconsidering whether it ought to allow a country that elected such a vile leader to continue having massive military bases and nuclear weapons on German soil. But therein is the rub, exposing Kuzmany's article for the temper tantrum that it is: any action to seriously sever ties would be considered a 'gift to Putin' and thereby must be avoided. Even if U.S. forces leaving Germany would quickly decamp to neighboring Poland, which is happy to pay billions of euros to accommodate the Americans -- even if this makes them targets for Russian conventional and nuclear missiles.

Cognitive dissonance, of course, is nothing new in German philosophy or politics. Neither is the sense of being encircled by hostile powers, now ironically indulged in by Germans who claim to be the most liberal representatives of their eternal war-guilt warped society. Still with Germans among hundreds of thousands singing Russia's praises over a wonderful World Cup showcase, laughing at the British press that predicted soccer hooligans and riot police preying on foreigners in Putin's Mordor, the Russians have good reason to feel confident the world is turning their way.

Trump's intent may be to force manufacturing jobs back to the U.S., strengthen the dollar by at first beggaring the emerging markets and later the EU, and pumping enough oil to buy the petrodollar precious time. But Gorbachev's intent as Russian analysts observe below was also to save his faltering country as a superpower, not to unleash the forces that unraveled the USSR. Since 'Gorby' agreed to let the Wall come down and for the Soviet Red Army to peacefully leave German soil Russians had conquered in 1945, the analogy seems more than apt. Remember what the Russian Analyst wrote at the start of Trump's presidency: in 1989 the kids were taunting East German border guards with shouts of 'Gorby!', by 2020 based European nationalists will be jeering the Eurocrats in public with shouts of 'Trump!'