мгновений/'Spy vs. Spy Stuff' and (the Russian First Channel Documentary Film New) 'World Order'

On the occasion of Russian President Vladimir Putin's December 20th professional holiday and that of Agent W's old adversaries from the USSR День чекистов (Chekists' Day) -- here's some subtitled clips and the opener to Seventeen Moments of Spring, the most famous Soviet TV miniseries of all time...and a Putin joke about 'spy vs spy' stuff...: 



Где-то далеко

Песня о далёкой родине

(Somewhere Far Away My Homeland)

Я прошу, хоть ненадолго, Грусть моя, ты покинь меня! Облаком, сизым облаком Ты полети к родному дому, Отсюда к родному дому.

Берег мой, покажись вдали Краешком, тонкой линией. Берег мой, берег ласковый, Ах, до тебя, родной, доплыть бы, Доплыть бы хотя б когда-нибудь.

Где-то далеко, очень далеко Идут грибные дожди. Прямо у реки, в маленьком саду Созрели вишни, наклонясь до земли. Где-то далеко, в памяти моей, Сейчас, как в детстве тепло. Хоть память укрыта Такими большими снегами.

Ты, гроза, напои меня Допьяна, да не до смерти. Вот опять, как в последний раз, Я все гляжу куда-то в небо, Как будто ищу ответа...

Я прошу, хоть ненадолго, Грусть моя, ты покинь меня! Облаком, сизым облаком Ты полети к родному дому, Отсюда к родному дому.

I beg you, sadness, Leave me alone, even if it's just for a while! Fly away To your home Like a blue-gray cloud.

Land of mine, show yourself to me in the distance On the thin skyline. O my dear land, Ah, if I could only sail to you, If I could only sail to you some day.

Somewhere far away Rain and sun are shining altogether. Just by the river, in a small garden The cherries are ripe, bending to the ground. Somewhere far away, in my memories, It is now warm just like in my childhood. Although my memories are covered With so much snow.

Storm, let me get drunk With your waters, but not to death. And now again, just like last time, I'm still staring at the sky, As if I was looking for an answer...

I beg you, sadness, Leave me alone, even if it's just for a while! Fly away To your home Like a blue-gray cloud

(translation by LyricsTranslate)


Iosef Kobzon, the Jewish Soviet Sinatra who still looks great for his age despite not being able to get a U.S. visa, performs Не думай о секундах свысока in 2011 memorial tribute concert to USSR Armenian composer Mikhail Tariverdiev (Микаэла Таривердиева), who also composed the legendary soundtrack for the beloved USSR/Russian New Year's classic The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy the Steam! (Ирония судьбы, или С лёгким паром). Belarusian iolinist and singer Alexander Rybak performs a track from that film at the 28:30 mark in the video above...

Here's the miniseries about a fictional (but inspired by true WWII stories of NKVD officers impersonating German officers on the Eastern Front) Soviet spy in the heart of Hitler's dying Third Reich that inspired a short, scrawny kid growing up in Leningrad named Vladimir Putin to excel in athletics and master the German language to become a KGB officer...


The series is about the life of Soviet spy Maksim Isaev operating in Nazi Germany under the name Max Otto von Stirlitz, played by the Soviet actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov. Other leading roles were played by Leonid Bronevoy, Oleg Tabakov, Yuri Vizbor, Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev, Rostislav Plyatt, Vasily Lanovoy, and Mikhail Zharkovsky.

The plot is driven by Stirlitz's (ultimately successful) attempts at thwarting negotiations between SS General Karl Wolff, representing Walter Schellenberg and Heinrich Himmler, and American intelligence operative Allen Dulles in Bern, Switzerland during the final months of World War II.

Dulles, portrayed in the show as acting without the authorization of the President [something like this actually happened in the closing phases of WWII, and many 'conspiracy theorists' in the alternative media believe Allen Dulles avenged his firing by JFK by plotting to kill President Kennedy - and for what it's worth, several old KGB guys agree Lee Harvey Oswald was expelled from the Soviet Union as a CIA double agent plant -- JWS], is interested in reaching a peace agreement with Nazi Germany that would leave many Nazi institutions in place in order to prevent the rise of "Bolshevism" in Western Europe. The negotiations are conducted in secret and behind the back of Hitler and, more importantly for Stirlitz, the Soviet Union.

For more on Soviet NKVD/KGB archives and memoirs translated into English, check out Mark Hackard's Espionage Archive blog.


UPDATE Sunday, December 20, 2015 21:00 EST: In a development that is probably NOT a coincidence with Vladimir Putin's December 20th professional holiday, Moscow's top TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov aired his documentary film simply titled (New?) 'World Order' on the Russian First Channel Sunday night. According to Colorado-based U.S. translator and occasional RT guest Nina Kouprianova,  Putin declared in response to a question about the euro zone that the world cannot continue with one reserve currency.

Like Solovyov's previous documentary film simply titled President and another First Channel program Crimea: The Way Home, this film will soon be subtitled into English (likely by the teams at The Saker, Ft. Russ, Vox Populi Evo or Southfront, or some combination of all three possibly including the translation efforts of Ms. Kouprianova) and watched carefully by Russia-watchers for insights into Putin's decision making process. Note the YouTube video below is all in Russian without subtitles yet, but the first question Solovyov asks Putin is, "Vladimir Vladimirovich, will there by [a world] war?"


UPDATE: Here's a tweeted link to the documentary "World Order" with English subtitles published at LiveLeak.com/Vox Populi Evo:

Are Disgruntled Spooks and 'Realists' Teaming Up to Undermine Cold War 2.0 in Syria?

The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama has a serious foreign policy collapse underway. On that critics from the 'left' and 'right' in the corporatist mainstream media agree. The Obama Administration's abandonment of a half billion dollar arm and training program for 'moderate' Syrian rebels run by the Pentagon is the latest fact to confirm this reality. The CIA still has another program that's supposedly trained or armed 10,000 rebels, but no one seems to account for exactly who or where these people are, or for how long exactly Langley has been running that program, perhaps due to the bipartisan House Committee coverrup of arms running via Libya.[embed]https://twitter.com/freebeacon/status/648655962375491585[/embed]


Train...equip...FAIL: "Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, the head of the United States Central Command, told a Senate panel that only a very small number of Syrian fighters trained by the United States remained in the fight—perhaps as few as five. The tab for training and equipping them was $500 million." RT video covering media and Congressional testimony questions about the Pentagon's now abandoned program to arm and train 'moderate' Syrian rebels to fight Assad and the Islamic State. With such a pattern of failure, who WOULDN'T be disgruntled besides the CIA or Pentagon contractors who suckered the taxpayers for this scam?

Nonetheless, just as WWII did not end with major defeats for Germany or Japan at Stalingrad and Midway, the second Cold War and the hot proxy wars it has spawned in the Middle East if not Ukraine are far from over. Nor will the killing stop in Syria until the foreign sponsors of the Sunni jihadists led by Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey plus the United States government accept defeat and negotiate a peace agreement in the Levant based on the Eurasian axis' terms. Washington's 'Empire of Chaos' and the lies that increasingly demonstrate its hollow nature still have a ways to go before they're finally buried, and the world may breathe easier knowing the world's two greatest nuclear powers have returned to constructive relations.

In the meantime, as we expect Cold War 2.0 to drag on until the dollar's reserve currency run is almost universally acknowledged as finished late this decade, more leaks and 'tells' of the Establishment's desperation are coming. Secretary of State John Kerry's 'wow' admission several weeks ago that without a peace deal with Iran the petrodollar could collapse was one of those moments. There will be many more.

The United States' strategy of literally paradropping arms to unknown or any jihadist forces willing to fight Assad, even if they have sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda, likely produce a backlash in the intel community. Who after all in their right mind within the CIA would want to put their signature on a secret document outlining how to put Stinger missiles into the hands of groups known to surrender U.S. weapons to Jubhat al-Nusra or even ISIS? Particularly if the 'worst case scenario' comes true and Al-Nusra or ISIS uses a U.S.-provided MANPAD to blow an airliner out of the sky in Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, or the West?

According to 'Shellback', a military contemporary to Rogue Money brain trust godfather 'W the Intelligence Insider', more patriots inside the intelligence community are going to have to risk their careers and possibly their freedom to expose the dirty laundry of a dying Anglo-Globalist Empire. Just as the recklessness of American policy increases, so too will the dissent, which even the mainstream media outlets like CBS can no longer hide:


Don't Blame US Spooks for the Coming Collapse -- Blame Barry and Con-gress for Everything!

'Shellback' is a retired U.S. military officer who writes for my friend Charles Bausman at the Moscow-expat run website Russia Insider. 'Shellback' is likely around the same age as our very own 'Agent W' and like the RogueMoney Intelligence Insider, is a veteran of the first Cold War versus the Russians. Therefore he speaks from a position of a healthy respect for his former opponents, as well as recognition of how much more competently things were run under Reagan than they are in the dumpster fire that is today's Obama White House, with the Pentagon and CIA hardly better managed.

"Shellback" writes in the October 5, 2015 edition of the Moscow expat-run online magazine Russia Insider:

Watching the catastrophes, incompetence and mendacity of the Obama era in which the fantasies of the neo cons have been joined to those of the humanitarian interventionists I have begun to suspect that these idiocies are being perpetrated without support of the intel establishment.

Who Gets Thrown Under the Bus Come Collapse Time? Barry POT(smoking)US, the Deep State Spooks, or Everyone? And How Soon Does SHTF for the Dollar and the Anglo-Globalist Empire?

As fellow RogueMoney brain trust member WolfGray has long suspected in his columns here, Americans are being set up for an epic 'don't blame us [fill in the blank] bankers, spooks, or Joint Chiefs of Staff' SHTF moment. Writing at Zerohedge, libertarian thinker Charles Hugh Smith has hinted several times that the 'Deep State' -- the military industrial complex, Big Pharma, the top Hollywood moguls, intelligence agencies and the police/Homeland Security complex could try to turn on their masters in finance. Not unike the praetorian guards and generals deposing Roman emperors or Senators, or Egyptian/Turkish/Greek colonels taking over. However, CHS seems to imply that the 'Deep State' will only rise up against the 'Money Power' in the event of a total financial catastrophe, eg dollar hyperinflation and mass civil unrest creating the perfect conditions for 'a man on a white horse' to appear.

The reason we bring up this discussion at the start of this piece goes back to our ongoing 'debate' with WG about when, not if, the dollar will finally be admitted by all sane people to be roadkill. WG and the Guerrilla believe it's only months, not years to go, with late 2017 after the presidential election as a likely 'wheels come off' hyper inflationary moment. The Russia Analyst's time frame is slightly longer, stretching perhaps until the end of the next president's first term -- 2020. But we cannot see the banksters and the U.S./EU/Japanese central bankers buying much more time than that.

Understanding that the MIC and the dirty side of the intel community are servants (but highly paid ones) to the masters of finance, we aren't so sure the globalist power pyramid can be rearranged even if the U.S experiences a shocking internal and external collapse. At least not without members of key globalist elite families having 'accidents' or being told by the Triads and other men with guns that it's game over and go away or die. Jim Willie, Jim Stone, Benjamin Fulford and Joseph P. Farrell all believe that such 'power broker' threats by the mysterious 'White Dragons' of the East against the worst globalists of the West have been conveyed and in some cases carried out with lethal efficiency. Some also believe that a purge has started and could be connected to the dead bankers phenomenon V has been at the forefront of reporting.

Speaking only for ourselves and our open sources, the ability of the oil men to push back at least somewhat against the MIC/neocons when it comes to Russia policy, probably due to ExxonMobil's still extant Rockefeller clout, is a phenomenon we've noticed dating back to the late George W. Bush Administration years (especially 'Dubya's quick backdown in Georgia and the subsequent 'Reset' under Obama as BP, Exxon and Shell all expanded their investments in Russian energy assets). The oil men also likely exerted some moderating influence over the Clinton Administration's Russia policy during the Kosovo War when tensions were highest and the 'liberal hawks' wanted Gen. Wesley Clark to open fire on Russian peacekeepers at Pristina airport.

Are There Globalists Who Want to 'Settle' Cold War 2.0 and Find Another Method Besides World War to Usher in the NWO? You Betcha

The current clash we're seeing between for lack of a better term Western hardline Cold Warriors (as personified by the nutty neocons and neo-liberal interventionists, think Sen. John McCain and Samantha Power) against the softer line globalists (Henry Kissinger? Hollande and Merkel in Europe?) over Mideast and Russia policy suggest the 'New World Order' Agent W talks about isn't exactly a monolith. Nor is it invincible.

  • The failure of Obama to secure any Congressional approval for strikes on Syria in August 2013 despite false flag East Ghouta chemical attack
  • the Israel lobby's inability to block the Iran nuclear/peace deal or get direct U.S. intervention against Assad on multiple occasions
  • and the continued legal and bad press for globalist minions like Hillary Clinton and low polling support for the most rabidly Russophobic and hawkish GOP presidential candidates all suggests the existence of countervailing forces inside and outside the Washington Establishment

While the expression goes one should never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence, the fact of the matter is that many globalist minions in the Obama Administration are BOTH malicious AND incompetent. They are malicious in the sense that they, like their Commander in Chief Zero, are pathological narcissists who believe that they are far more intelligent than they are. When their egos are punctured by the reality of bruising contact with a superior, better advised opponent such as Vladimir Putin, they respond with anger and denial (as we've stated two parts of the five stages of grief, coming to grips with the loss of a loved one or in this case of Anglo-globalist Empire).

How the Western Globalists and their Neocon/Neoliberal Agents Underestimated Putin and Russia -- and Many CIA/NSA/DIA Analysts and Top Pentagon Brass Have Wised Up to This Fact

The Establishment's anger over being 'punked' by the Russians in Syria leads to bipartisan desire for revenge -- witness Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter's nasty call for the deaths of Russian troops in Syria last week. As we pointed out to the Guerrilla on the Friday night radio show, even at the height of tensions with Moscow Carter's predecessors like Caspar Weinberger or Robert McNamara would've never made such reckless and foolish remarks.

Witness Sen. John McCain's brainless calls for Stinger missiles to be supplied to anyone willing to shoot them at the Russians, and to hell with whether or not the CIA incurs enormous civil liability or hands the Russians a decades-lasting propaganda coup by having MANPADs wind up with ISIS or (God forbid) get used to shoot down an airliner (McInsane and co. also haven't factored in the possibility that spetsnaz or Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commandos, dressed as 'Yemeni tribesmen and Houthi rebels' could blow up a crapload of TOWs and Stingers in Saudi warehouses -- a problem the CIA and Saudi intelligence didn't face while arming the mujaheddin in the 1980s).


The denial of the Eurasian axis' potency and the weakening of Washington's clout in turn, leads to more mistakes, the likes of which Zerohedge correctly points out have not been made since Iraq if not the Vietnam War. For example, taking revenge for the humiliating climb down from an attack on Damascus in August 2013 that Russia and China forced on the U.S. In February 2014, the means of payback was a violent Maidan 'revolution' in Ukraine, followed by American proxy war waged against pro-Russian eastern Ukrainians. In triggering the Ukraine coup d'etat , and outsourcing the job to people like Victoria Nuland with a clear (ethnic?) animus towards the Russians that clouded their judgement, Washington's power brokers forgot a basic truth: Russia is not Libya, Iraq or even Slavic Orthodox little brother nation Serbia. (They also forgot Michael Corleone's advice to his hot headed protege in The Godfather Part III -- never hate your enemy, it clouds your judgement. Victoria Nuland clearly hates Russia, and she might hate Germany too).

True, Russia is not a superpower, but it remains a great power with enormous reserves of psychological, historical and intelligence capital, guarded by a potent, reemerging military industrial complex with nuclear parity matching the United States' strategic arsenal. Furthermore, pushing Russia into the arms of China has been acknowledged by many old foreign policy hands as a serious mistake, unraveling decades of American policy dating back to George F. Kennan (aka the author of the Containment policy) in the late 40s designed to drive wedges between the two greatest Eurasian powers. Chinese backing for Russia also means, as we told John B. Wells in December 2014, there is zero chance ruble destabilization or economic sanctions alone will bring the Kremlin to its knees.

These fundamental, strategic errors of hubris were compounded by more 'tactical' and intelligence blunders:

  • pretending that 'escalation dominance' aka the Ukraine always mattering far more to Russia than it ever will to the U.S. would not force Washington to ultimately back off or start WWIII on Russia's doorstep in a militarily disadvantageous position
  • false belief that Putin's government would break under the combined pressure of lower oil prices and ruble devaluation
  • ignoring evidence dating back to U.S. policy papers of the 1940s that the Ukraine could not survive intact if 'independence' means being cut off from its natural trade and cultural ties with Russia and that trying to separate Ukraine from the 'Russian world' through offering NATO membership would trigger a violent backlash if not civil war from the pro-Russian Crimea and Donbass (per the cables of then U.S. Ambassador to Russia and later Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns to the Bush National Security Council in 2008, leaked to the world by Wikileaks)
  • 'drinking the Bandera/UPA koolaid' -- believing one's own propaganda about Ukrainian nationalists being far better motivated, organized and combat-ready than they turned out to be. This mistake in particular is hard to forgive as the 2004 Orange Revolution backed by George Soros and Washington collapsed into bickering and Yuschenko leaving office with near-zero approval ratings in Eastern and Western Ukraine
  • not anticipating the speed and professionalism of Russian actions in Crimea, which marks both an intelligence and policy failure, admitted by NATO Supreme Commander USAF Gen. Phillip Breedlove
  • pretending that Kremlin Narrative/informational dominance over Russian speaking audiences should come as some sort of surprise after years of the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Liberty being in decline and having their narrative challenged by Russian media, particularly the rise of RT after MSM got caught lying about Iraqi WMDs and Russia rather than Georgia starting the 08/08/08 war
  • expecting Russia to blunder into a trap of either 'escalate and overtly invade or surrender the Donbass' to Kiev's forces. This demonstrated typical Pentagon and CIA arrogance in overestimating their ability arm and train Ukrainians while underestimating how quickly Moscow could build a formidable 'Russian foreign legion' of volunteers to wage 'hybrid war'. This mistake is somewhat amusing in retrospect given Washington's lack of Russian-speaking specialists going up against the FSB/SVR/GRU operating so close to home in a country many of them were born and raised in when Ukraine was still part of the USSR
  • ignoring the fact that if Russia was met with proxy war and perceived that the Ukrainian nationalists were being armed to crush their influence over the country, Moscow would respond in kind by leveraging its own supporters in Donbass to fight back via the same 'hybrid war' means including 4th Generation information warfare undermining the legitimacy and exposing the economic failures of the Kiev regime
  • downplaying until they became obvious Ukraine's abysmal military supply situation and the low morale demonstrated by conscripts, while also wildly overstating the combat effectiveness of the ultra-nationalist/fascist units (Battalion Donbass, Azov, Aidar, Dnepro-1 & 2 et al)
  • maintaining the delusion after the Ukrainian Army's humiliating defeats at Ilovaisk, Saur Mogila, Donetsk Airport and Debaltsevo that Ukraine's many thousands of casualties can be successfully hidden from Ukrainians and the world.
  • reliance for rearming Kiev on the most Russophobic ex-Warsaw Pact NATO members, of whom Poland is an increasingly reluctant participant due to its own WWII history with Ukrainian (greater Galicia) nationalists
  • arrogance that Washington can keep its European allies (vassals) in line in support of sanctions against Russia indefinitely
  • the increasingly prevalent use of the term 'proxywar' by the mainstream media in Syria seems to reflect a desire on the part of their Washington handlers to 'win' after the perceived 'stalemate' (actually a humiliating defeat) for the U.S. in Ukraine

Cracks in the Facade of the American Deep State Turning into Crevasses inside the Power Structure

This is just a truncated list of the American foreign policy and intelligence failings in Ukraine, where the Empire of Chaos could only deliver...chaos. Where the dreams of establishing a Ukrainian South Korea to Russia's evil hermit kingdom North or a Slavic West Germany to Moscow's East Germany evaporated. Not even the Kiev regime's fanatical backers like Alexandr Motyl, Timothy Snyder or Anders Aslund can buy that crap anymore. The only 'good' news for the U.S. Deep State and the Empire it serves in Ukraine is that American ignorance about the world and a complicit media can hide many of these failures from Americans, if not an online European and global audience.

Other than Sen. Rand Paul, the rest of the Republican Party candidates including some 'outsiders' like Dr. Ben Carson sadly appear to be parroting the 'let's stick it to the Russians if not shoot down their planes' views of the hardliners. And mind you, this pattern transcends party lines as only a handful of liberal Democratic sites like DemocracyNow! or The Huffington Post appear willing to challenge the bellicose Cold War 2.0 rhetoric, with nominally 'liberal' sites like The Daily Beast or Vox even more aggressive in some cases than 'conservative' aka Rupert Murdoch owned media. However, as the Guerrilla correctly pointed out on the Friday night radio show with the Russia Analyst there is almost no public support whatsoever for confronting the Russians in Syria, despite Hillary Clinton, McInsane, Christie, Rubio and numerous other politicians' calls for such.


On the other hand, the apathy and ill-informed nature of the American public also means that despite the inability to put U.S. boots on the ground to topple Assad, the same goal that has been in place since arguably 2006 or even pre-9/11 will be pursued by proxy means. For McInsane and company, it doesn't matter how many truckloads of MANPADs or TOWs the Russians bomb as soon as they arrive from Jordan and Saudi Arabia, killing alCIAeda's truckers with their loads. Washington and Langley will just send their pet jihadists more. If the Russians kill thousands of jihadis with bombs, Smerch rockets and thermobaric weapons, well there's always an endless supply of Salafist brainwashed cannon fodder to push forward.

Given these (false) perceptions, the only thing that can stop the fanatics waging Cold War 2.0 then is being undermined...or even forced from power by the Deep State. And the only way that can happen is if Russian/Iranian (and standing behind them, Chinese) action in the Mideast forces that choice on the Empire's Deep State -- double down and lose, or cut their losses. It's now a fight to the finish between the hard liners hellbent on punishing Russia and China too for daring to challenge King Dollar and Washington's weakening imperium, thereby accelerating the Eurasians' dollar dumping, and the 'doves' or 'realists' who recognize America must retrench.

Donald Trump, with his highly publicized 'let Putin bomb ISIS...he'll get bogged down like the Russians in Afghanistan' and 'we don't really know, we may never know who shot down MH17'remarks appears to be floating trial balloons for the latter 'clan' or faction. As Simon Black smartly suggested at Zerohedge, Trump is also a specialist in what the globalists know America will have to declare at some point...bankruptcy.



[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6i4KSHhQfuc[/embed] Thierry Meyssan, a French Damascus-based journalist who is pro-Assad regime, writes that a power struggle has been going on behind the scenes and at times in the open inside the Beltway. Meyssan thinks Obama has been trying to cut deals with Putin quietly, while Hillary Clinton and her fellow globalist Gen. John Allen (now forced into retirement) and Victoria Nuland (representing the neocon Kagan family she married into) have undermined the supposed peacenik (actually not so peace-loving, drone death dealing) president at every turn:

During the first quarter of 2012, the United States and Russia, noting the stupidity of the Muslim Brotherhood’s project to seize power - the « Arab Spring » - and imagined a new distribution of power in the « Greater Middle East » which they began to implement with the Geneva Conference. But President Obama proved himself incapable of honouring his word. One week later, François Hollande called the « Friends of Syria » to re-start the war, then Kofi Annan made an international spectacle of resigning his functions as a mediator, while France, Qatar, Jordan and Israël launched the operation « Damascus Volcano » and assassinated the heads of the Syrian National Security Council.

It became clear very quickly that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CIA director David Petraeus and the new director of Political Affairs for the UNO, Jeffrey Feltman, had been pulling the strings since the beginning. We had to wait for the end of the US election campaign and the re-election of Barack Obama before he was able to block - or arrest - General Petraeus, and fire Hillary Clinton. As for Feltman, he remained in the shadows and continued his sabotage of White House policy by assuring everyone, by way of his subalterns Lakhdar Brahimi and Staffan de Mistura, that the [Syrian Arab] Republic would be defeated and forced, sooner or later, to accept total and unconditional surrender.

Meyssan goes on to claim that Obama was not kept 'in the loop' and had very little to do with the Kiev coup d'etat followed by the botched Ukrainian/NATO operation to quickly crush the pro-Russian uprising in Donbass. Meyssan implies, but does not quite say, that Obama finally reigned in his nominal neocon underlings in both Ukraine and Syria:

Obama’s policy (appeasement with Russia and the re-orienting of US troops towards the Far East) was brutally destroyed by the success of the « Colour Revolution » in Ukraine, in November 2013. This operation, which terminated the process of destruction of Ukraine and the isolation of Russia which had begun as soon as the USSR was dislocated, was triggered without the knowledge of the White House. The United States prepare their secret operations years in advance, and launch them when the political opportunity presents itself. This time, someone gave the order without referring to the US National Security Council. The result was a crisis without precedent – the independence of Crimea, which refused the coup d’état, it’s incorporation into the Russian Federation, the revolts in Donbass [Donetsk?] and Lugansk, Western sanctions against Moscow and the retaliatory sanctions by Russia against the Western powers. In short, the interruption of all East-West relations.

Curiously, President Obama seemed to allow his « hawks » to impose a policy that he had not chosen himself. However, he continued the secret negotiations with Iran which he had initiated at the beginning of his second mandate. As the talks dragged on, it was not until July 2015 that an agreement was reached [1].

Again we'd like to buy what Meyssan is selling here, but we think Obama's sense of humiliation in September 2013 after getting punk'd by Putin and forced to back off a direct U.S. attack on Assad allowed the neocons to manipulate him into their revenge on Russia, the overthrow of Yanukovych in Ukraine. Furthermore, retired SVR Lt. Gen. Leonid Reshetnikov, the man we said in July was Putin's 'grey cardinal' who runs the Russian version of the RAND Corporation 'spun off' from the foreign intelligence service in Moscow's Yasenevo district (the Russian counterpart to the connotation of 'Langley'), has stated on the record that Victoria Nuland and other super-bureaucrats like her answer to the New World Order, not Obama.

Reshetnikov does not exactly use the phrase 'NWO', but has given at least two interviews speaking of a hidden global government that Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk the Ukrainian president and prime minister serve, despite or because of their status as State Department puppets. In other words, there are more than one sets of strings pulling on the various minions and factions in Ukraine to ensure that the globalists' dirty work there gets done. To this point of Reshetnikov's (somewhat contradicting Meyssan's good cop Obama/bad cop neocons theory) that the globalists and not Obama or some State Dept. w(b)itches are running the show in Syria and Ukraine, we suspect that 'W the Intelligence Insider' would be in agreement.

How the Spooks Are Not Only Undermining Obama, but the U.S. Proxy 'War Effort' in Syria AND Ukraine

We already mentioned the strong possibility that if the CIA supplies Stinger or other man portable surface to air missile systems to jihadists in Syria to use against Russian jets and helicopters pounding targets at lower levels someone at Langley undermining that operation. The risks of MANPADs falling into the hands of State Department designated, al-Qaeda allegiance pledging terrorist organization Al-Nusra front and the Islamic State are enormous. The 2012 scandal over Bengazhi gate already reportedly involved the shipment of MANPADs to Syria, some of which appeared on the battlefield in 2013.

Nobody inside Langley or the E-Ring of the Pentagon wants to be the guy caught with his signature on any type of invoice or order for MANPADs to Saudi Arabia or Qatar that can be verified via serial numbers ended up in Al-Nusra or ISIS hands. Especially with the overwhelming evidence that Al-Nusra already got TOW missiles officially intended for the so-called 'Free Syrian Army' which is actually indistinguishable in many parts of Syria from the 'FSA'. Even if one assumes many CIA officers are totally amoral fears that Russia would gleefully expose a collection of American Stingers found inside an ISIS or Al-Nusra camp by spetsnaz and put the footage all over RT and YouTube would have to give Langley's most fanatical Cold Warriors some CYA 'pucker factor'. Unless that is they simply don't care anymore or are convinced their globalist bosses will give them cover in the mainstream media and through armies of trolls who will insist the Russians made the whole 'Stingers captured in Al-Nusra/ISIS hands' incident up.


Veteran investigative journalist (who exposed the My Lai massacre during the Vietnam War) discusses the furious internal debate inside the U.S. intelligence community over the faked intel regarding the false flag chemical attack in East Ghouta, Syria of August 2013

Again, referring back to Shellback's post for Russia Insider on the spooks undermining the State Department's neocon/neoliberal hawks in Syria AND Ukraine:

Screenshot from an RT TV report on the Judicial Watch obtained, declassified Defense Intelligence Agency assessment of 2012 that predicted the rise of a Salafist principality in eastern Syria precisely where the Islamic State super terrorist gang has seized power.

Small items to be sure, and none conclusive. But maybe we have moved to the next stage in which the intel people actively object in public.

Screenshot from an RT TV report on the Judicial Watch obtained, declassified Defense Intelligence Agency assessment of 2012 that predicted the rise of a Salafist principality in eastern Syria precisely where the Islamic State super terrorist gang has seized power. The 'damage control' on the DIA report has been weak (having 'ex' NSA disinfo specialist John R. Schindler bash the DIA as a red headed step child, amateurish member of the intel community) to non-existent (just have mainstream media do their best to ignore it or treat the report as an isolated case).

The Daily Beast, which is normally a reliable cheerleader for any BS about Russia neocon fanatic Michael D. Weiss or disgraced ex-NSA academic John R. Schindler can promote, has given an interesting amount of coverage to intelligence community controversies over the phoney war vs. ISIS. Sooner or later we've predicted the mainstream media will also have to explain where the Islamic State gets its money and how it manages to sell smuggled crude oil at below world market prices without financial intermedaries getting arrested or 'turned' by the U.S. and allied intelligence services as was the case of Bin Laden's money men after 9/11.


As the Russia Analyst suggested back in August the Turks and the now labeled as a 'dictator' Erdoğan are the perfect fall guys to explain the spectacular rise of ISIS. As we also reported this week, Turkey seems to sense they're about to be thrown under the bus by Washington and perhaps Moscow if they don't try to give the Americans and Russians what they want. An impossible, pretzel twist predicament if there ever was one, which is why we expect Erdoğan to either be voted or forced out of office soon. We also expect more leaks and bold statements from former high level intelligence community members like ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn about the true origins of the Islamic State.



As Russian President Vladimir V. Putin said pointedly in his September 28, 2015 address to the United Nations General Assembly:

In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make loud declarations about the threat of international terrorism while turning a blind eye to the channels of financing and supporting terrorists, including the process of trafficking and illicit trade in oil and arms. It would be equally irresponsible to try to manipulate extremist groups and place them at one's service in order to achieve one's own political goals in the hope of later dealing with them or, in other words, liquidating them.

To those who do so, I would like to say — dear sirs, no doubt you are dealing with rough and cruel people, but they're in no way primitive or silly. They are just as clever as you are, and you never know who is manipulating whom. And the recent data on arms transferred to this most moderate opposition is the best proof of it.

We believe that any attempts to play games with terrorists, let alone to arm them, are not just short-sighted, but fire hazardous (ph). This may result in the global terrorist threat increasing dramatically and engulfing new regions, especially given that Islamic State camps train militants from many countries, including the European countries.

Unfortunately, dear colleagues, I have to put it frankly: Russia is not an exception. We cannot allow these criminals who already tasted blood to return back home and continue their evil doings. No one wants this to happen, does he?

'No one' indeed would want ISIS to attack Russia and destabilize other countries, including their sponsors in Turkey and Saudi Arabia...would they?