Jihadists Suffer Defeat Southwest of Aleppo, Israeli Disinfo Reports 2013 Air Strikes near Damascus as New, ISIS Threatens Russia While Taking Credit for Suicide Blasts in Lebanon

The Syrian Arab Army's victory in lifting the nearly three-year siege of the Kuweires military airport backed by weeks of Russian air strikes is paying off for the SAA and its Iranian/Iraqi Shi'a allies. Pro-Syria rebel sources are admitting the southwestern flank of the jihadists' stronghold in Aleppo buckled Thursday, with the loss of two key towns defending the approaches to the city.With the SAA's elite Tiger forces and the battle hardened Iraqi Shi'a fighters under the command of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Gen. Qassem Soleimani advancing on the Aleppo-Raqqa highway, not only Daesh but also the 'moderate' jihadist groups inside Aleppo risk losing their precious supply lines from Turkey to an early winter offensive. Given this fact it's no wonder supporters of the non-ISIS jihadists on Twitter like #JihadiJulian Roepcke of the German NATO propaganda rag Bild can scarcely conceal the panic in the rebels' ranks.








By negotiating with the Jordanians to cut off the supplies for the jihadists south of Damascus and Daraa and alleging that some 'moderate' Syrian rebels provided the Russian air force with targeting data on the other groups, Russian psychological warfare aims to break apart whatever weak cohesiveness the jihadist forces had and make them suspect each other of selling out to the enemy. RT and pro-Syrian government media/social media outlets are spreading reports about the heretofore barely existent 'moderates' of the 'Free Syrian Army' or other groups negotiating directly with Moscow. The Russian air force has also bombed jihadist targets nearly within sight of the Israel-controlled Golan Heights over the last two weeks, sending the message to the Salafists that their unofficial 'air cover' from the Israeli Air Force and IDF artillery fire is gone.

Israel Makes Up Air Strikes with old Footage from 2013 (and Pre-Russian Air Force in Latakia) to Appease Its Neocon Fan Base in the U.S./UK

Speaking of Israel, some Israeli media sources, neocons and 'Free Syrian Army' fanboys on Twitter were boasting that the IAF had hit the Damascus airport with an air strike earlier this week. As it turned out, pro-Syrian government Internet warriors quickly revealed that the video supposedly depicting the strike tweeted by 'FSA' social media accounts actually dated back to 2013. Oops! Somebody call @EliotHiggins and the @Bellingcat team! Oh wait, they're not interested in debunking these fakes...


Neocons are clearly losing big and on the verge of losing the Anglo-American globalist empire for which they've striven all these years, but they won't go away without a fight and advocating for all out WWIII...


As the Russia Analyst suspected when the first 'reports' of Israeli strikes since Russia's intervention in Syria were posted last weekend, it appears there's an ongoing disinformation campaign to convince American and British neocons that the Israelis are violating Syrian air space routinely despite the Russian presence. In fact, we believe the Israelis may be lying to appease neocon politicians like Sen. John McCain or Ms. John McCain Lindsey 'Queenie' Graham who are furious over Russia having imposed a de facto no fly zone over Assad controlled territory. As the 1980s pop song goes, 'tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies' and in this case McCain/Graham would rather have Bibi lie to them and to an audience at the American Enterprise Institute than admit the truth -- that he cut a deal with Putin. Otherwise Russian jets would not be dropping bombs just a few miles from Israeli Army Golani Brigade observation posts.



Trump: "If Putin wants to knock the hell out of ISIS, let him" -- while loser Jeb Bush pathetically denies that Russia has been targeting the Islamic State Trump also says why should the U.S. care so much about Ukraine if Germany and other NATO allies are doing so little there as Bush interrupts. Between giving out oil in return for lost limbs and Jeb starting WWIII to supposedly save Mideast Christians from Assad who's actually fighting the jihadists killing and torturing Christians, this exchange highlights the inanity and stupidity of the Stupid Party and American politics today


Even many pro-Shi'a Muslim and alternative media outlets fell for the latest Israeli psyop that they'd hit a target near Damascus nobody filmed except for the 'rebels', who may have shown pictures of damage from artillery, mortars or even a Russian air strike

While the likes of McCain and Graham still believe in the invincibility of the IAF/USAF, the Israeli Air Force's generals know better than to risk the reputation of their F-16 and F-15Is against Russian electronic jamming NATO's own deputy commander Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges described as 'eye watering' and beyond present U.S. Army capabilities.


Better check your sources @IsraelBreaking and Debka...


Good luck with that no fly zone: Russian S-400 surface to air missile batteries allegedly spotted at Moscow's air base near Latakia.


As the Russia Analyst Predicted, the Russian/Syrian/Iranian Winter Offensive is Well Underway

Given the history of many Arab armies as well as jihadist forces, when confidence in commanders is lost, panic tends to spread quickly through the ranks and positions that had been fiercely defended crumble. In U.S. military jargon coined during the First Gulf War, the mixture of psyops intended to demoralize the enemy and force applied at key points of weakness like the southern suburbs of Aleppo or the highway from the city to ISIS Raqqa stronghold is known as 'Effects-based operations'. As the Russian general staff carefully studied Operation Desert Storm, we can expect moves like 'Stormin Norman's' famous left hook to rout Saddam Hussein's army in late February 1991 applied against ISIS vulnerable southern flank near the ancient city of Palmyria, now that Daesh is under pressure from the Kurds and the SAA in the north.


Meanwhile, stinging from its battlefield defeats and arms cache losses to Russian airpower, Daesh took credit for a double tap suicide bombing attack that left scores of people dead in Beirut, the capitol of Lebanon.


The initial New York Times headline on the blasts that may have involved two other bombers who failed to detonate described the neighborhood hit as a 'Hezbollah stronghold':


After receiving some angry tweets pointing out that the victims were civilians, NYT reporter Ann Barnard and her editors swung into damage control mode:


Meanwhile at least one correspondent for the Qatari-royal family funded news network Al-Jazeera tweeted this about Sunni sectarian jihadists killing scores of Shi'a Muslims:


and some Sunni sectarians, stinging from the humiliation of Daesh and the various jihadist groups around Aleppo at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army and Iranians, were celebrating the terrorist attacks as a message sent to Hezbollah:



Daesh also released a new video threatening terrorist attacks inside Russia and another from their Sinai franchise with the usual bombast about wiping Israel off the map:


ISIS threatens new attacks after allegedly downing the Russian MetroJet charter airliner, Egypt vows full transparency, invites U.S. investigators