Ukrainian Army's Failed Offensive Near Debaltseve Leaves At Least 5 UAF KIA, 26 WIA as Donbass Forces Counterattack

The Ukrainian Army has launched a series of probing attacks near the Donbass forces-held town of Debaltseve (also spelled in English, Debaltsevo), a key road junction between the breakaway republics capitals of Donetsk and Lugansk. The Russia Analyst would consider the latest Ukrainian armed forces (UAF) attack more of a reconnaissance by fire than a 'massive offensive' that other alt-media are claiming.

Nonetheless, the question of why the UAF decided to launch more attacks on the same day a Russian Ambassador was assassinated in Turkey -- to the delight of Kiev's gutter press and Twitter trolls -- is a fair one. Is someone or some group pushing escalation on all fronts against Russia and its proxies from eastern Ukraine all the way to Syria? And if so, what can the dirty deep state dead enders hope to accomplish in terms of mayhem and placing further roadblocks in the way of U.S.-Russia detente before January 20, 2017?

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