The Washington Post Beclowns Itself with @PropOrNot 'Russian Propaganda Sites' Enemies 'List' (The Soros/Pinchuk/Clintons Connection)

So The Washington Post thoroughly embarrassed itself this weekend, with a ridiculous 'scoop' citing the neoconservative Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) think tank and some anonymous pro-Ukrainian government trolls claim that 'Russian propaganda' MAY have swung the election from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump. And that Russian hackers, trolls and bots together with Kremlin funded media outlets like RT or Sputnik effectively acted as a 'super PAC' for the Trump campaign.

To the Russia Analyst's surprise, the response has been so vociferous to this low rate 21st century McCarthyism that many of the 'respectable' Russophobes supported by the Establishment, such as Michael 'Daeshbag' Weiss of The Daily Beast and the Atlantic Council/Soros/foreign government funded British OSINT shyster Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat have quickly disavowed any connection to the shady @PropOrNot organization. So too, has Andrew Aaron Weisburd, a former semi-professional troll for the Internet Haganah website which harassed pro-Palestinian activists, despite @PropOrNot using his material.

But is there more to this story than meets the eye? Of course there is -- and the Russia Analyst suggests investigative journalists who don't like getting smeared by @PropOrNot focus on the nexus between increasingly desperate Kiev oligarchs, Soros/Media Matters for America, and possibly even Clinton cronies at the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG).

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Will @Crowdstrike #BlameRussia n Hackers If their Client @HillaryClinton Loses?

The headline screamed, "U.S. Govt Hackers Ready to Hit Back If Russia Tries to Disrupt Election". The premise that the Russians might try to do such a thing despite the risks of severe retaliation in the cyber realm are seemingly accepted without question by NBC News, long identified by Sibel Edmonds and others as a 'sock puppet' for the Pentagon and CIA -- most recently in NBC's false (psyops) reporting that Turkish president turned dictator Recep Tayip Erdogan had fled Turkey and sought political asylum in Germany during the mid-July 2016 coup. But trust NBC News this time, everything they're reporting about cyber weapons ready to go to turn off the lights in Moscow if the Rooskies even think about any funny business surrounding our American elections is on the up and up...

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