Payback for Assassinated Givi and Motorola? Ukrainian 'ATO' General Dies of 'Heart Attack' in Kiev Office

The war in Ukraine remains far from over, but if someone or some group is advising the regime in Kiev that it can pick off the leadership of the Donbass 'separatists' one by one with total impunity, they may wish to reevaluate that advice. Unless of course, they're ready to find more generals and volunteer battalion commanders after Kiev's current crop start dying in significant numbers.

On Saturday February 11, just days after the commander of the Somali battalion was assassinated in his Donetsk office by a 'Shmel' rocket firing flamethrower, the Ukrainian Colonel General responsible for Kiev's so-called 'Anti-Terror Operation' died in his office, supposedly of a heart attack. Ivan Chernyakhovsky Gennady Vorobyov was famous in Ukraine for refusing an order from then President Viktor Yanukovych in January 2014 to clear the Maidan of the militants who were using peaceful protesters as human shields to hide behind while hurling Molotov cocktails at Berkut riot policemen. Vorobyov (loosely translated as 'Sparrow') rose to the rank of Colonel General and directed many of the so-called 'ATO' operations to suppress the Russian-backed Donbass uprising against the U.S./EU-installed post coup regime.

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