The Empire of Chaos (and Erdogan?) Strikes Back: Tatar/Right Sector Terror Cell Blows Up Power Lines to Millions in Russian Crimea and Mainland Ukraine

After months of being ignored by Moscow and seeing Ukraine slipping to the back burner of the U.S./EU agenda, Ukrainian ultra-nationalists, Right Sector neo-Nazis and self-appointed Crimean Tatar 'leaders' backed not so covertly by Turkey were desperate to do something. Apparently that something includes targeting civilian electric power infrastructure supplying not only the 'Russian occupied' Crimea but also the adjoining Ukrainian mainland region around Kherson.

There are also unconfirmed Russian media reports of rolling blackouts or brownouts in neighboring Mykolaiv region along Ukraine's Black Sea coastline. But as for us, we are 'thinking bigger' as Rogue Money godfather 'W the Intelligence Insider' likes to say regarding the likely, Turkish and globalist hand behind these attacks on Russian citizens' power supply and hence the 'face' of Vladimir Putin.

Whether as a deliberate part of their terrorist act or out of stupidity and creating 'collateral damage',  a spokesman for Ukrainian utility operator Ukrenergo has admitted the destroyed power lines forced the safety shut down of two nuclear power plants. Including generating units at the largest nuclear power plant in Europe near Zaporozhye, along the Dnieper River. The same Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Station which was reportedly substituting Westinghouse produced U.S. fuel rods starting last year for Russian-designed and manufactured fueling vessels, and which suffered the shut down of one out of six reactors on site in December 2014, linked to the rolling blackouts caused by a lack of Donbass and Russian coal to maintain the Ukrainian grid's base load. At that time, Prime Minister Arseniy "Yats" Yatsenyuk did not reveal the reactor shutdown to the public for several days, and only shortly before the approaching New Year 2015 holiday. Although there is no evidence the nuclear power stations were in danger of melting down, it should be noted that both the Chernobyl and Fukushima Diachi accidents were preceded by a reduction or loss of outside power to critical systems.

Fourth Generation Warfare, or Stupidity that Proves Ukrainian Fascists Hate Russia Far More Than They Care About Ukrainians in the Dark?

The local Russian authorities on the Crimean peninsula are taking steps to ration power, and ferries from mainland Russia are supplying fuel for generators to keep hospitals running. Street car and trolleybus service has been suspended in favor of buses running on liquid fuels, while a curfew has been put into effect for businesses that typically operate past 10 p.m. such as bars and restaurants. The good news is that temperatures on the Black Sea peninsula remain mild before winter and the Russian government is vowing to have an underwater power cable from mainland Russia installed under the narrow Strait of Kerch by New Year 2016. The bad news is lots of refrigerated food is likely to be spoiled and tensions between Russia and Ukraine are now running high again after a period of deescalating the conflict in Donbass.

While Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and Nazis have celebrated the blow against the 'occupiers' of the peninsula that has been majority Russian for over 200 years, military bases of the Russian Black Sea fleet have not been affected by the loss of over half the peninsula's power supply that flows south from the mainland of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the risk of tit for tat retaliation in kind against power lines that service the cities where many Ukrainian nationalists live, including Kiev itself, is rather high. Furthermore, there's also the risk of energy supply cutoffs to force Kiev's hand in repairing the infrastructure connecting Crimea that its ultra nationalist thug spawn destroyed.

Despite reverse flows establishing Poland or Slovakia as middlemen between Russia and Kiev for gas, the whole of Ukraine is still dependent on Russian gas and Donbass coal supplies this winter. Moscow is apparently already reminding Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko of this by cutting off shipments of coal, though it isn't exactly clear at this hour if this was a move by the local Donetsk/Lugansk 'separatist' authorities.

What is clear at this hour is two things:

1) a combination of Tatar militants and Right Sector thugs have physically intimidated Ukrenergo maintenance crews from restoring the blown up power lines and

2) For political reasons (perhaps out of fear of once again 'betraying patriots of Ukraine') President Petro Poroshenko has hesitated in using the country's National Guard to remove the #CrimeaBlockade 'activists' (terrorists targeting civilian infrastructure, if the roles were reversed and Donbass rebels or Russians were blowing up power lines to the rest of Ukraine, which they are eminently capable of doing).

Sabotage of Power Lines Leaving Banderites Screaming 'Slava Geroim, Geroim Slava!' in the Dark Would Confirm that Ukraine is a Failed State -- and Raise the Spectre of Gas Supply Cutoffs to Europe Not by Russia but from Ukrainian Nazis and Tatar Islamists

Mustafa Dzhemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis which refused to recognize the return of Crimea to Russia ratified by the vast majority of the peninsula's Russian and Ukrainian population, has admitted this weekend the coal cutoff could lead to rolling blackouts for Ukraine.

“I will tell you honestly - and I spoke about this with the president - that a very difficult situation has developed. In connection with the termination of electricity, now Russia has stopped deliveries of anthracite, which means that seven power stations in Ukraine will cease work,” Dzhemilev said.

All of this is a risk Ukraine runs even before a single Donbass rebel or a Ukrainian citizen who happens to hate the Right Sector and Kiev regime decides to take matters into his own hands with a small IED or some semtex, and blow up a major power line servicing Lvov or Kiev (one wonders how many of the Ukrainians gleefully tweeting over Crimeans sitting in the dark will be happy if the favor gets returned against them, particularly in the dead of winter, or whether the U.S. Ambassador Geoff Pyatt will continue to silently endorse this terrorism if the U.S. Embassy had to run on generator power for a little while).

That's of course, the problem with 4th generation warfare and messy things like sabotage of civilian infrastructure and assassinations -- those tactics can cut both ways, as the U.S. proconsuls like Geoff Pyatt and Victoria Nuland running Ukraine into the ground are doubtless aware. Mr. Poroshenko himself is sufficiently paranoid about his and relatives' personal safety that he reportedly keeps his wife and son abroad most of the time. The Ukrainian commander in chief also tends to appear on military bases only sporadically now, accompanied by a pistol at his hip and heavily armed, 'Blackwater-type' praetorian wearing U.S-made body armor.

Revenge of the Turks: Did Ankara Sponsor Tatar Terrorism vs. Crimea as Payback for Russia's Successful Campaign Against Turkey's Proxies in Syria?

As we forecast last spring after it became obvious Ukraine had been decisively defeated on the battlefield, the last card for the globalists to play in the failing state would be pure chaos. We warned the Guerrilla in our appearances on the program about the 'Syria-nization of Ukraine' meaning the loss of control by the nominally in charge, U.S.-backed government in favor of organized criminal groups, oligarch private armies, or even Mideast-backed jihadists. As the Crimean Tatar Mejlis became increasingly alienated from the Tatar majority living in Crimea that wants to get on with life and business 'under Russian occupation' (and whose males in many cases have intermarried with Orthodox Christian Russian/Ukrainian women), and Dzhemilev was effectively banned from returning to Crimea by Moscow, Turkish sponsorship -- and threats -- concerning Dzhemilev's group became more overt.

JWS' RogueMoney readers may recall that in August LaRouche-movement connected Washington-based journalist Webster Griffin Tarpley reported a heated exchange between the Turkish Ambassador to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Whether this exchange actually took place or not we cannot say. But Tarpley said that the Turkish envoy implied that the Tatars could soon unleash suicide bombings or other attacks on Crimea's vulnerable infrastructure and tourism industry. In response, according to Tarpley's account of the shouting match, Putin told the Turkish ambassador that his President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan could stop supporting ISIS or go to hell. What Putin and every Russian leader knows, particularly after Erdoğan stubbornly refused to drop his support for various jihadist groups including ISIS inside Syria after a face to face meeting at the opening of the largest mosque in Europe this September, is what Peter the Great used to say, "Never trust a Turk".

Moscow and Ankara Moving From Frenemies to...Enemies? The Deep State 'Dead Enders' of D.C. and Langley Are Still Eager to Fight Russia to the Last Turk or Turkish-Funded Jihadi

It was perhaps naive in retrospect, to think that a neo-Ottoman Muslim Brotherhood would be sultan like Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would easily agree, after four years of all out proxy war against his neighbor Syria, to abandoning Turkish support for Salafist jihad against Damascus. Nor could Vladimir Putin expect to walk into the Turkish resort setting of last weekend's G20 summit in Antalya, and humiliate both his Turkish government hosts and Obama Administration by exposing their vast complicity in ISIS oil smuggling to the NATO member country...without repercussions [UPDATE: see Tuesday's shootdown of a Russian Su-24 Fencer strike fighter in a sucker punch attack by the Turks].

True, Putin's #truthbomb cost Obama enormously in prestige, magnified ordinary Americans' sympathy for France and Russia if not Putin himself, and forced the President of the United States to backtrack on his anti-Russian and 'Assad must go' refrain for a few days. The French government, stung by the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris that included the recipient of at least one fake Syrian passport MadeinTurkey™, has made noises about allying with Russia against ISIS. Yet the sanctions against Russia for its alleged aggression in Ukraine, despite Moscow actually and not just rhetorically restraining its Donbass allies from countering Ukrainian provocations, were re-imposed. Yes, after all the talk of restoring 'constructive' relations with Russia at the G20. And the scale of the French bombings against the Islamic State remains dwarfed by the Russian air campaign.

Washington's own attacks on ISIS targets have been half-heartedly stepped up in response to Putin's #DollarShaming destruction of ISIS (Turkish supplied) tanker truck fleet.

Small wonder then, that some Pentagon sources are informing the neoconservative leaning Washington Free Beacon that restrictive rules of engagement meant that over 75% of U.S. sorties since the start of Operation Inherent Resolve did NOT result in dropping bombs or missiles on the Islamic State. Somebody in the Pentagon was clearly unhappy not only at being shown up by the Russians when it comes to bombing important targets as opposed to useless individual ISIS jihadis, but that the U.S. looked like a liar and a half-assed one at that regarding ISIS at the G20.

The Russian Air Force: apparently doing the job Obama and his handlers won't allow the USAF to do against ISIS

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov put it:

The problem around the U.S.-led coalition is that despite the fact that they declared its goal in fighting exclusively the Islamic State and other terrorists and pledged not to take any action against the Syrian army, analysis of the strikes delivered by the United States and its coalition at terrorist positions over the past year drives us to a conclusion that these were selective, I would say sparing, strikes and in the majority of cases spared those Islamic State groups that were capable of pressing the Syrian army.

It looks like a cat that wants to eat a fish but doesn’t want to wet its feet. They want the Islamic State to weaken Assad as soon as possible to force him to step down this or that way but they don’t want to see Islamic State strong enough to take power.

Our opinion of the developments after the anti-terrorist operation was launched in August 2014 is based on what we see and we see next to no concrete results but for the expansion of the Islamic State over this time.

It must be demoralizing, for ranking U.S. military officers possessing conscience and brains deployed to Incirlik AFB, to wonder how many of their smiling, handshaking Turkish counterparts have facilitated the flow of arms to Jabhat al-Nusra or ISIS. Perhaps the majority do not have such thoughts, but we suspect a growing minority at the O-6 level and above do. [emphasis added by the Russia Analyst]

Turkey, Saudi Arabia Got Thrown Under the Bus by Joe Biden AND Hillary Clinton for Sponsoring ISIS and Other Sunni Salafist Groups: But Did Anybody in MSM Notice?

Due to its NATO membership status and 'indispensable' (to both sides) geo-strategic location, the Turks expected to brazen these revelations out. Despite Vice President Joe Biden blurting out in a barely covered speech at Harvard that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar's sponsorship of Sunni extremists was a big problem, by and large the Western mainstream media has been busy burying the truth about ISIS primary host offering Daesh jihadis not only arms and medical treatment, but also halal McDonalds hamburgers.

Thus the tacit support of the #AssadMustGo and #ColdWar2 at any cost neocons and neoliberals plus his own reelection have permitted Erdoğan to skate -- even though these Washington factions pretend to care a lot about the Kurds that the Turkish leader has openly bombed when they threatened ISIS Euphrates life line.

Syrian armed forces, backed by a surge of Russian advisers and logistics, are advancing against their enemies in northern Syria

In fact, with the renewal of U.S./EU sanctions against Russia for six more months after the G20 summit, Erdoğan seems more emboldened by Washington (or Langley) to continue his aggression in Syria than ever, this time by dropping bombs on behalf of Salafist Turkomen groups controlled by Turkey's intelligence service, the MIT.

The alleged 'ISIS free zone' in northern Syria, which Hillary Clinton and numerous GOP presidential candidates have robotic ally endorsed on behalf of their globalist backers, is said to be in motion this week with Islamic State jihadists melting away under their master the MIT's orders. Retired Indian diplomat and Asia Times contributor M.K. Bhadrakumar has proven to have reliable sources in the past. Bhadrakumar wrote on Saturday, November 21:

The reports from Turkey through the one-week period had indicated that there is a joint Turkish-American military effort under way to fasten the border with Syria. Washington has been cagey about admitting the scale of involvement of the US military, but did not deny the Turkish media reports conclusively, either.

At any rate, the strategic ambiguity has just ended. The ‘breaking news’ from Ankara says Syrian opposition group Al-Sultan Murad Brigades “supported by Turkish and US war planes took control of two Turkmen towns in northern Syria” early Saturday. The reports say six Turkish F-16 aircraft, four US F-15 fighter jets and an American AC-130 took part in the operation along with three drones.

The Turkish security sources have been quoted as claiming that the joint Turkish-American move is the “first step for the creation of a Daesh-free zone in northern Syria (which) will further encourage the opposition forces to fight Daesh terror and help ensure Turkey’s border security”.

In strategic terms, a defining moment has been reached in the Syrian conflict – the “first step” in the creation of a swathe of land in northern Syria that will be out of bounds for military operations by Syrian government forces, Russian aircraft, or various militia groups such as Hezbollah who are fighting on the side of the Syrian regime.

As our friend The Saker (God rest the soul of his mother, who recently passed away) wrote several weeks ago, faced with humiliating defeat in Syria the 'Anglo-Zionist' Empire will not give up. Washington may try to dust off the play book used during the early 1990s when the Serbs were defeating Washington and Berlin's proxies the Croats and Bosnian Muslims, and use the creation of humanitarian 'safe zones' to create places where U.S.-backed forces could rest up, rearm and refit for new offensives.

Bhadrakumar the elder Indian diplomat who has seen decades of Anglo-American imperial duplicity believes Obama has finally conceded to this strategy, which exploits the Paris attacks and mass immi-destabilization crisis in Europe as a cover for the unchanged agenda -- get U.S. or at least Turkish NATO 'boots on the ground' en masse inside Syria, even if it's now too late to save the New World Order's precious Qatari gas pipeline to Europe:

The US role in this daring Turkish enterprise remains hidden from view. Senior US officials, including Secretary of State John Kerry, are credited with privately expressing views supportive of the Turkish proposal on free-trade zone, and leading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has openly backed the idea, but President Barack Obama has so far preferred to stand in the shade with an ambivalence that appeared to weigh against the ‘no-fly zone’.

But if the latest reports coming from Turkey are to be believed, Obama has given the green signal, finally, for direct American military participation in creating the ‘safe zone’ in northern Syria. Indeed, on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Turkey last week, Obama and Erdogan had the opportunity for holding in-depth discussions on Syria.

Erdogan’s hard-hitting remarks on Wednesday regarding ‘safe’ zones in northern Syria – and the Turkish demarche on Friday with Moscow – could only have been on the basis of the certainty that Obama is willing to hold his hands.

Erdogan is also cashing in on the refugee crisis plaguing Europe and the US. In the downstream of the terrorist strikes in Paris, there is widespread panic in the West that giving asylum to refugees from the Muslim world will be tantamount to opening the doors to terrorists.

An opinion is building up in the US too against Obama’s plan to give asylum to a few thousand Syrian refugees. The growing preference is that if conditions are made available for the displaced people of Syria to stay put in ‘safe zones’ on Syrian soil, they have no reason to seek asylum abroad.

Turkey is Trying to Help the U.S./NATO Carve Out an Occupation Zone in Northern Syria... In Order to Save the Euphrates Supply Lines of the GCC Jihadis from Being Crushed by Russian/Syrian/Iranian Firepower

So, to summarize, just a week after Putin came to Turkey and all but named Erdoğan and his GCC buddies in Riyadh and Doha as state sponsors of ISIS terrorism, the Turks are now pushing back against the Russians. Quite probably, by having their Tatar buddies allied with Right Sector Bandera-worshipping UkroNazi thugs blow up the power lines into Crimea. But the terrorist attack on the power lines, while a nuisance and an unwelcome headache for the Kremlin, is hardly decisive.

Russian military engineers already built a water pipelines from drinking water wells to partially defang the threat of a Ukrainian H20 blockade in record time. The Kerch narrows bridge to Russia's mainland Krasnodar region is coming along ahead of schedule too. We fully expect the Russians to deliver an ultimatum to Poroshenko if they haven't already done so: restore the power service within 72 hours after clearing off the Right Sector riff raff from the scene, or get ready for rolling blackouts across Ukraine when we shut off the gas, coal and transmission lines feeding Kharkov. That spetsnaz teams on the peninsula are perfectly capable of moving in and killing the Right Sector thugs and securing a perimeter around the power lines in one well-executed operation, we have little doubt. But we think Putin will much prefer a peaceful settlement to the standoff, one carried out by Ukrainian rather than Russian forces. After all, right now Putin is trying to show he's a peacemaker in Donbass and it's the Ukrainians, not the pro-Russian or Russian side, violating the Minsk 2 ceasefire there that provides a pathway to lifting some of the EU sanctions against Moscow.

Ukro-Nazi parliamentarian: Crimea will be Ukrainian...or depopulated. How about Ukraine will have peace...or no gas or power?

Crimea and Donbass are, as we have maintained before, globalist-designed distractions for the Russians and part of a conflict Vladimir Putin knows fully well can only be resolved with patience and the 'deprogramming' through suffering for the Ukrainian people from decades of ultra-nationalist, Western-sponsored 'Banderite' brainwashing. Paradoxically, despite consanguineous Ukrainians being much closer to Russia and being a part of Russian civilization in contrast to Syrians, the Ukraine war has proven less decisive or important to the Kremlin than the showdown in the Near East.

The primary battle for the future balance of power and Eurasian economic union remains in the Middle East, primarily, in northern Syria. Where Russian ground forces have reportedly been used for the first time in coordination with their airpower to speed up the Syrian Arab Army/Hezbollah advance at the Latakia/Idlib front line. The risk of these moves being, not only the first Russian battle deaths, but also that Russian spetsnaz and relocated Donbass volunteers could come into direct firefights with Turkish intelligence or even American JSOC teams embedded with the alleged 'moderate' Syrian rebels supposedly creating the 'ISIS free' (read: Turkish/U.S. controlled) zone. The half loaf or fallback strategy of a Washington desperate to get into Syria but thus far stymied by Syrian, Iranian, Russian (and, lurking behind them all, Chinese) resistance dating back to 2012.

Here is the description of events from Elijah J. Magnier (@ejmalrai), a reliable source not prone to overstatement:

For the first time a Russian infantry backed by T-90 tanks and Russian Air Force SU-25M stormed the Syrian Takfeery opposition between Latakia and Idlib countryside’s, capturing a strategic hill after five hours of fierce battle resulting in no casualties among the attacking forces.

A high ranking source said ” the Russian live manoeuver required the use of 130mm artillery battalion backed by a heavy air bombardment to the hill before the advance of the infantry as a test of the troops’ readiness and to raise the efficiency of engagement of the Russian forces in further battles on the Syrian soil against terrorists. Russia is also showing the real evolution and strength of its troops that did not participate in real battle for many years. The Syrian forces and allies provided only logistic support without participating to the battle as requested by the Russian officers. Many terrorists were killed and left behind in the battlefield.”

After Kiev and Ukrainian Nationalists Humiliating Defeats on the Battlefields of Donbass, Should Russia Be Surprised at this Chaos Strategem? Probably Not, But Now Moscow Has an Interesting Choice on How to Respond and Make Terrorism vs. Crimea Backfire on Kiev

Turning back to Ukraine, Kiev government's reputation as a functioning rather than failed state that can deliver on any peace agreement with the Donbass and above all, secure the Russian-filled gas pipes flowing towards Europe is on the line. Given these facts, and the threats against the vital gas lines running to Europe, it's little wonder Putin only intervened in a limited fashion in Donbass rather than endure the inevitable sabotage of gas supplies to the EU that would come with a Russian Army occupation. It's also no surprise on the other side of that coin that the Germans are seeking to expedite the construction of the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, where presumably it will be relatively safe from sabotage by Banderites (though globalist operatives could, if their handlers across the Channel and Atlantic were sufficiently desperate, try to attack the receiving end of the pipe on the Baltic in Greifswald, Germany).

Once again, the stupidity of Ukrainian ultra-nationalists and Bandera Nazis is exceeded only by their blood-curdling hatred of Russia. To the point that one wonders if any elderly grandparents or great-aunts of the Right Sector punks who blew up the power lines are now left without power or spoiled food in Kherson or Mykolaiv by the actions of their blood relatives. In the days to come, we expect Russian camera crews or at least intrepid citizen journalists to do what Western mainstream media will try to avoid doing. And that's tell the story of the tens to hundreds of thousands living in mainland Ukraine who also lost power as the result of this attack, and perhaps interview them with their faces blurred or off camera regarding what they think of Poroshenko and the Right Sector 'freedumb' fighters.

We have little doubt, for example, that there are dialysis patients in Kherson or Mykolaiv wondering how they will survive without power, if the fuel for the hospital generators that power their dialysis machines run out. Let the world once again see the human costs to Ukrainian nationalists' fascistic, obsessive quest for national purity and to avenge their own cowardly unwillingness to fight for Crimea.

As we wrote above, 4th Generation Warfare can cut both ways, and it can also backfire on its adherents or more accurately the puppetmasters who think they understand it. While the Kiev regime and its Washington sponsors have desperately sought to portray the Ukrainian people if not the state as a David battling the Russian Goliath, Russia has responded by emphasizing the suffering of ordinary Donbass people caused by Kiev's punitive and failed military campaign.

Western mainstream media's indifference to the suffering of all who do not fit its templates or agree with its ideological pets, in turn, has further discredited the MSM particularly in European countries like Germany, France or Italy where Moscow is playing a very clever long game. Instead of being an asset for Washington's Cold War 2.0 against Russia and a frontline garrison state, the Ukraine has become another dependent, failing regime and an additional line in the ever-growing #DollarShaming indictment against the Empire of Chaos. Instead of Germans becoming more grateful that NATO protects them from the evil Russian Bear and Putin's alleged dream of a new Soviet Empire in Europe, millions in that pivotal country are instead turning against Washington in disgust over the massive influx of refugees created by Washington's Mideast wars.

If the Kremlin sticks with its strategy of playing the long game in Ukraine rather than allowing itself to be provoked by the Empire of Chaos' neo-Nazi and Tatar Islamist minions, it will prove that once again, the Empire's tactics in Ukraine have spectacularly backfired. Even many presstitutes and anti-Kremlin journalists will have to acknowledge the painfully obvious fact the so-called 'Maidan revolution of dignity' has failed, and corrupt oligarchs remain in charge of a failing state.

Always follow the money -- why is Ukraine suddenly trying to draw more attention from Russia, the U.S. and EU alike? Because Kiev is dead ass broke and bankrupt...

German industry and hence politicians will grow more anxious to complete the Nordstream 2 pipeline as fast as possible, bypassing Kiev and thus leaving the Ukrainians without hundreds of millions per year in euro gas transit fees. And the Right Sector 'problem' and beatings of opposition figures will either enable Poroshenko to further consolidate power, or more likely, heighten the vicious infighting in the Verkhovna Rada that has already seen many deputies -- including a woman -- attacked or severely beaten this year. The #RadaFightClub is the democracy that George Soros and his globalist minions partners inside the U.S. State Department, like Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland, have bequeathed to the people of Ukraine. Will babushkas freezing to death from tit for tat gas pipeline blow ups and power outages this winter be added to that ledger? How about MANPAD sales by Ukrainians through Qatari middlemen to ISIS?


An Austrian politician tells RT Deutsch presenter Jasmin Kosubek the obvious: NATO's relentless eastward expansion led to the Ukraine civil war