Trump-san: Shinzo Abe Meets President Elect, Newly Named Natl Security Advisor Gen. Flynn at Trump Tower

For all the Establishment carping about how Donald Trump would be a human wrecking ball to Washington's traditional alliances, he received a warm handshake from the Prime Minister of Japan on Thursday in his first meeting with a representative of the same.

Like the other defeated belligerent in World War II Germany has been the linchpin of the U.S. position in Europe, Japan has been the anchor of American dominance of the Pacific for over 70 years. But as V the Guerrilla Economist said back when we first started listening to him on Internet talk radio in 2012, "Watch Japan". The 11/17/16 90 minute meeting between the President elect who stunned the world and the Prime Minister representing the central bankers' monetary 'Mischief Engine' aka the Bank of Japan foretells tectonic shifts coming to global trade in 2017-18.

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