You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXIX -- and the Guerrilla/Producer CJ's Post Debate Analysis

V the Guerrilla Economist and Producer CJ sat down late in the evening on October 9th, 2016 for some post debate analysis, as The Donald took the gloves off with the quip of the night, "You should be in jail". The mainstream media in the tank for Hillary was left sputtering and resuming the drumbeat of 'Trump = the Rooskies candidate' stories.

Meanwhile, the former White House Chief of Staff John Podesta emails leaked by Wikileaks reveal that Hillary knew Saudi Arabia and Qatar funded ISIS but took their money for the Clinton Foundation and STILL advocates their interests via a 'no fly zone' over Syria to protect Riyadh and Doha's jihadist proxies from Russian bombs (this is the issue we predict, Trump will use to destroy HRC in the third and final presidential debate).  Hillary also secretly met with Putin on at least one occasion -- though you wouldn't know it from the bazillion 'bromance' and 'Kremlin Siberian candidate' stories in the MSM about DJT. Trump has never personally met VVP, but simply received a nice note from the Russian President during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. No one has asked Mrs. Clinton yet what she discussed during that meeting with the man she later described as the 'godfather' of the global #AltRight...

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The Donald Opens a Geopolitical Overton Window: Vows to Put 'America First', Attacks 'Globalism' and Offers Full-Throated Defense of the Nation-State from Technocrats

Trump had the audacity to name the ideology that dare not speak its name -- and whose very mention sets the likes of the Council on Foreign Relations pukes or neoconservatives chortling about 'tin foil hat wearers' if it's even mentioned -- globalism. Namely, the belief that the Westphalian nation-state is an outdated construct in the 21st century, and all must bow to the dictates of transnational organizations like the European Union, supranational trade deals negotiated in strict secrecy like the TPP (aka the Toilet Paper Protocols)/TTIP, and multinational corporations...

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