Peace on Earth: Thank Baby Jesus and Mother Russia the Washington/GCC Backed Jihadists Lost Their War on Christmas in Aleppo

Thanks to Russian and Iranian (including Lebanese Shi'a Hezbollah, who have established a Christian auxiliary in recent years!) support for the Syrian Arab Army, for the first time in four years, Aleppo residents both Christian and Muslim can celebrate the birth of Christ without fear of being shelled by jihadist 'rebel hell cannons'.

It's my hope and prayer that with the transition coming on January 20, 2017, the previously hijacked and now ridiculous U.S. State Department will finally stand with the persecuted Christians of Syria -- not with their so-called 'moderate' takfiri tormentors and killers.

What an incredible time to be alive. Thank you RogueMoney readers around the world for all your readership, comments, support and prayers for us. - JWS

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Russia Partially Withdraws from Syria -- Now What? Give the SAA and Co the Tools, and They'll Finish the Job

Last September Russia's direct intervention in the Syria conflict stunned the world. Coming on the heels of Russian President Vladimir V. Putin's condemnation of the regional powers and fading superpower that had jointly schemed to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government through a massive jihadist proxy war, the Russian air campaign demonstrated that after two decades of post-Soviet decay, Moscow's military is back and capable of projecting devastating combat power hundreds if not thousands of miles from Russia's shores.

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