Not 1914, But an 1848 Springtime of Nationalism Against Globalist Empire? Thoughts from British Libertarian Sean Gabb

Continuing our series of intriguing videos from the Russian think tank Katehon republished here at RogueMoney, today we present a clip of British libertarian historian Sean Gabb. Speaking to Katehon, Gabb offers a hopeful take on the direction of global politics, saying he does not see the nationalism rising in Europe today as like that of 1914 when nations were prodded by the bankers and royal elites into a global conflagration that consumed multiple empires -- the British, French, German Kaiserreich, Austro-Hungarian Hapsburg, Ottoman Turkish and Tsarist Russian commonwealths. Instead Gabb believes the situation is more akin to 1848-49, the so-called age of revolutions when rising literacy (read: the 'red pilled' Internet today) and nationalism threatened to upset the established imperial order.

Today's preeminent and declining empires being, respectively, the twin poles of the post-WWII Atlanticist 'world order' the United States and that failed experiment in creating a United States of Europe known as the European Union. For whose looming (E)USSR-style crackup the media is increasingly blaming -- who else? -- Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

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