Who Had Litvinenko Murdered?

The Captain Obvious/Occam's Razor question the UK MSM can be relied on to never ask: if all the evidence has existed since 2006 that Putin 'probably' had ex-FSB agent Alexander Litvinenko poisoned with radioactive polonium 210, why did it take Sir Robert Owen and the British government nearly a decade to produce it? And why produce this evidence now during Cold War 2.0 and withhold it when U.S./UK-Russian relations were improving in 2009?


Paul Klebnikov, the Wall Street Journal reporter who was murdered in 2004 after publishing a book with Boris Berezovsky as the main villain. Klebnikov's killing rarely gets brought up by those citing the number of journalists murdered in Russia since Vladimir Putin became president in 2000, because it doesn't fit 'the Narrative' -- Klebnikov was not an outspoken critic of Putin.

If Boris Berezovsky had nothing to do with the poisoning of his employee, ex-FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, and there was no scheme to smuggle polonium (a trigger for atomic weapons or a possible 'dirty bomb' that would spread terror far beyond its radioactive effects), why were polonium traces found inside Berezovsky's London flat?


Why did no suspicion fall on Berezovsky, who had been implicated in multiple contract killings and armed takeovers of businesses in Russia during the 'wild Nineties'? (And who probably had one of his fiercest critics, the late Wall Street Journal reporter Paul Klebnikov, murdered in 2004). Berezovsky was found dead in the bath tub of his huge country house, in what was ruled a suicide in late 2013, based on the theory that his fortune had nearly been exhausted by his lavish life style and funding of anti-Kremlin activists.

For further reading, we strongly recommend our acquaintance Gordon M. Hahn (one of the preeminent experts on the Caucasus Emirate terrorist group) and his February 2015 article, "Chechen Nuclear Bomb Explodes in Renewed Litvinenko Inquest", as well as David Habbakuk and Ryan Dawson's excellent overviews of this farcical, drawn out (because the real suspects all got away with it) case.

Deadly polonium-210 was available in very limited quantities (far less than what Litvinenko was supposedly poisoned with) for just $69 online in late 2006. We assume it's become a bit harder to obtain without further scrutiny since his death.

RT: This is how father of MI6 asset and ex-FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko has been 'cared for' in Italian exile. He now says his son was murdered by his employers/handlers Boris Berezovsky and Alex Goldfarb, who may have discovered Litvinenko was still secretly reporting to Moscow as a planted double agent, or that he knew too much about their connections to the exiled Chechen terrorists and dirty bomb parts smuggling

A group of Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts review the case for Russian TV -- and come to very different conclusions from the Western MSM which takes Sir Robert Owen's three court press 'secret investigation' conclusions at face value

Wayne Madsen on Sir Robert Owen's farcical 'Putin probably killed' Litvinenko case, Obama's 'Business International' CIA past, etc.

Russian-Saudi/UAE Meetings in Sochi: Results? And a Few Thoughts on Divine Providence

Russian-Saudi/UAE Meetings in Sochi: Results? And a Few Thoughts on Divine Providence

Trying to make sense of the all-out Syria proxy war now directly involving Russia is a headache. Yesterday's enemy can quickly become today's 'frenemy'. Example: what to make of the Saudi and UAE crown princes visiting Putin and the Formula 1 races in Sochi this week, just five weeks after they met at Moscow's MAKS air show?First, we'd like to make a brief point in response to what RogueMoney reader Joyann said. Joyann has concerns that the RM Brain Trust might be getting too caught up in the East vs. West/Eurasian axis battling the Anglo-American Empire dialectic. That is, the same 'Obama bad, Putin good' or 'Putin bad, Obama good' dialectic the 'godfather' of the RM Brain Trust 'W' the Intelligence Insider has warned against. After listening to myself and the Guerrilla's broadcasts over the last two Fridays, she's concerned about portraying the Russians and Iranians as the 'good guys' in Syria where Assad's forces have the assorted alCIAeda and GCC-funded jihadists on the run from a Russian/combined arms offensive.

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