Trump the MSM: The Donald Says Crimea Wanted to Be With Russia, Talks Relationship (Or Lack Thereof) With Putin and RF Government

Trump has done it again: he has deliberately provoked the neolibcon Establishment, seeing to it that he stays in the headlines while his opponent crooked Hillary Clinton continues to duck any live news conference, even with a mainstream media that's 99% in the tank for her campaign.

While denying any 'relationship' formed with Russian President Vladimir Putin since Putin sent him a note during the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow Trump organized, the maverick billionaire has acknowledged reality: that the vast majority of Crimea's population wanted and wants to be a part of the Russian Federation. This has enraged Ukrainian politicians and D.C.'s eternal Cold Warriors alike.

While acknowledging 'selling a lot of condos' to Russians, Trump denied owing debts to any Russian entity or having investments in the country. He also repeated his statements that he will get along with Putin and that an improvement in U.S.-Russia relations would be a good thing, allowing the two great powers to cooperate in destroying ISIS.

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