EU(SSR) Parliament Passes Resolution Against 'Russian Propaganda', @EUvsDisinfo Smears Radio Host @RealAlexJones as a Kremlin Mouthpiece

As the European Union (EU) continues to crack up with Brexit potentially being followed by the first steps toward Italexit and Austria-exit this winter, the European Parliament attacked what it called Russian propaganda this week in an emotionally debated resolution.

Like most activities of the chamber in Strasbourg, France, however the resolution which passed despite more abstentions and opposition than votes in favor, is meaningless -- except to demonstrate to Moscow and the world that a significant bloc of MEPs, mostly hailing from the former Soviet bloc states bordering Russia, can shamelessly conflate 'Russian propaganda' against the EU with the beheadings, tortures and bloodthirsty calls to jihadist violence of the Islamic State (see the text for yourself here).

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Hillary Clinton: The War with Russia (and China?) Candidate

The Russia Analyst watched Hillary Clinton's nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Committee, or at least tried to, before leaving the room in disgust around the time Ms. Clinton vowed to in an applause line (targeting Donald Trump's criticism of the Atlanticist Pact) to defend America's NATO allies from an aggressive Russia. As IF the Russians have nothing better to do than risk thermonuclear annihilation to lord over a few million pissed off Balts or Poles! 

My disgust over Clinton, a warmonger who pushed for illegal and aggressive wars against the peoples of Serbia, Iraq and Libya portraying herself as the candidate of international stability and peace is only exceeded by my loathing of fellow members of the fourth estate who relentlessly kiss her wrinkly rear end on the same topic, while portraying Trump as some sort of lunatic who will nuke or bomb a country over a tweet as opposed to falsified pretenses like 'ethnic cleansing', 'imminent genocide' or 'WMDs'.

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