Rumors of War with Russia, Part 10: Russian Retaliation After Deir Ez Zor? Moscow is Calling Washington's Bluff in Syria

One week after the 'inadvertent' U.S. air strike on the Syrian Arab Army's positions besieged by the Islamic State in Deir Ez Zor prompted Russia to convene the United Nations Security Council, Washington called an emergency meeting of the UNSC on Sunday to demand Moscow stop its Syrian, Hezbollah and Iranian allies' offensive in Aleppo. The pretext for this extraordinary meeting including the excoriation of the Russian Air Force for 'barbarism' in allegedly targeting civilians was the destruction of an aid convoy rolling through rebel jihadist held territory, documented by the British intelligence-linked (G)NGO the White Helmets.

As with the MH17 false flag operation, Washington is blaming the Russians on the basis of dubious 'eyewitnesses' and 'social media evidence' presented by the fraudsters at Bellingcat (aka #Bellingcrap), while not releasing a single shred of radar data or other credible intelligence to support its claims of Russian guilt.

Unlike the previous ceasefires though, there are no indications that the Russian Federation or its Syrian or Iranian allies can be bluffed into halting their offensive operations this time. The die is cast, and now the neocon desperados of Exceptionalistan must decide what to do amidst the spectre of a Donald J. Trumpening on November 8. If they don't do something, whether a false flag atrocity or shoot down of an American jet blamed on the Russians or some other move to justify direct, overt American attacks on Syrian forces, Washington and Saudi/Qatari proxies in east Aleppo face a crushing defeat by the end of winter.

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