Seven Days Before the Inauguration: Orthodox Christian Saints Day of St. Melania the Nun of Rome (+439 AD)

Many observers in the new media have noticed an intriguing numerological 'stat' regarding the inauguration of president elect Donald J. Trump: after he is sworn in on January 21, 2017 he will be 70 years, 7 months and 7 days old. But there's another 'coincidence' we just discovered about Mr. Trump's wife, Melania Knauss (Knavs), who was born in the predominantly Roman Catholic country of Slovenia, in the former Yugoslavia on April 26, 1970 (and will be 46 when her husband takes office).

Today Friday, January 13, exactly seven days before Inauguration Day, happens to be the feast day under the old Russian Orthodox calendar of Melania's patron saint, Melania of Rome, who was canonized by the Roman Church in 1908 as a godly patroness of the Faith who used her great wealth to spread the Holy Gospel

A timely reminder, that not all the numbers are playthings of the esoteric elites and those enslaved to the evil one. - JWS 

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