Syraq SITREP 20: #Trump WH/UN Amb @NikkiHaley Accuses #Syria of Plotting Chemical Attack

ISIS (or as some prefer to call it, USUS) is collapsing across the Syrian deserts, and Iraqi Shi'a PMU militiamen are pouring into the country by the thousands to aid Syria's armed forces in the drive to lift the Daesh siege of Deir Ez Zor. With Raqqa now besieged by Kurdish SDF fighters, and the previously escaping Daesh convoys getting pummeled by Russian airpower, Washington's options to stop Damascus and its allies from Tehran uniting the vast majority of the country's non-Kurdish areas under Syrian Arab Republic sovereignty are dwindling fast. Not surprisingly, the neocons who infiltrated the Trump White House and installed their Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley into office have decided now would be the perfect time for Assad to order a chemical weapons attack to 'justify' his troops being bombed by the US.

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