Battle for Syraq SITREP 4: AlCIAeda Treason Exposed -- U.S. State Dept. Denies Arming Syrian Al-Qaeda Affiliate, Threatens Russians with 'Body Bags', Terror Attacks

Battle for Syraq SITREP 4: AlCIAeda Treason Exposed -- U.S. State Dept. Denies Arming Syrian Al-Qaeda Affiliate, Threatens Russians with 'Body Bags', Terror Attacks

On Tuesday the U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby denied under reporters' questioning that Washington has been covertly arming the Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria. The awkward questions came after German journalist Jörg Todenhöfer, who has spent more time interviewing the jihadists both ISIS and 'non' ISIS over the last five years of conflict than perhaps any (post)Western reporter, published the boasts of an alleged Al-Nusra commander about receiving hands on technical support as well as TOW missiles from Americans, Israelis and their Sunni Persian Gulf state allies inside Syria.

Naturally, the response of the mainstream media has been to ignore the interview. Neocon trolls and 'Free Syrian Army' (FSA) fanboys, many of them paid Washington think tank shills for Saudi Arabia or Qatar, have insisted 'the Assad regime' faked the Todenhöfer interview using an actor playing the terrorist. But Damascus has been adamant that not only is the CIA directly arming al-Nusra, bypassing the 'moderate' FSA middlemen, but that the Syrians have recorded audio of U.S. military members engaged in direct radio contact with ISIS before the Deir Ez Zor strike of September 17 killed over 62 Syrian Arab Army (SAA) soldiers. That audio has yet to be released by the Syrians, but Todenhöfer isn't backing down against critics attacking him or the authenticity of the interview.

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Sunset Over NATO

Sunset Over NATO

"Germany has asked Russia for help in expelling NATO. Germany wants Russia to support its struggle for independence from the US and NATO occupation." Take a look at this mouth-dropping Q&A from editors at The Saker.

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Glasnost for the USSA and Obama as America's Gorbachev? The Anglo-Globalist Empire Has Been Offered a 'Soft Landing', According to a Prominent Pro-Russian Ukrainian Exile -- Is Washington Choosing the Realist Path in Syria or Going Down the Hard(er) Way?

RT reports: “The US stands ready to work with Russia,” Kerry told journalists after meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday. He added that the two countries’ officials had had “a productive day” and the discussions had been “constructive."  “Despite our countries’ differences, we demonstrated that when the United States and Russia pull together in the same direction, progress can be made,” Kerry said. (Photograph by

The song uses the Romance theme from the Lieutenant Kijé Suite by Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev,[6] and its lead-in includes a snippet from the Soviet news program Vremya in which the famed Soviet news broadcaster Igor Kirillov says in Russian: "...The British Prime Minister described the talks with the head of the delegation, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, as a constructive, realistic, practical and friendly exchange of opinions...", referring to the meeting of Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher in 1984. The Soviet leader at the time was Konstantin Chernenko.

Also in the background, communications from the Apollo–Soyuz mission can be heard.

- from the Wikipedia entry on Sting's song "Russians" from his 1985 album "The Dream of Blue Turtles"

Even Western reporters can hardly believe Kerry's rhetorical Volte-face from Washington's previous 'Assad must go' rhetoric

While team Rogue Money's other members digest the implications of the Federal Reserve's 0.25 percent rate hike this mid-week, we were observing the surprising spirit of détente coming out of Secretary of State John Kerry's meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov in Moscow. Even U.S. Ambassador John Tefft, infamous in Russia for his role in previous 'colored revolutions' in Georgia and preparing the Maidan coup d'etat in Ukraine, and Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland who hand picked Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy 'Yats' Yatsenyuk in the same leaked February 2014 phone call in which she said 'f--- the EU' were at the table with Putin and Lavrov. The expression on Nuland's face captured by an RT photographer as she left the Kremlin following Tuesday night's 3 1/2 hour meeting with Putin was priceless -- if one finds fanatically anti-Russian neoconservatives' tears sweet.

h/t for finding this tweet goes to @BanksterSlayer...we'll miss you too ma'am. We aren't sure if the woman on Nuland's left is the Russian MFA's first female chief spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, but she sure looks like her

On the other hand, after virtually every hint of rapprochement between Washington and Moscow since Cold War 2.0 began in earnest in 2014, some escalation or incident has occurred to sabotage the two sides finding common ground. The most recent example being the Obama-Putin meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey last month followed by the treacherous Turkish ambush shoot down of a Russian SU-24 jet just days later. Numerous other incidents, especially the Maidan snipers false flag murders of armed activists and policemen which happened within 24 hours of Russia, the U.S. and Washington's EU allies had reached a deal on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych's peaceful resignation to avert bloodshed, have hardened attitudes in the Kremlin regarding the trustworthiness of the Americans.

Nonetheless, Washington seems to be talking the talk about abandoning the burning ambition of its Turkish, Saudi and Qatari allies to overthrow the regime of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. Now we shall see if Washington is truly prepared for a peace settlement with the Eurasian axis of Russia and Iran in Syria, or if the forces of desperate hegemony will stage some new 'incident' to justify sending more American and NATO troops into 'Syraq'.

The Associated Press' State Department beat reporter Matthew Lee and his colleagues wrote:

"The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change," Kerry told reporters in the Russian capital after meeting President Vladimir Putin. A major international conference on Syria would take place later this week in New York, Kerry announced.

Kerry reiterated the U.S. position that Assad, accused by the West of massive human rights violations and chemical weapons attacks, won't be able to steer Syria out of more than four years of conflict.

But after a day of discussions with Assad's key international backer, Kerry said the focus now is "not on our differences about what can or cannot be done immediately about Assad." Rather, it is on facilitating a peace process in which "Syrians will be making decisions for the future of Syria."

The Common 'Thread' Between 'Rate Hikes' of a Quarter Percent and Obama's Last Year in Office -- Seeking a 'Soft Landing'

If one can draw a common thread between the Federal Reserve's 25 basis point 'rate hike' announced on Wednesday and the sudden shift in the U.S. diplomatic posture toward Russia and Syria, it may be the idea of a 'soft landing'. That is, the Fed technocrats believe they can arrange for an orderly bursting of the massive dollar bubble they've created, while the State Department led by Kerry have been ordered to seek a face saving solution to the problem of America's Sunni radical and jihadist proxies facing defeat on Syrian battlefields.

As our Washington D.C. energy consultant source texted this week, as a long time observer of Lebanese and Mideast politics:

So on the cusp of [a] real shift of power in the region, w[ith] Houthis pushing KSA to brink, FSA on the brink, Kurds about to erupt within TR [Turkey], and US outsourcing its ME power posture to RU [Russia] and IR [Iran].

We rather believe both the Fed and the State Department are badly mistaken about there being any easy or face-saving way out of the messes they've created. However, with the rumors reported by Dr. Jim Willie and others that the Fed now answers to China to some extent, it is most definitely in the interests of China and the Eurasian bloc to let the dollar and Washington down slowly, rather than risk the covert world war underway going 'hot' in the Middle East. Sun Tzu's 2,500 year old treatise the Art of War advises to never press a desperate foe too hard, and Moscow took this advice in September 2013 when Putin offered the Obama Administration a face-saving way out of its 'red line' over Assad's alleged chemical weapons use. The Syrian chemical weapons were shipped out of the country and destroyed in the presence of Russian and U.S. technicians, while the threat of another major sarin false flag attack by the Turks and Saudis was defanged.

Through exercising the KGB-invented doctrine of reflexive control and logic of judoka, Putin turned the Administration's momentum toward an all out U.S. assault on Syria the U.S. Joint Chiefs didn't want to the advantage of the Kremlin and its allies. Perhaps as we've speculated with the help of the 'Kings of the East' or the rumored 'Eastern globalists/White Dragon societies' Putin came out smelling like a rose and a peacemaker, while Obama and the neocons who demanded he uphold his 'red line' bluster looked like chumps. The revenge taken for this Russian humiliation of official Washington, in the form of a U.S.-sponsored coup in Kiev, did not make the situation 'right' but worse. Because as we'll explore in a post later this week, Washington is now further stained with the clown car freak show in Ukraine, and even the professional Russia bashers at The Economist can't spray enough perfume on that stinking manure pile of corruption and stupidity.

This idea of a 'soft landing' for the American elites if not the King Dollar empire (the latter being impossible to save in its current form) was discussed by an exiled Ukrainian expert, Rotislav Ischenko, in an essay published last month at Being Ukrainian by birth, Ischenko is no stranger to observing political and economic systems spinning out of control, like centrifuges wrecking themselves at thousands of RPM after the control software gets infected with a Stuxnet computer virus. Nor is he under any illusions regarding the narrowing of the interests favoring war or taking the world to the brink of a global conflagration in order to preserve a failing reserve currency (emphasis in the original ZH post):

The contradiction between the concept of escaping the crisis, which has been adopted the US elite, and the alternative concept – proposed by Russia and backed by China, then by the BRICS nations and now a large part of the world – lay in the fact that the politicians in Washington were working from the premise that they are able to fully control the globalized world and guide its development in the direction they wish. Therefore, faced with dwindling resources to sustain the mechanisms that perpetuate their global hegemony, they tried to resolve the problem by forcefully suppressing potential opponents in order to reallocate global resources in their favor.

If successful, the United States would be able to reenact the events of the late 1980s – early 1990s, when the collapse of the Soviet Union and the global socialist system under its control allowed the West to escape its crisis. At this new stage, it has become a question of no longer simply reallocating resources in favor of the West as a collective whole, but solely in favor of the United States. This move offered the system a respite that could be used to create a regime for preserving inequitable relationships, during which the American elite’s definitive control over the resources of power, raw materials, finance, and industrial resources safeguarded them from the danger of the system’s internal implosion, while the elimination of alternative power centers shielded the system from external breaches, rendering it eternal (at least for a historically foreseeable period of time).

The alternative approach postulated that the system’s total resources might be depleted before the United States can manage to generate the mechanisms to perpetuate its global hegemony. In turn, this will lead to strain (and overstrain) on the forces that ensure the imperial suppression of those nations existing on the global periphery, all in the interests of the Washington-based center, which will later bring about the inevitable collapse of the system.

Two hundred, or even one hundred years ago, politicians would have acted on the principle of “what is falling, that one should also push” and prepared to divvy up the legacy of yet another crumbling empire. However, the globalization of not only the world’s industry and trade (that was achieved by the end of the 19th century), but also global finance, caused the collapse of the American empire through a policy that was extremely dangerous and costly for the whole world. To put it bluntly, the United States could bury civilization under its own wreckage.

Consequently, the Russian-Chinese approach has made a point of offering Washington a compromise option that endorses the gradual, evolutionary erosion of American hegemony, plus the incremental reform of international financial, economic, military, and political relations on the basis of the existing system of international law.

America’s elite have been offered a “soft landing” that would preserve much of their influence and assets, while gradually adapting the system to better correspond to the present facts of life (bringing it into line with the available reserve of resources), taking into account the interests of humanity, and not only of its “top echelon” as exemplified by the “300 families” who are actually dwindling to no more than thirty. In the end, it is always better to negotiate than to build a new world upon the ashes of the old.

A deranged Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatening Russia and China for blocking UN authorization for Libya-style 'humanitarian war' in Syria back in 2012-2013

Pining for the Reagan Years, But With No Reagan In Sight: The Real Subtext of the GOP's Losers and Trump's Rise

The goal of the elite families Ischenko correctly recognizes as 'running America' at least since the November 1963 coup in Dallas if not the establishment of the Federal Reserve banking system in 1913 has been to stay 'on top'. And the means by which they hope to remain large and in charge have not changed all that radically since the successful effort during the 1980s to subvert the Soviet Union, an effort that wouldn't have succeeded without a considerable portion of the Politburo/KGB nomenklatura choosing peace rather than WWIII.

Similarly, we doubt the vast majority of the U.S elite and even the .01% wishes to live in a fallout shelter or decamped somewhere in the Southern Hemisphere after even a 'limited' nuclear war, though many American elites are still gripped by arrogant notions of easy American dominance over a combined Russia-China alliance in conventional war, or the notion that the Russians and Chinese simply would never dare fight or even challenge the U.S. See for example, this now-funny quote from U.S. Naval War College Professor Tom Nichols, adamantly declaring in a blog post supporting U.S military action against Assad in August 2013 that []:

5. The Russians aren’t going to do a damned thing.

The Russians not only will not go to war over Assad, they can’t. I don’t know where people get these ideas (first guess: Google University), but the Russian Navy isn’t even remotely capable of getting in NATO’s way in the Med. Unless Vladimir Putin wants to threaten a nuclear war for Bashar Assad, this is not an issue. The Russians, as my colleague Nick Gvosdev points out, will get their pound of flesh for this in some way later, but not in a war.

Hopefully, the next President of the United States isn't getting 'quality advice' from a Russian 'expert' like USNWC Prof. Tom Nichols...

That quote remains on Nichols' blog, without so much as a subsequent 'oops, I got it wrong, mea culpa' from the good professor. If a President Hillary Clinton is getting this kind of advice on Russian capabilities and intentions, then we probably will see some stupid move either in Ukraine or Syria to attack the Russians by proxy only to watch as the U.S. proxy force, whether Ukrainian or Turkish, gets absolutely massacred for NATO to finally 'get it'.

As Agent W the Intelligence Insider has patiently explained many times on the Guerrilla Radio program, as someone who was part of the Reagan rollback of Communism, the game has changed today. The opposition in Beijing and especially Moscow have read the Cold War 1.0 playbook and are well-prepared to counter it, if not execute some the same plays against a weakening 'USSA' empire. The formulas of armed Islamic insurgents if not large CIA and Saudi funded mercenary armies and colored revolutions have both met their match in their own way, just as the massive investments the Soviets made in a bloated military industrial complex and subversion worldwide eventually exhausted and disillusioned the Russian people with Communism.

In the case of Montenegro, a tiny country on the Adriatic Sea that NATO bombed over fifteen years ago, the Maidan George Soros playbook might even be used in reverse against American dominance of the historically pro-Serbian and Russia-friendly nation. In the FYR of Macedonia, another shard of old socialist Yugoslavia, massed rallies by pro-NATO Albanians ran into opposition from Montenegrins, Serbs and Macedonian natives. In Ukraine, Washington's proxy war to provoke Russia into a choice between invading and a costly occupation to break the Russians' fight or surrendering ethnic Ukrainians and pro-Russians in the Donbass failed. The Ukrainian army, having failed to achieve victory and unable to continue the offensive for fear of crushing defeat, wound up in a World War One-style static defensive posture that leads to morale and psychological decay. The ridiculous brawls in the Ukrainian Rada that in the past week dragged in Washington's now single digit approval rating Prime Minister have made the State Department's slogans about 'reforms' and the 'rule of law' a punchline in Europe.

Whereas in Syria Russia had to apply direct military power to successfully blunt Washington's proxy war effort, in Ukraine the Russians tried to use the least amount of force possible and counted on the internal contradictions of Ukrainian nationalism and failing economics to do the rest, just as the first independent Ukrainian state collapsed after its Imperial German and Polish sponsors lost interest in it after WW1. Whereas Moscow denied Washington ownership of Syria or rather a rump Sunnistan between the dissolved borders of Syria and Iraq for a Qatari gas pipeline to Turkey and thence Europe, in Ukraine the Russians forced upon the Americans former Secretary of State Colin Powell's 'pottery barn' rule: you broke it, now you own it. That means Washington owns the Rada deputies grabbing Yats by the balls and hoisting him like a mannequin, Ambassador Geoff Pyatt.

Turning to Tuesday night's ludicrous GOP debate in Las Vegas, in which corpulent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie called for shooting down Russian planes if they enter a U.S.-imposed no fly zone in Syria, the subtext was if the U.S. elects a president who's ready to act 'tough enough' it'll be roaring mid-80s Morning in America again. When Christie in particular was challenged by Sen. Rand (not his father Ron) Paul of Kentucky on whether he'd be willing to start World War III, he retorted after the debate that the U.S. is already in WWIII, but with the Islamic State and that the Russians weren't in Syria to fight ISIS.

Besides the lie that the Russians and their Syrian Arab Army allies haven't done any damage to ISIS (the SAA and the Russians are on the outskirts of Palmyra and have obliterated the tanker trucks ISIS used to sell stolen oil that the U.S. left untouched for months), nobody in mainstream media is going to ask Christie how starting a war with Russia that could quickly escalate to a nuclear exchange wouldn't please the leaders of Daesh, convinced that Allah has infected the infidels with madness as they destroy each other so the Caliphate inherits the earth.

If a blithering idiot like Gov. Chris Christie actually got elected, Putin would reply, "And our no fly zone is already in place Mr. President, good day"

The real subtext of Christie, Jeb Bush, and to a lesser extent Marco Rubio's Establishment-favored war and mass surveillance mongering is that Putin's Russia is even weaker than the once mighty Soviet Union was, and if we just push the Russians hard enough they'll back down. The fact that modern Russia isn't as big as the USSR but also lacks the Soviets' two Achilles heels of an officially atheistic system and failing centrally planned economy basically goes over the heads of candidates who only know how to repeat Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute or Council on Foreign Relations talking points. Nor do they have a clue how brittle many of the American allies they would shower with weapons to provide 'boots on the ground' are -- none of them got the memo about the Saudis' humiliating, failed war in Yemen, or have a clue just how shattered the Ukrainian Army was by losing over 14,000 KIA and double that number of wounded in just a few months of fighting. They still probably believe that the Turkish Army leading a Sunni 'Arab coalition' could invade Syria and occupy the former territory of the Islamic State in Iraq without facing serious opposition, if not in the case of Syria a massive defeat at the Russians and Syrians' hands. (More likely, Turkish armored columns would run into Smerch/Tornado MLRS cluster bombardment like this):

If you're a Turkish Army tank commander not assured of any air support during a U.S.-ordered invasion of Syraq, do you feel lucky watching this?

What we're trying to say is that the likes of Christie, Jeb, or Rubio want to repeat the Reagan strategy of defeating the USSR, but lack the economic, moral, and even perhaps soon military strength to accomplish the job against a Russian-Chinese bloc that's stronger and more determined today than the 1980s Soviets were. Nor do they understand that the old magic of arming whoever today's 'mujaheddin' are -- the phantom 'Free Syrian Army', the Saudis or Turks -- cannot be repeated because proxy war has become a two way street. The Saudis sending fighters and arms to Pakistan to fight the Russians in the 1980s didn't have to worry about Soviet weapons in Yemeni hands killing Saudi soldiers inside the Kingdom, nor Iranian ballistic missiles killing scores at Saudi bases.

Today, instead of cheering on their president and jeering 'the Commies' in the Kremlin, many Americans are disgusted with Obama and politics as usual, and a few even openly express admiration for Russia''s leader:

One month into a new job covering the US presidential campaign, I am starting to find that the Trump phenomenon is more understandable when viewed through the lens of a Putin-Trump Venn diagram — or, rather, the Venn diagram of their supporters.

Two weeks ago in Macon at a stadium full of diehard Trump supporters, I met Tal Wollschlaeger, a law student, who declared apropos of nothing and with no knowledge of my background that he wanted to see a US president more like . . . Mr Putin.

“I think Putin is brilliant!” the twenty-something Mr Wollschlaeger told me as two of his friends nodded in agreement. “He’s taking care of business the way he has to. His country loves him. He’s done well for them. He does what he says and he gets the job done.”

He continued: “We just have to reassert ourselves. We’ve got to the point where Britain and France can’t look to us for advice because we can’t make the first move any more, because really we’re too weak. We need to get our seat back at the table.”

At first it seemed like a one-off, a random Putin fan sprouting up like a unicorn in a southern US city nicknamed the Heart of Georgia. But I don’t think Mr Wollschlaeger is an outlier.

In Dubuque, Iowa, a crucial primary state, the Associated Press recently spoke to Duane Ernster, a local Trump supporter who also offered the Putin comparison. “Maybe we need a warrior instead of a politician,” he said. “People compare Mr Trump to Putin. There’s something to be said about the man who takes care of the Russian people.”

Washington is Running Out of Time and the Internal Fight Between 'Realist' Globalists and War Party Hardliners is Only Going to Get Worse

In short, the candidates angling for the support of the shrinking ranks of billionaire Cold Warrior hard liners vastly overestimates the strength of America's alliances and moral standing in the world, while underestimating the potency of the Eurasian camp's asymmetric warfare, especially in the economic realm. The field of information warfare, where the NATO has increasingly been portrayed as a sort of Warsaw Pact alongside the sclerotic, trans nationalist European Union which is commonly derided as the 'EUSSR', is another area where Western leaders like Hillary Clinton admit to 'losing the war'.

Kremlin funding for political parties within the EU, playing the game Washington has long played through its Atlanticist think tanks and (G)NGOs like George Soros immense Open Society institute money laundering apparat, has become an obsession for many. But it's a drop in the bucket compared to what Washington is spending to hold on to its increasingly wayward, Chinese-deals cutting under the table European vassals.

Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges appears on a German talk show in recent months -- as a guest or representative of the occupying power 70 years on?

This is the backdrop for Ischenko's observation together with many other Russian analysts that Washington is suddenly turning back to diplomacy with Russia and China where force, proxy war and subversion have all failed:

Up until 2015, America’s elite (or at least the ones who determine US policy) had been assured that they possessed sufficient financial, economic, military, and political strength to cripple the rest of the world, while still preserving Washington’s hegemony by depriving everyone, including (at the final stage) even the American people of any real political sovereignty or economic rights. European bureaucrats were important allies for that elite – i.e., the cosmopolitan, comprador-bourgeoisie sector of the EU elite, whose welfare hinged on the further integration of transatlantic (i.e., under US control) EU entities (in which the premise of Atlantic solidarity has become geopolitical dogma) and NATO, although this is in conflict with the interests of the EU member states.

However, the crisis in Ukraine, which has dragged on much longer than originally planned, Russia’s impressive surge of military and political energy as it moved to resolve the Syrian crisis (something for which the US did not have an appropriate response) and, most important, the progressive creation of alternative financial and economic entities that call into question the dollar’s position as the de facto world currency, have forced a sector of America’s elite that is amenable to compromise to rouse itself (over the last 15 years that elite has been effectively excluded from participation in any strategic decisions).

The latest statements by Kerry  and Obama which seesaw from a willingness to consider a mutually acceptable compromise on all contentious issues (even Kiev was given instructions “to implement Minsk “) to a determination to continue the policy of confrontation – are evidence of the escalating battle being fought within the Washington establishment.

It is impossible to predict the outcome of this struggle – too many high-status politicians and influential families have tied their futures to an agenda that preserves imperial domination for that to be renounced painlessly. In reality, multibillion-dollar positions and entire political dynasties are at stake.

However, we can say with absolute certainty that there is a certain window of opportunity during which any decision can be made. And a window of opportunity is closing that would allow the US to make a soft landing with a few trade-offs. The Washington elite cannot escape the fact that they are up against far more serious problems than those of 10-15 years ago. Right now the big question is about how they are going to land, and although that landing will already be harder than it would have been and will come with costs, the situation is not yet a disaster.

But the US needs to think fast. Their resources are shrinking much faster than the authors of the plan for imperial preservation had expected. To their loss of control over the BRICS countries can be added the incipient, but still fairly rapid loss of control over EU policy as well as the onset of geopolitical maneuvering among the monarchies of the Middle East. The financial and economic entities created and set in motion by the BRICS nations are developing in accordance with their own logic, and Moscow and Beijing are not able to delay their development overlong while waiting for the US to suddenly discover a capacity to negotiate.

'Stabbing the Empire' -- The USSR was not brought down solely by unsustainable economics, falling oil prices, popular revolutions in the Baltics, but also by elite 'betrayal' aka an agreement reached against the wishes of 80% of the Soviet population that wished to maintain the Union

The reason we led off this piece for RogueMoney with the quote from Sting's 1985 hit "Russians" is to emphasize, that back then it was newly installed young reformer 'Gorby' who called talks with the Americans and British realistic and constructive. Today, with the 'USSA' in crisis and its elites at odds like the Politburo of the mid-1980s, it's Obama playing the role of Gorbachev and Putin that of a quasi-Reagan.  When Barack Obama took office after the initial shock of the 2008 financial crisis had hit, many Russian commentators like Prof. Igor Panarin compared him to Gorbachev. But what went over the heads of CNN, Glenn Beck and others who noticed this trend back then was that the comparison on the part of the Russians was not flattering. Over the last twenty years, 'Gorby' has been one of the most despised men in Russia.

As Ft. Russ reported this week, some Russian parliamentary deputies want 'Gorby', who was reduced to doing Pizza Hut commercials and Louis Vutton bag ads to pay his bills in retirement, investigated for high treason:

A member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, Georgy Fedorov, has sent a request to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to check the contents of the talks between senior officials of the USSR and the US President for compliance with such articles of the Criminal Code as "treason" and "leaking state secrets" and, if necessary, to prosecute.

This stems from declassified transcripts of telephone conversations in which the top political leadership, namely Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin, report to George HW Bush about the destruction of the USSR.

The transcripts of telephone conversations held on December 8 and December 25, 1991, have been published in the media (in particular, in the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda).

According to Konsomolskaya Pravda, Boris Yeltsin called US President Bush and had a talk with him longer than 28 minutes, immediately after the signing of the Bialowieza agreement (on the creation of the CIS) on 8 December 1991

Two weeks later, December 25, the first (and final) president of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev telephoned George W. Bush, and the conversation lasted 22 minutes.

In 2030 will old American neocons like Max Boot be sitting around a fire place, cursing Obama as a traitor whose betrayal together with the likes of Edward Snowden and John Kerry hastened the late great American Anglo-Globalist Empire into its untimely collapse?




Full Spectrum (Dumb)Ash Carter: U.S. To Send Special Operators to Syrian Kurds Fighting ISIS, Infuriating Turkey's Erdogan; Washington Caught Sending Arms to ISIS by Syrians/Russians

In August we wrote an article which correctly forecast that Turkey, after trying unsuccessfully to play the Americans and Russians off against each other, would get thrown under the bus by Washington. As we wrote then somebody has to take the fall for the spectacular rise of ISIS, and Erdoğanis the perfect fall guy.After years of profiting from the Afghan heroin trade and serving as a partner in crime to Washington and the Persian Gulf Arab states' destruction of Syria, the man who would have been sultan of the new Ottoman Empire Erdoğan discovers that there's no honor among thieves. In just a few short years Erdoğanhas found a way to alienate or anger the governments of not only of Syria but China (cancelled SAM arms deal), Russia (backing out of Turkstream and lowballing Gazprom on price), Iran (its top natural gas supplier after Moscow, whose soldiers are being killed with Turkish weapons outside Aleppo), Israel (2009 Gaza flotilla/MV Mavi Marmama stunt), Egypt (support for the Muslim Brotherhood takeover that Sisi's military coup crushed), and now the entire EU, thanks to the Turks opening the floodgates for Mideast migrants in what European Union President Donald Tusk calls a campaign of 'hybrid warfare' to extract concessions or even membership from the transnational bloc.


Whatever else you want to say about Erdoğan, the man sure knows how to make enemies. Since the United States is both Turkey's NATO ally and at odds with Ankara over the Kurdish issue (with Vice President Joe Biden famously asking why not create a Kurdish state out of Iraq and possibly Syria), you can add Washington to the list of 'frenemies'. Particularly now that Obama pulled a classic Barry Zero stunt, by sending just enough soldiers to the Syrian Kurds to piss Ankara off...but not enough make any difference or satisfy Sens. John McInsane and his mini-me, Ms. John McCain from South Carolina Lindsey Graham:

"Half-assed" -- Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) rages against the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dunford over their unwillingness to start World War III with Russia in Syria. 'Light in the loafers' Lindsey should be happy at least some jihadists intent on overthrowing Assad got U.S. weapons, even if they happen to be members of the Islamic State

This weekend the question is: with both Western and Russian news and propaganda outlets highlighting Recep Tayyip's suppression of the Kurds, cartoonish war on free speech and the press, and not so secret dealings with ISIS, are we going to see the Sultan fall at the polls this weekend? Or will Erdoğan's ruling Law and Justice (AKP) coalition pull out a victory this Sunday because no Turk wants to support the Kurdish party and the opposition cannot agree?


Either way the polls go in Turkey, relations between Washington and Ankara are entering a deep freeze. There's no way any Turkish government could interpret President Barack Hussein Obama's announcement of 30 U.S. special operations soldiers deploying to Syrian Kurdistan on the Friday before Turks go to the polls as anything other than a slap to Ankara's face.

Whether the Turks will start to create logistical or other headaches for U.S. and 'anti-ISIL coalition' forces operating out of Incirlik AFB in southern Turkey in retaliation is an interesting question. One thing the Turks have vowed to do is keep bombing the Kurdish YPG -- the same force Washington para-dropped many tons of ammo to a week ago, whenever they threaten ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra (aka Al-Qaeda in Syria) supply lines by crossing the Euphrates River:

Istanbul, October 28 (Reuters) - Turkey will “do what is necessary” to prevent U.S.-allied Syrian Kurdish rebels from declaring autonomy in the town of Tel Abyad near the Turkish border, including conducting further military operations, President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday.

NATO member Turkey is part of the U.S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants in Syria, but it sees advances by autonomy-seeking Kurds, led by the Democratic Union Party (PYD), as a threat to its own national security, fearing they could stoke separatism among Turkish Kurds.

Turkish jets recently hit the Syrian Kurds' armed People's Protection Units (YPG) targets twice after they defied Ankara and crossed west of the Euphrates River.

“This was a warning. 'Pull yourself together. If you try to do this elsewhere - Turkey doesn't need permission from anyone - we will do what is necessary,'” Erdogan said, signaling he could defy Washington's demand that Ankara avoid hitting Syrian Kurds and focus its military might on Islamic State targets.

No doubt numerous negotiations are underway between the Pentagon and Turkish militaries to ensure the lucrative business of faux warmaking on ISIS continues. But the problem remains that the force Washington is counting on to actually show some results in the ISIS war lest the Russians steal all their thunder has been threatened and treated as sworn enemies by Ankara. And new revelations about an alleged secret oil pipeline from ISIS-held parts of Syria to Turkey plus stepped up Iraqi bombing of these lucrative crude channels for the super terrorist group are only going to add to the pressure in Ankara to come clean about what role Turkish intelligence and military played in ISIS rise.



NATO's Twitter troll army swings into action, including a few Soros plants on the so-called 'Left' all insisting Turkey and Saudi Arabia couldn't possibly have manufactured and delivered sarin nerve gas to use for a falseflag attack blamed on Assad in August 2013. Eventually somebody's going to leak the location and photos of Turkey's Saudi-funded secret sarin plant and Mr. Kazseta and Bellingcat's Eliot Higgins are going to look pretty stupid

Certain sacrificial lambs in the form of lower level crude oil traders in Istanbul may have to be offered up by a newly formed (post Erdoğan?) government as a sign of Turkey's good faith. Meanwhile, the usual US/NATO government sock puppets and shills will keep on denying Turkish opposition activists' allegations that Ankara and Riyadh were behind the 2013 East Ghouta chemical attack falseflag -- and their own sources of funding.


Remember, there's no honor among thieves or as they're known in Iraq 'Ali Babas'. Therefore if the Obama Administration believes it can throw the wily Turks under the bus and not be embarrassed by Turkish leaks on the CIA's own efforts to direct or arm ISIS against Assad Washington and Langley have got another thing coming.


If the SAA and its Iranian/Hezbollah allies can keep the road to Aleppo open rebel held parts of the city will almost certainly fall within weeks to months, and Daesh/Jabhat al-Nusra will get slaughtered by the Russian air force and Syrian artillery/MLRS vainly trying to attack the Aleppo highway

This week the Russian air force continues to increase the number of daily sorties and targets hit, including jihadist positions not far from the Israeli held Golan Heights.  Fortunately, we're confident Fox News did not report on the proximity of these Russian strikes to Israel and thereby spared many of its neocon guests and 'friends of Israel' GOP base viewers from any cognitive dissonance from this development. No one in Washington after all wants to think that Benjamin Netanyahu has either been defanged or has made a deal with Putin's military to take out the human trash the IDF helped pile up on Syria's southern border.

Russian bombing of the Islamic State helped Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and National Defense Forces (NDF) loyalist militiamen take back parts of a vital highway to Aleppo. The Khanasser-Ithriyah highway came under attack from a combined ISIS-Jabhat al-Nusra assault.

While Washington has tried to separate al-Nusra from Daesh and claim the two groups have fought each other and thereby try to depict Russia's bombing of Nusra targets as 'targeting moderates' this narrative failed to withstand the reality of the two jihadist gangs joining forces in their failed bid to stop the SAA's advances. While the SAA had to delay some operations around Aleppo due to less ammunition, the highway assault opened the jihadists up to Russian air strikes on Wednesday and Thursday. More importantly, ISIS and al-Nusra's failed counterattack may have revealed far more than Washington would want the world to know about how ISIS has been resupplying and sending more fighters to the Syrian front from Iraq without any interference from U.S. airpower whatsoever.

As German blogger Moon of Alabama reports:

During the last days a large attack on the Syrian government supply line to Aleppo city was carried out by Jabhat al-Nusra (aka al-Qaeda in Syria) and the Islamic State seemingly in coordination with the U.S. military.

During September the U.S. anti-IS coalition carried out an average of 4.2 airstrikes on IS in predominately east Syria. This after an average of 6.8 per day in August. The rate in October was about the same as in September until Thursday October 22. Then, according to the U.S. Military Times, the strike rate decreased markedly...

The Islamic State used the lull in airstrikes in east Syria to move hundreds of fighters and heavy equipment towards the supply line that connects Damascus with the government held areas (green) of Aleppo.


After two days of no U.S. airstrikes in east Syria the Islamic State (purple) attacked the government supply corridor from the east while at the same time and at the same main point Jabhat al-Nusra (orange) attacked the supply corridor from the west. The attacks started with suicide car bombs against Syrian army checkpoints which suddenly had to defend themselves to the front and the rear.

On Saturday October 24 Almasdar news reported:

For the first time in three months, the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) main supply route along the Khanasser Highway was closed due to an obstruction by the Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS); this chaotic situation forced the pro-government forces to call on hundreds of reinforcements from the Aleppo Governorate to help push back the encroaching terrorists.

Initially, the Syrian Armed Forces were successful in repelling both ISIS and the Syrian Al-Qaeda group “Jabhat Al-Nusra” after they attacked from different axes in the Hama Governorate; however, ISIS regrouped near the Al-Raqqa Governorate border in order to launch another massive assault on the Khanasser Highway.

ISIS’ second assault on the Syrian Armed Forces’ defensive positions proved successful, as they cutoff the Khanasser Highway and pushed further west towards the strategic city of Ithriyah in east Hama.

The Islamic State fighters killed about a dozen government troops and captured several armed vehicles (gruesome photos here). [The Russia Analyst can insert here that the sickening Ukro-Nazi propagandist 'Jihadi Julian' Roepcke of the German tabloid Bild cheered on the Daesh attacks on his Twitter account - JWS]

The Syrian army send reinforcements from the Palestinian resistance militia Liwaa Al-Quds to help clear the road. This was only somewhat successful as bad weather and a sandstrom on the 25th prevented air support.

The operations room in Damascus was not too unhappy with the situation even though the road was still cut. The thought was that having IS and Nusra fighters concentrated in an otherwise wide open rural area would help to eliminate them. On the 26th and 27the Russian and Syrian air forces flew some 90 attacks within 24 hours against the enemy held parts of the road.

These attacks cleared the IS held parts of the road but the Islamic State concentrated more forces on another part of the road further north and on October 27 it suicide-bombed another government checkpoint and again blocked the road. Additional support from Hizbullah arrived during the next days and the road is now mostly cleared though still endangered.

The closed supply route led to hardship for the nearly two million people inthe government held parts of Aleppo as prices for produce and gasoline exploded.

According to the Syrian Arab Army command, which earlier this week had accused Washington's allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar of flying 500 ISIS terrorists from Iraq to Yemen, there's even more damning evidence of coordination between the Pentagon and Daesh. As it turns out a great deal of the widely advertised 50 tons of ammo and supplies dropped from C-17s to a brand new Arab coalition bordering Kurdish held territory actually ended up with -- surprise! -- ISIS.

America the duplicitous: this is what millions of Russians saw on the number one nightly news show in the country, First Channel (Pervy Kanal)

This latest 'oops' American supply drop to ISIS came on the heels of U.S. jets destroying a power plant in Aleppo supposedly occupied by ISIS fighters that plunged parts of the city into darkness and knocked out power for the soon to be recaptured polity's water and sewage treatment facilities. It also comes after U.S. jets accidentally bombed Iraqi troops who were advancing against Daesh near Ramadi, while pro-Syrian rebel sources accuse Russia of deliberately targeting rebel field hospitals. Moscow angrily denies the accusation saying that neither the rebels nor U.S. government run media citing them like RFE/RL have offered any proof that nine hospitals were hit.


As Russia Insider reports:

Both the Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres have rejected claims that Russia is responsible for bombing their medical facilities in Syria. So why does the U.S. State Department stubbornly insist otherwise? (You know why.) Here is an entertaining anecdote:

On Thursday, spokesman for the US State Department John Kirby was asked to provide sources to substantiate its grave allegations that Russia was responsible for damaging hospitals.

Kirby said that “we have seen some press reporting to that end,” and referred to “Syrian civil society groups” and “other operational information” which led the US administration to make the allegations, but was unable to provide any evidence.

Kirby was asked for substantiation after Red Cross Director Dominic Stillhart said that its personnel on the ground had not reported any airstrikes by Russian planes on civilian targets, including hospitals.

The war of words continued as the Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Maj. Igor Konashenkov told his counterpart, Pentagon spokesperson Col. Steve Warren, to put up evidence that Russia was hitting civilian areas with cluster munitions or shut up. Moscow also told Washington its plans to send troops to fight ISIS inside Syria's sovereign territory were illegal and a violation of international law, since it had no permission from Damascus to operate inside the country. Zerohedge summed up the increasing absurdity of Washington's moves this way:

Alright, so let’s see if we can untangle this. Washington intends to send in the Apaches to bolster Iraqi forces both Peshmerga and otherwise. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. The Pentagon is also considering the placement of American ground troops with “moderate” rebels and with the YPG in Syria.

As we’ve detailed extensively (and this isn’t exactly a secret), Iran effectively runs the Iraqi military via its various Shiite militia proxy armies. That’s not an exaggeration. As Reuters reported earlier this month, “the Fifth Iraqi Army Division now reports to the militias’ chain of command, not to the military’s, according to several U.S. and coalition military officials.” So when the Apaches and their crews aren’t supporting the Kurds, they’ll be openly supporting Iran-backed fighters.

Ok, fine.

Only that isn’t at all consistent with placing US ground troops with Syria’s “moderate rebels” like the Free Syrian Army because after all, they’re fighting the very same Iran-backed Shiite militias. So the US would be bolstering the militiamen in Iraq with Apache gunship support and then firing on those exact same militiamen across the border in Syria in support of the “moderate” rebels battling to oust the Assad regime.

It’s beyond absurd.

And then of course there’s the whole Kurd/Turkey problem. The US is, i) fighting alongside the Peshmerga in Iraq and intends to support them going forward with Apache helicopters, ii) paradropping guns and ammo to the YPG in Syria (as part of a ridiculous ruse that involves the largely made-up SAC mentioned above by WSJ), and now iii) may even send in ground troops to fight with the YPG. But Turkey just bombed the YPG yesterday. Additionally, the US is flying sorties from Incirlik which sets up the insanely ridiculous possibility that if the US embeds troops with the Syrian Kurds, US jets could be taking off from the same base as Turkish warplanes only the US warplanes would be supporting the YPG, while Turkish warplanes bomb them.

So, yeah. This is should all go swimmingly.


Finally, there’s the possibility that if the US puts boots on the ground in Syria in support of the “moderate” rebels, those troops will be killed by Russia and Iran (which Dunford said on Tuesday likely has “more than 1,000 [soldiers] on the ground in Iraq [and] something less than 2,000 in Syria”), and with that, we close with several comments from Chairman of the Russian Upper House committee for foreign affairs, Konstantin Kosachev (via RT):

Commenting on the potential involvement of US ground troops against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Kosachev once again highlighted that, when it comes to Syria, the US-led anti-ISIS campaign is already violating international law. Potential troops on the ground, Kosachev believes, will further violate international regulations

Um, wait, what? Iraq says Pentagon simply announced a plan to send more troops and Apache gunships to their country without any consultation

The Iraqis declared this week that they had not been consulted on any Washington plans to send more troops or Apache attack helicopters to their country. The Iraqi statement illustrated the level of distrust between Washington and Baghdad, which has led to the Iraqis inviting Russia in to their air space for 'hot pursuit' strikes of Daesh fighters crossing the Syrian border and could eventually lead to a Russian presence in Iraq similar to Moscow's force in Syria.

As the Russia Analyst has forecasted in previous posts, a Russian presence in Iraq in addition to the successful joint operations center with the Iraqis, Iranians and Hezbollah in Baghdad could open the door for Chinese air strikes against Daesh and other forms of intervention in Mesopotamia later.

The roots of the mistrust run deep, and include the Shi'a government's knowledge of ex-Saddam loyalist Baathists now running ISIS operations who were on Washington's payroll for the so-called 'Surge' (mostly of pallet loads of cash to pay off Sunni tribesmen) or 'Anbar Awakening' under Gen. David Petraeus in 2006. Washington for its part blames Iraqi Shi'a 'sectarianism' and Iranian domination of Baghdad for driving Sunnis into the arms of Daesh. Adding to the suspicions this week, an American air strike 'accidentally' killed over 20 Iraqi servicemen who were advancing on Daesh near Ramadi.

Minsk2 for Syria? A photograph of the statement of basic principles underlying the negotiations between Russia, the U.S. and their respective allies over Syria this weekend in Vienna, Austria

Meanwhile, the Iraqis cannot feel great about the competency or chain of command in Washington if Secretary of State John F. Kerry appeared to not know about the White House announcement Friday that 30 special forces troops were being sent to fight ISIS in Syria. Russia Today has the video from Vienna, Austria where peace talks are being held over the future of Syria.

Either John F. Kerry is once again admitting he's clueless, or he wants the world to think so after making a cry for help -- not unlike his plea several months ago for an Iran deal or else the petrodollar goes poof!

The business end of a Mi-24P from #Brutalistan...

Full Spectrum Desperation: Washington Doubles Down in Syria; But Contradictory 'Coalitions', Underestimating Russian Resolve Will Lead to Either WW3 or Humiliating Retreat

Full Spectrum Desperation: Washington Doubles Down in Syria; But Contradictory 'Coalitions', Underestimating Russian Resolve Will Lead to Either WW3 or Humiliating Retreat

“An aggressor is anyone who attacks a country before the US does.” – Czech President Milos Zeman,

"Currency wars, trade wars, world wars...when all else fails, they take you to war." - Gerald Celente
Is Washington ready to save its Sunni allies' proxies from crushing defeat by imposing partition on Syria's Assad, Iran and the Russians? That was the question on the Russia Analyst's mind early this week as Russia ramped up its air campaign in preparation for Assad and his Iranian allies' major ground offensive.

Read More

Jaw, Jaw AND War: Russia in Talks with U.S., Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey; Iraqis Agree to Russian Air Strikes on Border with Syria

Sir Winston Churchill famously said jaw jaw is better than war war. What we see in the Middle East today is both jawing and warring -- an escalation in multiple theaters of proxy war at the same time as negotiations on the region's future, from Syria to Iraq to Yemen and far beyond.Reuters Lies, Claims Russia Declared It Would Only Target the Islamic State

The City of London/British government propaganda wire Reuters reported on October 23, "Kerry Sees New Syria Talks Next Week, Does Not Rule Out Iran Role":

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday he expects new talks on Syria to begin as soon as next week, and did not rule out participation by Iran, President Bashar al-Assad's closest ally, which has been kept away from past peace conferences.

Along with counterparts from allies Saudi Arabia and Turkey, Kerry met for two hours on Friday in Vienna with Sergei Lavrov, foreign minister of Russia, which has transformed momentum in the 4-year-old Syrian civil war by bombing Assad's enemies.

So far all diplomatic efforts to end the conflict have foundered over the demand by the United States, European countries, Arab states and Turkey that Assad leave power as a pre-condition for peace, which he refuses to consider.



The Reuters article goes on to state that, "Russia describes all its bombing targets as belonging to Islamic State." which is a flat out lie. At no point did the Russians explicitly state they were only targeting ISIS, in fact the Russian Defense Ministry's social media accounts and press releases have mentioned the Al-Qaeda in Syria faction Jubhat al-Nusra on multiple occasions. All one needs to do is click on the @MoD_Russia Twitter feed and scroll down.


It is such silly abuses of journalistic integrity in the service of US/NATO propaganda that have lowered Reuters in my eyes these past eighteen months -- including the wire service's predilection for reporting whatever alleged military gains or Russian military incursions the Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced in the Donbass war as fact, without visual evidence to back up their reports. But hey, when you're reporting that Russian cruise missiles crashed in Iran hundreds of miles from their targets, or tweeting about a half dozen or so downed Russian Hind gunships and Russian servicemen killed or wounded all over Latakia region, who needs visual evidence? And if Fox News and the neocon hipsters at The Daily Beast insist Cuban troops are fighting for Assad now, it must be true, right Sen. Ted Cruz?

Skipping the Propaganda of Both Sides, and Reading Between the Lines -- Russia and the Iranians are Increasing the Pressure on Turkey, Saudi Arabia to Cut Off their Syrian Jihadi Proxies

Were it not for the degraded and failing state of U.S. propaganda, as well as the looming death of the petrodollar underlying the mainstream media, Secretary of State John F. Kerry would not be bowing to Russian demands that Iran participate in the negotiations. And make no mistake, Vladimir Putin is under no illusions that Assad can permanently secure a Syrian ally for Russia from Western and Gulf Cooperation Council sponsored proxy war unless there are Sunni interlocutors willing to make their coreligionist proxies listen. To that end, we have seen Putin in intensive telephone conversations with Washington and London's man in the Middle East, King Abdullah of Jordan, as well as with the Saudis and Turks. The contents of those calls are unknown to us (though probably not the NSA/GCHQ on the non-encrypted Middle Eastern leaders' lines).

However, with Vladimir Vladimirovich knowing full well that the details of the call will be either listened to by or conveyed to the U.S. government, it's a safe bet that Putin is trying to persuade Ankara and Riyadh that their strategies to overthrow Assad through arming and funding jihadist 'rebels' have failed miserably. And that the only logical move to secure their own regime and economic stability is through making peace in Syria. The alternative, the continuation of the Sunni-Salafi jihadists fight to the bitter end, will only result in more refugees, casualties, and the socio-economic exhaustion of all participants. Such an outcome -- fighting Assad and Iran to the last Syrian Sunni willing to die -- may be attractive to Washington. The core conceit of whose strategists has been that the supply of Sunni cannon fodder for fighting Assad and by extension Iran in Syria was essentially limitless. But it is clearly not in the interests of Turkey or Saudi Arabia, if only because both parties to the conflict fear being richly repaid in their own coin: proxy war.

Hou-thi Wants a Long Proxy War? Or Why the Saudis Have Oh So Much to Lose


As we've pointed out many times here at RogueMoney and on the Guerrilla Radio broadcasts, the Turks have to worry about the Kurds, and the Saudis are already bogged down in a bloody war with the Houthi and allied Yemeni tribes they cannot win. Moreover, the ill-conceived war is not staying in Yemen, but spilling over into the Kingdom's southern regions, while bleeding Riyadh's finances are hemorrhaging red ink thanks to the Saudis' own 'war on shale'. The Saudis may be able to hire Sudanese and Colombian mercenaries to fight in Yemen as their own coddled soldiers try to avoid contact with the Yemeni militants, but mercenaries throughout history have famously proven reluctant to die for their employers.


Fighting or guarding narco traffickers was so much easier than this s--t: Colombian mercenaries reportedly deploy to KSA's Yemen war

Not to worry about those Houthis blowing up tanker trucks and armored cars of the Saudi Army -- the Sudanese will soon sort them out...

And more Yemeni tribes 'rising up' as Dave from the X22 Report says, to kick some Saudi butt


Talk about hedging bets, and sending a message to the Saudis: Russian Foreign Ministry welcomes Yemeni/Houthi delegation to Moscow


Furthermore, any MANPADs and TOWs sent to Saudi financed jihadists in Syria to 'kill Russians' can be massively repaid in kind with the Houthis getting Iglas and Kornets with which to attack Saudi tankers and pilots. As we said in our last RM post on the Syria war, the coastline of Yemen is long, rocky, and easily accessible via 'cigarette boats' the Saudi/UAE flotilla would have a hard time stopping from making nighttime gun runs from Oman or even across the Bab-al-Mandeb strait from Africa. All it takes is sufficient quantities of money, weapons, and fast boats -- three things we know Iran has in spades -- to dispense with slower and easier to bomb overland re-supply of the Houthis. We sincerely hope CIA Director John Brennan, himself a Sunni Muslim convert during his days as Riyadh station chief and reportedly very close to the Saudi royals, comprehends that container ships and warehouses full of freshly delivered U.S. arms for Syrian jihadis could blow up anytime -- with some Shi'a militant group nobody's heard of taking responsible for the handiwork of Iranian or Russian spetsnaz teams. That is the message Putin is subtly conveying by hosting Houthis in Moscow.

We should also note here, as we did on Friday, that after the Qataris threatened Damascus with air strikes and direct military intervention in support of their jihadis inside Syria, a Lebanese politician tweeted out that Doha would be shelled in retaliation for such foolishness. And while the mainstream media continues to cover rumblings of discontent and palace coups inside the Saudi Kingdom, the British and American tabloids are having a field day with the psychotic, fart-in-face-fetish prince of Beverly Hills. Given how much the Kingdom pays for publicity and public relations every year -- in the hundreds of milllions if not billions if you include bribing Western politicians -- we'd have to say the ranking royals haven't been this unhappy about the Saudi brand since 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers turned out to have had Saudi passports.

All of this bad press is popping before the Kingdom starts getting hit with truthbombs that break through the mainstream media barriers regarding its sponsorship of Al-Nusra and ISIS. No, if DCI Brennan thinks he can re-live the 1980s glory days with the Saudis of a smoothly running proxy war against the Russians, he and other U.S./UK 'Deep Staters' are bound to find just how brittle is the medieval Saudi monarchy in 2016-17. Putin and the Iranians are more than capable of seeing to that -- and we detect the hand of Gen. Qasem Soleimani in the stepped up Houthi/Yemeni attacks on Saudi positions this past week.

Jordan's Agreement to Coordinate Air Missions Over Syria with Moscow a Clear Sign U.S. Mideast Coalition Cracking -- and the Jordanians May Become the Key Go-Between for Assad to Make Peace with Non-ISIS/Al-Nusra Sunni Groups

Returning to the subject of this post, the diplomatic windows opened by Russia's bold military move in Syria, we see that Russia and Jordan are establishing a joint coordination center in Amman. RT reports:

Russia and Jordan agreed to create a coordination center in Amman, which will be used by the two countries to share information on the counter-terrorism operations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

Russia is already in touch with Iran, Iraq and Syria through a Baghdad-based center used for the same purpose.

Lavrov said Jordan would play a positive part in finding a political solution to the Syrian conflict through negotiations between Damascus and opposition forces, an outcome that Russia itself is pursuing.

“Under an agreement between His Majesty King Abdullah II and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, the militaries of the two countries have agreed to coordinate their actions, including military aircraft missions over the Syrian territory,” Lavrov said. His Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh said the center would serve as an efficient communication tool for the militaries of the two nations.

While 'de-confliction' like what the U.S. and Russian militaries are trying to establish and the hotline between the Russians and Israelis was set up to ensure is the stated purpose of this 'center', we believe there's a much larger game afoot. Given that the Saudis are one of the largest if not the biggest investors in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan which acts as the geographic and (until recently, before direct sharing between Mossad and KSA) intelligence go-between Israel and Saudi's highly unlikely King Abdullah would take these steps towards Moscow without Riyadh's tacit or explicit consent. What that means in practical terms is that the Jordanians are setting themselves up to be the intermediaries between the Russians, Assad and Iran on one side, and the non-terrorist 'moderate' opposition to Assad (if the 'Free Syrian Army' actually exists) on the other side of the table.


As we wrote prior to the start of Russian military action in Syria on September 7, Putin's end game would never be to kill or drive out all of Assad's armed opponents. The mighty Soviet Union might not have been able to accomplish that, and the more modern but much smaller Russian military cannot and won't do it either. Instead, Russia is leveraging force in an incredibly bold bid to end the Saudi-Iran proxy wars that together with American interventions and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have ravaged the Middle East for years, and restore some semblance of order to the region. An order that may include Egyptian peacekeepers accompanied by Jordanian observers entering the Sunni parts of Syria to establish a buffer zone between the rebellious and pro-government areas of the country -- but only AFTER Russia, the SAA and Iran have mopped the floor with the jihadists.




Putin is 'All In' for Everything But Ground Troops to Get the Job Done in Syria -- While Washington is Struggling to Respond

Blogger Elijah J. Magnier (not certain if that's his real name or a pseudonym), describes himself as a "Senior Political Risk Analyst with over 32 years’ experience covering Europe & the Middle East. Acquiring in-depth experience, robust contacts and political knowledge in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan and Syria". He wrote a post this week based on what he says is a source close to the Assad government. In the article published Thursday, "What Putin and Assad discussed during their meeting in Moscow?" he wrote the following:

According to the source “President Putin offered himself as the guarantor to fight and defeat terrorism in Syria as a first priority. It was also agreed between the two Presidents that the political process is a necessity after the elimination of more than twenty to thirty thousand foreign fighting in the ranks of the “Islamic State” group (ISIS) and al-Qaeda in the Levant (Jabhat Al-Nusra Front). Mr. Assad expressed to Mr. Putin his readiness to engage in a political process and reform the existing law, giving guarantees and powers to those within the Syrian opposition but without any link to Salafi – jihadist, including those who are participating and currently engaged in the war in Syria”.

” The early departure of President Assad is not conceivable for both Russia and Syria. Neither side has mentioned this topic. Nonetheless, the Syrian President expressed to his counterpart his readiness for an early election to ensure a place for all, after proposing an amendment of the Constitution. By then, all Syrian armed organisations, which have disengaged from al Qaeda and ISIS, have returned under the roof of the Syrian state with the guarantee of Russia. Mr. Putin will present this offer to the regional countries engaged in financing the war in Syria, knowingly that Russia will continue supporting the ongoing military campaign to put an end to the control of the rural areas of Latakia, Aleppo, Hama, Idlib and Daraa”, confirmed the source.

That this Russian-Chinese led new order for the Middle East will leave the U.S. Empire and possibly Turkey and Israel as the biggest losers is understood by the Washington Establishment. That's why Jeb Bush was rambling on Fox News this past week about not letting the "USSR" (clearly meaning Russia) expand its influence into Syria.

Elijah J. also makes it clear that any attacks on Russian jets using surface to air missiles supplied by Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Turkey would be treated as an attack by these countries on Russia itself, and would face proportionate retaliation (all emphasis added by us):

“Mr. Putin is aware of every detail of the situation in Syria and the strength and the equipment provided to the Syrian rebels. He explained that Russia has used intercontinental cruise missiles to show to all players with proxies fighting on the ground in Syria its determination to target any regional country providing extremists with anti-air missiles (MANPADs) that can damage or shoot down any Russian jet.Any country that supports terrorists exposing Russian jets at risk would be a legitimate target to Russia.

War is one of the tools that serve the political track and that the struggle between Iran and Saudi Arabia and between the United States and Russia conflict are based on competing interests and influence in the region...the United States’ foreign policy and involvement is in a significant decline “, said the source.


American decline: A senior moment for Jeb Bush, going Back to the Future 1985 on Fox News viewers by describing Russia as 'the Soviet Union'

The Syrian Arab Army Advances on the Golan Heights Front -- Due to Israel Being Forced to Ditch the Al-Nusras or Get Truth Bombed and Have Some of its 'Invincible' Air Force Get Shot Down?

We wanted to reiterate here our statements on the Friday, October 16 Guerrilla Radio report with special guest 'W' the Intelligence Insider. Towards the halfway mark of the first hour we mentioned signs that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had been told by Vladimir Putin to stand down his military from attacks on the Syrian Golan Heights, and the advances the SAA and Syrian National Self-Defense Force guardsmen were making there are fairly strong evidence Bibi has backed off. So is last week's report by Israel's YNet media source that Russian jets informed Israeli reconnaissance flights not to violate Lebanese or Syrian air space near Lebanon's border. But the best proof by far are the pictures posted on pro-SAA social media accounts showing SAA/NDF fighters triumphantly advancing to within a stone's throw of the Israeli Golani Brigade's observation posts (one of which we visited back in the early 2000s, looking down on Syria from an Israeli-held hilltop popular with tourists and visiting Congressional junkets from Washington).


Take a good look at the pictures below. Not a single IAF F-16 or F-15 in the skies above. The IDF's howitzers which once shelled the SAA on the pretext of being fired upon but in actuality to support the jihadists -- are silent:



Netanyahu's clearly got his own problems now...without getting Israel further involved in the Syria mess


Another Sign the U.S. Position in the Mideast is Crumbling -- Iraqi Parliamentarians Pressure PM to Invite in Russian Bombers After , While U.S. Sends Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman to 'Persuade' Iraqis to Stick with Uncle Sam or Else

Besides U.S. regional allies like Jordan turning to Moscow and others like Israel and Saudi Arabia being forced to grudgingly acknowledge the new balance of power for lack of alternatives, there's another sign that Washington is rapidly losing control of the Mideast. And this is a development the Hillary Clintons, Jeb Bushes and McInsanes crying for a 'no fly zone' or other foolish attempts to save face in Syria cannot remedy: a growing number of Iraqi parliamentarians want to invite the Russians to bomb the Islamic State in their country.

The Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi has vocally complained to France24 TV and other Western media outlets that Washington's air campaign against ISIS in support of Iraq's offensives has been grossly inadequate. Despite thousands of U.S. sorties since the start of the humorously named 'Operation Inherent Resolve', barely 20% of the American sorties against ISIS have involved dropping bombs. And the Russian sortie rate since the start Moscow's campaign, nearly all of which are bomb-dropping missions, has more than exceeded America's daily rate while not matching the total quantity of ordinance dropped. Moscow also, unlike the U.S., has the benefit of ground forces actually engaged with ISIS beyond the Kurds in the north, with the Syrian 'Cheetah' unit and other fighters converging on the Kuweires military airport northeast of Aleppo drawing fire from ISIS jihadists besieging the facility's perimeter. The Russians have been able to use Syrian units to draw out the Islamic State jihadists from their tunnels and other positions to make it easier for airpower and massed artillery to kill them.

All the same, looking over at Iraq and how long it took Baghdad's forces to take the oil refinery and city of Baiji on the highway to Mosul, progress has been painfully slow and the U.S. has clearly been reluctant to help Iranian-armed and financed Iraqis to crush the Islamic State with air strikes. Many Iraqis look at the U.S. refusal to provide effective air support and conclude that just maybe Washington doesn't really want to defeat ISIS so much at all.


As German blogger Moon of Alabama reports:

Yesterday [October 20 - JWS] saw a huge defeat of the Islamic State but "western" media hardly noted it.

Iraqi Hashd militia and the Iraqi army defeated the Islamic State fighters in Baiji refinery and Baiji city. This was a big success:

Footage aired by the state-run TV showed Iraqi troops waving flags from rooftops in Baiji as thick black smoke billowed into the air. ... Baiji is the second most significant area recaptured in Salahuddin over the past months as pro-government forces retook the provincial capital of Tikrit in late March after weeks of clashes with the militants. The liberation of Baiji could be a prelude to Iraq’s highly-anticipated offensive into Mosul, which has served as the de-facto capital of Daesh in Iraq. The road from Baghdad to Mosul runs south to north through Balad, Samara, Tikrit and Baiji. Tikrit was liberated in March and the fight about the Baiji refinery and Baiji city had waged since. The victory now opens the road towards Mosul, Iraq's second biggest city and in the hand of the Islamic State.

The success can be attributed mostly to Iraqi militia supported by Iran. The 4+1 intelligence and operations room in Baghdad, where Iraq, Iran, Russia, Syria and Hizbullah as well as the Hashd coordinate their efforts, advised throughout the operation. The U.S. was not involved as it does not want to work with the Hashd militia and Iran.

When looking through the dailystrikereports of the U.S. lead operation Inherent Resolve one finds hardly any air strikes against IS forces around Baiji. The few that took place hit some IS "machine gun position" or "tactical fighting position". Hardly the effort that was needed to free the city. Indeed it took the Iraqi air force to do the real work:

Zaid Benjamin @zaidbenjamin Inherent Resolve Spx Steve Warren: Dealing with small pockets in #Beiji refinery. Iraqi air-force mounted 40 airstrikes & the coalition 4. Iraqi militia did the groundwork and the Iraqi air force covered the attack. The operation proceed under advice from Russia and Iran.The U.S. was not involved. It is no wonder then that "western" media are mostly silent about it.

According to Elijah J. Magnier the joint operations and intelligence sharing center that Russia has established in Baghdad with the Iraqis, Iranians, and top Hezbollah commanders is a few steps away from American diplomats and military officers. Small wonder then the 'butthurt' extends from the heavily fortified U.S. Embassy in Baghdad all the way back to the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom:

Baghdad is hosting a military intelligence operational room led by Iraqi and Iranian Generals, with the presence and coordination of a Russian General and his staff, as well as Syrian and Hezbollah officers. The aim of such a military operational room is to gather a bank of objectives and collect intelligence information on the organogram (?) and ISIS controlled area.

The source confirmed that the U.S was informed about the “Baghdad room” without necessary having any level of coordination. American diplomats and officers are within hundred meters from their once fiercest enemies (Iranian IRGC, Hezbollah) and now competing with Russia. It would be unlikely that the U.S would accept to see any success to these forces.

Now we have a better understanding as to why, instead of swallowing its pride and helping the Iraqis regardless of the Russian information operations center's support to them, the Obama Administration sent the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, to tell the Iraqis: "if Russia helps you fight ISIS, we can't".

Setting aside what that CBS headline reveals about the main U.S. priorities in the Middle East, and how seriously America takes the war on the super-terrorist group, it isn't even clear if Abadi can knuckle under to Washington's will without being voted out by his own party back benchers (who of course, if we're honest, are likely on the Iranians payroll like many if not most Shi'a majority Iraqi politicians). RT has captured this montage quite hilariously in the short video clip below:

If Washington continues to dig in as the Russia Analyst expects, despite Mr. Kerry's diplomatic initiatives, the Iraqis could double the humiliation for the Americans. As of this writing, we expect the Iraqi parliament to vote on inviting the Russians in to bomb ISIS before the end of November (the Thanksgiving recess of Congress would make for clever timing on the Persians and Iraqis part). The Russians and Iraqis have already agreed, according to pro-Assad/Iranian Shi'a news source Al-Masdar News, to some sort of 'hot pursuit' whereby Russian planes can bomb Daesh fighters right on or as they're crossing the (ignored by ISIS) border:


The Chinese military will probably be invited in by an Iraqi parliamentary vote as well. Direct Chinese participation in the war on Daesh will most likely come from Iranian bases, via long range (or air to air refueled) J-11 fighters and H-6K bombers. It will also depend in no small part on what happens in the South China Sea over the next few weeks and the successes of the Syrian Army campaign this winter. On Friday we also thought the Chinese were waiting to see what the U.S. Navy would do in the South China Sea: would the Navy follow up on the anonymous brass boasting of sailing through the 12-mile territorial waters Beijing has unilaterally established around its man-made island bases?


Turns out, we didn't have to wait very long to get an answer: from the looks of things the U.S. Navy isn't going to be 'bowing up' to the Chinese any time soon, as the People's Liberation Army Navy says hello to its latest port Florida.

Um, wait, what? A Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy type 52 destroyer of the class coming to Florida's Naval station Mayport the first week of November


As Syrian Arab Army and Iranian Allies Advance, MSM Threaten Russia with Terrorism and Terrorists with MANPADs, Demand 'Limited' US Enforced Syria No Fly Zone (Confrontation with the Russians)

Over a week ago the Russia Analyst wrote for RogueMoney, "Russia and Assad Are Winning: How Will the Empire Strike Back?". After more than two weeks of Russian bombing against what Washington admits are its proxies in Syria, we have some answers: with threats of a limited 'no fly zone' and other words, anti-aircraft potentially airliner killing weapons for jihadists. Washington also continues to play the 'Syria as the new Afghanistan for the Russians' card, and state-run if not directly funded American media like CNN (known for faking footage during Gulf War 1 and taking payoffs from the U.S. 5th fleet hosting, Shi'a brutalizing government of Bahrain) repeat Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter's dark threats of terror attacks on Russian soil in reprisal for the Syria campaign.[embed][/embed]

RT's Anissa Naouai gives the presidential debate poll rigging Clinton News Network a thorough smackdown

Washington Desperately Wants to 'Pick up the Pieces' of Its Syria Policy After it was Stomped by the Russian Bear

Meanwhile policy publications attempting to recover from the shock of Russian intervention suggest a Ukraine-style ceasefire to save America's Sunni jihadist proxies from a humiliating defeat. Such a 'limited' American intervention, whereby the U.S. doesn't adopt the neocon policy of bombing Syrian forces and thereby risking direct confrontation with the Russians, but tries to establish so-called 'safe zones' where Washington's humiliated proxies can regroup, appears to be all the rage inside the District of Corruption this week.


Faced with disaster for 'our guys' on the battlefield, BloombergView, the global financial wire service's op-ed page, has come out in full Hillary Clinton/neocon war cry mode:

...the U.S. should demand Putin use his influence with Assad to ground Syria's helicopter fleet, which has dropped thousands of barrel bombs on civilians in rebel-held areas. And if Putin fails or refuses, which seems likely, the U.S. should be prepared to do the job itself [and nevermind the Russian Su-30s overhead that could shoot down US planes attacking Russian gunships, which operate alongside Syrian choppers - JWS]. Russia also needs to be made to understand that if it targets U.S.-backed rebels or safe zones, the U.S. will expand its air war to include Assad's forces. [and start losing planes and pilots to S-300s operated by mixed Russian/Syrian crews but flying the Syrians' flag - JWS]

All this will require a greater U.S. presence, of course, but it needn't be in the form of combat troops [a flat out lie, since at the very least the Air Force would be sending in pararescue men to pick up shot down American pilots - JWS] which, as Obama has made clear, aren't forthcoming in any event. Instead, the focus should be on strengthening NATO's presence in the region, especially along the Turkish-Syrian border, which would not only protect the safe havens [read: allow ISIS sponsor Turkey to continue violating Syrian air space or firing across the border to try and save its defeated proxies in northern Latakia or spare ISIS from the Kurdish YPG advance - JWS] but also interfere with Putin's more dangerous mischief.

One manifestation of that mischief is now unfolding in the northern city of Aleppo, where rebels who hold much of the city are coming under assault from Russian air power, as well as Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah troops from one side, and Islamic State from the other. Without support, Aleppo will probably fall [to the legitimate government of Syria and its Iranian/Iraqi allies, not to ISIS which has no capacity to take the city and is losing scores of men a day to SAA fire and Russian air strikes around the Kuweires Airport northeast of Aleppo - JWS].


A Russian Su-30 pilot has a close encounter with a US Predator drone flying high over Syria...does Obama have the stomach for risking direct U.S.-Russian clashes to enforce some 'no fly zone' and save Washington's pet jihadis from crushing defeat in the coming weeks and months? We don't think so, and the newly reached Pentagon/Russian Ministry of Defense agreement on avoiding flights too close to each other supports our view. So does the Israeli Air Force backing off its heretofore routine violations of Syrian Air Space and Lebanon's skies close to Syria



According to my friend The Saker, a veteran of the 1990s Balkan wars who likely worked for French intelligence at that time, Washington could be dusting off its incrementalist playbook from the former Yugoslavia when the Serbs were inflicting heavy losses on NATO's Bosnian Muslim and Croat proxies. That is, whenever any proxy force Washington has sent money, arms or trainers to help is getting whipped on the battlefield suddenly the US State Department and policy community want to talk peace. When the shoe is on the other foot, the force Washington wants its proxies to grind down or destroy must surrender or face the consequences.



We've seen this pattern in eastern Ukraine where Obama reluctantly conceded to the Minsk1 ceasefire after the Ukrainians were routed by direct Russian firepower across the border and a limited intervention alongside their Donbass native Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) allies in August 2014. We saw it again in February 2015 when the French President and German Chancellor urgently sought talks with Putin after the NAF and Russian advisers trapped thousands of Ukrainian troops and likely several hundred NATO mercenaries at Debaltsevo.

Is Arming the 'Allahu Akbar' Al-Qaeda Loyalist Warriors of Al-Nusra the Answer?

Former White House budget director under President Reagan David Stockman telling it like it is

Anonymously sourced reports carried by Reuters on Tuesday claimed that three Russian volunteers, rather than regular servicemen, had been killed in a shelling attack on their position alongside Syrian government troops in northern Latakia province. However, ITAR TASS reports the Russian Ministry of Defense denies this account. It is too early to say who's telling the truth regarding this particular casualty report.


Preparing for the worst -- a Russian pilot packs his survival kit before a combat mission over Syria

We know that at least some active duty Russian servicemen, numbering in the scores to the couple hundreds perished as volunteers fighting alongside the Novorossiya Armed Forces (NAF) in Donbass. We know the Russian Defense Ministry has denied these deaths or insisted that those who died were volunteers. But we also know that the mainstream media has not been able to substantiate Ukrainian claims that thousands of Russian soldiers have died in the Donbass, even as it aids and abets the Kiev regime in covering up between 13 and 16,000 Ukrainian combat deaths since the start of the so-called 'Anti-Terrorist Operation' in April 2014.

In this case, until we see more proof, we are assuming the latest report of KIA'd Russians is BS until shown otherwise. It may well also have been timed to distract the news media from the fact that a Russian air strike allegedly wiped out a number of 'Free Syrian Army' commanders in the northern Latakia region, who learned the hard way not to use their cellphones even for a few seconds with Ivan dominating the electronic battle space all the way to Turkey. True, Russia will lose men as its advisers closely embed with their Syrian charges on the front lines and guide the advances. But we expect Russian casualties to remain fairly low while their firepower inflicts huge losses on the Washington, Riyadh and Ankara backed jihadis.


How AlCIAeda agitprop directed at Muslims 'works': an anti-Russian Twitter account cites unnamed 'ISIS fanboy' Twitter feeds that are mysteriously never shut down for inciting terrorism and violence, depicting a 'Russian crusader' with his cross on an armored vehicle near Aleppo. Only problem? There's no evidence this pic was taken in Syria in 2015, and it appears to us to depict Russian soldiers on exercises in southern Russia's steppe years ago.

The so-called 'Free Syrian Army' or FSA, whose main neocon booster Michael D. Weiss recently admitted doesn't actually exist, but is rather an umbrella label for numerous jihadist groups putting out TOW mama snackbar jihadi porn videos. However, it isn't clear that the TOW gunners are having as much success as advertised, or that the SAA tactic of screening armor with infantry carrying Russian-supplied Kornet ATGMs and the Hind gunships aren't taking their toll on the jihadists' TOW crews. The Saudis' TOW delivery boys also face the prospect of night strikes guided by both human intelligence (there are many who hate the Salafists the U.S. tries to portray as freedumb fighters in Aleppo, Hama and other cities) and Russian ELINT picking up radio chatter on where weapons deliveries are needed.


Russian Mi-24P  gunships practice swarming tactics and drop many flares in skies over rebel-held Hama



Fanatically pro-'FSA' propagandists like Bild's Julian Roepcke continue to deny the gains the SAA are making in the countryside outside the anti-Assad stronghold of Aleppo, once Syria's second largest city (and the place from which many of the refugees in Germany fled from). But the gruesome visual evidence of retreating jihadis slaughtered by SAA artillery or Russian Smerch cluster munitions continues to accumulate on pro-SAA Twitter feeds. As do videos of what Russian MLRS rocket attacks look like -- a mini-volcanic eruption -- from the positions of jihadists repeating the Allahu Akbar death to Russians mantra.


Russian BM-30 Smerch rockets leveling several city blocks in the Sunni jihadi-controlled Jobar area of Damascus

SAA move into areas hit by Smerch strikes with armor and self-propelled guns to mop up the survivors' resistance. Note the use of thick smokescreens to protect tanks from rocket propelled grenade (RPG) fire

Sorry McCain and Neocons, But Israel and Turkey Want No Part of a Fight with Russia in Syria

One of our not so favorite Mideast reporters, Robert Fisk, writes for Counterpunch that not only has Uncle Sam been frustrated by the Syrians' resurgence under the wings of Russian airpower, but also the Israelis who used to help out the Al-Nusra front on the southern line near the Golan Heights with periodic air strikes:

The Syrian army was losing ground – at Jisr al-Shugour and at Palmyra – and so we predicted that the whole Assad state had reached a “tipping point”.

Then along came Vladimir Putin with his air and missile fleets and suddenly the whole place is transformed. While we huffed and puffed that the Russians were bombing the “moderate” rebels – moderates who had earlier ceased to exist according to America’s top generals – we’ve been paying no attention to the military offensive which the Syrians themselves are now staging against the Nusra Front fighters around Aleppo and in the valley of the Orontes.

Syrian commanders are now setting the coordinates for almost every Russian air strike. They were originally giving between 200 and 400 coordinates a night. Now the figure sometimes reaches 800. Not that the Russians are going after every map reference, of course. The Syrians have found that the Russians do not want to fire at targets in built-up areas; they intend to leave burning hospitals and dead wedding parties to the Americans in Afghanistan. This policy could always change, of course. No air force bombs countries without killing civilians. Nor without crossing other people’s frontiers.

But the Russians are now telling the Turks – and by logical extension, this information must go to the Americans – their flight coordinates. Even more remarkable, they have set up a hotline communications system between their base on the Syrian Mediterranean coast and the Israeli ministry of defence in Tel Aviv. More incredible still is that the Israelis – who have a habit of targeting Syrian and Iranian personnel near the Golan Heights – have suddenly disappeared from the skies. In other words, the Russians are involved in a big operation, not a one-month wonder that is going on in Syria. And it is likely to continue for quite a time.

As in Ukraine, Neocons Vastly Overestimated the Number of Young Men Willing to Die to Defeat Russian Proxies

For the first time in many months, a force that had been written off as having taken too many casualties to be effective or launch offensives is on the march, and by all signs SAA morale is high (and the Syrians are smartly picking off their enemies village by village and Russian strikes on hilltop by hilltop, rather than trying to fight in heavily urbanized, fortified areas yet). And as a result, the neocons and Qatari shills like @Charles_Lister and @MichaelDWeiss who said Assad was finished look like, well, idiots.


It appears the neocons like Weiss who imagined it would only take more weaponry, and a few air strikes to buckle Assad's core of supporters forgot that for them, the alternatives to fighting are either fleeing or genocide.

The unholy alliance between neocon Trotskyites like Weiss (not a reference Mikey's ethnicity, but his genuine ideology if his tweets about Partisan Review are to be believed) and Saudi/Qatari sheikhs also seem to have imagined that the manpower base of the Sunni Salafists in Syria was essentially bottomless. The tens of thousands of young able bodied Sunni Muslim males fleeing areas the rebels control for Germany this autumn would suggest otherwise. In an ironic way, the destabilization through mass migration program the Turks and globalists initiated this summer might lead to a much faster collapse of America's proxies in Syria than anyone had anticipated at the start of Russia's bombing.

After all, who wants to die for Allah and some fat Saudi sheikh's generous TOW donation outside Damascus or in the rubble of Aleppo when you can have three squares and free housing in Germany, courtesy of Mutti Merkel? Maybe the fanatically pro-big gub'mt conspiracy theorists like Cliff Kincaid who insist Merkel is secretly working for Putin, not the NSA blackmailing her, once again have a point? Because the prospect of fleeing to Germany sure seems like a Sun Tzu "leaving a surrounded enemy a way of escape, he must see that there is an alternative to death" trick on Putin and Assad's part to me:

I remember a Syrian Sunni colleague yelling, in the middle of an office argument, “I would rather have SHAYTAN ruling my country than Assad!” I’ve always wondered whether he still feels that way, now that he’s had a chance to see the heads stuck on poles in Raqqa. You want Shaytan, kid, sometimes you’re gonna get Shaytan.

The Alawites are likely to fight to the last boy or old man because they know very well there’ll be very little mercy for them if the Sunni win. Long before the current war started, graffiti in Sunni neighborhoods in Syria said, “Christians to Beirut, Alawi to the graveyard.” That wasn’t what you call “mere hyperbole,” either; when Sunni militias made it into Alawite territory in Latakia Province in 2013, they killed hundreds of civilians.

Even Alawites who hate Assad’s clan have joined up, because when you belong to a small hill sect in a sea of Sunni sectarians, you’re in a prison situation: stick with your own or die.

What’s much more remarkable than the Alawites' grim determination is the clear refusal of most Syrian Sunni Arabs to fight in this war at all.

In theory, the Syrian Sunni have a huge pool of recruits. There are about 17 million Sunni Arabs in Syria. If you look at the country’s age structure, you can see that there are roughly five million Sunni Arab “men of military age,” roughly 15-40. (15 may seem young, and 40 old, for conventional armies, but in sectarian war people much younger and older are common.)

Five million men is potentially a huge military force. And the number may be bigger, since the Sunni who join the various Sunni militias are drawn heavily from rural, lower-class backgrounds, where big families are common. Even if you only consider the core fighting-age males, the 15-24 year old testosterone-poisoning cases as yet untainted by empathy, you still get an astonishing figure of available manpower for the Syrian Sunni. In theory, they would be able to field more than two million men if they only recruited these young dumb guys.

And there are no disqualifying factors that would neutralize this numerical advantage. Sometimes the more numerous tribe is simply terrorized into docility, but that’s not the case here. The Syrian Sunni were the traditionally dominant tribe under the long Ottoman rule; Alawite domination of Syria is a very recent and very odd accident, a result of France’s colonial strategy of taking the most despised local tribe and using it as a vengeful, loyal proxy army. Sunni Syrians, unlike the world’s many helot tribes that may have numbers but not morale, have always considered themselves the rightful rulers of the country. They’ve never really been afraid of the Alawites.

If Syria's Sunni Arabs had managed to mobilize effectively, they could have wiped out the Alawites long ago. But very few Sunni Syrians are actually willing to fight in this war, maybe as few as two or three per cent of those “men of military age.” - Gary Brecher aka 'The War Nerd', May 2015

Even if Washington Sends them MANPADs Can Reach Russian and Syrian Helicopters, But Won't Stop the Bombing

On the other side, the Russian Defense Ministry says not only have thousands of ISIS fighters deserted since the start of the air campaign, but their electronic intelligence (ELINT) is intercepting desperate radio'd pleas for more arms and men from the jihadists to their unnamed (Saudi and Turkish) sponsors. The Saudis and Qataris via their state-run media have issued threats that they will send man portable surface to air missiles like the famous Stinger to their proxies in Syria. But two weeks of Russian attack helicopters flying low level combat missions without a single lost machine is a testament to the effectiveness of Russian tactics and MANPAD jamming flares and other countermeasures. As for the fast movers, even the older generation Su-22/24 Syrian strike fighters that lack the Russians' most modern avionics and counter-threat ECM systems do not seem to have been effected too much by the MANPADs the jihadis deployed in 2013.


Syrian Air Force strike on a rebel position...on a hazy but decent visibility day and not an anti-aircraft tracer in sight High quality HD video is courtesy of a Russian VGTRK journalist's Go Pro camera equipped drone

The Risks to Saudi Arabia of Direct Retaliation for Arming Jihadis to Kill Russians -- More Dead Saudi Soldiers and Destroyed U.S.-Supplied Weapons, More Brazen Attacks Inside the Kingdom by the Houthi and Yemenis

If the Saudi hardliners follow through on such threats we are certain they'll face tit for tat retaliation in the form of KSA Apaches being blown out of the sky by increasingly brazen Houthi and Yemeni tribesmen attacks inside the Kingdom. If McCain gets his wish and his jihadis get MANPADs and more TOWs, the Houthis and their Yemeni army and tribal allies will almost certainly receive a major influx of modern Russian ATGMs and MANPADs. The UN arms embargo and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Saudi-led coalition troops will not prove much of an obstacle to this arms flow. So far, the Houthis and allied tribesmen have already inflicted significant losses on the Saudis, using only 1980s or early 90s vintage Soviet weaponry that appears to have been looted or donated by the Yemeni Army.

Sputnik: West Sending Stingers to ISIL Would Mean West Siding with Terrorists - Moscow


How much longer will the Saudis keep bleeding and dying for D.C.'s Empire and their proxy wars with Iran in Syria and Yemen? Shi'a Houthis film themselves ambushing a Saudi border convoy this summer, blowing up KSA tanks


Houthi gunfire clangs off a Saudi armored vehicle somewhere near the KSA-Yemeni border This is of course, a factor whatever sociopath wrote this op-ed for BloombergView demanding that the U.S. enforce a no fly zone against the Russians in Syria also forgot -- that Moscow has the direct capacity if not acting through allies to wage a massive proxy war against U.S. allies. We have little doubt, for example, that ships full of TOWs could blow up in Turkish or Saudi harbors, with Kurdish or Houthi fighters taking credit for sabotage or destruction that may've been inflicted by spetsnaz teams.

Sen. McInsane: these guys look like freedom fighters resisting Vladimir Putin's aggression to me! Send em' Stingers! 'My friends' won't target airliners on approach full of infidels, they promised!

Moscow in recent days has reminded Washington about the risks that any MANPADs sent to the 'moderate' Syrian jihadists will end up in the hands of the Al-Qaeda loyalist Al-Nusra Front, or even ISIS. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in particular has stated any proof of MANPADs being supplied to these State Department-designated terrorist organizations would be referred to the United Nations Security Council.


Even though the US like Russia has a veto at the UNSC, solid proof that there is only one Saudi degree of separation between US MANPADs and Al-Nusra or ISIS getting them and threatening civil airliners would be highly embarrassing to not only the CIA/Pentagon, but also the fanatical neocons like Sen. John McCain who would risk airline passengers lives simply for the chance to shoot down a few Russian helicopters. Since McCain was already confronted by a US Marines Corps veteran at a town hall meeting who called him a traitor and a sponsor of terrorists, we doubt the neocons' favorite senile Senator is keen to be questioned by the press or public regarding how he'd keep the MANPADs he wants to send to Syria out of ISIS hands.


Below is the sanitized version of the Sept. 2013 town hall shown by Arizona local media to McCain's constituents



While the SAA and Russian airpower push the jihadists back towards their sponsor Turkey in northern Latakia province, the Iranians are making no secret of their force buildup near Aleppo. The Persians are publishing 'selfies' of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander Qassem Soleimani with his IRGC and Hezbollah/Shi'a militia troops, and of Soleimani speaking to his men before they head into battle.


According to a reliable source in Southfront, at least 3,000 IRGC fighters are teaming up with 1,500 battle-hardened Hezbollah soldiers and Iraqi Shi'a militiamen to assault enemy lines around Aleppo.





The Battle of Aleppo: A Turning Point in the Syrian Civil War and an Opportunity for Assad to Force the Saudis, Turks and Qataris to Make their Sunni Jihadist Forces Talk Peace on Damascus' Terms

The eventual goal is to encircle the city and then take it this winter, dealing a huge blow to the anti-Assad forces morale and cutting off a major hub for their supply lines. Prior to tackling what will certainly be a bloody urban battle for Aleppo itself, however, the pro-Assad forces have other priorities. Pushing the jihadists out of the Allawite coastal heartland of Latakia province and cutting their supply lines from Turkey is one near term objective. Another goal is lifting the ISIS siege of Kuweires military airport, which will in turn free that facility to host Iranian and Syrian attack jets and gunships. As of late Monday night Central/Eastern U.S. time the SAA's elite 'Tiger Force' was within 2 kilometers of the besieged airport's perimeter, with ISIS fighters mostly melting away after several score were killed in the ruins of the villages around the scene of heavy fighting.



Having close air support choppers and jets close at hand will multiply the effectiveness of Russian air strikes, which as was reported over the weekend, will be increased from an average 60 to perhaps 300 sorties a day. The Kuweires Airport could also become an airlift center for Iran to fly in more of its own and Iraqi volunteer troops. Thus the taunting question posed by the pro-rebel advocates on Twitter of where Assad will find the manpower for an assault on downtown Aleppo, after four years of war and thousands of combat deaths, is answered by the Iranians and Iraqis.

Aside from the nature of 21st century urban combat, which exacts a heavy toll on the fighters and civilians alike, there is one other major humanitarian catastrophe looming for those left inside rebel-controlled Aleppo: the loss of electricity and water treatment infrastructure. The Syrian Arab News channel or SANA claims that F-16 jets sent by either the US or Turkey bombed two power plants which provide electricity for treating Euphrates river water from raw sewage. At least one of the plants was in the hands of Islamic State jihadists which could've provided the pretext for the 'strange' U.S. air strike, as Vladimir Putin called it speaking to Russian television last weekend.

On Sunday, the American aviation bombed out an electrical power plant and a transformer in Aleppo. Why have they done this? Whom have they punished there? What’s the point? Nobody knows...


It appears based on the tone of EuroNews and other reliable Establishment mouthpieces, which cite the 'UK based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' which is really one old guy operating out of his house in Coventry, that the MSM script for the upcoming Aleppo battle has been written. Putin and the Russians will be blamed for an Aleppo cholera outbreak caused by lack of water treatment due to the power outage created by U.S. or Turkish F-16 bombs.


Moving towards the end game negotiations: RT video on the cracking of NATO's 'united front' against Russian intervention in Syria and 'Bashir Assad must go' rhetoric

Kompromat: What Happens Next? Moscow's Trump Card in Syria is What it Knows About Uncle Sam and ISIS Washington's High Card is Doubling Down/Massively Resupplying its Jihadi Proxies, Even if They're Al-Qaeda

The Russia Analyst predicted back in August that Turkey would get thrown under the bus and blamed for the rise of ISIS, even if their role was primarily a logistical and safe haven one while the Saudis and Qataris provided the Islamic State the weapons and cash. This New York Times article by a former member of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ruling AKP coalition admitting Turkish security services turned a blind eye to ISIS cells inside the country appears to be the start of the 'limited hangout' campaign we predicted, as does the U.S. Treasury department's sudden interest after over a year of ubiquitous Toyota jihad videos in the provenance of the Islamic State's Hillux pickup truck fleets!

Meanwhile, as we speculated last week in our piece, "Our Disgruntled Spooks and 'Realists' Teaming Up to Undermine Cold War 2.0 in Syria?" behind whistle blowers who've already gone public like former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) director Gen. Michael T. Flynn (USA ret.) are many others waiting to leak or publically state what they know. The 50 intelligence analysts who revolted against Obama White House falsehoods about 'successes' in the war on the Islamic State widely reported by the Daily Beast and other outlets represent just the tip of an iceberg that's poised to melt and crumble in spectacular fashion.

Indeed, we are starting to suspect that RT and other Russian-state funded media promoting Flynn's revelations that the rise of ISIS was deliberately enabled, if not fueled by the Obama Administration were part of the 'psychological operations' preceding the shooting Russian intervention in Syria. Many members of the U.S. military resent Russian jets blowing by American Predator drones  or the widely distributed story about a Russian general ordering American planes to clear out of air space an hour before Moscow's bombs started falling. Nonetheless, they have no idea what the real mission in Syria is, and cannot bulls--t themselves regarding the relative success of Russia's few air strikes against ISIS versus over 7,000 sorties through 14 months that have accomplished next to nothing.

Last but not least, lingering like the Sword of Damocles over President Obama and the U.S. Deep Staters determined to avenge the Empire's humiliation at Russian hands, is what Moscow's security services know about covert American aid to the Islamic State, including the recent para-drop of 50 tons (!) of ammo near the front lines between the Kurdish YPG and ISIS that may've 'fallen' into Daesh hands a week ago. The Veterans Today circulated report that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was seriously wounded in an Iraqi air strike last week and has been evacuated to a Turkish hospital under the CIA's care is likely Russian or Iranian disinformatziya. Gordon Duff, the main editor behind VT, published a story pronouncing al-Baghdadi dead as recently as April. Commenters at the Vineyard of the Saker and other alternative media sites we read have frequently denounced Duff, saying he simply makes stuff up.

All the same this week The Saker reports a top Russian military expert and until 2007 member of Russia's General Staff is saying the Americans are resupplying Daesh via ammo drops. Let me repeat that one more time so it sinks in: The Saker is a trained former intelligence analyst who is typically skeptical of everything, especially 'rah rah Russia, America bad' stuff that comes across his desk. Yet according to The Saker Konstantin Sivkov PhD, whose bio reads:

Doctor of MilitarySciences, the first vice-president of the Academyof Geopolitical Problems, a military expert. He was bornin 1954. In 1976he graduated from theNavalCollege.He servedin the Navy.  He graduated from theMilitary Medical Academy. In 1992 hegraduated from the Academyof the General Staff. From 1995to 2007he served in theGeneral Staff ofthe Armed Forces.A specialist inthe field of militarypolitical science.He participated in the developmentof doctrinal documentsdetermining thedevelopment and use ofthe Armed Forces.

[embed][/embed] telling Russia's 'Free Press' news program that the Americans are increasing their support for ISIS and other jihadist organizations in Syria, and a long, tough slog awaits Moscow's Syrian and Iranian allies. Sivkov also states according to the Saker that Russia's current forces in Syria are inadequate for the mission and the Russians have already used many of their long range Kalibr cruise missiles and precision GLONAS GPS guided bombs. Thus if the Russians really do continue to encounter fierce resistance or even, God forbid, suicide attacks on their fortified perimeter around the Latakia air base that result in casualties, the 'cut the blackmail and just go for the truth bomb' option will start to seem more appealing. What Russian truth bombs regarding the CIA and Islamic State would look like we cannot say, though we know Iran's security services were monitoring Langley's arms trafficking through Libya very closely, and some footage of MANPADs or TOWs being loaded onto boats at Benghazi harbor undoubtedly ended up being shared by Tehran with the SVR/GRU.

With the U.S. campaign against ISIS being so incredibly half assed, so deliberately botched, and the number of Toyota pick up trucks flowing to Al-Qaeda member Al-Nusra front fighters only one degree removed from Daesh, isn't this story more credible to people outside the U.S. mainstream media bubble than it would've been say, at the start of the Islamic State's spectacular territorial expansion last year? We would have to admit the answer to that question is 'yes'.

Furthermore, does not the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton for the White House produce some marvelous opportunities for foreign players, led by the Iranians and Russians, to leak what they know about the CIA's gun and MANPAD running out of Benghazi to Al-Nusra front in Syria, and HRC's role in this operation? And has the amazingly incompetent security for Hillary's email accounts, which we've already heard from many intel community sources were wide open to foreign intelligence hacking, left her open to blackmail?

We have written many times here at Rogue Money about the humiliating standdown of late August/September 2013 from President Obama's 'red line' in Syria. 'W' the Intelligence Insider has also spoken about this subject, stating that the globalists tried no fewer than three and probably four times since the start of the Syrian civil war in 2011 to push the United States military into direct combat with Assad's forces. Each time someone or something held the neocons and war-pushers back. Today, with so many competing voices calling for either accommodation (the rare minority) or increased all out proxy war against the Russians in Syria, we suspect the biggest casualty could become the Empire's 'war on terror' being exposed to the whole world as a cosmic fraud.

As V stated in his Guerrilla report this week the petrodollar coffin nails event probably already happened this week, when the USS Theodore Roosevelt left the Persian Gulf without an American carrier for the first time in several years. But we believe the hammering in of those coffin nails will involve explosive revelations from the Russians and Iranians regarding not only Washington's support at the dawn of Daesh, but also various factions' treasonous betrayal of America's fighting men and women by continued covert support for America and the West's most dreaded enemy, ISIS.