Hillary Clinton's Odd 'Four Minutes' Nuke Launch Time Disclosure -- and Spell Invoking Shout Out to Her '17 Agencies' Deep State Helpers

The Russia Analyst didn't watch the third and final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump, but we did catch Mrs. Clinton's odd three-peat reference to the number '17', regarding the supposed number of intelligence agencies that concluded Russian government-directed hackers hacked the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The fact that Mrs. Clinton repeated the number 17 three times (three to invoke a spell in witchcraft), a number of high significance to the occult and the year of her expected coronation (inauguration), did not escape the attention of Team RogueMoney's @BanksterSlayer or resident Intelligence Insider 'W'. 

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Turkish Invasion: Turks Attack U.S.-Backed Syrian Kurds, Support 'Moderate' Jihadists as ISIS Melts Away

The 19th century British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston infamously quipped that "Britain has no permanent allies, only permanent interests". This quote is often forgotten by advocates of the eternal U.S.-UK Special Relationship which partially soured over Tony Blair's subservience to George W. Bush and President Obama's meddling in the June Brexit vote of the British people, which backfired. The equivalent expression in Russian to Lord Palmerston's quip is equally terse, "Russia has no allies but Her Army and Navy"

It is a fact that nations historically sharing Orthodox Christianity and liberated through great Russian sacrifices, such as Bulgaria or Montenegro, have elites hostile toward Moscow, notwithstanding the latent to strong Russophilia of their populations. But at the same time, Mother Russia has also at times failed to stand with certain allies such as the early 19th or 21st century Greeks, or as Moscow's geostrategists would put it, the Kremlin opted for realpolitik and conserving important economic or military resources to avoid overextending itself. 

Last week's decision by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his reluctant junior partner Syrian President Bashir al-Assad to essentially green light Turkey's post-coup President Erdogan attacking U.S.-backed Kurds in northern Syria apparently represents another triumph of realpolitik over idealism. However, there are ample arguments on the other side of that coin, including legitimate questions as to just how 'faithful' an ally a newborn Kurdistan stretching from near the Latakia hills overlooking the Mediterranean to Iran would have proven for Russia -- as opposed to the Kurds' longtime patrons in Washington and Tel Aviv. There are also signs that Moscow is warning the Turks not to push too far into Syria as part of their long-discussed 'buffer zone' along the border.

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#HillaryCoverageisCrap: Mainstream Media Shamed Over Silence Regarding Hillary's Seizures and Signs of Serious Mental Health Problems

While geopolitical developments accelerate in the Middle East and across Eurasia with China's efforts to create alternatives to the dollar for trade, back home in the U.S. the flagging Hillary Clinton campaign finds itself under attack on multiple fronts.

While alternative media outlets hint at potentially explosive footage of Ms. Clinton filmed by her longtime 'body woman' Huma Abedin about to be released, the Clinton camp is also panicking over the potential release of what Wikileaks leader Julian Assange calls hacked emails that could put her in prison. But even before this evidence of criminal wrongdoing if not treasonous Saudi or other foreign influence buying is released, Clinton loyalists and the mainstream media are under fire for their ongoing cover-up of a more basic fact: regardless of where you stand on Ms. Clinton's policies and her ethics or lack thereof, she is medically unfit for the Presidency. And her mental health and frequency of seizures appears to be getting worse, not better with the stress of the campaign.

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Why the Globalists Fear They Can't 'Calibrate' Polls/Voting Machines for a Trumpslide

If you're like most RogueMoney readers, you probably don't watch cable news. Judging by the ratings, neither do most Americans. Lately our esteemed colleagues at our workplace have kept CNN on all night while we work. And we have noticed, even if with the sound mercifully muted, that the Clinton News Network has shifted into 24/7 "Attack Trump!" mode. CNN is putting on everyone ranging from #NeverTrump neocon cuckservative pundit guests like The Daily Caller's Jamie Weinstein or Liz Mair hurling four letter words at The Donald, to host Fareed Zakaria calling Trump a "BS artist". In short, despite all the claims that Trump is losing by ten bazillion points in the latest poll to wildly over-sample or inflate turnout among the Democratic part of the U.S. electorate, what the Russia Analyst and the Guerrilla detect is the distinct smell of bipartisan Establishment panic. Why?

This is the conundrum the Russia Analyst has been pondering for several weeks. Despite Trump's allegedly self-evident status as Vladimir Putin's henchman and a reality TV buffoon, he still somehow poses the gravest threat to the 'free world' since well, ever. How could the cartoon character version of Trump that the mainstream media presents accomplish that, while drawing thousands to his rallies daily as the supposedly untouchable in the polls Hillary can't muster 150 people (half of whom are probably staffers or otherwise paid to be there) at a black church in Ohio?

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Hillary Clinton: The War with Russia (and China?) Candidate

The Russia Analyst watched Hillary Clinton's nomination acceptance speech at the Democratic National Committee, or at least tried to, before leaving the room in disgust around the time Ms. Clinton vowed to in an applause line (targeting Donald Trump's criticism of the Atlanticist Pact) to defend America's NATO allies from an aggressive Russia. As IF the Russians have nothing better to do than risk thermonuclear annihilation to lord over a few million pissed off Balts or Poles! 

My disgust over Clinton, a warmonger who pushed for illegal and aggressive wars against the peoples of Serbia, Iraq and Libya portraying herself as the candidate of international stability and peace is only exceeded by my loathing of fellow members of the fourth estate who relentlessly kiss her wrinkly rear end on the same topic, while portraying Trump as some sort of lunatic who will nuke or bomb a country over a tweet as opposed to falsified pretenses like 'ethnic cleansing', 'imminent genocide' or 'WMDs'.

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Russian Warnings: Putin, Alex Jones, Catherine Austin Fitts with The Saker and Others On WW3/WW4 Provocations

Speaking on the John B. Wells Caravan to Midnight program on June 20, 2016 (and in the terrestrially-broadcast CTM/Arc to Midnight recording published on YouTube June 26, 2016), Team Rogue Money's mentor W the Intelligence Insider referred to Putin's exasperated war warning to the (post)Western journalists present at last month's St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

In his remarks, the Russian President pointed out that Washington lied about the threat of nuclear-tipped Iranian ballistic missiles and had used the non-existent threat from Iran as an excuse to build a missile defense shield in Europe that also had offensive applications. Naturally, the notion that the U.S. might strike first in a confrontation with Russia or risk a nuclear holocaust to prop up the dying fiat U.S. dollar system through war is not taken seriously by journalists who forgot NATO's aggression against two sovereign states, Serbia and Libya. But Putin was speaking directly to the American people and peoples of the world, not to presstitutes who either don't know or barely can fathom the global economic reset that's coming and what it will do to (post)Western institutions like the European Union and NATO.

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