Dugin: Soros and Globalists Supporting Massive Muslim Migration/Jihad and Neo-Nazi Dialectic to Wreck Europe

Alexandr Dugin, the always provocative and controversial Eurasianist ideologue, has produced a new episode of Dugin's Guidelines.

After detailing his meetings with senior Turkish officials including the Mayor of Ankara on the eve of the failed mid-July coup in Anatolia, Dugin is returning to the themes that other contributors to his Katehon think tank, led by Americans Joaquin Flores and Jay Dyer, have outlined: the manipulation of mass migration into Europe for the purpose of destabilizing the EU and making European nations even more dependent on Washington, as well as leaving the U.S. dollar as the last 'safe haven' fiat reserve currency standing before the dollar too succumbs to the ZIRP/NIRP disease destroying the yen and soon, the euro

Call it a strategy of scorched earth -- if Uncle Sam cannot maintain full spectrum dominance over Europe, then the Eurasian powers will see their investments on the Continent destabilized before European elites and the masses can psychologically and above all economically pivot to the East. Just as the globalist bankers of the late 1920s/30s exploited the fascist/Nazi and Soviet Communist dialectic (as detailed by the late historian Anthony Sutton), today Dugin concurs with the Russia Analyst's warning that globalists are attempting to infiltrate 'Gladio' neo-Nazis into legitimate nationalist or right wing parties to keep them 'under control' and perhaps, create more Anders Breiviks...

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