War Party Flails Against the New Reality Defined by the Singapore and Helsinki Summits

War Party Flails Against the New Reality Defined by the Singapore and Helsinki Summits

On Friday Russian President Vladimir Putin said while in South Africa for the BRICS Summit that he had invited U.S. President Donald Trump to Moscow for talks. The Administration reciprocated later in the day, saying Putin is welcome to visit the White House next year. Despite major Senate opposition and hysterical press and social media cries of ‘treason!’, the two sides are slowly working towards easing tensions. The response from the British-led trans-Atlantic deep state and their front men in Congress has been to propose more sanctions and accuse Moscow of hacking into the U.S. power grid and the campaign of Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

The deep state dead-enders are doubling down on the Russiagate scandal, with former attorney Michael Cohen contradicting his previous Senate testimony and public denials that candidate Trump did not know about a summer 2016 meeting between his son Donald Jr. and Fusion GPS paid “Russian government lawyer” provocateur Natalia Veselnitskaya at Trump Tower (Ms. Veselnitskaya was coached by Fusion GPS CEO Glenn Simpson before the meeting and after it). The President tweeted out that Cohen has likely hired old Clintons crony Lanny Davis and turned on his former patron to save himself and his Ukrainian-born father in law from an indictment over fraud in their New York taxi business — charges that, like the indictments against former campaign chair Paul Manafort, have nothing to do with Russia collusion. But they have everything to do with special counsel Robert Mueller’s desperation to find any witness who can testify for him against President Trump.

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Xinhua photo from the Helsinki Summit by: Lehtikuva’s (Finnish news agency) Antti Aimo-Koivisto

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План Трампа: Cooperation Between the U.S. and Russian Petrostates?

План Трампа: Cooperation Between the U.S. and Russian Petrostates?

One of the undisputed keys to the revival of Russia’s fortunes under President Vladimir Putin has been his leveraging of the world’s largest country and its immense natural resource base to finance military and vital infrastructure improvements. Putin wrote his 1996 economics dissertation in St. Petersburg “Strategic Planning of the Reproduction of the Mineral Resource Base of a Region under Conditions of the Formation of Market Relations” (which Putin’s critics at RFE/RL, Brookings Institute and the Langley/Bezos Post insist was ghostwritten) about the state leveraging oil and gas production to benefit the population, as in Russia’s Arctic neighbors Norway and Alaska.

Although overlooked by the media and deep state manufactured hysteria over Trump’s ‘treasonous’ praise for Putin and their dialogue in Helsinki, CNBC did report Putin’s proposal that the U.S. and Russia work together to regulate the oil price. If implemented this plan would make Moscow, which already cooperates with leading OPEC cartel member and petrodollar pillar Riyadh, into a partner with Washington in keeping energy prices within an acceptable range. As Putin said, it would not be advantageous to the American or global economies to see prices rise too high, nor see them collapse and thereby wreck shale oil production (he didn’t need to add, also hurting Russia and the ruble in the process as the Obama Administration and globalists tried to do in an coordinated piece of economic warfare in late 2014 — Moscow would take military action to boost its leverage against the Saudis and Qataris the following autumn in Syria).

Putin knows very well that President Reagan’s CIA director William Casey worked with the Saudis to drive down the price of oil in the late 1980s, hastening the demise of the Soviet Union which had then posted the young KGB officer and his family to Dresden in East Germany. As W the Intelligence Insider says regarding that period ‘we took out the Soviet Union and the ruble but almost lost Texas’ leading to the 1989-93 recession and ‘handover’ of power from the Bushes to the Clintons. However, in an ironic role reversal, it is now the fragile U.S. economy which needs Russian cooperation to maintain a moderate to higher price, so that highly indebted frackers stay profitable as interest rates rise and steel/aluminum trade wars (including Cold War 2 sanctions on Russian metals) drive up pipeline costs. Indeed, the main problem with the shale boom is the high depletion rate of the wells, which in turn requires cheap money from the Fed and high debt loads to manage (it was no accident that fracking took off in the mid-2000s with a loose post dot.com crash and 9/11 monetary policy).

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Russia, not the United States, is suddenly the land of opportunity for migrant farmers and African refugees

Russia, not the United States, is suddenly the land of opportunity for migrant farmers and African refugees

Perhaps one of the biggest ironies to emerge globally in the so-called 'refugee crisis' is that while both the United States and Europe seek to close their borders with new immigration laws, one nation is actually welcoming in migrant farmers from Africa who truly fall under the label of requiring amnesty.

This group of people desperately needing refuge of course are the long-time white farmers and land owners from South Africa who are being brutalized, tortured, and even killed by the apathy of the communist black run government that recently passed laws allowing for the nationalization and redistribution of lands held by these farmers for hundreds of years.  And while the United Nations and most of the world does nothing in the wake of this illegal genocide, it is the 'vilified' state of Russia who is stepping up to welcome these refugees in to their growing land of opportunity.

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How Russian TV is Covering #SickHillary's Health Meltdown

Hillary Clinton's poll numbers have taken a hit and trust in the mainstream media continues to plumb all time lows as The Washington (Com)Post and other MSM (plus certain #NeverTrump U.S. Naval War College professors) belatedly acknowledge that questions about Hillary's seriously deteriorating health were not 'conspiracy theories' after all. 

Meanwhile, the Post aka (Langley's) Pravda on the Potomac is pushing dangerous notions that the November election might need to be postponed or modified in some way to account for evil Russians hacking the voter rolls and machines to either elect Trump or, even worse, to make it look like Hillary may have won through massive fraud. We couldn't make this #FullTinFoil hat paranoia on the part of the Post up if we tried...

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A Little Ball of U.S. Expat Hate for Russia -- and an Illustration of the Eurasian Russian vs. Western EUropean/USA Mentality in Cold War 2.0

'The Russian [Cossack] is slow to mount his horse, but when he does he rides fast' - Russian saying"What is good for a German, for a Russian is death." - Russian saying

"Russia was never so strong as it wants to be and never so weak as it is thought to be." Vladimir Putin, 2002

'The archetypal Russian way of warfare [against Napoleon and Hitler] can be summarized as the long scorched earth retreat to exhaust the enemy, followed by counterattack in overwhelming force' - The Russia Analyst


In 2015 we discovered that yes there really are, at least occasionally, bears roaming the streets of Russia...



Wrestling with a Greasy Pig of a Fake 'Journalist and Bloggger' Who Cheers on the Empire and Endlessly Denigrates Everything Russian -- Expect to Encounter More Empire-Worshiping Fanatics Who Feel Powerful Over What Washington Can Get Away With As the Dollar and Other Things Collapse in the Empire

The Russia Analyst recently made the mistake of interacting via one of our anonymous email accounts with a fanatical proponent of the Empire, who resides as an American expat in Moscow of all places. We'll just call him J.

For those who think 'Putin's Russia' is totalitarian, we invite you to actually sit down and watch subtitled clips from prime time Russian TV in which guests representing the American and even rabidly anti-Russian Ukrainian regime sponsored by the U.S. get to speak -- at least with some interruptions applauded by the studio audience -- from the hosts and the likes of pugnacious nationalists such as Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

We also ask you why if Putin's Russia is so authoritarian and obsessed with Americans as potential spies or promoters of a State Dept/CIA/Soros sponsored Colored Revolution in Moscow why this man is still there, despite working for (or perhaps previously with, considering he's presently unemployed and apparently scared to death of coming back to the booming U.S economy) a Kiev regime media outlet called StopFake.org. Ask yourself aside from very rare appearances on CNN by a few RT employees, when was the last time you saw a Russian journalist or diplomat invited to speak their minds on or debate American foreign policy live and uncensored by Fox News, MSNBC, CNN? Hardly ever, if it all. And yet, as Colorado-based PhD translator Nina Kouprianova has pointed out at her blog, Russian TV brings on not only Kiev regime and American spokesmen/journalists, but also European/NATO diplomats like the U.S. dominated bloc's Polish envoy in Moscow, Robert Pszczel.

The last time we blogged at RogueMoney about Pszczel, he was denying on First Channel that any of his Polish countrymen had been killed in Donbass serving as mercenaries much less in an official capacity, simply because Russian media exaggerated the number of Western mercs fighting for Kiev.

Polish mercs, who can't speak Russian to the locals but do speak English to a Turkish journalist in Polish accents, outside Slavyansk in May 2014

So, whose mainstream media is more plagued with 'unreality' and which one coddles its viewers from contrary viewpoints from the other side of Cold War 2.0, America's or Russia's? At the end of the day both medias generally follow their respective governments lines, but the Russian press and especially TV programs tend to be less 'dumbed down' and assume a higher degree of intelligence among their audience than Fox/CNN/MSNBC and even the 'thinking man's' NPR.

Please, no Russian mockery of the clown car show that is Ukraine's U.S./EU IMF funded parliament...

In our email 'debate', if you can call it that, J heaped his fanatical scorn on any American who thinks the petrodollar and Anglo-American Empire are in trouble, that Washington bears responsibility for instigating the Ukrainian civil war in Donbass after the Maidan coup d'etat, and that the U.S. has turned a blind eye to lawlessness and mass murder committed in the name of a united Ukraine, as well as done little to resist the spectacular rise of ISIS. I challenged Kovpak when he cited Germany, Japan and South Korea as success stories in U.S. nation building how Washington's track record has been since President Clinton's criminal bombing of Serbia in 1999, including...

the hub of organ, narcotics and human trafficking that Albanian mafia-state Kosovo (stolen from Serbia by NATO and sort of annexed by a huge U.S. base called Camp Bondsteel) has become

the 'success' of post-Gaddafi Mad Max tribal warlord dominatedand ISIS infested Libya

Daesh occupied 'post revolution' Syria and Iranian (and de facto Russian)-allied Iraq

Ukraine sinking ever deeper into socio-economic ruin after the February 2014 'revolution of dignity' on the Maidan sponsored by the U.S. and EU promised Ukrainians a bright shining European future without crippling corruption and oligarch lawlessness -- and to add insult to injury, Ukrainians get to watch Syrian refugees and not so 'refugees' from the rest of the Mideast and North Africa admitted into Germany and the EU ahead of them!

J dismissed these arguments as the product of brainwashing by RT, Sputnik, and other Russian-government funded media, and did not speak to Donald Trump or other individuals who barely watch 'Kremlin TV' if at all making the same points about America 'not winning' anymore. J went on to post an article how there is so little criticism of Russia's intervention in Syria, while British media were full of agonizing and opposition against Britain's participation in bombing Syria prior to a parliamentary vote David Cameron easily won.

My reply was: yes there was more debate in the UK prior to the Brits bombing Syria than in Russia prior to the Russians going into the war-torn country, but both outcomes were the same. The only differences are the scale of the respective interventions, and for which side the Russians are bombing compared to the Brits, even though the two countries are nominal allies against Islamic State. As for J's blogged challenge that there isn't a single article expressing opposition to Russia's intervention in the Russian media, aside from Echo Moskvy, TV Rain, Meduza and Novaya Gazeta-- here you go Jimmy, from the same American expats at Russia Insider that he hates and calls Kremlin stooges.

I also asked J why if he claims to be critical of the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he hates American dissidents like Ron Paul so much. Why all the hate for American dissenters opposed to Washington's Empire while claiming to favor anti-Kremlin Russian activists? Why the dismissal of Julian Assange and many others' claim that the U.S. military has bases or facilities in over a hundred nations while Russia currently has forces in TEN (and that's if you define Donbass as still being a part of the Ukraine, plus Syria, Armenia, and the former Soviet 'Stans and maybe Vietnam) as 'bulls--t'? Why not remain open to dissent from both sides of this Cold War 2?

If Americans used to read essays by Andrei Sakharov or Alexander Solzhenitsyn during Cold War 1, would it hurt Russians now to read what Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura have to say? We are not saying here that Paul or Ventura have actually been jailed or exiled for their beliefs, but then again neither have the today's Russian liberals. If Russians critical of the Kremlin give interviews to U.S. government funded RFE/RL or British taxpayer funded BBC, why can't Americans critical of their government give interviews to RT?

This imperial scribbler, who as I said worked this fall with the Ukrainian oligarch/SBU funded 'media outlet' StopFake.org, replied without a trace of irony by insisting that I was denying Russians and Ukrainians their rights to oppose their governments, while insisting on that same right for myself as an American.

he fact that over 100 Ukrainians who tried to peacefully oppose the newly installed Kiev regime were shot, stabbed, bludgeoned or burned to death at the Odessa Trades Union building on May 2, 2014 and Washington has not done a damn thing to pressure Kiev to bring the perpetrators to justice went unaddressed by him. As I pointed out, Ukrainians are NOT free to oppose their own government, the only protests against the Donbass war which are safe from facing beatings or worse at the hands of Right Sector/Svoboda thugs are those held right in front of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, where it would not be good optics for the regime to allow demonstrators to be attacked.


Never forget: mass murder in Odessa on May 2, 2014 organized by oligarch warlord Ihor Kholomoisky and executed by the Right Sector Nazis, but winked and nodded at by the Empire and its propaganda mouthpieces.

This man, exhibiting all the hallmarks of a professional hack thoroughly brainwashed in the same talking points one sees at sites like RFE/RL, TheInterpreter (now merging together, we guess because Mikhail Khodorkovsky ran out of loot to pay those hacks in NYC), or EuroMaidanPR everyday, never deviated from the script...except to claim he used to be really angry with the U.S. government like me. Whereas I freely acknowledged something that RT would never say, that at least a few dozen active duty Russian servicemen, whether or not they were on 'leave' at the time, had died fighting in the Donbass.

I told J that Putin misled Russians by omission about his military firing across the border to destroy Kiev's 30th brigade in the 'combined Russian/separatist forces' counteroffensive at Saur Mogila. Regarding Kiev's 15,000+ KIA, and his Western MSM buddies sitting on that story and refusing to even discuss thousands of Ukrainian 'missing in action', or the presence of NATO mercenaries in Kiev's order of battle (with strong video evidence like this, this and this), my correspondent in Moscow doubled down on his vitriolic denial that either the Pentagon or NATO militaries had sent mercs or frontline advisers to the Donbass.

My questions to this man about why the Obama Administration waged such a half-assed or fraudulent 'war against ISIS' for over a year, to the point of leaving thousands of Turkish/ISIS oil tanker trucks untouched before the Russians bombed them were deflected. This thirty-something twerp who claims to be an Army veteran asked me 'why did the Russians try to sign the Turkstream deal with Erdogan if he sponsors ISIS?' That such arguments may be clever from a debating Russia perspective, yet utterly fail to address the demoralizing effect coddling ISIS may have on the U.S. military and intelligence communities (if not the American people who are 'awake' and know their government helped spawn the Islamic State) was lost on 'J'.

Furthermore, if J's so worried about the evil Russian propaganda machine brainwashing Americans and turning them against Washington, why is he giving Big Zero a pass for proving the Russian propaganda right, that the war against ISIS is or at least has been until Russia intervened a sham? Why not tackle head on whether or not the Islamic State is partially a creature of the U.S. Deep State's 'dark side' or at least Saudi and Qatari machinations?


Ultimately, I realized there was no point in wrestling with this greasy pig of a globalist propagandist, as the pig liked it too much and such entangling, useless conversations with idiots are precisely the sort of thing an older and wiser Russia Analyst would avoid. To use an analogy from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (a bad remake of Episode IV: A New Hope that I refuse to see), one might as well try to be one of the 'good guys' arguing with the Galactic Empire-reviving, Darth Vader fanboy Kylo Ren.

The only 'lesson' here I can pass on to RogueMoney readers is this: speak gently with those willing to listen and 'awake', especially relatives, neighbors, children and the elderly. But never waste time arguing with a fanatical adherent to the Anglo-American globalist Empire's Narrative. It is not worth it. Of course, Rogue Money readers and team members older and wiser than I already knew that.

Disney killed Star Wars -- an all thumbs down review of The Force Awakens from brother Alex Jones and crew (SPOILER ALERT)

Yevgeny Satanovsky, Russian Jewish Patriot and Critic of the 'Banderite' Ukrainian Regime Backed by the U.S.

Turning back to Russian TV and its routine practice of American, Ukrainian or Polish guests coming on to disagree with the Kremlin's policy (even if yes, they do occasionally get shouted down or face multiple supporters of the government)...

Vineyard of the Saker blogger 'Scott' published a translation this Sunday of a televised debate between Yevgeny Satanovsky, former head of the Russian Jewish Congress and an expert on Russia-Israel relations and the Mideast, and Polish journalist Jakub Korejba. We think it illustrates the difference between the Russian and Anglo-EU 'Western' mentalities in Cold War 2.0. It also illustrates that Russian television, unlike American TV, routinely brings on guests. In fairness, it also shows the type of gentlemanly but occasionally sarcastic and bombastic Russian commentators shown on the country's most popular network, First Channel. Satanovsky once said that Israeli passport holding and self-described 'Zhido Banderite' Ukrainian gangster oligarch turned warlord Ihor Kholomoisky should be hanged as a war criminal and traitor for his support of the UPA/Bandera worshiping government in Kiev. As the Times of Israel recounts:

During a radio interview for the Govorit Moskva station, Satanovsky, who currently heads the Institute of Middle Eastern Studies in Moscow, said he would like to kill both men because he said they maintain that Stephan Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist who during World War II collaborated with the Nazis and later fought against them, is not responsible for the death of Jews murdered by men under his command.

“A significant number of Ukrainian officials,” he said, “out of cowardice, stupidity, or from general meanness says that ‘Bandera didn’t kill any Jews.’ On this, allow me to reiterate: When and if there’s way to do this, then I will hang Kolomoisky and Joseph Zissels at least in Dnepropetrovsk in front of the Golden Rose Synagogue until they stop breathing.”

On second thought, perhaps a rookie Russia desk CIA analyst somewhere in the bowels of Langley read that quote and scribbled 'SS-18 Satanovsky' in his notebook as a nickname for this outspoken Russian Jewish pundit.

Satanovsky vs. Korejba - An Amusing Debate on Contemporary and Historic Geopolitics

As one of our 'parting gifts' to the RogueMoney community, we are reproducing this translation here with our own commentary in bold.

The purpose of featuring this debate is not necessarily to 'take sides' or dismiss valid spoken truths, but to cast light on the tortoise vs. hare, and fox vs. hedgehog nature of the confrontation between an Anglo-American Empire and its local vassals (including the more enthusiastic ones like Poland) and a reemerging Eurasian bloc stretching from Kaliningrad on the Baltic to Shanghai and Murmansk to the southern tip of India.


POLISH journalist Jakub Korejba: Poland had built two states in 20th century, Poland and Israel.

Satanovsky: My God, when did you build Israel?

Korejba: First six governments of Israel had Polish as their language.

This is a funny bit of Polish-centric revisionism by Korejba, though it's true that many of Israel's 'Founding Fathers' had some knowledge of or spoke Polish as did many Israelis who survived the Nazis

Satanovsky: Of course, because everyone who wasn’t exterminated, was exiled by Gomułka. Poland received a big thank you very much from Israelis.

Korejba: Israel is the Poland of the Middle East. Poland is the Israel of Europe. But, I have a question for you. Right now Europe has a discussion on what is Moscow. Some people say that Moscow is the most Eastern from the Western capitals. Other people say that Moscow is the most Western of the Eastern capitals. I have my personal opinion about this, but it’s not the point. The point is that Russians are better than other Europeans at understanding Eastern people. And you, of all people, know the Eastern people better than anyone else. I am talking about Turks.

You understand that for these people, power and fairness is important. But very first for them comes strength and power. The fact that Russia did not react to the downing of the SU-24 in an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ manner, is a certification of the absence of your strength and power. In this context, November 24th is a more important day than the actual day of collision. It’s the end of Russia’s dream about the resurrection of the Russian statehood, Russian power. As the answer to all your parades and rhetoric, Georgia, Ukraine, Syria, Erdogan shouted to the whole world: The king is naked!

The 'king' is so naked that as I type this, Kurdish YPG fighters are moving across the Euphrates, boldly violating Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's self-proclaimed red line and threats to bomb the Kurds if they tried to advance toward the border town of Jarablus, which is vital to Turkey's ISIS and non-ISIS jihadist terrorist proxies in Syria. So if the Turks showed the world that Russia is a military paper tiger, why aren't they bombing the Kurds? Where is the F-16 driver who 'heroically' ambushed the SU-24 in November? Where are the Grey Wolves tough guys to rush to the aid of the 'moderate' jihadists and oppose the YPG advance? Something tells me neither the Turkish Air Force nor Turkey's out of uniform national 'volunteers' or fighting MIT agents wants any of that -- thanks in no small part to German and Russian arms flowing to the YPG and the Russian Aerospace forces providing SAM/fighter cover that would quickly make any Turkish pilot regret flying into Syria.

Satanovsky: Aha, I understand. They did not shoot the plane down for this reason, of course, You see, possession of brains doesn’t indicate the absence of strength.

Who if not Poland should know. Whilst being united with Russia, Poland took over this city [Moscow], where we are having this discussion [Satanovsky is speaking about the 'Time of Troubles' during the early 1600s, when Poles actually occupied Moscow before they were driven out by a popular revolt led by the butcher/merhcant Kuzma Minin and Prince Pozharsky, whose statues stand near Red Square to this day]. The result of this was three divisions of Poland, and the loss of the statehood by Poland for one reason; Poland always was in a hurry. We, on the other hand, did everything in the right time. That’s how it happened that there is no more Poland from sea to sea. There is no Turkey from Poland to Africa. [Satanovsky is referring to Tsarist Russia doing more than any European power to dismantle the Ottoman Empire, though the Poles did fight an Ottoman invasion at the Gates of Vienna battle in 1683]. And we are still the same from the Atlantic region, to Pacific Ocean. That’s why we don’t have dreams of statehood: we have a statehood.

Korejba: Pardon me, how is it “from the Atlantic region”?

Satanovsky: What about Kaliningrad? Do you think that the Baltic Sea is the sea of the Atlantic Ocean, or the Arctic Ocean? My predecessors happened to have come from Poland. Satanov had received its town status in according to Magdeburg rights. In the Middle Ages and after it became a part of the Russian Empire with its entire population and Ukraine.

Korejba: My condolences…

Satanovsky goes on to remind his Polish debating partner which superpower drew the borders of present day Poland (and Ukraine). Americans aren't the only ones prone to, 'You'd all be speaking German if it weren't for us' type remarks, which in the Russians case, are closer to the truth about WWII.

Satanovsky: Don’t, because you and the rest of Poland end up partially in the Russian Empire, and partially in the Third Reich, while the other parts of Poland ended up as parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. If it wasn’t for Stalin, whom I don’t feel any sympathy, there would be no Poland in its today’s borders. That’s why the second country you have mentioned was build not by Poland. Poland itself was build by the Soviet Union. It was the Soviet Union who drew the borders for Poland as they exist now. As for Israel, it is a fact that Israel wasn’t built by Poland, but in the biggest part, Israel was built by the same Soviet Union. But, the Soviet Union doesn’t exist any longer, and nobody has any gratitude to it.

Satanovsky is correct. Stalin supported the UN vote that created the modern nation state of Israel, in no small part because he expected Jewish socialists and kibbitzum to gravitate toward Communism. He was wrong, of course. The British/Rothschild influence in Israel proved far greater than Jewish sympathies for socialism and the USSR

Unknown: However, our Polish neighbors are very concerned about our statehood. Do we, or do we not try to rebuild an empire starting with Syria?

Satanovsky: The more our Polish neighbors are concerned with our statehood, the less is being left of Poland. This is a historical fact. That’s why the less we remind each other how our statehood rubbed their statehood in a wrong way, the easier for us will be drink and cheer.

Korejba goes on to wheedle his host a bit by claiming that Armenians might soon revolt against their pro-Russian, Eurasian Economic Union member government. Satanovsky replies that Korejba should be more worried about nationalistic unrest [presumably against the EU open borders to Muslims and mass Third World migration policies, if not necessarily NATO] in Poland.

Korejba: Do you understand that there are preparations now for a Maidan in Armenia? Any crisis can be provoked anywhere…

Satanovsky: The most important is not to get a crisis in Poland….

Next the Polish journalist tries to make a 'clever' sounding argument against Russia's concerns about a U.S. ballistic missile defense system in Europe, essentially arguing that Russia is hypocritical because in theory its hypersonic S400s in Syria could be used to shoot down American missiles (in the eastern Med?) and effects the global balance of power...

Korejba: We were talking about the reasons, and now I want to ask you about consequences for the international relations. First, the setup of the S400 in Syria is canceling the Russia’s argument against the American missile defense system in the Eastern Europe. Which is very important due to the NATO summit in Warsaw…

Unknown: Excuse me, I don’t understand, what nuclear powers are being contained by our S400 in Syria?

Israel, cough cough -- though in fairness the Israelis can still take out Hezbollah leaders inside Syria using low flying drones, commando teams near the border, or glide bombs/stand off missiles launched from over the Golan Heights still inside what Russia regards as Israeli air space

Korejba: No, no. The argument is different. The argument is that the Russia’s S400 in Syria violate the balance of powers in the region. That’s why Russia is against the American missile defense systems in the Baltics and Poland.

Satanovsky: No, no… There is no question.. If Poland and the Baltics want to become the targets for us to destroy the American missile systems, then we have no problems with that. For God’s sake, it’s your choice.

In other words, Satanovsky is saying in a real war the missile defense system in Poland will only make more Poles die in nuclear explosions and from subsequent radiation, it will make no difference in a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia

Korejba: So, from your point of view there are no problems?

Satanovsky: No, there are no problems at all. Here in Moscow, one NATO colonel explained everything to us. He said that his dentist lives in Brussels, and that’s why the fate of Poland is at no concern for him. He is the person of NATO. He doesn’t represent his country.

Korejba: So you agree with that Russia effectively nullified the argument it had for the past 10 years?

Satanovsky goes on to express a long term point of view, in which borders are indeed likely to shift (will Lvov become Polish again after a crack up of Ukraine?) after what we here at RogueMoney call the Global Economic Reset (GER)

Satanovsky: You see… The situation is fluid and it changes constantly. New countries appear on maps and then disappear to reappear in different boarders. When you speak with the hope to be heard, it’s one thing. But, when you speak with the understanding that no one will listen to you, it’s a completely different thing. And when you speak with someone who has solid bone instead of brains, it’s a different matter altogether. That’s why we do what we have to do, and whatever will be, will be.

Korejba counters by claiming that the Russian propaganda is correct, and that Washington or at least certain hawkish elements within the U.S. DoD and intelligence bureaucracy supported the Turkish shoot down of a Russian SU-24 and provided the AWACS intel and shared the Russian Air Force flight plan they received as part of the U.S.-Russia Syrian air space 'deconfliction protocols' to set up the ambush.

Korejba: The second argument, looks like the US acts like a cover for Turkey.

Satanovsky: I personally don’t see it.

Korejba: OK, but at least there are no official critics of the Turkey’s actions against Russia. You understand that the Russia’s military jets violate the airspace not only of Turkey, but also of Poland, the Baltic countries, and the Northern European countries, the UK, Norway and other countries. Do you understand what kind of precedent it is? It’s not the first and it’s not the last case. I want to tell you that we in Poland also own F16 and our pilots stand in line to express their gratitude for what you said about the Commander of the Polish Air Force after the tragedy in Smolensk.

Korejba is referring to some derogatory remarks some Russian commentators made about the maintenance and professionalism of Poland's equivalent to air force one which may have contributed to the tragic 2010 crash of a Russian-made Tupolev airliner carrying many members of the Polish political elite. 

Satanovsky: Aha… I understand. It’s a very interesting subject. You know that the Polish Hussars formed a line to enter Kremlin. They took the Moscow Kremlin over, and on November 4th they left and surrendered. I am not convinced that if back then we would reunite with Poland in one great prosperous democratic country that the history would be completely different and better for Poland. But Poland has made a different choice. That’s why the Polish military form a line to strike Russia…

Korejba: To defend their own territory…

Barring a huge war instigated by the U.S./NATO, the chances of Russia invading Poland ever again are virtually nil. And even in the worst case WWIV scenario, nuclear strikes are far more likely than a ground invasion.

Satanovsky: That’s what they honestly believe… But by these actions against Russia they are building a huge wooden stake that they will drive into Poland. This has been happening for many hundred years. It’s not a choice of the Russian Federation. They received their territory from the Soviet Union. They don’t know that, and they don’t understand that. Your territory is a country and not a part of the Third Reich. You have your own president and not the Third Reich gauleiter. You got all these because hundred of thousands of the Russian soldiers and officers had died liberating Poland. The Poland’s borders, including the border with Germany, was drown in Moscow. Otherwise, it would be completely different borders with Germans, surviving Jews, and maybe Ukrainians. But there would be no Poland.

Korejba: What about other countries whose airspace you violated?

Korejba is saying that NATO air forces have justification to shoot down more Russian planes, as these are violating member states air space. But aside from very brief incursions over the Baltic states en route to the sea, there is little evidence for this. U.S. and other NATO member states air defense identification zones which Russian long range bombers and reconaissance planes have entered is not the sovereign air space of these countries, it's merely a zone in which aircraft are intercepted and warned off. Thus Korejba's claim is mostly false as Russian planes aren't flying over Polish territory only very close to the country through the international air space of the Baltic Sea.

Satanovsky: About other countries… With a civilized person, people act in a civilized manner. With a hooligan, people act to let a hooligan know that his behavior is unacceptable. Look, we have not tried to sink American submarines in Barents Sea. We have not done a nuclear strike against countries that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union promised not to become the part of NATO.

Korejb: But there was no precedent back then, and now we have a precedent. [taking down the Russian jet] We will be defending our airspace just like Mr. Erdogan defended the airspace of his country. The tensions between Russia and Turkey are very much similar to the tensions between Russian and Germany at the beginning of the 20th century.

Satanovsky: Essentially, in a war between Russia and Turkey you are offering to draw a frontline through Warsaw?

Satanovsky is prodding Korejba as to whether good Polish Catholics who remember their country's wars of defense and liberation against the Muslim Ottoman Turks would really be willing to see Poles die in a general NATO/Russia war provoked by Turkey. Strongly implying that the answer would not only be no, but hell no (and the same for not only the Greeks, but Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians and Italians).

Unknown: Poland is constantly taking risks, but never wins.

Korejb gets a bit testy toward the end of the discussion -- but Satanovsky pokes the proud Pole with some humor at the end.

Korejb: Why are you saying that we always lose? We won the Cold War.

Satanovsky: Who won the Cold War?

Korejb: We. Poland won the Cold War. Poland exists, and the Soviet Union doesn’t exist any more.

Satanovsky: We, the Soviet Union, gave you permission to get your freedom. We let you go free without spilling a drop of blood. Gorbachev said: Dear Eastern European comrades. We will not do what was done during the Poland uprising in 1967. Dear comrades, take each your country, if you want, said Boris Yeltsin, whose cultural center we just had opened. Your statement that Poland won the Cold War has as much rooting in reality, as a statement that Poland discovered that the Earth was round -- even so Copernicus was a great astronomer.

You have too much competition over there. The Baltic countries claim that they won the Cold War, the Western countries, the US… Just be careful and don’t collide with the other winners. It’s got very crowded over there.

For those of you 'keeping score' at home...

We conclude this amusing exchange with Alexander Pushkin's poem, "To the Slanderers of Russia", written in 1831 after diplomatic and popular protests in France and Great Britain over Russia's suppression of a patriotic Polish uprising. More relevant to the present geopolitical situation, Pushkin (whose grandfather was a black African named Hannibal brought to St. Petersburg) warns Western powers against trying to use the Muslim Turks as cannon fodder against Mother Russia. Basically, Pushkin concludes the poem by reminding Europeans of how many empires and armies [before Hitler] leading all the way up to Napoleon Bonaparte tried and failed to conquer Russia:

Why rave ye, babblers, so — ye lords of popular wonder? Why such anathemas ‘gainst Russia do you thunder? What moves your idle rage? Is’t Poland’s fallen pride? ‘T is but Slavonic kin among themselves contending, An ancient household strife, oft judged but still unending, A question which, be sure, you never can decide. For ages past still have contended, These races, though so near allied: And oft ‘neath Victory’s storm has bended Now their, and now our side. Which shall stand fast in such commotion The haughty Liakh, or faithful Russ? And shall Slavonic streams meet in a Russian ocean? – Or il’t dry up? This is point for us.

Leave us!: Your eyes are all unable To read our history’s bloody table; Strange in your sight and dark must be Our springs of household enmity! To you the Kreml and Prága’s tower Are voiceless all, you mark the fate And daring of the battle-hour And understand us not, but hate.

What stirs ye? Is it that this nation, On Moscow’s flaming walls, blood-slaked and ruin-quench’d, Spurn’d back the insolent dictation Of Him before whose nod ye blenched? Is it that into dust we shatter’d, The Dagon that weigh’d down all earth so wearily, And our best blood so freely scatter’d, To buy for Europe peace and liberty?

Ye’re bold of tongue — but hark, would ye in deed but try itOr is the hero, now reclined in laurelled quiet,Too weak to fix once more, Izmail’s [Turkish] red bayonet? Or hath the Russian Tsar ever, in vain commanded? Or must we meet all Europe banded? Have we forgot to conquer yet?

Or rather, shall they not, from Perm to Tauris’ fountains,’ From the hot Colchian steppes, to Finland’s icy mountains, From the grey, half-shatter’d wall, To fair Kathay, in dotage buried A steely rampart, close and serried,Rise, Russia’s warriors, one and all?

Then send your numbers without number,Your madden’d sons, your goaded slaves,In Russia’s plains there’s room to slumber,And well they’ll know their brethren’s graves!


Happy New Year (S novym godom) from the Teutonophile Slovenian metal band Laibach! (Playing the national anthem at midnight on January 1st is a Soviet/Russian tradition, and a post-independence Ukrainian one too)


United forever in vast, endless space
created in struggle by unhappy race
where sunrise of freedom were frozen in ice
united forever in great Russia's embrace.

From the Arctic Circle...to the southern seas
deserted forests never-ending steppes
The unbreakable union of fraternal states
united forever in Great Russia's embrace

Slavsya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye, [be glorious our free fatherland] Slavsya, strana moya! Mui gordimsya toboy! [be glorious my country, we are proud of you!]

Arise - the prisoners of starvation
Arise - the damned [by Western mainstream media] of the Earth
let's get them together let's break us free
the world is changing At it's core

long live great Russia's motherland
uilt by the people and their mighty hands
long live young nation united and free
shining in glory for all men to see

Slavsya, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoye, Slavsya, strana moya! Mui gordimsya toboy!