Was Putin's Chauffeur Murdered By a Hacked Mercedes? Global(ist) Context and Implications

Normally when the Russia Analyst doesn't have much to add to what you can already read at the UK Daily Mail or Zerohedge, we steer clear of commenting publically on such events. However, given questions about the timing and delayed coverage of the crash on Kutuzovsky Prospekt that killed one of Vladimir Putin's favorite drivers, a forty year veteran of driving Soviet/Russian VIPs (including this one: when the crash occurred on Friday September 2 why did the US/UK media take until late Monday/early Tuesday UK/US time to report it? Skeletal weekend staff at the Mail or The Sun?)...we decided to dive deeper into the events leading up to this suspected 'warning' to Putin.

To the RogueMoney team especially Deb -- my apologies for the delay of several days in getting this article out, but it was important to review closely what the Russian media said, and perhaps just as importantly, what they weren't saying while downplaying the threat to Putin angle. This, in contrast to the sensational and Millenium Report 'conspiracy theorist' spotlighting coverage from the British tabloids, is itself quite revealing.

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