Marine Le Pen Visits Trump Tower, Supposedly No Meetings With Team Trump

On Thursday January 12 French National Front politician Marine Le Pen visited Trump Tower. Her host was not president elect Donald J. Trump, but (Guido) George Lombardi, an Italian businessman friend and neighbor of Trump's in the building.

According to Mr. Lombardi, speaking to the neolibcon rag The Daily Beast on Thursday night, counselor to the president and former Breitbart News publisher Steve Bannon was informed about the meeting by Lombardi and gave a verbal thumbs up. The subject of discussion, according to Lombardi, was fundraising for Le Pen's run for president of France, which has been blackballed by French banks, due to her 'far right' views, but in reality as punishment for Le Pen defying the NATO/EU consensus on Russia.

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Magyarország! 98% of Hungarians Who Voted Rejected Merkel/EU's Migrant Quotas Sunday

Mutti Merkel and the EUSSR's bluff has been called with a resounding "Nem!" from a huge number of Hungarians. While the Atlanticist media like CNN report turnout did not reach the 50% required to be legally binding, the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban nonetheless has a mandate from Sunday's 98% of 42% of the voting age population saying, "no" to advance against Brussels' diktats on Mideast migrants, including threats of fines or further sanctions against the Hungarians and allied anti-immivasion governments. The vote will strengthen the hand of Orban together with the three other Visegrad bloc countries leaders' -- the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland -- as well as the next government of Austria which will almost certainly be formed by the anti-Muslim mass migration Freedom Party (FPÖ).

Incidentally, in a sign of how well #GlueHorseHillary knows to pick a winner, Mrs. Clinton recently declared Angela Merkel to be the world leader she most admires.

Make Austro-Hungary great again! - JWS

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The Masks Are Off: The Economist Says Globalism Requires a Hillary Victory and Trump Defeat

"We will no longer surrender this country, or its people to the false song of globalism. The nation-state remains -- the true foundation of peace and harmony. " - Donald J. Trump

Christian nationalist writer and sci-fi publisher Vox Day (aka Theodore Robert Beale) noticed in the last fortnight that The Economist has published not one but two articles describing the divide in (post)Western politics as nationalism versus globalism. This is remarkable, because despite demonizing Donald J. Trump, "the world's sleaziest magazine" as it was aptly dubbed by eXile writer Mark Ames doesn't reject this basic premise of Trump's American civic nationalist message.

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