Escalation: Washington Claims Strike That Killed Scores of Syrian Soldiers Was a Mistake, Russian MFA Calls UNSC Closed Session, Asks If U.S. Deliberately Aiding ISIS

The Russia Analyst had intended to write a short Syraq SITREP regarding whether the fragile ceasefire deal struck between Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov would hold. As with Friday's news that CIA, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari-backed 'moderate' 'Free Syrian Army' jihadists cursed and threatened American special forces as infidel pig-dog occupiers, our analyses keep getting overtaken by events on the ground. As one astute commenter to our post from late Friday night/early Saturday morning observed, the evidence supporting Dr. Jim Willie's assertion that the CIA's jihadists are at war with the Pentagon's Kurdish proxies (while not killing U.S. soldiers...just yet) keeps piling up.

While New Yorkers in the Guerrilla's home town were talking about the (conveniently timed) IED blasts that injured at least 29 people in Manhattan Saturday night, across town the United Nations Security Council was convening in a closed door session. According to Russian AND (post)Western media, Moscow's envoy to the UN Vitaly Churkin stopped just short of accusing the U.S. of deliberately killing Syrian soldiers in support of ISIS. But he also questioned exactly WHO is in charge in Washington, the civilian leadership at the White House, or the Pentagon and CIA?

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