Mr. Kalensky Goes to Washington: Will Team Trump Ask Brussels Why EU Taxpayers Are Funding Trump/Breitbart Bashing Neocon Fanatics?

The European Union is waging a cold war not only against Russia's alleged 'firehose of falsehood' propaganda machine, but also against President Donald Trump and the populist conservative media platform his counselor Steve Bannon formerly led, Breitbart. Sure there are disclaimers on the Twitter feed of the EU Stratcom East Task Force, established in November 2015, disavowing that @EUvsDisinfo represents any official position of the European Union, the European Parliament or the various EUro-bureaucracies. You can find a similar disavowal of any official position on the Twitter feed of Jakub Kalensky, the young and fanatically anti-Trump Czech ex-journalist who leads up the now expanding EU Stratcom East team.

The question is, as EU taxpayer funds are used to smear an American media outlet that has nothing to do with the Kremlin or Russian government funding, and in fact has been highly critical of Vladimir Putin, what is Breitbart's just and proper recourse? When Kalensky tweet-trolls the leader of the free world all day as basically a Russian agent, promoting ludicrous Moscow hookers dossier conspiracy theories even the ex-MI6 author of the 'dossier' won't defend, while claiming to sit in judgement on all counter-Establishment claims allegedly spread by Kremlin trolls, how will the Trump White House respond? Will the newly sworn in political appointees at the U.S. State Department under Secretary of State Rex Tillerson tell the EU Ambassador to the United States David O'Sullivan to have EU Stratcom East knock off the French/German taxpayer funded anti-Trump agitprop, and stop meddling in U.S. domestic affairs?

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