Assange Tells FNC's Hannity: It Was NOT the Russians; Lionel: MSM Are #FakeNews Pushing Conspiracy Theories for Me But Not For Thee Losers!

On New Year's Eve the president elect of the United States Donald J. Trump, with a mischievous gleam in his eye, told the press assembled for the party at his Mar a Lago resort in Florida that Trump had knowledge others did not about the 'hacks' of the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta's emails, which would become apparent by Tuesday or Wednesday. Trump, who is a master of 'playing' his adversaries in the press to their own hair pulling consternation, notably did not say that he would be the source of the new revelations that would threaten the 'Russians hacked the election' Narrative lame duck Obama, his CIA and the legacy media have done so much to push in these last few weeks.

With even some reporters in the neocon press face-palming due to The Washington Post's quasi-retraction of its #fakenews story run over New Year's weekend that 'Russians' hacked the Vermont power grid, the timing is right for some major league pushback against an increasingly shoddy if not completely bogus, Democrat Party/Social Justice Cold Warrior (SJCW) approved conspiracy theory that OMG PUTIN HACKED THE ELECTION! Remember the Russia Analyst's rule concerning 'ex' spooks like John R. Schindler, who insist Julian Assange is a GRU asset but who never bother to present any evidence of such, despite Assange being the most surveilled non head of state human on the planet in the GCHQ bugged fishbowl that is the Ecuadorian Embassy in London: it's conspiracy theory for me, but not for thee alt-media peasant, and it's NEVER a conspiracy theory so long as you insist the Rooskies are involved!

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Lame Ducks Sabotaging Detente: Obama and the CIA Trying to Screw Up Washington, U.S.-Russia Relations As Much as Possible Before Trump Takes Office

Twas the Wednesday before the electoral college convened on December 19th, and all through the White House, not a creature was stirring, except for the click of a mouse. Still stinging from the humiliation of his former Secretary of State and legacy being rejected by an electoral majority on November 8th, Barack Hussein Obama decided the least he and his CIA handlers could do is try to screw up Donald Trump's promised detente with Russia. Whether they will succeed in this effort, or like so many things Obama's anti-Midas touch has applied to, it'll turn to crap is the question on the mind of the Russia Analyst.

While the legacy media express howls of outrage that the president elect of the United States would dare express open skepticism if not contempt for Langley's assessment that the Russian Federation hacked the election in favor of Trump, it's fair to ask what would happen if The Donald accepted the unnamed CIA analysts' assessment. What president elect in his right mind would accept the argument that he was only taking office due to the intervention of a foreign power, particularly when the impact of the alleged rather than conclusively proven hacking by this foreign government is admitted by Trump's fiercest critics like former CIA agent Evan McMullin to be un-quantifiable?

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