Did SPECTRE Foreshadow Brexit? How About the 2012 London Olympics Ceremony With Bond and the Queen?

Reading Deb "BanksterSlayer" Caruthers' take on the Brexit situation, and the certainty that at least part of the British Deep State and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II were in favor of leaving the European Union, directed my attention to a translated article at Southfront, "What is Happening on the Island? Ask Bond!". This article confirmed our strong hunch from before the Brexit vote about SPECTRE: the latest Bond film is a metaphorical depiction of Queen and Country prevailing over archetypal globalist, mass surveillance panopticon-creating bad guys, complete with Ernst Stavro Blofeld sitting in shadow at the head of a table in Rome (! right next to The Vatican in case anybody missed the reference) directing other shadowy power brokers, whispering "Welcome, James".

When people on both sides of the Atlantic imagine the 'New World Order', besides old Dr. Henry Kissinger or David Rockefeller coming into Bilder/Googleberg on their walkers or with oxygen tanks/life extension blood purifying IV lines attached, they picture something like the SPECTRE organization depicted in the eponymous Bond movie. Which as it turns out from this honest (spoiler filled) trailer below, are pretty bumbling bad guys by Illuminati standards.

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