The Turks Pivoting to Russia Removes Turkey and Incirlik Air Base as a Front for a President Hillary! Attack on Assad

The Turks Pivoting to Russia Removes Turkey and Incirlik Air Base as a Front for a President Hillary! Attack on Assad

While the U.S. media was discussing the post Democratic National Convention 'bounce' for Hillary Clinton in the polls and the start of NFL training camps this weekend, another 'incident' took place at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey Saturday night, July 30th-31st. According to international and Turkish news sources up to 7,000 riot police were deployed outside the base in the nearby city of Adana as part of a "safety inspection", until the cops dispersed less than three hours later without any impact on base operations.

As during the power shutoff to the base by the Turkish authorities for a week, the media have followed the Obama White House line of 'nothing to see here folks, move on'. We keep hearing that the NATO and the U.S.-Turkish alliances are as rock solid as ever and 'Russia's aggression' has united what we like to call nowadays the Atlanticist Pact. So long as you ignore the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ruthlessly purging the U.S. military and CIA's best contacts in the second largest armed forces in NATO, while accusing Washington of being behind the mid-July coup that tried to oust him...

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ISIS #TruthBombs: Putin's Informational Shock and Awe is #DollarShaming Washington into Acquiescing to a French/Russian Alliance in Syria

The pace of Russia's air strikes against the Islamic State and other jihadist groups inside Syria has accelerated with strategic bombers joining the action. But the most devastating weapon in Moscow's arsenal was unleashed inside the G20 at Antalya, Turkey: the truthbomb. Not coincidentally, the U.S./UK and especially France have become more cooperative with the Kremlin in recent days after the terrorist attacks supposedly carried out by the Islamic State in Paris.

Southfront Foreign Policy Diary: What will the November 13 #ParisAttacks mean?

Although we don't like to say it, the #ParisAttacks were preceded by the usual telltale signs of a false flag; including bizarre numerology (311 days since the #CharlieHebdo attacks) in the timing, multiple ignored warnings from various countries' intelligence services, perpetrators long under the surveillance of authorities who nonetheless were not picked up for questioning, 'magic' passports that improbably survive plane crashes or the self-detonation of their bearers, and mass shooting drills on the day of the atrocities.


Belgrade, Serbia-based U.S.-born analyst Joaquin Flores speaking by audio only Skype or telephone to 108morris108's YouTube channel

Some of us observing the ramping up of Russia's air campaign after a month of combat sorties in Syria were wondering: why hadn't Moscow hit the Islamic State's oil and illicit crude transport infrastructure? Why were the Russians holding back on targeting those vulnerable economic assets of the Islamic State that Washington and its NATO allies had left untouched for months? Why wait for the perfect opportunity to make their point about the half-assed, if not completely fraudulent nature of Washington's war on ISIS?

Assad: ISIS was created under America's supervision in Iraq with Saudi money

Name and Shame ISIS Funders/Enablers and Then Bombs Away: #Brutalistan Shock and Awe

The answer of course, came during last weekend's G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey. Where Russian President Vladimir Putin told reporters he had presented evidence that G20 member states and what he called 'natural persons' had sponsored the Islamic State.

Meaning Putin named names of key individuals in the network of terror financiers for ISIS. Putin also spoke of showing his G20 colleagues Russian drone and reconnaissance satellite footage of ISIS illicit crude convoys stretching to the horizon, meaning towards the Turkish border, untouched by the United States and its allies' air forces:

I've demonstrated the pictures from space to our colleagues, which clearly show the true size of the illegal trade of oil and petroleum products market. Car convoys stretching for dozens of kilometers, going beyond the horizon when seen from a height of four-five thousand meters

That, my friends, is why Putin and the Russians patiently waited until early this week to blow ISIS fleet of oil tanker trucks to Allah, along with many of the tankers' unfortunate truck drivers. And Russia blew ISIS oil infrastructure away in the most public way possible: using Moscow's heretofore in reserve long range bombers to drop 'dumb' and 'smart' bombs on ISIL's tanker trucks while Russian drones recorded the explosions for Rossiya Channel 1/RT global viewers' eyes. As Russia Insider's Rudy Panko observed, this bit of #DollarShaming to use the Guerrilla's terminology worked:

Interestingly, immediately after the [Antalya] summit, the U.S. announced that its warplanes had begun to bomb ISIS truck convoys  used to “smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria”. What a strange coincidence. It's as if the U.S. knew exactly where these convoys were, but didn't feel compelled to destroy them until now. The world is full of mysteries!


But the real story here is that Putin actually got up in front of the world's largest economic powers and told them, right to their faces, that Russia knows exactly what they are doing.


As the Russia Analyst Predicted in August, Turkey is Getting Thrown Under the Bus to Insulate Washington from Allegations the U.S., Not its NATO/GCC Allies, Secretly Sponsored the Islamic State from the Super Terrorist Group's Very Start

On the other hand, it wasn't just the #truthbomb ing and none too subtle hints of blackmail in Putin's words directed towards Washington, London, Riyadh and Doha that brought about this stunning geopolitical turn in Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron's rhetoric towards Russia.

Notice we didn't mention Ankara on that list, since Turkey's support for ISIS and bombing of the Kurds to save their Daesh minions from humiliating defeats at Kurdish hands is already the worst kept secret in the world. As another Russia Insider editor/writer Riley Waggaman noticed, even the State Department's most reliable neocon hipster propagandist Michael D. Weiss now admits ISIS essentially has been coddled by the Turks all along:

Neo-con weirdo Michael Weiss continues to thrill the Internet with his exclusive Daily Beast series, “Confessions of an ISIS Spy — P.S. Russia is Evil”. Probably none of it is true, but it's a fun read. Here's a short synopsis for people who are too wise to read anything with a Michael Weiss byline: Weiss interviewed a dude who says he defected from the Islamic State's “intelligence service” — and this dude has major scoops!

We will focus on one particular part of this ISIS spy's “confession”:

[Michael D. Weiss/The Daily Beast:] He also found it remarkable that, for all the many months of the siege of Kobani, ISIS fighters came and went as they pleased across the Syrian-Turkish border. The second-largest army in NATO stationed soldiers, tanks, and armored personnel carriers was within spitting distance of one of the most intense war zones of the Syria conflict and did virtually nothing, apart from sometimes firing water cannons at Kurds trying to flee into Turkey.

I don’t know the relationship between ISIS and Turkey,” Abu Khaled said. “During the Kobani war, shipments of weapons arrived to ISIS from Turkey. Until now, the gravely wounded go to Turkey, shave their beards, cut their hair, and go to the hospital. Somebody showed me pictures in Kobani. You see ISIS guys eating McDonald’s french fries and hamburgers [Talk about McJihad -- Mickey D's, delivered to the jihad inside Syrian Kurdistan! - JWS]. Where did they get it? In Turkey.

As Riley' W.s headline concludes, the so-called 'war on terror' and war on ISIS is a joke. If Washington could not or would not round up ISIS members eating at Mickey D's on the soil of a NATO member state, then it never really wanted to do it. All of the excuses such as 'Russia isn't seriously bombing ISIS', 'the Russians don't care about collateral damage' or preserving the economic infrastructure of Syria ISIS has occupied did not apply to arresting ISIS members in Turkey that Ankara could have turned over to the CIA for interrogation, the way Langley's old friends Gaddafi and Assad did!

The Last, Desperate Heaves of the GCC Hug a Saudi-Qatari Jihadi Lobby, Which Has Already Lost the Syria War?

Of course, leave it to Russia Insider to notice while the rest of mainstream media did their best to ignore them, the remarks of the Vice President of the United States at Harvard also throwing Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar 'under the bus' for ISIS spectacular rise:

“… our biggest problem is our allies – our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria. The Turks were great friends – and I have the greatest relationship with Erdogan, which I just spent a lot of time with – the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc. But what were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war, what did they do?

They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad, except that the people who were being supplied were Al Nusra and Al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.

Now you think I’m exaggerating – take a look… Now we have – the President’s been able to put together a coalition of our Sunni neighbors, because America can’t once again go into a Muslim nation and be seen as the aggressor – it has to be led by Sunnis to go and attack a Sunni organization.”

Of course, we know for a fact Joe Biden has suffered multiple mini-strokes, a major reason for Biden's history of gaffes and why the former U.S. Senator from Delaware opted not to run for President against the apparently unstoppable coronation of the Hillary! juggernaut. Yet the state of Biden's soon to be 73 year old brain also provides the perfect cover for the Veep to blurt out what his boss the POTUS knows but cannot say -- not the least without risking the wrath of Obama's former Saudi patrons. There is no honor among thieves and neither is there among 'allies' having a nasty falling out over who is really to blame for cultivating the most hated terrorist group on the planet.

No wonder then the likes of National (neocon) Review's Tom Rogan is desperate to absolve the Saudis and Qataris for backing the Salafist scum of the earth, because you see Obama's refusal to decisively bomb Assad left the poor GCC dears with no choice:

...If the Saudis believe that Russia is reshaping global politics in support of Assad, they will throw ever-increasing support at Salafi-jihadist groups such as Syria’s al-Qaeda syndicate, Jabhat al-Nusra. If that happens, chaos in the Middle East can only increase.

Facing these developments, President Obama must somehow inspire EU confidence in his leadership. Escalating the campaign against ISIS, Obama must also offer Russia a hard compromise: a deal that ensures Russia’s continued access to the Mediterranean Sea in return for a serious political transition away from Assad. Only this course can end Syria’s civil war and finally destroy the Islamic State. The alternative is Putin’s way. And that, put simply, will be a [profanity] disaster.

Naturally, Tom Rogan is never in the mood to confront America's true dear friends in Riyadh about their country producing 15 of the 19 hijackers who supposedly killed thousands of Americans on 9/11, nor backing Jabhat-al-Nusra sworn allegiance to Al-Qaeda no. 2 Ayman al-Zawahiri head choppers today. The poor Saudis and Qataris had no other choice, especially since Brookings Doha and various other think tanks keep Tom Rogan's pals for various junkets and think tanker events so gainfully employed. And obviously the preservation of Assad and his army which protects Syria's Allawite and Christian minorities from death and slavery at the hands of the Saudis and Qataris bad boys in black would be a '[profanity deleted] disaster' for -- who exactly in America, as opposed to Riyadh, Doha and Ankara -- Mr. Rogan?

The Deep State Undoes Obama, David Cameron and Dr. Ben Carson -- The Latter for Discussing Chinese Military Inside Syria During the Milwaukee GOP Presidential Debate

All of this is our way of saying that perhaps there is some substance to the claims of Webster Griffin Tarpley and his Damascus-based, pro-Assad French activist friend Thierry Meyssan, that Obama himself secretly wishes to extricate America from the Syrian mess and turn it over to Putin or anybody else. That Obama, while a teleprompter reading puppet handled by his Iranian-born chief aide Valerie Jarrett, is either tired of all this s--t and just wants to go play golf in Hawaii, and has also been used by one globalist interest against another. Call them the Kings of the East or the 'realist' globalists versus the neocon/neoliberal hardliners, who bitterly cling to their 'guns and religion' of maintaining Anglo-American Empire by force rather than fraud. As we told the Guerrilla Economist during the second hour of the Friday, November 6, 2015 radio program, there may not be any good guys in these intra-Washington fights but at least one side doesn't want WWIII, whereas the other side is willing to take that risk or even provoke it.

Even if Obama is nothing more than a physically and politically exhausted empty suit at this point, he does not want to go down in history as the President who started WWIII or left U.S. troops behind for his successor bogged down in another occupation in Mesopotamia. The Eastern or China-friendly globalists, whose hidden hand worked with Putin's in stopping U.S. military action against Assad in August/September 2013, have been busy in other places too. According to one of the Russia Analyst's Washington sources speaking to me Thursday night, they've been sabotaging the candidacy of one Dr. Ben Carson after the Stuck on You (2003) Farelly brothers comedy starring surgeon was weighed on the CFR scales and found wanting.

This is how you hide an 'oops I just blurted out something classified one of my ex CIA handlers/campaign advisers just told me' gaffe

Let's just say according to our source, Ben Carson's blurting out that his sources had informed him about a Chinese presence inside Syria (the Russia Analyst surmises, working carefully with and closely observing Russian operations out of Khmeimim air base in Latakia) was viewed as a 'loose lips sink ships' moment by Carson's old CIA Iran Contra guy handler. Who promptly complained about Carson's alleged unfitness to hold office to the old grey lady New York TimesThat the Chinese would be operating alongside their Russian allies in Syria or be stepping up their previously invisible presence there after one of their citizens was murdered by ISIS is not surprising -- Team Rogue Money's Ken Shortgen Jr. as well as the Guerrilla have mentioned Beijing's light footprint inside the war torn country for some time now, following widespread reports of China joining the anti-ISIS fight from late October. But learn from Ben Carson's now self-immolating campaign, oh presidential hopefuls, that the American Deep State does not forgive candidates who refuse to keep its secrets.

Did the American Deep State just deep six the candidacy of Dr. Ben? We think so.

Not for nothing are we seeing British parliamentarians continue to balk at authorizing PM David Cameron to expand the UK's involvement inside Syria, even though Cameron has been covertly sending in the SAS and deploying lethal drones anyway. Could it be that as in August 2013 when Cameron lost a parliamentary vote on authorization to attack Assad in humiliating fashion, that those City of London interests looking to the New Silk Road, AIIB and yuan-'sterling' swaps future are working to tilt decisions on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific in Putin's favor? It certainly seems that way, just as the French corporate elites, fuming under the multi-billion dollar sanctions on BNP Paribas, have now seized their opportunity to serve revenge as a dish cold against D.C.'s enforcers of neocon hegemony. It's not personal Monsieur McCain, it's strictly business. And the same goes for those like David Cameron or other politicians with skeletons or occult-like initiation rituals aka sadistic British frat boy pranks involving dead pigs in their closets.

Please hold the David Cameron pig jokes, Twitter. We really didn't want to know that story...even if it is just one part of setting the stage for Mr. Cameron's replacement by someone more 'with' the City of London as AIIB yuan hub 'program'.

As in August/September 2013, Putin and Xi Are Offering Obama a Face Saving 'Out' in Syria -- This Time Via the French!

Thus Antalya, the most popular Turkish beach town with Russian tourists, played host to the culmination of events in the works behind the scenes at least since Putin's speech to the United Nations General Assembly in New York on September 28. On that day, U.S. President Barack Obama had played his role as the 'warm up act' for the Presidents of China and Russia, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin. Obama's speech was forgettable -- and hypocritically ignored Washington's recent history of grossly violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of multiple nations, including Libya and pre-Maidan Ukraine -- but Obama and Putin met face to face for what the Russian leader called a 'frank' discussion.

Although Obama's Administration would 'play dumb' with reporters for several days about what the Russians were up to in Syria, it seems Putin told Obama frankly that day Russia was gearing up to fight the terrorists and preserve Bashir al-Assad as the legitimate government inside the country. There was no mistaking the Russian leader's words being punctuated by military action, a pattern the Kremlin repeated this week with the ISIS name and shame tour followed by the #Brutalistan bombing of Daesh's illicit oil and tanker truck hubs.

Today Russia media is noting to my Muscovite wife's amazement that Moscow has been upgraded from being listed as a menace to humanity alongside ISIS and Ebola to a 'constructive' partner, at least when it comes to fighting ISIS.Here's what David P. Goldman aka the Asia Times columnist Spengler, a committed religious Zionist Jew and former member of the LaRouche movement (and friend of Pepe Escobar) had to say:

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now the leader of the Free World against Islamist terrorism, directing the efforts of France and Germany and setting terms for American involvement. Reeling from last week’s massacre in Paris, France lacks both the backbone and the brute force to avenge itself against ISIS, but in alliance with Russia it will  make a more than symbolic contribution.

In 2008 I endorsed Putin for the American presidency, in jest, of course. Now he is leading America’s president by the nose and directing the anti-terror efforts of France and Germany. No-one could have anticipated Putin’s sudden ascent to global leadership during the past several weeks. Russia is in the position of a a vulture fund, buying the distressed assets of the Western alliance for pennies on the dollar. Faced with an American president who will not fight, and his European allies whose military capacity has shrunk to near insignificance, the Russian Federation seized the helm with the deployment of a mere three dozen war planes and an expeditionary force of 5,000 men. One searches in vain through diplomatic history to find another case where so much was done with so little. As an American, I feel a deep humiliation at this turn of events, assuaged only slightly by Schadenfreude at the even deeper humiliation of America’s foreign policy establishment.

The world runs by different rules than it did just a few weeks ago. Putin has answered the question I asked in September (“Vladimir Putin: Spoiler or Statesman?”). President Obama declared at the Nov. 17 Antalya summit, “From the start, I’ve also welcomed Moscow going after ISIL…We’re going to wait to see whether, in fact, Russia does end up devoting attention to targets that are ISIL targets, and if it does so, then that’s something we welcome.” After this week’s Russian and French airstrikes on ISIS’ stronghold in Raqqa, that is a moot point. It seems like another epoch when Mitt Romney declared that Russia was America’s greatest geopolitical threat. Russia, on the contrary, is pulling America’s chestnuts out of the fire. Obama is utterly feckless; by the time the next American president is sworn in, the world will be a difference place. Ukraine? Never heard of it.

The bombers of #Brutalistan lay waste to ISIS oil infrastructure and tanker trucks, as well as many other targets using bombs and cruise missiles

The ridiculous contortions of Eliot Higgins and his Bellingcat crew of Google funded geo-locating couch potatoes 'proving' Russia didn't bomb the Islamic State here or there have been replaced by changing the tweet-feed to other subjects. As has the #BlameRussia first ravings of Michael D. Weiss with admissions that just perhaps a key NATO member not only left its borders wide open to the Islamic State, but treated ISIS jihadis to McDonald's burgers and fries too.

Meanwhile, the CFR crowd is busily turning towards Henry Kissinger and other old hands' message that it's time to make nice with Moscow, at least for the sake of destroying the Islamic State. That Russia and China are allowing Washington to play along and pose as 'bringing Putin in from the cold' rather than the losers who had to accommodate themselves to the winners shows both Moscow and Beijing's dedication to Sun Tzu's maxim in The Art of War about never pressing a desperate foe too hard.

Joseph P. Farrell the man behind the website Giza Death Star News from the Nefarium Thursday November 19, 2015 -- a Russian Homestead Act?

It remains to be seen however, for how much longer Washington's face-saving illusions of still holding a strong hand in the negotiations over Syria's future can last. V's stunning disclosure on his Thursday November 19, 2015 Guerrilla Report that French intelligence has been covertly assisting the Yemenis fighting the Saudi occupation of their country was a real bombshell. While the Russia Analyst saw the smiling face of Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander Qassem Soleimani behind stepped up Yemeni/Houthi attacks that have brazenly extended inside the Saudi Kingdom's borders of late, we never would've suspected the French of all NATO members would be undermining the House of Saud through illicit arms transfers via the Horn of Africa or the usual Arab Gulf states/Iran intermediary of Oman.

Blame the...French? Yemeni tribesmen and Houthis attack Saudi positions and bases with their own Allah snackbar-ing battle cries

That development would of course, like the disclosures of German BND spying on Berlin's American and European partners discussed by Joseph P. Farrell, suggest a layer of French and German 'Deep State' independence from Washington. That is at least some of the spooks in Paris and Berlin being willing to look after their own country's interests first, rather than merely acting as non-5 Eyes kitchen help for the chefs in D.C., Langley and London. Or alternatively, these agents have been operating on a still deeper set of globalist orders to bleed the Saudis dry, while posing as their friends and egging them on to kill U.S. shale and the Russians with cheap oil.

Whether or not the Saudis realize it yet -- and we think the smarter princes can clearly see it -- Washington and behind them the globalists are perfectly capable of making sure both sides in a war like the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s lose. And that represents a cautionary tale for Vladimir Putin, as rumors increase that Russia is preparing to provide more ground troops needed to garrison positions behind the Syrian Arab Army and Iranian push toward Raqqa that will be aided with French bombs.